A Divine Intervention of Sorts

Yesterday I get a phone call saying somebody wanted to see the house so I grudgingly cleaned it. (The moving truck comes on thurs so things are definitely in a state of disarray and its a pain to keep it clean for a showing). So I leave, they see it, and then I get a call they want to see it again last night. Again I clean and straighten and make myself scarce. An hour later we get the golden phone call… an offer was made! With much offering and counteroffering the contract was signed this morning and pending inspection our house in KY will close in 2-3 weeks.
If you respond to this, it may take me a while to respond as after tonight there will be no computer access until August 7th.

3 thoughts on “A Divine Intervention of Sorts

  1. Woohoo! At least you are packed since you are moving, so a quick close won’t be so stressful (hopefully!). When we sold our first home, our realtors wouldn’t let us pack anything up because they said it puts buyers off. Then we finally got an offer and had to be out in three weeks. Packing an entire house in three weeks was hard! Good luck to you!

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