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Much Ventured, Much Gained

Every year the New Moon in Aries is a seasonal initiation point for the whole year to come. This year we set this important template on Tuesday April 17. There is always a strong desire for life and experience. This year’s New Moon is especially hopeful, rowdy, and idealistic.

We have already been burning a lot of energy because the planets that translate dreams into action (Jupiter and Saturn) have been dancing together in a fiery harmony. Fire likes to plunge into action without thinking much. It seeks growth and experience just for the sake of the rush. We have been strongly motivated, and there is a glee in being ” rode hard and put away wet”. This atmosphere is going to continue for a while. There is a great satisfaction in striving, adjusting quickly, pushing, and when we triumph, doing the end- zone dance that made Cuba Gooding famous in the “Jerry McGuire” movie. BTW there is also a lot of ardent sexual desire going around. It is all about creativity.

The key phrase for this time is “What is New?” If you celebrate the New Moon with a ritual it is a powerful way to materialize your desires and intentions for the coming year. Involve all your senses and state aloud in words, sing, dance, and sniff your intentions. Wear red and create an altar that will stimulate your vision.

This year if our mission is preservation of what is known, it will be challenging. It is a year of grand experimentation. The trick is to include the intuitive and instinctive functions to determine our true desires. We are at risk of bashing around out in the world and ignoring the deep well within. There are still strong influences in the sign of Pisces, the Mystic. If we pursue things according to the wounded culture, instead of soul inspiration, we will be tripped up by procrastination, ennui, or frailty. Honor your gut -level knowing and your night- time dreams. The gift of deeper motivation is spiritual and social integrity: our unique expression as God Love.

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