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Have you been running around like a chicken with its head cut off? Do new possibilities make you feel like it’s the last semester of your senior year of high school and you can’t wait to bust out of town and start a new life? The two most freedom-loving planets in the zodiac, Jupiter and Uranus are challenging each other on January 22. I have noticed the intense charge of energy already for several weeks. This configuration is activating the same part of the zodiac that brought us the first extra- vehicular space walks in 1965. It is time to get outside the box!

You may be feeling ecstatic bliss, or it may show up as chaotic restlessness and urgency. We all want to risk and explore. There is little tolerance for the status quo. These planets interfaced in a milder more heartfelt way last March. This time it is more conceptual and opinionated. The phrase, “question authority” is an understatement.

Some people may have high anxiety or nervous strain from overwhelm. If ideas of inferiority or obligation have imprisoned you, the sheer will and enthusiasm of this passage can override that programming. Do try something new, but check in with yourself and your loved ones. The energy can be very self-centered. Many babies will be thrown out with many bathwaters. You may not be using sound judgement. There is a difference between idealistic and unrealistic. Beware! You may be going like a house afire, but don’t leave scorched earth in your wake.

The real purpose of the changes to come is humanitarian. It is a realignment of political and spiritual laws with people’s idealisms. Note, there are all kinds of idealism on this planet. It will be harder than usual to be tolerant. Some people’s ideals include killing infidels, so there will be some violence in the name of truth.

There is a lot to learn from this beautiful exciting energy. The risks you take will shake up old concepts. Maybe try operating from no concepts. Have everything fresh.. Souls naturally want to explore and grow. The nature of our life is grace. Let us open to that truth.

In next month’s newsletter I will talk about the humorous implications of Mercury going retrograde the night before Valentine’s Day.

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