Kiddoc’s Dream House

We have done it. Many signaturesand pounds of paper later, hubby and I have signed on the dotted line and our new home owners. Its the first house we have purchased together and truly our “dream” house. It has everything we were looking for and much space for us to grow into. ( Now if we just had the kids to fill up the space !)
Its actually a house built by a couple who were married for fifty years and this was the house I think they were going to spend the rest of their lives in except that the call of family lured them to Florida. The love and atttention in the house is impressive. The husband talked about some of the security measures that are in the house not because the neighborhood is bad or because he’s afraid of the neighbors but because he was overly worried about something happening to his wife when he used to travel for work.
We move August 4th in the meantime Hubby and I dream and stress about where everything should go and pray that our house in KY sells soon so we are not carrying two mortgages. In the meantime I have two more days of work. Its hard to beleive its almost all over and its off to the real world.

4 thoughts on “Kiddoc’s Dream House

  1. Good luck on the selling part! That is definitly the part that is most stressful, IMO. Congrats on the new house! My favorite part of moving is finding new grocery stores and restaurants to check out. :mrgreen:

  2. See, now don’t you feel better about that other house that you didn’t get?? You didn’t say that one was a “dream.” 🙂 Congrats – this is very big and exciting news!

  3. I’ve always believed that good things happen to good people. This entry proves it.

    Congratulations! May you continue to move from success to success.

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