A New Look

This one fits my mood more.

I’ve added some really cool things like the SnapShots, though Mark hates it. I think it’s cool for getting an idea of the site to which your going, and in some cases might not need to go to if you can see in the preview what the author means.

I also have the nifty “Most Popular Talk.” I had no idea that the Sears Sucks post had 241 comments. Mirena is catching up. A lot of women are having problems with it. Mine works just fine now. 😉

So, I’m going to try to write more here in the future. Life is pretty crazy right now and I don’t think I’ve shared the magnitude of that with most of you.

Have a great day and come back to visit!

5 thoughts on “A New Look

  1. The black makes me sad. Maybe indigo blue? Are you really feeling black? Not sure why, but that bugs me. It might be that I am having a hard time working through my own stuff right now, too

  2. I think this theme encompasses a few aspects. I’m definitely in a dark mood. But, the glimpses of the light green and foliage among a city setting in the photo give me hope in the form of growth (green=growth). There’s light, dark, shadow and brilliance. If you’re looking at this metaphorically, the snapshots plugin is the equivalent of windows to be opened. I like it for now. I hope you don’t find it TOO gloomy.

  3. Aha! If we are speaking in metaphors, I guess you could say that I did not say the light at the end of the tunnel. Figures. Thinking of you!

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