An Interview

On Mark’s suggestion, after being interviewed himself, I requested an interview with Gail from Rubicon3. These are the questions she asked of me…

1. If you were completely blind but could see for one hour each week, how would you spend that hour?

I would spend that hour in the presence of my children. There are few things in life that give me more pleasure than seeing in their eyes the world around them. I think I could get a really good grasp on what I was missing by doing only that.

2. You are going to bury a time capsule which will be opened 200 years from now. What three items would you include to give people an idea of life in the early 2000’s?

1. The most current New York Times Sunday edition
2. A list of average prices (median house, car, food, etc. prices)
3. A media player loaded with the top 100 songs (the reason I would put the player in is because technology moves so fast, you never know what’s going to be playing media in 200 hundred years)

3. If you heard someone described as a “good soul,” what would you assume that meant?

Someone with internal radiance, compassion, kindness and empathy.

4. What are your three favorite books and three favorite movies?

1. Watership Down
2. The Source: A Novel
3. The Hidden Life Of Dogs

1. Like Water for Chocolate
2. Keeping the Faith
3. The Adventures of Indiana Jones – The Complete DVD Movie Collection

5. You have won an all expenses paid 4-week summer vacation to anywhere you choose – as many places as you would like to go during that time period. Describe your itinerary and what you would most like to see and do.

Well, let me first say that I hate rigid itineraries. Second, I would pick New Zealand and Australia, but since this is a summer vacation, it’s winter in those areas. So, I’d have to go with Hawaii. I’d spend the entire 4 weeks there exploring as many, if not all, the islands I could. If we’re talking money as no object, I’d stay in villas on the water. I’d adore seeing and feeling the black sand beaches and hidden coves. There’s great hiking possibilities there and definitely good swimming. I’d try to be a part of some luaus and campfires on the beach at night. It would be a combination of relaxation and adventure.

One thought on “An Interview

  1. “I’d try to be a part of some luaus and campfires on the beach at night. It would be a combination of relaxation and adventure.”

    Yeah, great, but whose underwear would you like to be???


    Seriously, great Q&A’s. Especially the one about being blind.

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