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  1. Funny. I go in for my 6 week postpartum check at the end of the month and was thinking of getting the Mirena this time. Did you get it yet?

  2. Yes, Donna, I had it put in on Thursday afternoon. I felt a little crampy that night, but fine ever since. I’m hoping it doesn’t give me any problems, because I love the feeling of spontaneity.

    NT – Is the Nuvaring like a diaphragm?

  3. I went for my 6 wk postpartum yesterday. At that time my doctor & I discussed various forms of birth control before deciding that Mirena would be the best one for me, & next Wednesday I am scheduled to have the insertion procedure done in her office.
    I am curious about the odds of intercourse effceting the positioning of the Mirena insert, will my partner be able to feel it, & wheather or not Mirena will cause any changes in vaginal fluids during oral sex. If anyone can answer these few questions for me I would really appreciate it!

  4. My husband has not been able to feel it, though when I reach in, I can feel the strings. I have had a lot of spotting with mine, intermittently, but not enough to interrupt normal life all that much. Over time it has gotten better. I go for my follow up on Friday.

  5. Ladies, all i can say is be careful. Not all birth controls are for everyone. I am having my Mirena implant removed. I have had severe headaches, joint pain, and mood swings. We, my dr and I have only been able to attribute this to one thing. My implant. I have had mine 1 yr. All i can say is monitor your symptons if you should have any after your implant is in. be careful and good luck, I hope it turns out better for yall.


  7. I have had my mirena for 10 months now and I also Am going to have it removed. They said no side affects. At first I thought it was great. But over time I began to realize I wasn’t myself with mood swings. I began to have more cramping than before and a whole lot more side affects. Personally I now feel the thing is aweful.I finally found a website with other women complaining of the same things.

  8. I have had my implant for 18 months, the only reason I decided on the Merina is due to trying every other method and having reactions to them. My dr. assured me this was the best choice, really the only one left aside of getting my tubes tied, being only 28 I wasn’t ready for that yet. I read all the info and side effects prior to implanting, but now I have come in search of other opinions. Now I find you other women and feel so much better. I have had the headaches, get really itchy about 2 weeks out of every month, my husband CAN feel it and it scratches him, a slight odor every once in a while-if thats not birth control I don’t know what is!! there are more. I guess I’m just trying to really decide if all this is worth it? I highly recommend reading all the side effects and make sure you can live with them before choosing this implant.

  9. I had my implant placed about ten months ago I like not having to remember the pill and my husband loves it. I do have to say my doctor said since it is a synthetic hormone there would be no side affects. I strongly disagree I had no postpartum at all I had the implant placed I went backwith in a month were of course they prescribed zoloft and said it was postpartum. I did question the postpartum just starting 2 1/2 months after birth but of course I trusted my doctor. I’m glad I found you guys and I do think I will be removing mine also. Also my sister-n-law had it placed and removed due to migraines which the doctor said was totally unrelated. Hmmm

  10. How much of it can you feel hanging out?? I have had my six week checkup and I am wondering whether it is coming out. I have a fair bit hanging out.

    I have been spotting for about two out of every month. I am a little tired of it, however, no other side effects.

  11. I have had my inserted now for 11 months. I have expreienced moods swings, spotting for up to 1 week before my periodl followed by a longer periods than before and extremely sore breasts. I had my tubes ties 4 years ago and only had it inserted to try and control a bleeding problem caused by fibriods. Has anyone else experienced any of these probelms. Is has anyone put on a lot of weight?

  12. I’ve been with Mirena for a month and it’s been non stop heavy-to-normal (or viceverse) period. I have no idea if my husband will feel it or not as sex is out of the question. I am so mad at this that if it does not stop soon I’ll get it removed! I have 3 kids , so I needed a method that implied no risk and pretty low side effects…wrong! Lacey, I feel like I guess you do…..I hate this thing.

  13. I haven’t responded to this for a while. I want to say that for the first 3 – 4 months I had this, it was an adjustment period, to say the least. I bled for most of that time, had headaches, and a general unhappiness. My obgyn is a friend and she encouraged me to keep it in despite the problems I had at first. Now I love it! I get normal periods, though a bit lighter and shorter. The headaches have subsided and my husband can’t feel the strings at all. I finally have a method of birth control that works.

  14. I’ve had the Mirena for about 6 months, and I my period is almost nonexistant… the only bad thing is, of course you still cycle, so I’ll get pms-cranky and not necessarily realize why, but no moreso than before, probably even less since I have so fewer side effects than pills. I do have some acne issues, more like calcium deposits, so no real blemishes, but my face doesn’t feel smooth. But overall I really like this, especially compared to my old pills- I didn’t realize how awful they were until I got divorced and had time to not need anything.

    …HOWEVER, I finally saw someone else mention that it scratches her husband! I can only feel one string unless they’re together (I got this after my divorce as I didn’t want to go back on the pill), Well, I’ve finally found a relationship and he’s pretty well endowed, and he’s scratched up pretty good from this. So now the dilemma is, do I toss $500 down the drain and hope he’s mr. right (he’s had a vasectomy) and remove it, or has anyone figured a way around the scratchy string issue? If you have any tips, please share to rowdy_scorpio@yahoo.com as I’d really appreciate it!!!

  15. I had mirena inserted 7 weeks ago. I just had my mirena removed after a month of unexplainable headaches and moods. I will let you all know if the headaches go away. I’m praying that they do.

  16. I have had this implant now for 6 months, since then, I have had headaches, mood swings spontaniously, and very abnormal periods. I have had the worst luck with every other birth control and I am “active” with my long life partner but we don’t want anymore children. I am so frustrated since the depo shot makes me gain weight and get achne, along with non stop periods!! Then we go to the birth control pill, all sorts of those hey? Yup, tried em’ too!! Got pregnant with my son on one of those. Then you have the Nuva Ring, kept falling out during intercourse. Now this implant which I thought would end my period and my life would be filled with happy thoughts and a bed of flowers has now turned my life upside down. But I just don’t know what else to do!!! I wonder if there are other med’s that can control my unfortunate side effects.

  17. Does anyone know if weight gain if quite a problem with a Mirena as I’m thinking of getting one, but I’m chubby enough as it is.

  18. Hi,
    Had mirena in Jan 06- taken out Dec 07- in one year added 1.5 stone- 3 bra sizes, migraines to debilitate, no libido, boobs that ached 24/7 and the list goes on. Only good things no babies(gotta wonder if that would be better) nd only mild spotting here and there. Finally decided to take it out as was told by independent (not mirena biased) doc friend that weight gain,headaches and libido -if experienced- would worsen until 4th year-NO WAY!! would be dead by then.
    Anyway, been 10 days and No headaches, bettere libido, not so doom and gloom! No weight loss yet but will see.

  19. I just found this website, because like the rest of you I am sick of this Mirena! I have had it in for 1 year now after being told to stick it out and that the side effects will decrease. However, I have my period every two weeks, notice definate mood swings and spend the time before or after my period nauseous and vomiting (almost like morning sickness, and no I am not pregnant). I can’t live like this especially taking care of my one year old, but like the others have problems with my other options. Got pregnant on the pill and don’t want discomfort, acne, or weight gain from the others. Any suggestions?

  20. I’ve had the Mirena for 6 months and just hadn’t been able to figure out why I’ve gained 15 pounds, my already overly large breasts have increased in size and I’ve been having a foul vaginal odor (no discharge). Then, I started doing research and I slowly realized it’s this #**#@ IUD. My hubby finally mentioned the vaginal odor (despite two rounds of vaginal creams for a non-existent vaginal infection per my OB/GYN) so I am having this removed ASAP. What a fiasco! I was so glad to finally read about others as my OB/GYN keeps insisting that it’s not related to the IUD – HUH, considering I’ve NEVER had any of these before I got this, what else could it be? Hate the Mirena!

  21. I have had a Mirena IUD since March of 2006. The pain of the implantation was much worse than I had anticipated, I almost passed out. Headaches were horrible for the first 3 months, along with cramping on my left side. I think the biggest thing is the weight gain, which totally surprised me. I even trained and ran in a 1/2 marathon last summer and didn’t lose a pound, in fact I gained. I even wake up with night sweats. I haven’t been moody or have had any skin problems, but have a severe odor that is so unattractive! Thank goodness my hubby is so wonderful! Also…I can’t drink alcohol, at all. I get really sick, like a nervous sick. I am calling doc today to get removed ASAP! I just wanted to post this because the brochure for Mirena mentions nothing about weight gain, night sweats, or the odor I have been experiencing.

  22. I have had the mirena IUD for a year now and am thinking of having it removed. I have been having very frequent headaches and have gained 15 pounds since having it inserted.. I had never thought that the weight gain could be related to the IUD until reading some of these other posts. Has anyone had any weight loss after having it removed?

  23. I had my Mirena inserted in April 2006. I have been bleeding constantly since it was inserted, with 1-3 day breaks about once or twice a month. After months of bleeding (huge clots as well as bright red liquid, and the dr stating it was normal), the IUD fell out this weekend. THANK GOODNESS! But I am still bleeding and cannot contact my OB. Was wondering if anyone has had this problem and if the bleeding subsided? Thanks for any help!

  24. I am awating a phone call from my doc my ciol came out in the bath 2 days ago I have heavy bleeding with clots now????
    last weeked felt jaging when walking then it disapeared.
    a lot of the side effects i had them. put on a stone since august even had feeling of morning sickness the doc said it can seeps into your system.I think my boady has rejected it.
    i got it for heavy period as i am 45 will go back on the tablets to control the bleeding.Hope it does work for you some people are fine.

  25. Holy i will let you know how i get on. i never had bleeding before now ( thats the only thing i never had ) But i do now since it fell out.

  26. )Holly sorry about the spelling)
    Doc said to make an oppontment to get it back in but iam not the hospital said i could go on the tablets as long as want my doc didnt tell me this as they wanted a long term cure for it she has left a perscription for the tablets and they will slow it right down.I didnt have side effects from the tablets and you only take them for 3 days they give me a normal peroid and that will do me as i dont need contrcetion.

  27. I had the Mirena inserted March of 06. Although my husband has had a vasectomy, I was having heavy bleeding and severe headaches. My OB commented that several patients experienced fewer headaches after the Mirena. My OB and her sister both have the Mirena and love it. I said go for it!

    With in one month I had a horrible rash over my neck, chest and lower face. Finally went away with steroids and cream.

    Began having more frequent and very severe headaches. In June had what can only be described as a panic attack. That has never happened before, but my family was under a great deal of stress.

    Mid-June has a migraine so bad, it lasted almost five days and at one point, I considered going to the ER.

    Made appointment with OB and talked over these crazy symptoms. She assured me it was not related to the IUD. Then went to internist – he also said not related to IUD.

    The headaches continued and I consulted an ENT who said I had the worst “plumbing” he had ever seen. Finally, an answer! He felt sure after repairing a deviated septum and trimming the turbinates, my headaches would be better if not gone.

    For the first few weeks, I felt great – but I was on a steroid. As soon as I come off the steroid, the severe migraines continued.

    I am scheduled to see a neurologist on Feb 1st. Again, started thinking about the Mirena and found this site.

    Want to know from anyone who has had the IUD removed, how have headaches been since removal?


  28. Hi everyone ~

    I have had Mirena in for a little over three years. I have had at least three periods a month every month for the entire three years. My husband is selfish and won’t have a vasectomy so I feel like this is my only option as I got pregnant on the pill due to forgetfulness. I have had depo but didn’t like that either. I was beginning to think maybe I had cancer or something because of all the bleeding but now I feel better hearing everyone else say these things. What has definitely put me over the edge is the vaginal odor…just started yesterdy and it’s obnoxious. Sorry to be so forthcoming and blunt, but I can smell it in just sitting here fully clothed. Disgusting!! I read that IUDs can cause bacterial vaginosis…the symptoms of this infection are strong odor and discharge. I don’t have the discharge (yet) but who knows at this point. I am taking this thing out as soon as I can get into a doctor. Oh yeah, I forgot one more thing, I never in a million years would have guess the Mirena caused mood swings but man, do I have them. I am only 35 so I don’t think I am going through menopause nor do I believe I am psycho. Good luck everyone.

  29. i got the mirena in october 2006, i haven’t had a period since maybe one or two days of spotting since oct. i have been a little moody lately, ever once in a blue moon i just don’t feel like myself. i’m also on xanax, a very low dose, so i don’t know if that has anything to do with it. i haven’t had any weight gain, skin-not really acne, just a few red bumps every so often. my finace can feel the strings sometimes, but all you have to do is to make an appointment with your obgyn and get them trimmed. i’m having that done this month. i can’t say i dislike the mirena, it’s better than having to worry about taking a pill everyday, and the depo, i’ve heard way to many horror stories about a lot of weight gain. so far i am happy with the mirena. it’s nice not to worry about getting pregnant.
    i’m only 23 and just had a baby in feb 06. i think this is a great option for people who want more children, just not right now. about the mood swings, can anyone explain how you feel, or what your thoughts are?? thank you

  30. I had Mirena inserted last month and I am going in for my 1 month check up tomorrow. I used to have severe migraines before my kids where born (my second is 11 weeks old)…I bled when they placed it and now I am bleeding for 2 weeks straight. At the beginning of this week I checked for the strings and they were there – today I had a lot of clotting and heavy bleeding and I checked for the strings and they are not there.

    My husband also said when we had intercourse – on one of the few days without a period – that he felt something sting and I told him that can’t be…now I am reading this.

    I also noticed the odor and I have abdominal pain. We’ll see what my doc says tomorrow when I go have it checked…

  31. I am having mine out in two weeks after having it in a little over a year. Hoping all this weight gain and bloated feeling will start going away once it is out. I had migraines before I had my son and with the mirena they have been much worse and more frequent. I am a little worried about the amount of bleeding once it is removed. Did anyone else have to have a procedure to insert or remove theirs? I have a severely tilted uterus and my doc had a very difficulut time getting it in using some instruments. I then had the strings removed because my husband was being poked and now I have to have another procedure to have it removed due to the fact that there are no strings. I bled for over a month when it was put in. I can’t wait until it’s out. I would like to warn anyone that has migraines to think twice about this mirena as it has been miserable for me.

  32. Mirena will not be affected intercourse nor will your partner be able to feel it. It will however thicken up vaginal fluids (all the time) – quite annoying. I have also put on a lot of weight since having it put, but when they put mine in they actually put me to sleep, when i woke up i was in the most excrusiating pain.

  33. I have only had the Mirena for two months now. I got pregnant while taking the birth control pills, so I needed a “safer” method. I have been bleeding for over a month now. I have the most intense cramps that I have ever had in my entire life. I have mood swings as well. Plus, I think something is wrong because I am having usual discharge. I go to the doctor on the 6th. I am considering removing it if my conditions do not improve.


  34. I had the Mirena put in about 4 months ago and I hate it. I have had every sympton mentioned. 20lbs in 4 months. I have maintaned a healthy weight since I had my twins 4 1/2 years ago and ever since this stupid Mirena was put on I have been gaining like crazy. I can exercise and starve myself and still not lose a pound. I have had mood swings, severe acne (I’m 37 and normally have clear skin) vaginal discharge, track infection( first one ever) I have been bleeding for 4 months almost everyday. I am having this thing removed in 4 days and I cant wait. Oh and one more thing, my husband can feel it during sex and it hurts!!!!

  35. I have had the mirena for 3 months now. My doctor also felt it would be the best method for me. I wanted the lighter non-existence period experience. The experience have been very short of that. My period comes on the same time of the month but instead of 5 days is stays on for 14 almost 20 days. It goes from light to heavy. The process is driving my husband absolutely crazy. He also complains that the strings sticks him and he hates it. I thought I was alone in my experience and it feels good to know that I am not the only one. I do believe that i am going to have it removed, even though my period was heavier it never stayed on more than 5 days. I was better off, and now I miss those days. Don’t fix it if it aint broke!!!

  36. I wish I had found this website before I had the Mirena put in. I had daily and severe headaches and nausea for the entire first month I had it in. My first period was almost 2 weeks long and heavier than normal. My husband CAN feel the strings (they are actually like fishing wire). I’ve had the wires cut down twice and they are STILL a problem. My OB says they can’t cut them any shorter. I’m not impressed. My doc said to give it a chance, but I doubt the intention of the birth control method was to have your spouse or significant other not want to take the risk of being stabbed and cut! I think I’m going to have it taken out soon.

  37. Carie- The doctor can remove the strings entirely. There is no reason they should not have offered to do that! My doc did that the first time I mentioned them being a problem. They just have to do a little more work to take the IUD out- a cervical block and a dilator.

  38. well, i just got my mirena put in yesturday. i`m only 20, already have a son. but i thought since me being so young & i the pill doesnt/wont work for me that this would help. i only had severe crampage when my doc put it in, but they went away after an hour or so.
    eeehh.. readin all the comments made me hold my stomach & cringe lol.. didnt like the horror stories when my mirena was already in o_0.

    im just hoping it will work out for me. but theres gotta be someone else out there that has it worked for them …. …. .. .. anyone ??

  39. ok, i gave birth in feb 2005, had mirena inserted around 6 weeks later. I am now 25 and I have NO complaints. My husband has said that he can sometimes feel the strings during intercourse, but they do not hurt him or deter him from staying his course. 😉 Also, the strings become softer and more pliable the longer you have it. I had a lot of random spotting in the beginning but after a while, i just stopped getting a period all together. i have had NO headaches and NO mood swings. During the time when i would normally get my period, i was getting a little moody, but that has tapered off mostly. I have NO cramping and NO discomfort. I am still curious if there are any side effects that i have not been informed of. You never know with all these drugs that are on the market these days. Miracle one day, cancerous the next. With mirena, its been good so far.

  40. I have had my Mirena IUD for 2 years. I have never had children and as you know, having had a child through vaginal birth is usually a requirement. A little painful going in…worth every ounce of it now. I love mine. My strings are cut short so that doesn’t cause problems either. I have had 5, maybe six periods in 2 years and I’m not entirely sure they could even realy be called periods (as light as they were).If ya’ll are getting headaches, maybe you should see a chiropractor for a spine adjustment.

  41. I found this page 3 weeks after have put Mirena and I got scared of the comments! But I haven´t felt anything bad till now. I only would like to say that there is not reason for geting weight as the hormons in Mirena are local. I hope someone has something positive to say about it too.

  42. Any hormones in your body can cause weight gain-it doesn’t matter that it’s just local to your uterus. The hormones from Mirena are absorbed at different amounts in different women. It says that in the mirena website along with the statistic that 5% of women experience weight gain. You have to dig a little deeper on the site to find good into. I’m only 26, I think it matters only how your body absorbs the hormone to how many side effects you will have. I think lots of women have great experiences with mirena., and they are lucky. Go to this address to view the physician instruction/information sheet for the mirena: http://www.berlex.com/html/products/pi/Mirena_PI.pdf

  43. I am so glad that I found this website. I am dur to have mine put in sometime next week. I already have mmodswings, I went to my gyn for a solution to what I think is PPMD and birth control. I have 3 kids. Youngest is 6. My husband is too selfish to get a vasectomy as well. I have enough headaches and heavy bleeding problems to add a semi-permanent problem to the mix.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank You, now I am going in for a second opinion instead.

  44. I have had my Mirena for two and a half years. Three weeks ago, I had an abnormallly heavy period w/ clotting, since then the bleeding has stopped, however, my breasts are swollen and extremely sore, my face has broken out, mood swings (well, not really, just one consistent mood.. IRRITABLE)and the cramping today is almost unbearable. Any help or suggestions would greatly be appreciated.

  45. i have had my mirena in for one and a half years, it has been awful . bleed for the first 6 months have also been on 3 different pills to try and help the hormone levels even out . mood swings got that bad i even kicked my husband out and are now getting divorced. headaches-miagranes all the time i have not put any weight on wish i had though cos im 15kilos under weight some of you have said you had boobs that had gotton bigger wish mine had then mayb i could fit into a bra . someone has also told me that they can no longer have kids cos the merina made them infertile.im going to look into getting mine removed asap

  46. i have had my merina in for nearly 2 yrs and am now organising to get it removed. in the last 2 yrs i have had bad headaches even miagrains. mood swings oh my god i kicked my husband out and are now getting divorced. some days my kids are even to scared to come near me. i have been on 3 pills too to try and stop the bleeding but if you have to be on the pill at the same time whats the use of the implant. my friend had hers taken out to have a baby but she can not cos the mirena has made her infertile. my message to everyone that is thinking of having the merina snap out of it

  47. I finally had my mirena out last week. My doctor discovered that it had slipped into my uterus and was embedded in the top of my uterus. I had to have a d & c to have it removed. I have had tons of bleeding and cramping. I now have an infection and am on antibiotics. I guess if you can’t find the strings it is a good idea to have the position checked out. My strings were cut off so I didn’t realize it was gone. I am do glad it’s out! Anyone had a similar experience?

  48. After reading all your stories, I feel like mine situation in minimal!
    I had the Mirena put in b/c my OBGYN felt that the pill wasn’t helping my migraines. I had it put in 9 months ago. Of course the day it was put in was no fun at all, but after a few weeks the bleeding stopped. I continued to have monthly periods.
    All of a sudden – 6 weeks ago I started spotting, moderately. Then it became enough to fill a tampon a day. So after going in for a hemoglobin test to make sure I wasn’t anemic; then being put on Premarin (to increase my estrogen); then having a mental breakdown because I won’t let my husband touch me b/c I just feel gross from bleeding – I had my Mirena taken out today.
    I’ve never had any female problems, even after having my baby via c-section in Jan 05.
    I guess some of us are just not meant for the Mirena! Thank you for all your stories. I’m sure they will continue to help other women.

  49. just had my second baby in sept, and had mirena installed in early nov. first period started on the 8th, lasting for 12days, wiht spotting and slight cramping. nothing else period wise until saturday. been cramping, not slightly either, spotting, and having right side pain. i have a cyst on the ovary anyway, and it has only hurt before while being further along in pregnancy. so why am i hurting now?? and nothing i take helps. im also experiencing really bad headaches, acne like ive never had since i was a teenager, and pregnancy like symptoms. but i know, without a doubt, that im not pregnant. and by the way, my husband can feel the strings sometimes. so i made an appointment to see the doc on the second for the pain issue, probably have more than just that to discuss with him. bright side, at least my husband is going to have a vasectomy. his choice actually, hes always wanted one. has anyone else experienced these things??

  50. Just got my mirena today and had no problems with insertion. I did not even feel it at all. I am hoping that I have a good experience with it. I think in most cases all the symptoms outweigh being pregnant unexpectly again

  51. I had a little girl in April and decided to get the Mirena inserted. I can not remember to take the pills. I bled so bad on Depo that I was faint. And the NuvaRing kept coming out. I was worried about the patches because of stories I had heard about them. So as we can all tell my dr. recommended this IUD. It hurt when he put it in and I did bleed some. He had to dialate my cervix just to get it in. Im weird in that way too. Instead of my cervix opening wider when it dialtes, it opens longer. The first month I cramped and bled but not to much to care about and by the end of the 5th month the oddities were normal for me. I have always had migranes so I can not contribut those to Mirena. Now I barely bleed at all, not even to enough to use a pad. But I do cramp. No worse than I did before though.

  52. Oh and I forgot that I feel like I am pregnant as well. Even though like Traci, I know that I am not. I even took a home test.

  53. (sorry I keep forgetting things)
    Oh and though I have not gained any weight, I have not lost the 20 extra pounds from pregnancy.

  54. Well hormones dont sit well with me so I thought my only option would be a copper IUD .. My Doctor would not advise this and advised the IUD Mirena …
    I just had it taken out yesterday for about 2 weeks I was suffering from headaches around the temples, very unpleasant- bleeding the whole time and also crying for no reason .. My doctor informed me that it takes 3 months for the symptoms to settle ..In the mean time , Why get used to feeling awfull after 3 months ? I’m sure most women who have this device maybe forget how it feels to be great without this thing … I’m now hopefully getting a copper IUD in place just waiting to do some more research … All I can say is good luck I would never recomend this to anyone !

  55. Hi, I’m 16. My baby is 2 months now. i need to get on some sort of birth control because i’m not ready for another baby yet. Plus i live wit my boyfriend so which do u guys think is the best??

  56. Well, I actually had to look up my bank info to see when I paid for it to be put in. I have had mine for 3 months. I love not having to remember to take a pill but that is about all that I love. I spot everyday to point of need a tampon. I too am experiencing a FOUL FOUL stench coming from my nether region. It’s worst when I take out a tampon to the point that it makes me gag (sorry, gross, I know). I get wicked headaches and have acne like a teenager. I also have terrible cramping on my right side. I’m giving it another 3 months.

  57. well,I was a patient diagnosed with Eclampsya during my pregnancy in “04” so my Doctor told me that the Mirena would be the best birtcontrol to get on since they thought that i shouldnt get pregnant again. well anyhow im only 21, so i know that bodies change and that there are ways of having families. but anyhow, I have had the mirena since oct of 04 and i loved it for the mere fact that i had my period for lets say the first month, and never had it again. I loved it. But i since have been trying to lose weight and have felt as if it were impossible. I tried everything. Then i have had these horrible migrains..wich they think can be from the seizures i had..but i think that a bunch of crap now that i read all of your comments. I have had some foul odors as well and just major cramping. well anyways my question is have any of u had any bowel problems from this iud? or diziness? Im thinking about taking it out but they think that i should have a good reason as to why!!?!?? what kind of crap is that..i should be able to take it out when i want. Other question is has any gotten pregnant after they had the iud and how long after did it take?

  58. I just had my mirena replaced with a new one after 5 years. I loved it! Never had to think about it and guess what no baby!!! I had minimal side effects the first time and none so far. I think it wonderful.

  59. I recently got the Mirena and I have to say thank you IUD. I have never been able to take birth control because it always made me sick, mean, or cry. I tried every kind out there and the depo shot put me in the hospital. I was very scared to get the mirena but I have to say if you have ever had problems with the pill, patch, shot … then go this route. I love it. I got it and haven’t had a period since. It doesn’t mess with my mood and I don’t feel it. It is the greatest thing. Don’t be afraid. It doesn’t hurt as bad as labor… Go for it and set yourself free. Or atleast for the next 5 years.

  60. Well, I’m supposed to have a Mirena IUD put in on 3/8. By reading your comments, it’s freaking me out! I have VERY heavy periods and have tried many different birth control pills but they all make me absolutely sick to my stomach. I am very sensitive to any medication, I take Tylenol and go to sleep! My OB suggested this method (Mirena) and said it would be the absolute best for me, especially for not gaining weight. Are there more women who have had a good experience? Did you all have symptoms (headaches, moodiness etc) before?

  61. I also forgot to mention that I have a daughter (7 yrs old) and when she was born, she weighed 10 lbs 14 oz and 23 inches long. Not a C-section either! I’ve had problems with my period ever since.

  62. Nicole, I had a pretty heavy period before i had gotten the Mirena aswell. But since i Got my IUD i havnt even gotten a period…not even spotting. So hopefully it really does help you…it did to me. OH and i spoke to my Dr about the whole headache thing..and she said that its not related. so who knows nowadays…is it just us woman being our bitchy selves? nothing is really gonna help that..lol

  63. Thanks Betsy! I appreciate your reply! I was really starting to re-think this IUD thing. I hope I have your luck with it. I just need some sort of relief, I can’t stand it anymore! I will ask my doctor about these side effects though, I do realize that every woman is different and reacts different to things. Thanks!

  64. Just curious if anyone has had blury vison since getting mirena? I have only had mine for 4 weeks, and a week ago my vision started going blury. I’m thinking about having it taken out. It’s not cramping, just discomfort every now and then, bleeding after sex, and also if I feel constipated and push a little harder to go, It will cause me to bleed. I haven’t had my check up yet, they didn’t schedule me until the middle of March! But just curious if anyone has blurry vision. I’ve done bloodwork, eye test, MRI and so far, no cause. Thank you, Kaz


  66. I had the mirena inserted mid December. I’ve had periods that have lasted for two-three weeks since then which I don’t mind as they are light and very unlike the severe bleeding I used to have. But I have also had a day during each period of severe bowel pains in conjunction with clamminess and almost fainting away. I don’t think I can go through that part again, but want to check if anyone else has had the same symptoms and if it gets better after the first three months or so???

  67. Also, in response to Kaz, I have been having trouble focussing on fine print over the last few weeks; I really have been having to get close – maybe another side effect? No headaches or mood swings though. And my acne that was quite bad before has disappeared altogether. Still, I am not finding the mirena worth it for that day of terrible pain each period…

  68. Alina, were you able to go full term with your pregnancy that resulted while having Mirena in place? I cannot find anything on Mirena’s website that explains what happens if you do get pregnant. Years ago I looked into this and I seem to remember that you would have to have the Mirena removed if you got pregnant and that would most likely endanger the pregnancy. Anyone know if that is true?

  69. Hi all,
    I just got my mirena put in on Wednesday, so far I only cramped for 1 day and have bleeding off and on, very light. We have 4 children and don’t want any more, but I’m only 27 so I didn’t want to do anything permanent and mirena seemed to be the easy solution. Hearing all your stories, I’m now worried. My dr has had hers for 4 years and loves it she gets no periods at all. Light periods or no periods is what hooked me. and i’m wondering what happened with the lady that got pregnant while on mirena. that is one thing that I was concerned about….even though it says 99.9% effective…

  70. oh and by the way I’m 9 weeks post partum I don’t know if that makes a difference….I feel crampy now after reading all your posts…the mind playing games I’m sure 😛

  71. I have had the mirena for about two and a half years.In the beginning I had light periods, and then none at all. I haven’t had any moods swings or weight gain. Until now I loved it.I have recently experienced excessive discharge and over the past few months my skin has broken out horribly. I’ve always had clear skin and now endure painful constant breakouts and I am now sure its from the hormones. I am too vain to have these marks on my face and am afraid of scarring!And the discharge is sometimes thick and heavy with a specific unpleasent odor. Im trying to tough it out but if it doesnt stop I’ll have to have it removed.Its a shame because I was so pleased until now! good luck girls!

  72. I have had the Mirena for 14 months and have had enough. Mine is being removed this afternoon. To begin with – it was incredibly painful to get inserted – they now say that was because I have never had a vaginal birth (had two caesarians). Then I bled almost constantly for 7 months. Now I have a smelly discharge, irregular periods, am so moody that I find myself hard to live with, as well as cramping and horrific night sweats. I have friends who have this and have found it to be terrific, guess it’s one of those things that’s good for some, but not everyone.

  73. Mirena is the worst thing that happened to me. I had it 3 months back and its been giving me heavy bleeding with huge blood clots. i would just see them and start crying.. I thought i might get aneamic, so went to see the gyn and she said its all normal. in the vaginal scan, she said the ‘T” has crept up. 2 days later (today), mirena came out in the toilet with huge clots.. i cried a lot. it was really scary to see so much blood.. i would recommend against this to anybody. Now, i dont know what to do, i’m going to call up my doctor’s office and find out what i should expect now..

  74. this is my second message on this site (6th feb). well im booked in next week to have my mirena out thank god. mood swings seem to b worsening all the time and headaches r horrid. my facial skin looks gross and painful. i have tried alot of birth controls and i would have to say this has been the worst. to anyone that has had theirs taken out can u please tell me if it hurts to b done.


  76. I just got the Mirena on Feb 26th and so far I am ok with it…it didn’t hurt for me to get the Mirena in..I had spotting occur but it disappeared after awhile that same day…I am on the 2nd day and seem just fine but I will come back to let you guys know how I am reacting to the Mirena!!

  77. this may be weird, I had the mirena put in last week Wednesday, and the last few days it’s been hurting me, especially when I get gassy! I get stabbing pains in my uterus right before I ummmm toot…lol. So embarrassing!! And I’m especially gassy since having my baby in December. Grr! lol Anyway, please tell me if this happens to anyone else??

  78. I had Mirena placed in the begining of December 06 and have had so many side effects from it. So far…acne,back pain,breast tenderness,cramps,depression,headaches,nausea,nervousness,several sinus infections,stomach pain,weight gain,hives,rash,dizziness,mood swings,leg cramps,pelvis pain,and unusual discharge. I have talked to several doctors and all say it’s unrelated to Mirena but researching it has proved otherwise. I am in a long term relationship and have 2 kids of my own and my boyfriend has 2 as well. We don’t want any more children running around as our 4 kids are 5 and under. I was reading all this last night and was set on having it removed. I made an appointment today to have it checked as I can’t feel the strings anymore and my doctor cut them long so I know it has disappeared into my uterus at this point. I’m very disappointed like the rest of you. I have always used depo before and I was a miserable bitch to everyone, so I switched to this, but not only am I still moody, but now I’m sick all the time and miss work often because of these side effects. If your thinking about getting Mirena, make sure you are extremly healthy and can take on some if not all of the side effects. You can also report side effects to the FDA at http://www.fda.gov/medwatch. I think it’s important that we all report these side effects so they might be able to make something better in the future.

  79. Just an update. I had my mirena out almost a month ago and now I feel great. I’ve already lost 6 pounds and my skin has completely cleared up. The oily skin and hair are gone. I cannot believe I suffered with that IUD in for an entire year!

  80. I had Mirena placed on May 2004 after my 36 birthday, didn’t have a formal menstrual cycle after that. I experienced some of the side effects you mention: headaches, mood swings, disturbing vaginal odor, breast tenderness, weight gain, night sweats, insomnia, and vision changes. Nothing I couldn’t really deal with or manage. After one year I took a home pregnancy test because I hadn’t had a period, I repeated it a year later and both were negative. In December 2006 my OB ordered an Amenorrhea Hormone Panel blood test and informed me that the results suggested I had already gone through menopause. I had the Mirena removed late January 2007 no complications, no perforation, nothing abnormal. Moods are better, no headaches, vaginal odor, breast tenderness, or night sweats, even the insomnia has gotten better. I still haven’t had a period, only bleeding and clotting at the time of the IUD removal. Does anyone know if the synthetic hormone in Mirena can cause a pseudo menopausal state in the body? I’ve never had children and every menopause website talks about women in their 50s not late 30s. I am dumbfounded and upset that Levonorgestrel could’ve precipitated early menopause and taken my chance at childbirth away.

  81. i got the mirena in last month and the pain since is terrible, strong painkillers havent helped either. ive hadterrible mood swings ans blurred vision. i go to doctor this week and ill be getting it out as ive nevver experienced this pain before. id rather suffer heavy periods pains every month than go through this pain

  82. I had my implanted today and so far have been in a great mood. It hurt a little when put in. But seems to feel fine now. I hope none of the horror storis come true for me. I don’t like the pills. I have three children and we don’t want anymore.

  83. I got a Mirena on feb 14th and have balooned up!
    I went looking for side effects about weight gain and finally found this site. My breasts are huge and tender and I can barely fit into my clothes!My ob suggeted Mirena for my heavy painful periods ( idont need birth control, my tubes are tied )and am now regretting it. Glad I found others who feel the same.

  84. This is an answer to Lisa, Mar 1 post. I did not use Mirena, this is an answer about menopause. I was around your age, 36 or 37 when I began menopause. Wound up with a hysterectomy at age 38, so I don’t need to worry about birth control. After reading these posts, I’m so thankful that I’m not of child bearing age anymore! I would think twice about any device or drug that would alter your menstrual cycle. There is a reason why you cycle every month, mainly because you were made that way! Good luck to all of you. I really feel for you!

  85. Lisa, I havea friend who is almost 43, who had the Mirena inserted a couple years ago and had no periods. She then had terrible night sweats (and hot flashes during the day), and when she went to the doctor, they discovered she too was menopaused after doing a blood test I think. She was completely shocked. I don’t know if it is due to the Mirena, but your story and hers sound very familiar.
    Early menopause does happen in some women, and I can’t imagine that a synthetic hormone could cause it, but this needs to be investigated IMO.

  86. Everyone I have found so many sites now about the side effects that were not given to me by Mierena or my doctor, alot of the ones we are complaining of-also someone wanted toknow what to do if you got pregnant wiith Mirena,one site said you must have it removed pronto. I go in for my first check in a week and will let other know how it went.

  87. I had mine in Nov ’06 and have beenthe wife/mother from hell ever since, not mood swings, jus one long swing!!!!!Been doc and told him read up on internet bout all other women suffering same with Mirena.Told me was absolute rubbish and had nothing to do with it. Also got really bad skin, weight increase, smelly nether regions, tiredness, infections down there…..In fact you name it, i’ve had it…. except a period. tell ya wat…. would rather have flippin’ period!!! So after seeing him and he said dint have time that day to take it out (also came away with a prescription for Prozac cos’ apparently am severely depressed!)Wasnt til got this thing in))I went back yesterday and got it OUT! Thank god! Will keepyou posted. xx


  89. Sorry, you might have wanted more info about me to see if you can relate, 37, I’ve have my mirena for little over year, bled for 3 months and now have barely any period, but vaginal infection like i never had in my life before the iud and my FIRST bladder infection a week after i had it put in. I have ex itchy skin, all over, my hair is getting noticeably thin, and I am basically off the chart irritable, grouchy, lethargic with sore joints, and swelling in my stomach hands and feet like pregnancy adema every evening. I first lost a little weight i think in the four months of bleeding, started weight start shooting right up. My friend who got it was a size o now looks to be maybe a 7-9 in only maybe 9 months???? (and she’s on anti depressants ever since she got the iud)I’m gettin mine out monday and she’s getting hers out later in the week. I will let you know, how the taking out was and what happens in the aftermath. GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!!!

  90. I don’t blame my mood swings on my mirena like most of you seem to.

    I love it. It’s easy, don’t have to worry about it and it will last for a long time. I was very well informed before putting mine it. I did all of the research on my own, rather than taking my Dr.’s word for it.

  91. Hey girls. I have had all the same symptoms. Headaches, moodiness, and weight gain. But now my husband wants to have a baby. Has anyone had the mirena taken out and gotten pregnant? We would like to have a baby soon. Please let me know cuz i cant find anything on it.

  92. Hi Crystal,
    I have not had a baby after the Mirena, but did get pregnant 3 days after having a traditional IUD removed 7 years ago. It was hard to believe. I don’t know how long the hormones from the Mirena affect fertility. I would think within a few months, it should be possible, just like the pill.

  93. Crystal,
    Just found this on the net:
    Q. What if I decide to have another baby?

    A. Although Mirena lasts up to 5 years, you are not committed to the full 5 years.1 When you decide you want to try to have another child, Mirena is easily removable at any time. It takes just a few minutes during a visit to your healthcare professional. After that, there is a quick return to fertility, and you can begin trying to get pregnant right away.

  94. I had my mirena out six weeks ago and am trying to get pregnant. I check my temp every day and I know I haven’t ovulated since having it out and I was ovulating while I had my mirena in. I guess my body is adjusting to the hormone changes right now. When I came off birth control pills three years ago I got pregnant the first month so I am hoping my normal cycle will return soon.

  95. I had my mirena placed almost two months ago. Still bleeding and have frequent cramping. The cramping is just as bad if not worse then my normal period, just the bleeding is much lighter..but ever-present. My doc told me to hold out for a few more months. But do things really calm down? And I can’t tell if my weight gain is from the mirena or from an antidepressant i just stopped taking.

  96. Robyn, I did not notice any significant weight gain on mirena and I have had it for almost two years. I know people for whom Mirean is a perfect solution, and then others, like me, who just suffer through the irregular and long periods, to have contraceptive freedom. I am 43 and don’t know how many of my symptoms are related to peri-menopause rather than the IUD. Often my cycles are two or three weeks. I’d be interested in knowing if anyone else has that problem. I am considering having it removed, but if it is hormonal, linked to my age, removing the Mirena will not make much difference.

  97. Good News, had my Mirena taken out yesterday morning, and I didn’t even feel it being taken out, but I feel like a burst of renewed energy, and reduction of swelling of hands and feet already. I also slept better than I have in the last year with the mirena. I feel great about my decision, for some it works for some it doesn’t. THANK YOU ALL FOR POSTING YOUR HONEST FEELINGS ABOUT THIS IUD!!!

  98. Has anyone had or heard of painless uterine spasms while on Mirena?? I’ve had Mirena in for about a year & a half now. My major complaint has been the erratic bleeding. It’s like I have a period all month. I get some acne & hair loss too, but I can handle that. Today, however, I have been having these weird spasms in the area of my uterus. It’s not like normal gas bubbles, it feels just like a baby is kicking!! I know I’m not pregnant, but I can’t explain the strange sensations. My fiance thought maybe it was the Mirena because he hadn’t felt it in a while & the other day it scratched him pretty hard, lol. Either way, I’m having my Mirena taken out this week, hopefully, when I go in for something else. I tried to have it removed a few weeks ago but she couldn’t reach the strings with her hands… : (

  99. I have has the Mirena for almost 4 years now. Too scared to be pregnant again had two beautiful little girls in two years and 3 months. So I have dealt with all the side effects. The weight gain, severe migraines, side pain, acne and the rest. Until today I had no idea that other women were experiencing the same problems. At any rate, I went Tues. to have it removed finally I just can’t take it….and guess what? Its stuck and I have to have surgery to remove it. Just as if I am having a tubal. Now I am really experiencing mood swings. TO GET A TUBAL OR NOT! and after all this, my doctor was still trying to convince me to keep it for the remaining year. Yeah, right…..I am practically crying every hour because of all of this.

  100. I’ve had my Mirena for 6 weeks now. I’ve noticed weight gain that just won’t go how ever little I eat, (believe me I’m a dietician – 1300kcal and 6 visits to the gym a week!! and I still can’t shed a ounce), a lot of really bad cramps and constant spotting.

    I’ve had a year of constant ob/gyn problems after a retained miscarriage and don’t want any chance of another pregnancy. I was on the pill when I got pregnant – I’m 44 with 3 kids and my husband has a daughter from a previous marriage. After what I’ve been through (depo injection was the final straw – it turned me into a total psycho) I’m giving Mirena a good try before I give up – no mood swings and I can feel my cycle coming back after the depo on the positive side, but I thought a lot of my problems with it were in my head…maybe not after what you guys are going through.

  101. Hi all. I’m a 22yr old student nurse with one year to go in my training, so I do have medical-surgical knowledge. I have suffered from endometriosis since I began mestruating at 13 and a half, with excruciating period pain, loose stools, and vomiting, and had my first laparoscopy, division of adhesions, and resection endometriosis at 18yrs. At this time, I was still a virgin as I wanted to wait for the right man etc. In August 2004 I fell in love etc with my fiancee, went on the pill, and became sexually active. This is when I discovered that sex wasn’t what I quite expected… it was painful, due to the endo my gyny would later tell me. Over time the endo kept creeping back and in november 2005, at 20yrs, had a big operation including; second laparoscopy for resection endo and divison of adhesions, leetz-loop procedure due to the beginnings of cervical cancer (cin3 cells detected on biopsy), and utero-suspension, as somehow my uterus had ‘fallen over’. It took weeks to recover from such extensive surgery and I couldn’t have done it without my fiancee (hes so great). 3weeks ago, I had a third op, as all the symptoms just creep back in, This time even more so. Having painful bowel movements is a new development in my condition, perhaps due to the endo being able to spread onto my mesentry, and then to my bowels when my uterus was retroverted or ‘fallen over’. The painful sex really sucks, and I often disguise my pain for my mans sake. The op failed, as the disease has spread extensively, the scar tissue from the previous surgeries made it too difficult for him to continue with the task at hand, and my gyny/obstetrician would rather have somebody who specialises specifically in endo resection and bowel resection carry out my FOURTH procedure (I know eighty yr olds who have had less theatre time than me!). Anyway, the point of this ramble is,…. even though the op failed, my gyny put in a mirena IUD when I was under the last general 3 weeks ago. I did know that this was going to happen, and was really excited when my gyny was telling me all about how much help it gives women who suffer from endometriosis. APPARENTLY it was going to significantly reduce my periods and the pain associated with them (which literally detstroys me for at least 3 days), and reduce the ovulation pain I experience in week 2 of my cycle, and perhaps help with everything else. I wish I had more time to do more research. The level of post-op pain was a sunny holiday compared to the pain I have endured in the past, but it did cause reasonable discomfort for the first three/four days. A week ago my fiancee and I had sex for the first time after the mirena had been implanted. He felt the strings straight away, but didnt make out it was too much of a big deal, as it didnt hurt or cause discomfort, and didn’t result in any of the scratching some men mentioned above have experienced. Last night, out of cycle, I began to have pain similar to post-op pain, and smearing of bright red fresh blood after urination. In the night I bled quite excessively , and am in a boat load of pain, nearly admitting myself to hospital today if it were’nt for my best friend MRS PAINKILLERS. What is worrying me is the intense freshness of the blood, similar to the blood you see when its gushing from an open wound – not the usual mucousy ‘smeary’ sero-sanguinous type of blood that is normal during menstruation. Because of my medical knowledge I seem to think the worst, such as a perforation in the uterus occured during sex or implantation. Anyway, just thought I would add to your comments, and would like to thankyou all for sharing your stories. I will be seeing the super endo specialist in about ten days and will express the upmost concern with mirena, if I havent stopped bleeding by then I will have it taken out, as I have put up with way too much agony in this department for an average 22 year old starting out in life. One good thing that has come of it all is that I am going to be a very empathetic and understanding nurse for other people like us when it comes to women’s issues, as I have been there and done that too 😉

  102. IMPORTANT INFO I THOUGHT I HAD PUT IN – In just 3 weeks, I have experienced extraordinary breast tenderness, uterine contractions that don’t hurt – but feel like electric shocks, hot flushes, a change in my skin – like it’s aged a few years, and my fiance tells me I don’t smell bad, but I do smell different than before mirena, and thats when we are fully clothed and not in the act! 😉

  103. Hi guys

    I have had 2 children and used the mirena coil for over 15yrs as I was one of the first women to have one. I have had a stress free contraceptive life no abnormal bleeding and none of the side effects -its absolutely brilliant for women with no risk factors who have had children and I can remember very painful heavy periods prior to having children.I am currently 48 and I can honestly say that some of the reported problems are weird and cannot possibly have anything to do with this coil.

  104. I got the mirena taken out 3 days ago after having it for over 2 years. I thought it was wonderful for the whole 2 years. No periods, and I thought there were no side effects. I just never put two and two together. No matter what I tried, I could not lose the baby weight. I never gained additional weight but, I exercised a lot and reduced my calories to 1300. Nothing worked. My husband says I have no sex drive. Thinking back, I realize I am not the happy person I used to be. My gyno gave me an antidepressant, it helped but I had side effects from it. I decided to research it all. Come to find out, I have had most the side effects everyone has been talking about. I just thought it was me. I forgot I even had the mirena which was causing these side effects. So I finally got it out. I am hoping my mood will lighten and also my body weight. If you are looking at getting a mirena, Weigh the pros and cons. It works, there may be side effects but usually they are not severe (like in my case) but they can change your quality of life without you even realizing it. I have decided to not use any more hormones. They all do the same thing! I am going to follow the rythm method. Good luck to you all.

  105. I’m getting mine taken out on the 28th of March. I had it in for only 6 weeks. I am WAY moody and the headaches are awful. My husband got a vasectomy last Thursday. Good Luck to you all.

  106. M,

    You obviously are one of the mainstream users who experience no side effects at all. LUCKY YOU. But its just not acceptable for you to pass such a judgement upon these women for expressing these symptoms and side effects slagging them off as ‘weird’ and ‘not possibly to do with the mirena’. Although you haven’t experienced these, they are very real for these women, and most of them ARE related to the implant. You should know, as a woman, that we know our bodies well. Before you pass further judgement, do a little reading of the side effects information (theres about a page full), as with all drugs not everybody experiences these – but many do.

  107. Wow! I just can’t believe I am reading so many things that sound just like the symptoms I am having. I had my Mirena put in 2 years ago, right after the birth of my second child. I too have never been able to lose the baby weight, but haven’t really gained any extra. I have the severe headaches, terrible fatigue, crazy moodiness, no libido and I get really sick just having a couple of drinks of alcohol. I have never related all these symptoms to my Mirena–until now. For the last couple of years, I just kept looking at myself and wondering what is wrong with me. I certainly have a lot to think about now. Thanks for your stories.


  109. I have been bleeding so bad for so long that Mirena is my last effort to avoid surgery. I have been waking up during my periods for years now in a blood pool or gush so much so fast that for three days or more I can only wear black so that no one knows I’ve had an accident. I started bleeding like this ten years ago and I weary from embaressing moments
    and mood swings are apart of my violent cycle already. I am finally on meds for the mood swings. I am truely sorry that so many women are uncomfortable on Mirena and taking it out seems like the thing to do but I am grateful for it and hope it works for me. I suffered through 3 years of trying to find a pill for me(6 different ones bleed for almost 18 days on one) , depo (bleed or spotted for 24weeks) have had all kinds of tests and biopsys.I already have experienced all of which are called side effects so here goes, nothing to lose. Day 1

  110. Wow,I have read almost to the bottom of this page. I am so grateful to hear your experiences. I do not have mirena but my doctor is recomending it for me. I am 27, am married, and have two kids, 8 and 3. I used to have 25 day cycles almost on the day every month until after my second child. After I stopped breast feeding and my periods came back they have been different. My cycles are often really short, like less than 20 days, then will be back to my 25 day cycle for a few months. I have severe heavy bleeding and bad cramps. I had hormone tests done and everything is “normal”. I went to a new doctor and she really pushed mirena on me saying hardly any of her patients have bad side effects, yeah right after reading this! I went on a low dose BCP before for 6 months and became suicidal with bad depression, weight gain, and constant break through bleeding. The month I went off it I lost weight and felt like I was on cloud nine. So I am sensative to hormones. Even though some of you women have had pleasant experiences I think because I am so sensative I won’t risk being miserable with this thing. I will keep using condoms as we have until my hubby gets his big V. They kind of stink but it is better than my being miserable. I have bad pms too and wondered if this would help or make it worse. I think I will look into homeopathic remedies such as vitamins and herbs to regulate my cycle and control pms. Thanks again ladies.

  111. I just had my mirena insereted on monday (now friday)It went in very smoothly Just a small cramp. I’m not in pain but I fell very uncomfortable Best described as a miss placed tampon It’s begining to become unbearable. Is this normal ? will it go away ? I’having trouble sleeping because of this feeling. (it’s that intense)

  112. I am so happy I found this web site. I have been asking everyone I know on Mirena if they have had problems with weight, they all say no, I am eating well, and jog 4 days a week. I cannot lose weight! I hate Mirena and am so glad I found this web site I thought I was crazy. Has anyone had it out and does it hurt? Did you lose weight after you got it out?

  113. Kristy, I don’t know if what you are feeling is normal. I would say not, but it may just be inflammation from the insertion and it could go away, or it could be irritation from the strings? I would give it a week and if it continues, I would definitely call the dr.

  114. Heidi, I had mine removed about a month ago. Didn’t hurt at all. Haven’t lost any weight though. I have had mine for three years andwant to have another baby. I loved Mirena and will definitely have another one. Was wondering if anyone else has had their’s removed and how long it took to start periods again?

  115. I had the Mirena inserted in early January during my surgery to remove endometriosis. I also lost my right ovary during this procedure due to the endometriosis. I am 44 and had been on the pill most of my life until Mirena. I started my period in 5th grade and it has always been 10+ days with horrible cramping and vomitting. I always had to miss school when I had my period. The pill calmed my periods down and I loved it. Yes, I did gain weight from the pill, but it was worth it. However, eventually the endometriosis stopped responding to the pill and I was having very bad pain during sex and BM. I also would have very bad uterine cramping several days a week. So, I researched and found a really good gyn and he suggested the surgery to remove the endo and then to place the Mirena to calm down my uterus and get me off the pills. I have been on the pill for almost thirty years, so I was happy to get off them and have an alternative. I have also never had kids. I was told that my uterus would not be hospitable to kids since I have fibroids and an inverted uterus. I have also never developed a strong desire for kids – I personally think this is because of all my problems.

    So, I had the Mirena put in and, I am having horrible side effects and I have had it in almost three months. After three months it is supposed to be better, however, my side effects have gotten so much worse over the past 2-3 weeks, I am having doubts about them getting better in 1-2 weeks at the 3 month point. My breasts hurt so bad I want to cry. They have never felt like this. I now have horrible uterine cramping daily. I have so many pimples and it is worse than when I was a teenager. I also am having weight problems. I have really stepped up my exercising, which consists of at least three miles a day, lifting weights every other day, yoga & anything else I can fit in. It has not helped and I have actually gained more after increasing my exercise. I too have had horrible problems with insomnia and am afraid I am going to get really sick from being so tired.

    After reading the comments on this website and realizing I am not alone, and not crazy, I am definitely going to have this thing taken out. I was already considering it before I found this website. Can anyone that has had it removed tell me if it hurts to have it removed? Although I am sure the possible temporary pain cannot be as bad as this crap I am going through. I am hoping with the endometriosis removed and now being 44, that my periods will not be so bad and maybe I can make it without synthetic hormones. If not, the pill was way better than what I am going through now and it can’t be that many years until I go into menopause anyway. My husband has agreed to get a vasectomy to make sure we won’t have any accidents, even though it is suppposed to be unlikely that I can have a kid. I don’t want any surprises at 44. I just want to be able to have unpainful intercourse and not hurt so much. I will let you know how things are after I get the *&%!! thing out.

  116. I am getting the Mirena tommorrow morning and ya’ll are scaring me. I didn’t realize there was hormones in this thing. I was hoping to do a nonhormonal thing to avoid gaining weight. Oh man

  117. I got in to see my Doctor today he did an ultrasound , and it turns out the mirena has slipped into my cervix. Now I need to have it removed. He wants me to try again But I don’t think I will. Now I need to reconsider my options with helping to reduce my menstral flow. After reading more information I feel maybe the mirena wasnt the right choice after all.

  118. I posted earlier on Feb 27 I got it the day before….Well here it is about a month later and the only side effect I have is constantly bleeding it isn’t like a regular period. It is very light just very annoying. The other side effect is me cramping it isn’t painful it is again annoying I am getting irritable lately because of this. So I will probably talk with my doctor. So far these are the only symptoms I am having. I have had the Mirena in for a month and 2 days…I am hoping this will go away but has not yet last night I took something so I could go to sleep without feeling the cramping today it does seem worse. and for anyone who knows me I can tolerate pain. Ididn’t have any drugs when having my children. I know I can handle almost anything except for annoying constant pain. I hope I find out a way to prevent this and other symptoms and if I come up with anything from my doctor I will be back to give ya’ll the information.

  119. So, I’ve been dreaming of getting this since my baby was born in August. It sounds so perfect – not having to take a pill every night, not having to worry about condoms, spontaneity return, etc, etc. So, now that I’ve saved up the money and have my hubby’s ok…….all of a sudden I’m nervous. Now, after reading this…..are all of you ladies making up the 1-3% of side effects, or is this how it is for a lot of people. I remember people telling me horror stories about the pill (weight gain, nausea, etc) but then I never had a single problem with them. I feel like everything I research on the net is one-sided. Everyone here says negative, but on the mirena web-site everything is positive (of course since they’re selling it). I don’t know who to believe or how to decide.

  120. WOW, am I glad that I found this site. Ladies, the information has been so helpful in my decision. I will consider myself very lucky for not having to go through what you ladies did. And with that being said “THANK YOU!” My doctor put me on Nor qd about 8 months ago and right now I think that I just might stay on it. I had migraines (due to thyroid) and gained weight when I quit smoking and my face is breaking out (not horribly bad, but a little more than usual). So Im guessing the smart thing would be to stay away from this. One thing I hate with Nor qd is that my cycle seems to last 2 to 2-1/2 weeks. ugh! But atleast my dr. warned me that my cycle could last longer with mirena. So she said that I had to be willing to wait it out. But what confuses me is that she knows about my migraines and she was so willing to put me on this. hmmmm. No thank you. I will just take my pill, lol. No wonder this IUD is 99.9% effective~your man gets injuries, you emit odors and you are bleeding all the time~that’s effective enough.

  121. Q – I thought I would have no problems on Mirena since I had been on the pill for a long time. However, I was very wrong. Mirena was not good for me and I had it taken out after three months.

  122. i had the mirena fitted 6 months ago i only got it fitted to stop the bleeding i was bleeding for 3 weeks every month now im bleeding every day i have had migrains mood swings and the last week i have been unable to move around properly so i went to see the doctor she cant find my mirena its not where its meant to be so now they have to go looking for it. it is very very painful and the doctor has me on 3 sets of tablets and the mirena has given me an infection.this is the worst thing i could have done is get this thing put in word of warning to you all thinking of getting the mirena put in DONT….

  123. To everyone reading these posts, you might say to yourself “wow!” there are a lot of women having severe problems with mirena! What you have to keep in mind is this: everyone that is posting on this site probably found it because they were having problems with mirena. They thought, I’m going to look this up, because I think its my problem. Well then they post. Most likely, all the women having good experiences/no side effects, are not one bit concerned about searching forums or looking up information on it because they are happy going on with their lives. So what I am basically saying, is that this forum is getting mostly complaints and can’t be veiwed as the general experience. I found this site because I just got the thing inserted, but I can’t say what the effects are yet. Chances are, like most other posters, I will forget to come back and re-post my experience, especially if I have no problems at all. I will say I had severe cramping after the insertion, but then it dissapeared within a few hours. To all you hoping for luck with mirena, your best bet is to just try it because you don’t know until you do. My guess is most women don’t have these types of side effects. Good luck!

  124. A honest doctor is your best bet to finding out what percentage of women complain about this thing and actually want it out due to complications. Tell them to be honest with you. Since doctors see the general population and hear more experiences with it than we all do. Get a second or third doctor’s opinion on the IUD as well. My doctor is an extremely busy & popular doctor. He said, if he was a woman, this is what he would get. So I took his advice. Of course I realize that there are people like all of you with severe side effects, but if it happened all the time, I KNOW my doctor would not reccomend it. Good luck!

  125. Hey everybody
    well by reading I can tell the Mirena is not for everyone. I have had mine for 5 months and I have to say I am quite satisfied. When I went for my postpartum checkup I discussed it with my OBGYN. SInce I am only 18 and have a 6 month old baby I wanted something that would be affective through college 🙂

    I was told about the string, she told me he would feel it the first couple of months until it coiled up..and he has..but she told us taht whenever this happen jsut change positions..to one side or the other..and this has worked for us.

    After I gave birth I bled for the first 2 1/2 months but this also had to do with postpartum bleeding, since I have only had 1 period and it lasted a week.

    I have had several migranes but nothing advil or tylenol cant help

    I have not had significant weight gain, I have actually lost some…and no acne.

    I just think its not for everyone, this is the only contraceptive I have tried so I cannot compare it wih any other. The only thing I do dilike is the odor!! what is it? but other than that…ladies just tell your hubby’s to try a different position.

  126. There is something I just cannot figure out. My cycles are shorter…used to be 28 – 30 day and now are 21 days. Does anyone else have this symptom with the Mirena or could I consider it perimenopause and nothing to do with the IUD; I cannot get an answer from my dr on that. I am 43.

  127. From what I have read, it seems the older you are when you have Mirena inserted, the more problems you are likely to have.

  128. Hi Ladies:
    I have had Mirena for 4 years, and since I will have to change next year I am looking for options. I was so surprise to read all your experiences, and I feel related to many of you. I got my Mirena on my 6 weeks check up, it was VERY painful. I had awful painful intercourse for almost two years and although I have XR, MRI, and some other test run no one could explain my pain. I got uterine steroid injection hoping to get the pain over, but it did not help. I was on Physical rehabilitation (doing lots of pelvic floor exercises, as well as biofeedback, and other kind of stimulation), but like I said, the pain during intercourse lasted for almost two years. I also got around 20 pounds although I followed some online diets. Anyway, now I feel less paranoid reading about yours experiences, since now I know Mirena could have been connected to many of the problems I had. I know for sure Mirena is not for everyone.

  129. I had Mirena inserted yesterday. I had the severe cramping and the bleeding. I still have the light bleeding, but since last night I have had this little things that look like gray blood clots or pieces of skin. Is this normal?

  130. It has been 8 days since I had the Mirena removed and my breasts are finally normal, instead of unbelievable swollen and painful. I had mucous and blood discharge for a few days after Mirena was removed and then a short period, but feel much better now. I had a little bit of cramping when it was removed for about an hour.

  131. Kristin, I would say that is normal. You get really dark, dry blood at first. Ew, I just grossed myself out.

  132. Kristen: I would say maybe you have an infection. After having my mirena removed (it had slipped into my uterus completely) I had some gray discharge mixed with blood and I had a uterine infection that required antibiotics. Good luck

  133. Kristen,

    I had the exact same thing after I had my Mirena inserted. It went away after a couple of weeks. Weird, but seemed harmless.

  134. I have experienced the same symptoms as most of the womens comments. I has mirena coil fitted due to heavy periods, these did ease but had spotting every day. I had my mirena coil removed after a year. Has anyone had theirs removed? If so, have they had any symptons, my stomach is still bloated, feel sick, had one heavy period the day after it was removed but nothing for last 4 weeks

  135. I’ve had my Mirena IUD in place for 4 months now. The insertion caused quite a bit of cramping, and I felt under the weather for the rest of that day. After, I experienced heavy bleeding and cramping for two weeks or so, followed by intermittant spotting for the next 3 weeks. After ‘missing’ my next period, I began to wonder if I was pregnant (I am a survivor of pregnancy while using condoms, orthotricycline, depoprovera AND the nuvaring; I found this to be the final option before tubal ligation)! However I was not, my periods have been eliminated all together.
    I did have some issues with acne for 6-8 weeks after insertion.
    My husband could feel the strings the first few times, sort of like fishing string, but after time these ‘soften’ to something much like thread. Ladies, if the strings are ‘scratching’ your guys, I’d speak to your doc.
    All in all, I love the thing. will have it replaced if this luck continues!

  136. I just had mine put in. I only did the switch because of the black box warring on Depo. I was on it for 8 years. I switch about 9 years ago from Depo to the pill and now have an 8 year old. So the pill was out. The placement hurt sooooo bad. I am still cramppie today. I am still hopeful that this will work for me. I still have Depo in me so that might explain the sick feeling and I havehad very little bleeding.

  137. I have had the Mirena for 1 year now. I found this website because I have a rough bumpy rash on my cheeks and chin and I can’t remember when it started and I was wondering if it was related. I feel like I have to give my experience with the Mirena because so many people writing here have had bad experiences.

    Compared to the pain of childbirth or even having a biopsy, the placement was NOTHING! I spotted for several months which I didn’t like, but then my periods stopped altogether. I have no PMS (it was BAD before) and no headaches (although I am prone to migranes). My husband was being scratched so my OB cut the strings very short. He can still feel them in some positions (sorry!) but he doesn’t complain much any more so I think it must be better. I can’t tell you strongly enough how GREAT it is not to have a period and PMS!! I love the Mirena and hope to have one in until I reach menopause. It’s just so much easier!! I do get very mild breast tenderness and a slight odor once in a while, but it goes away again after a few days. My husband doesn’t want any permanent birth control although we are done having kids, so this is really the only option for us. Good luck.

  138. Iam 43 with twins and Love the Mirena May have one at 83 it is a good thing ~ NO PMS ~ maybe every 2 or 3 months a one pad period, thats good for me.

  139. I had my IUD inserted in September 2006. I was so happy. I have light to non existent periods. I have also noticed I have developed a horrible vaginal odor. I have been to my doctor and have had several rounds of antibiotics. Nothing has worked I still have this odor, it has functioned as another form of birth control ( sucks). I will have my IUD removed it is not worth it.

  140. I was on depo for 10 years, which I recently found out was way too long (gee, thanks, Doc), so I talked to my ob gyn about other options. She suggested the Mirena, and gave me a large pamphlet to read, and we could discuss it at my next appt. The literature makes this thing sound great…WRONG! Being on the depo shot, I hadn’t even had a period in 10 years. So at the insertion of the Mirena, the cramping, spotting, and overall severe discomfort was so bad, I couldn’t believe it! The doc told me that before I left the office, my cramping should be about a 1 or 2 (it was at least a 7 the first few minutes I sat up). If I’d stayed there, waiting for the cramping to recede to a 1or 2, I’d have been there a week! After about 12 days, I got what I thought was my period…wrong, it was a bad UTI…went on antibiotics. A week after finishing the antibiotics, I started bleeding again…another UTI, but the bleeding is more clotty this time. I can’t wait til my 1 month check up on April 30th. I’m seriously considering having my tubes tied. I’m almost 42 and we don’t want children.

  141. Hi ladies! I got my Mirena out a month ago after having it in 1 year. I cant believe how much better I feel. I felt like with Mirena I had deppression and now that it is out I found my personality again. I had an extremely heavy period 3 days after getting it out, and have lost 5 pounds in one month. I am so happy to be rid of Mirena. I am glad it works for some of you, but it is not for everyone. Good Luck

  142. Hello Ladies! Well I have had my Mirena for two months..got it on Feb 19,2007…got it because I got preg on birth control pills..keep it mind i have three boys..so i am not in a hurry to have more,but didn’t want to get tubes tied because i want to try for a girl..well yesterday April 18,2007 went for the check up ..and they couldn’t find the strings…so had to go for an ultra sound visit to find it..it is inside my uterus..they sure dont tell u that in the papers they give you..the chances of this happeining..so Monday April 23,2007 i am going into the hospital to have it surgically removed..and to top it off my doctor asked me if i wanted another IUD placed in..are you joking me! All i can say is please seriously think about this before you do it…this has just been an aweful experience for me,i was bleeding the whole time that it has been it,migrain headaches,craps like you would not believe,yeast infection..with a discharge..and stayed so bloated..this was the worst mistake of my life..i had c-sections with all my boys and i would rather have a c-section over and over than to sit here in this much pain…never again.

  143. Hello Ladies! Well I have had my Mirena for two months..got it on Feb 19,2007…got it because I got preg on birth control pills..keep it mind i have three boys..so i am not in a hurry to have more,but didn’t want to get tubes tied because i want to try for a girl..well yesterday April 18,2007 went for the check up ..and they couldn’t find the strings…so had to go for an ultra sound visit to find it..it is inside my uterus..they sure dont tell u that in the papers they give you..the chances of this happeining..so Monday April 23,2007 i am going into the hospital to have it surgically removed..and to top it off my doctor asked me if i wanted another IUD placed in..are you joking me! All i can say is please seriously think about this before you do it…this has just been an aweful experience for me,i was bleeding the whole time that it has been it,migrain headaches,craps like you would not believe,yeast infection..with a discharge..and stayed so bloated..this was the worst mistake of my life..congrats to those who like it,but i sure know what those who hurt are going through!

  144. sorry didn’t mean to send it twice..wouldn’t let me at first so i changed it to send it..sorry about that!

  145. I have had my Mirena about 3 years now and I haven’t had that many problems with it. I had one period since I have had the IUD. The past two or three months that I have had a period and something told me to check my IUD, I did and I can not feel the strings anymore. I am scared that my IUD is out of place. Does anyone know what the chances are of getting pregnant if your IUD is out of place. I made an appt. with the doctor but she can not see me until May 28.

  146. Well ladies just got back from hosptial after having mine surgurcially removed! I am hurting ,but don’t remember anything about it because I was put to sleep…I only had mine in for 2 months..all I can say is please watch the strings…I couldn’t feel my strings,but some docs cut them shorter than others..but I haven’t bled since they took it out this morning,so i am glad of that…and for you Stephanie…there is a couple things that could have happened…one the IUD came out,or second it has went in you..that is what happened to me…I couldn’t feel the strings..and went in for six week check up and it was in my uterus..the quicker you can get in the better,because I had an infection and mine was just from two months!So might want to call doc and see if he can get you in for a emergency visit..tell them what is going on..that what I did and they got me in real quick.Well good luck to you,and those who are thinkin bout it..it just wasn’t for me!

  147. I had the Mirena placed April 4th. i have been spottin since I had it placed. Not a big deal. Anyhow, I stopped spotting on Friday. And was good for 3 days, Monday morning I got super bad cramps, I just firgured it was my period cause its been exactly 28 days, well I started spotting/bleeding again. My dr told me to check the strings when I am on my period, so today I checked and they feel low(TMI:maybe 3-4 inches inside). They arent bothering me, just wondering if thats normal? I have an appointment on Wednesday to have my Dr check its placement. But just wondered your thoughts. Could he just have not cut them short enough? Or could it be that they are lower when your on your period thats why he had me check? If I feel up higher I cant feel the contraption itself. Thanks

  148. I’ve had the mirena in now for almost a year and I’m still not convinced it’s right for me. I originally had a copper coil fitted but it didn’t work out and I was advised to change to the mirena. Well I won’t forget that day in a hurry! One of the worst experiences of my life! It’s funny really because the first coil I had was fitted by a male doctor who had me on my side in the foetal position and he was very gentle and I didn’t feel anything. Then when I changed to the mirena a lady doctor fitted it with me on my back, legs akimbo. Oh my god the pain made me sit up and the nurse who was assisting had to tell me to lie back down. Afterwards I went to work and was sent home by lunchtime with SEVERE pains, I could hardly stand up straight! The pains were that bad I felt like I was giving birth and they lasted all day and night. They settled down the next day but were back again on the Monday at which point I rang the doctors almost in tears but was told this was all normal. I did go to the doctors so she could check everything was where it should be and it is. I have been back to the doctors a few times now and have been told everything is normal even though I have cramps everyday and they are really quite bad. Bleeding is very random and sometimes nothing at all so I have no idea when I am due on which as you can imagine can lead to embarrassing situations. I did take to wearing a tampon everyday but have now switched to pantyliners as I don’t want to get TSS. Apparently the mirena takes about 6-8 months to settle down but surely constant pain is not normal?! I think I need to see a different doctor next time! thanks ps hope I haven’t scared anyone.

  149. Linda, me too!

    Oh why, oh why am I an idiot at 32?!? God I wish I read into the Mirena from many of you gals in cyberspace b4 I got it. I’ve been pregnant but never given birth and have endometriosis. I was actually “under” when mine was inserted 9 mo’s ago. NOTE the new IUD’s with hormones are different than older ones. I’ve you had in the past 2-3 years it’s not the same as thing. It is supposed to stop your periods all together for most women. I’ve had horrible pain, like menstrual cramps from hell, several times a week. The spotting is all but gone; the pain is not. I’ve seen two doctors who initially said there would be “mild discomfort for a month or so” then they said “cramps are expected for a few months while my body adjust” I was just talking to a lady who had her 2nd child and 3 months later got the same IUD. She swears the cramps from this surpass her contractions at labor. All I know is I feel worse now then being on the pill with endometriosis.

    Bodies and shapes are different. Just be prepared for either outcome. Hopefully goes well in your experience.

  150. i was wondering from reading these comments that some people had their implants implanted in their doctors office. well i had mine inserted in theatre under general anesthetic, and after a d and c, and i have NO symptoms, NO cramping, i have STOPPED BLEEDING thank god. i love it so far. maybe it all depends on how the implant is inserted, and when(start of your cycle). so maybe ensure that your implant is implanted by a qualified doctor not just your G.P. although i feel for the people who have problems please do your reasearch, it is extremly important. and remember some of us don’t have many options, like myself, i can’t take the pill(i bled all the time) i’am allergic to latex(so no condoms for me) and i have heavy periods every month. so it was important that i decided to have this procedure done properly. and i am hoping that it continues to work well. good luck to all.

  151. Just an update from my April 17th note: I only had the Mirena in for about 3 weeks. With so many problems and so much pain, I just couldn’t wait anymore! I called my doctor and got in the same day to have it removed. She tried her best to convince me everything I was experiencing was normal. I felt like I had PMS 24/7, and had 2 UTIs… that’s “normal”? All I can say is, I wish I had read this site before I had the thing inserted…I certianly wouldn’t have gone through with it! Good luck to anyone who is considering the Mirena…my advice is “don’t”. If you have the Mirena and are having difficulties, don’t let your doctor talk you out of having it removed.

  152. i have had the IUD for about 6 months now ..and at first i thought it was ok but now i am gettin the worst cramps in the world {and i mean these cramps are worse then labor!} and i now it even hurts to have sex. i have been bleeding off and on now the entire 6 months. I HATE IT !! i am having mine removed ASAP….

  153. Michelle, you were very lucky. My Mirena was inserted under general anesthesia also, by one of the top gyn surgeons in the country and I still had to have it removed after 3 months, and it was in the correct place. I also have endometriosis & have periods with 10+ days of heavy bleeding and was hoping desperately this would work after being on the pill for 25 years. I hope the Mirena continues working for you.

  154. I have had “Mirena” for 4 years now. I have loved it!! After 4 months of having it put in (that part hurt) I did not have any more periods. Some spotting every now and then nothing that caused me great worry. I did have some weight gain but then again I was already overweight. My husband could feel the string at the beginning but I went back and the Dr. cut the strings shorter. After having it put in all of my PMS systoms went away! No more backpains, headaches, cramping. It was well worth it. My sister also has it and has had no bad side effects. She recommended it to me. I just had it removed 2 days ago because we want a 2nd child now. Removing it took about 1 minute with a little cramp. Lot easier coming out than going in let me tell you. I will get another one after I have my 2nd child!

  155. I just got the Mirena 2 days ago and by the the end of the the next day I was in tears at the drop of a hat! I have had hormone problems since I was a teenager and had to take progesterone throughout all my pregnancies. When I wasn’t pregnant I was taking progesterone birth control pills to “even me out.” Even though my doctor says my thyroid levels are only slightly out of wack… I still feel like a basket case on some days.

    I am rambling when all I really wanted to say is that I am looking forward to seeing if this can really help my hormone levels AND provide good protection (I never remember to take pills on time) since I can’t take anything with estogen. I have been reading many of these comments and I have seen a a weird pattern here. I had all of the same symptoms when I was taking an estogen based pill! I’m not claiming to know anything– but maybe a progesterone based product isn’t right for some of you?

    Yes I have had mood swings but only in the evening so far and during the day I feel fine. I also have clinical depression and I weigh a little over 200 so maybe the mood swings and weight gain are not such a big change for me?
    I hope all of you feel better!! I was always trying my hardest to get through my depression and hormone issues with as little pharmaceutical help as possible, but after my 2nd baby and plenty of hardships- I found that post-partum depression and other factors left me on the edge.. so much for trying to be a purist lol. Also, my doctor told me that all these symptoms would taper off after the first year so I hope some of you can stick it out if the symptoms are not so bad. The theory of the product sounds great.. but….

  156. To all you women who have Mirena. I am not a Doctor…I am a Mom of two and a wife. I had previously had my tubes tied after my son was born. Due to extreme cramping and bleeding, my Doctor recommended Mirena in lieu of a Hysterectomy. I tried it for one year. Not only did I bleed for the first 3 months, I cramped. The cramping wasn’t as bad as before, so I let it go. Throughout the entire year, I believe that I WASN’T bleeding for about 3 months. I began getting migraines, and my hair started falling out, badly. I dropped 10+ pounds in less than a week. I didn’t think that this was normal. My doctor said that this wasn’t due to the Mirena….yeah right. Needless to say, I go in for my Hysterectomy in a couple of weeks. Please ladies, watch your signs and symptoms. For a lot of people I know, Mirena works well. Just don’t let yourself get too bad before you question your doctor.

  157. i got the mirena about three months ago, I bleed for the first two but now that’s stopped. My question is the odor. I’ve just recently noticed this (my husband as well) and we can’t figure out what this is from? do people really believe an iud can cause odor? how is this possible?
    outside of this, no headaches, mood swings or weight gain.

  158. I have had my Mirena for almost 2 years and have recently developed severe night sweats – to the point where I think I have pee’d the bed!
    I also have terrible mood-swings, so glad I found this site – going to see my gp tomorrow to discuss it being removed

  159. Hi everyone! I am a 33 year old mother of three. I thought i was doing the right thing by getting this Mirena. Boy, did I do the wrong thing. I had heavy periods for the 2nd and 3rd year. The first year was o.k. After I had the cramps which I never had before and pms which I never had before I considered getting it removed. I got remarried and we wanted a child together so I got it removed. I have not been able to get pregnant yet. It has been a year. I have taken clomid and nothing yet. I believe in my heart that it is because of MIRENA!!! So, if you are out there and consider using this device for birth control pls know that there are risks. Sometimes permenant!

  160. Hi,

    This is my first time to visit this site but like others have said I started looking around to check on symptoms caused by Mirena. I had mine inserted April 25th, 07. I am 44, have had horrendous cramps since I had my little boy 8 years ago. I also had only one day of heavy bleeding. I have been trying for years to find a solution besides loading up on NSAIDS and going to work. I have an appointment Wednesday, May 23 to get mine out! My first period after insertion was the most painful experience since childbirth. I have gained 6 pounds in one month with no change in diet, other than eating a lot less. I have yet to stop bleeding from that first period. I had hormonal migraines before the Mirena but they usually did not last for 4 days and my migraine medicine would take care of them, not so with these. Insomnia-absolutely,libido-extinct, bloating-even my fat jeans are too tight, back aches-everyday, cramps- show up any time for no reason,and moodiness- off the charts.
    I’m a strict vegetarian and lengthy periods strip any and all iron reserves that I have. I told the receptionist to tell my doctor that I did not want to sleep on it, give it more time, or even think about it for a few days, I wanted it OUT and if my doctor would not help me that I would take it OUT myself. And I mean it. I have a feeling that the makers of Mirena will be in a class action lawsuit in a couple of years and we will all be standing in line together again for that.

    Good luck to you all,

  161. Hey everybody,

    So, I am really thinking about getting Mirena, but after reading this I am not so sure…any advice?? Is there anyone who loves it??



  162. Had mine removed today! Yea! As it turns out mine was way to low and therefore causing cramping and spotting. After it was removed that whole area felt better. Now just waiting for the effects of the hormone to get out of my system!
    Sorry, I have nothing good to say about this IUD. Many years ago the IUD without hormones was my preferred method of birth control and I experienced no side effects. This time was a totally different ballgame. I can’t recommend Mirena to anyone.
    Later in the year I may try the uterine ablation (eblation ?)as long as there is no hormone party it might just work.

  163. I have had my iud for almost 6 months. I have gained a good 15lbs, extreme moodiness, a very strong odor,(which grosses me out with sex now), SEVERE cramping 4 days before my period, which also last over a week or so. One positve light bleeding. After reading every ones strories i’m gonna have this thing taken out. I wish my doc. wouldn’t have lied. No problems with any of the above mentioned, is what he told me. I don’t recomend this to anyone.

  164. OK so just to clarify – the “strings” are not soft right they feel like a pliable metal “string”. Should I get them trimmed if they are poking and scratching my husband?

  165. Saw my doctor on friday to have it removed, he was unable to remove it as the threads have got tangled up inside me – he tried using a tool to catch them and remove the mirena but couldn’t find them – he has had to refer me to a gynaecologist to have it removed at the hospital!

    What a nightmare – going back on the pill once this is all over

  166. I have had my IUD in for over 3 years now. I had extreme cramping when it was inserted and that continued for about a week. I spotted constantly for a month and from then on zero bleeding. I always thought it was the best thing next to sliced bread as I can’t take the pill or depo. I am having mine taken out this fall as my husband and I are planning to try for another child. After reading all of the comments, it certainly makes me wonder if some of the symptoms I have are related to the IUD (acne, cravings, cramping and heavy discharge). For the most part I have had a positive experience with the Mirena, but as with anything it doesn’t always work for everyone. Good luck to all of you…

  167. Kerry, I am interested in knowing what your dr said about the night sweats. A friend of mine (43 yrs old) had the mirena, and had terrible night sweats. they figured out she was in menopause. I don’t know if the Mirena precipitated her menopause or not.
    Also, I had to have an IUD removed under general anesthetic to have my third child. The strings had gone inside the uterus. I got pregnant 4 days after!!!! I hope things go well for you. (they don’t always use general anesthetic, don’t worry)

  168. I have had the IUD since April 07 and aside from the normal bleeding that is to occur for the first 3 months, I feel great. I have not had any of the other side effects.

  169. Alison,

    My GP does not believe the night sweats are related to the mirena – I have my doubts after reading so many other women suffering night sweats after having the mirena fitted – as I am only 30 the chances of it being menopause are slim (my mum and both grandmothers didn’t get the menopause til late 40’s. (Dr agrees with this) Still waiting for an appointment with Gynaecologist – should be within 2 weeks (the joys of the NHS – stands for No Hurry Service i think Lol)

    Not sure if I need it removing under general anaesthetic but will need to have a scan to find out exactly where it is as my GP was unable to locate it.

    Hope all goes well with your pregnancy x

  170. Here is my story.
    Both my husband & I were thrilled after reading about the Mirena IUD. At my 6 wk post-partum check I requested the IUD be inserted.

    Besides the crampy pain and discomfort there was the “normal” bleeding, but instead of lasting only a few weeks it continued for several months! I had 20-25 day periods. ::UGH!!:: numbness in my legs, migraines, severe mood swings, anxiety attacks, depression, body aches, confusion and forgetfulness.

    My doctor listened to me about these things and asked me to eat better and on a strict schedule. So, I did this for a while. No change. One day it all crept up inside of me to the point where I checked myself into the local emergency room. I was on IVs with pain meds for a few hours – with all these things going on I was asked to check into a behavioral health center. I KNOW that I am not crazy!!! Instead I went home and made an appointment with my OB/GYN. I went in had the Mirena removed and since then I have had ONE normal (3 day) period. No spotting or any of the other symptoms. I find myself being a way better wife, mother and person each day.

    What the doctors call normal are not always NORMAL. Go with your gut instinct. It’s better than torturing yourself and those around you. I am going with NFP from now on; even if it means no more spontenuity:(

  171. Ok somebody please answer me – should I get the strings trimmed if they are poking my husband? Or will this go away?

  172. Kerry, that pregnany was 7 years ago LOL! I am 43, have the Mirena and no desire for more kids. I have great kids, 18, 15 and 6.

  173. Alison,

    Sorry! (LOL!!!!) Didn’t realise!

    I think this Mirena is playing with my mind – can’t wait to have it removed.

  174. I just went for my yearly physical today & Dr was very excited to get this implanted. I have crohn’s disease & wanted to research it before going for it. After reading all these side affects, which, granted are about 100 out of ?? how many implants- I’m gonna have to tell her no thanks. I don’t need any additional problems, especially self induced.

    Thanks for the info.

  175. Hiya, i am 34, have two boys 13 and 7, and have had the Mirena inserted today, My Doctor and nurse advised me, it would be uncomfortable but not too bad….Ah Hello, it’s fricken painful and i have the most horrible cramping pains and not to mention the constant waves of nauseousness (if theres such a word),After reading this blog hmmm now wish i had found it sooner, But i will give it ago and see how i feel:)

  176. Meshal

    Give it a couple of days and that should pass. I got mine inserted 5/11/07 and am having no issues – other than the “string” poking my hubby.

  177. here’s my question, I got the mirena in April..
    I’ve been bleeding almost non-stop since then, but I’ve also started (for the first time in my life) having anxiety and what is probably close to a panic attack-could this be connected?
    I saw somewhere that one side effect was nerviousness-
    is this related? does anyone know?

  178. It’s been a few days, since having Mirena inserted, Had alot of cramping last night, and decided to have Voltaren, soon calmed down, which was nice. No bleeding as of yet, fingers crossed though. Since reading the blog, i noticed some women mentioned a significant weight gain, I hope i dont experience that, as i am wanting to loose weight, i am also on Duromine 15mg which i find really good, for me anyway, It has given me a HUGE energy boost and where before i would feel tired around 3pm, i now find myself with all this energy and i love it. I am eating more fresh fruit, more veges and lots of chicken and fish and drinking more water, as Duromine tends to dry the mouth out, Sorry for blabbing on. Have a great day, The weather here in New Zealand is cold (winter time), but its a nice sunny day….

  179. Hello ladies

    I’ve spent the past 10 months puzzling over utterly inexplicible weight gain – I suddenly piled on more than 7kg which have thus far proved immune to diet and exercise – and a vaginal odour which could kill birds flying overhead. To my partner’s delight, my breasts suddenly assumed the proportions of melons. Yet, to his dismay, my libido is non-existent, and my breasts so tender that he’s not allowed to touch.

    My gyno and GP both assured me that these symptoms have nothing to do with my lovely Mirena which was inserted – surprise, surprise – 10-and-a-half months ago.

    Thanks to you all for your disarming candour – you can’t imagine how comforting it is to discover that I’m not the only self-conscious, uncomfortable, embarrassed, low-sex-drive woman out there.

    I’ve had my doubts about the Mirena ‘wonder treatment’ for some time now – after finding this website tonight, I’ll be making an appointment tomorrow to have that bad boy removed.


  180. I got mirena in October’06, six weeks postpartem. I have had long and painful periods since the insert. I also lost all my baby weight six weeks post and here we are in June and I have gained 30 pounds and am so depressed. I could care less if I had sex ever again. I thought our sex life went away because of the baby, but I just don’t want it even though I love my hubby. Oh, and have broken out with acne so badly. I can’t take it anymore. I don’t know if this has to do with mirena, but I’m glad I read these posts because I thought I was crazy. I am having it removed June 5. We’ll see if some of these symptoms will go away.

  181. Aaaargh. I’ve just been to the GP to have my Mirena taken out and guess what? No threads visible or retrievable using what I take it was a crochet hook!

    Being referred for a scan to find out where it is and then GP will try again.

    Otherwise, it’s referral for removal under anaesthetic.

    Advice please. Not sure I want the GP to try again, but I know she’ll want to if she thinks she can get at it because of cost. But, then again, don’t want a general anaesthetic.

    Got myself a bit wound up! Which is silly because nothing’s going to happen soon. But it was pretty horrid, even though she was careful, and I’ve got some pain.

    Have had absolutely no complaints about the coil up to this point (have had two in ten years). Now feeling rather badly cheated!

  182. Cath, I had a coil removed under general anaesthetic 7 years ago and it was a breeze. it is a low dose and only for a few minutes so you don’t have the fatigue like after surgery. I went in at 1 pm and came home at 7 pm and got pregnant 3 days later!

  183. Alison.

    Thank you for this, it’s reassuring. I like the bit about ‘low dose’ and ‘only a few minutes’, but would be very worried if I ended up pregnant 3 days later. (But I’m glad for you that you did.)

    I’ve done that, read that book, seen the video and am just about getting my life back!!!!

    I appreciate you taking the time to reply. Don’t feel so screamy this morning.

  184. I’ve had mine in for 5 years. I have had no pain, no period, and no headaches. My periods stopped after three months and it’s been great. My 5 years was up in May, but I can’t get back in to have the new one put in until July. Does anyone know my chances of getting pregnant now that the time is up?? I have not been able to feel the strings for quite a few years…and haven’t had it checked since I had it put in. I know, not smart, but I forgot about it for a while and had no insurance. My boyfriend hasn’t ever complained about being scratched, but since I can’t find the strings, I don’t really know where they are.

  185. Thank you ladies for your help in my decision to get the Mirena…I am 35 and my dr has suggested getting the Mirena I didn’t know about it until today and had scheduled an appointment in the next 2 weeks. After reading all of your comments I am not going to get this treatment. In time my husband will have the big “V” done, we aren’t ready for that step the old fashion way of using a condoms sounds better than putting unwated pain on your body and mind. I have two boys 3 and 5, I don’t need the extra worries of Mirena.

  186. 34, One daughter 12 – vaginal birth, in one relationship.

    I had my Minera put in yesterday, so I am about at the 24 hour mark. I did a lot of research prior to having it put in. I see some people have had a lot of bad experiences, and some have had great experiences. I have two friends that have IUD’s and both of them love it.

    My insertion was really painful, today I am having just mild cramping. I just came accross this website and really surprised at how many haven’t liked the Mirena. I think to be fair, we should be posting our experiences, not telling people they should or shouldn’t go through with it. Honestly, I think everyone is different, and the side effects will different for each person. What might be perfect for someone, might be horrible for someone else.

    I am concerned about the weight gain & headaches, but I’m going to be optomistic and give it at least four months. I also read this…

    “…Throughout the world, the most common form of reversible contraception is the intrauterine device (IUD), used by 85 million to 100 million women.1 This rate of use is in stark contrast to the rate in the United States, where fewer than 1 million women use an IUD.2…”


    Anyway, I’m going to keep track of how it goes and keep anyone that’s interested posted on my progress. 🙂

  187. Just thought I’d post an update.

    I found the threads, so booked to go back to GP.

    She said she still couldn’t find them and then yanked and out it came.

    I shot off the couch and am left feeling shocked and achey. Excrutiatingly painful but she didn’t tell me what she was doing, which was probably best. Although I think not telling me was for her benefit, not mine, on the whole. Not overly impressed.

    But I’m still glad it’s gone and I haven’t got to go through the hospital route!

    In summary, I am posting my experiences and others can decide for themselves….

    I think I’d do it again, for the lack of worry over the past 10 years, particularly since the reason I had the first one was because I was having never ending periods and was being threatened with a hysterectomy.

    Periods stopped, no hysterectomy.

    Not a pleasant procedure, either having put in or taken out. But probably better than the alternative!

    Hope my experience adds to the very useful fund of information I found on this site and which I have been grateful for.

  188. I have had my Mirena for 5 years, having also had one for 2 years prior to the birth of my third child 6 years ago. I have also had surgical sterilisation, so the objective of the Mirena is to control heavy, long periods.

    I couldn’t be happier with it! I just experienced mild symptoms to start with (irregular bleeding) but after a few months my periods reduced in length and intensity significantly. I have practically no bleeding now at all (almost a downside – at 47 I’m finding it difficult to establish if/how far I am into perimenopause).

    Has anyone kept their Mirena in for longer than 5 years? Do you know why the recommendation is to change it after 5 years?

  189. Before I had this second one removed, Fiona, my GP did a blood test to establish where I was up to re the menopause as, having had no periods for five years, it was impossible for me to tell!! Results indicated I was well into, if not through, it, so Mirena removed with no other contraception now required. (Although GP did say that they usually recommend 12 months of alternative methods after tests show menopause finished, but I had the test 8 months ago).

    This Mirena should have come out in January, I think, so I was six months over. But…then I don’t think I was at much risk of getting pregnant anyway. I presume the recommendation to change is due to the hormones in it running out and I guess there is a margin of error allowed in that timing.

    If you haven’t spoken with your GP, I would guess that’s the place to start. If they do a blood test, you’ll know where you’re up to and whether you need to consider having another one.

    Good luck. If you’ve read my other posts you’ll know that I was as happy as you with the Mirena itself – just not the inning and outing!

  190. Hi all –

    Update as of the evening of the 17th.

    The cramping has stopped, and the bleeding is super light. I have had some nausea, but nothing a ginger ale or sierra mist hasn’t taken care of. I haven’t been moody, although it’s only been a week.

    So, so far so good. I was concerned about making it past the first 10 days to ensure there wasn’t any infection. I can’t feel the strings, but not sure I’m going about it right. I’m going to call and see my OB/GYN this week to make sure it’s in place so I’ll feel better.

    Anyways, I’ll those of you thinking about going this route posted. I am really hoping this works; I hate being on the pill, condoms suck, and I’m just not ready to to anything permanent. I’m still really optimistic knowing how many women world wide that use it and love it…


  191. Cath, I am 43 and have had the Mirena for two years. I have an appt on July 10 with my gyn to talk about it. My periods have never disappeared with the Mirena, but have become much lighter, AND more often. I have a period every two or three weeks and lots of breakthrough bleeding between so I am basically wearing panty liners all month long. I don’t know how much of it is perimenopause and how much is the Mirena. How old are you? I have another friend my age who is menopaused, on Mirena, and only found out bcs she was having terrible hot flashes and went to the dr.

  192. Alison. That’s a real bind for you. I hope the gyn can suggest something. I’m 53, so was not surprised to find that the blood tests revealed that I’d gone through the menopause. I was lucky with the timings of the Mirenas, I guess, in that this one has seen me through without needing to think about contraception again.

    I didn’t have any symptoms, really, so that’s why GP confirmed situation with blood tests. Your gyn may do same? She said that you need twelve months of alternative contraception after blood tests confirm menopause, to be sure.

    I was offered a hysterectomy, but didn’t want to do anything so radical, so was very glad that the Mirena existed (I think I was amongst the first to have it).

    No point in me double guessing what’s going on with your Mirena, but would be glad to know the outcome for you if you feel like posting after July 10. Good luck.

  193. I’ve had my marina in about a month now and can honestly say that I am very dissapointed in it. For the first few weeks I had extreme neausea, I couldn’t cook anything without wanting to throw up, I felt like I was pregnant again which freaked me out but thank goodness that it finally went away, although I’ve been bleeding since I’ve had it put in, not to mention the 6 weeks of bleeding after I had my baby… so thats now 10 weeks of bleeding. I havn’t had any moodiness, headaches, or weightgain but starting about two weeks ago my whole body broke out in a rash and itched everywhere, at first I thought maybe it was something I ate ( although I’ve never been allergic to anything before) I had heard that some women well have a reaction to certain foods that they used to be able to eat. Anyway…. after about a week the visual effects of the rash went away but the itchiness hasn’t…. two straight weeks of constant itching!!! It’s driving me insane, I’ve tried everything from calamin lotion, anti-itch cream, oatmeal bath and body wash and nothing has helped. Finally today I went to my GYN and since she’s never heard of such a thing she doesn’t seem to think it’s from the Mirena but I know it is, I’ve been researching it on the net and although it’s extremly rare, it is a severe allergic reaction to it. But instead of pulling it out she just perscribed me medication to take… I’m so unhappy and miserable right now, I can’t sleep b/c I’m scratching all night long….. I hate this thing!

  194. Tomorrow is the day. I’ve had the Mirena for 5+ years and I go in to have it removed and then replaced. I have no idea what is going to happen. I have not felt the strings in a long long long time and I hope it can be removed. I don’t think it’s very effective anymore since the 5 years was up a few months ago. If I have to schedule another appointment to find the strings I better not be pregnant when I go in….LOL. That would be a shock. I’ll keep you posted on the removal and replacement.

  195. I had my appt yesterday to talk to the dr about the fact that two years after insertion I still bleed most of the month; It is not heavy, but a pain. He said I needed to change contraceptives. I was not expecting that at all and I do not want to change. he suggested the vaginal ring, or a tubal ligation; I have wait four months before they will do the ligation, but I think that is the way I am going to go; And I am going to keep the Mirena until then; I just hate anything else and do not want to go back to heavy periods with a traditional IUD.

    The bleeding I have is from the fact that the endometrium has become so thin because of the Mirena.

  196. I have had the mirena since nov 2006! It hurt so bad going in due to a tilted cervex and I was in bed for alomost two weeks. After the really bad start everything kinda started to level out. The last few months I have been breaking out like a pre-teen. My stomach is always bloated and hurts all the time ( to the point of not being able to lay on my stomach and tight jeans are out). I recently got married and so sex should be part of my normal routine, but not so much. The last time we had sex (which has been now 3 weeks plus) I was doubled over in severe cramps, sweating and almost passed out. I ended up taking a very strong pain pill. I just had a breast reduction in Janurary and I’m wondering if I shouldn’t of had so much taken off due to so many complaints of breasts swelling (that was the pain pill I took). And now to my surprise I can’t find the strings and I don’t currently have ins. So to planned parenthood I go. Not feeling so great about going there with no problems, and now really nervous due to the string issue. But I can not take this pain any more. And I think I have a really high pain tolerence due to rheumathoid arthritis, and about a two years ago I broke my foot and decided to go shopping before I went and got an x-ray. Very nervous about removal, but want it out now (hopfully they can put me out). ADVICE do not get this SATIN DEVIL put in your body!!!!! I’ll keep you posted

  197. Hi Alison

    I’m sorry the outcome isn’t as straightforward as you hoped, but glad that you’ve found the cause of the bleeding anyway. Hope whatever you decide in the end it goes well.

  198. I had Mirena inserted in March 2005 and have been happy with it until now. The insertion was incredibly painful (tilted uterus), I mean INCREDIBLY PAINFUL. The worst pain ever in my life. Now, my problem is that the strings are so long I could probably pull it out myself. Has anyone else had this problem?

  199. I have had Mirena since April 2006 and am thinking about having it removed. My daughter was 4 1/2 months at the time and I had lost of the baby weight. Since April, I have gained 20 lbs and have not been doing anything different. I am also having cramping and joint pain in my right wrist and fingers.

    I am thankful to have found this website.

  200. Hello again! I wrote in a few days ago and I went to planned parenthood to have the Mirena checked due to the long strings. I don’t have insurance, so I couldn’t afford an ultrasound to check it, but the nurse said it looked like it had fallen halfway down my cervix and wasn’t protecting me against pregnancy anymore. So she pulled it out. OMG it was painful, but it was short (maybe 10 seconds of pain) and not nearly as bad as when it was put in. I have to say that I am happy it is out. I am going back tomorrow for a follow-up and to get a prescription for the Nuva-ring. I prefer something that I can keep an eye on in the future. It scared me that I had absolutely no control over the Mirena, and there was no way I could check it myself.

    It’s been out for about 5 hours now and I feel so great. The bloating in my stomach has gone down and although my cervix/uterus feels “sore”, it doesn’t hurt at all. I would reccomend people to try the Mirena, it worked well for me for about 2 years. But be very concious of how your body changes over time. I attributed a lot of my lack of energy and loss of sex drive to getting older (I’m only 24) and I now realize that it may have been the Mirena. Although it’s too soon to tell, it could all be psychological at this point. I will keep you all updated!

    Thank you for hosting this blog for people to comment on their experiences.

  201. Ok. I had the Mirena removed Thursday and also had the new one put in on Thursday. I have never had any problems with it. I couldn’t find the strings and still can’t. The Dr. said it was because they were really short. I told him it worked for me and he made the new one just as short. The pain I was expecting never came. He did my pap and pulled the old one out at the same time. It was just a little bit of pressure but no more uncomforable than that dang instrument he had me propped open with. The insertion of the new one was the same way. I felt no pain and was fine as soon as he was finished. I had the first one for 5+ years and am starting fresh again. Maybe this has something to do with the baby weight I can’t seem to loose, but I will survive. I think the weight is easier to handle than another baby. I recommend Mirena to anyone. It has worked wonderfully for me.

  202. I am currently prego with my 5th…and I AM DONE! Yet my DH does not want to get “V’d”. So I’m looking for options. I was so sure that the Mirena was the answer. Now that I read all these posts….HECK NO.

    Looks like my options are: 1) Get my tubes burned, chopped and sauteed. 2)Force my DH to be a eunich….LOL. Hey abstinance equals no baby!

    Why do men have to be so dang difficult when it comes to getting a vacectomy? Only God knows. Hey, when us women labor and deliver…it’s all good. But suddenly they have to have a 5 minutes procedure….God forbid. Arrrgghhhh…….

  203. Hi,

    I had a mirena inserted about 3 weeks ago because my copper iud was causing too-heavy periods. It took 3 tries to insert my copper one, so with 4 insertions under my belt (ha ha) I recommend taking Motrin before the insertion, doing it late in the day, and planning to spend the rest of the day in bed, because you may have bad cramps. For me, it didn’t hurt anywhere near as bad as giving birth, but it definitely hurt, and I felt dizzy.

    I tuned in here because – 3 weeks in to the mirena – I am having really tender breasts, so I’m trying to figure out if it could be due to the mirena or could I be pregnant? Or something else? My nipples are really big and hard and my breasts overall are tender/sore.

  204. Thinking of getting one; early perimenopausal; currently using a diaphragm. One question the website doesn’t answer – if I want to have sex during my period, can I insert my diaphragm (to catch the flow), or will inserting/removing it pull on the strings and risk dislodging the mirena? Also – Has anyone whose partner feels the strings tried inserting a diaphragm to cover them (I know that defeats the “spontenaity” benefit, but just wondered…)

  205. Hooray, I have eventually had my mirena removed and have gone back on the mini-pill. Removal was very uncomfortable, the gynaecologist had to use forceps to remove the device, but all things considered it could have been a lot worse.
    I had severe cramping the next day but was fine a couple of days later. I will never never never have a mirena fitted again.

  206. Hi,

    I’ve had an ok experience. It was painful upon insert, with bad cramping over the next 24hrs or so.

    I had mine inserted about 8 weeks postpartum after my 1st baby c-section (mirena inserted Sept 06). I breastfed, so no period, then after stopping breastfeeding at baby’s 8-month b-day, period started light the next month. My periods are def lighter and less cramping than before.

    But, I do have random mild cramps here and there throughout the month, which I never really had before (other than some mild cramps before around ovulation).

    All in all I’d say I’ve had a good experience, but I have not hit the 1-yr mark yet. I have been thinking of getting it taken out, but the experience of getting it put it makes me cringe (it was more painful than my OB would have led me to think it would be – so maybe it was shocking). I thought “well, I just went through labor etc, so how bad could it be?” 🙂 It wasn’t that bad maybe, just the shock of having it poked in, and your body hasn’t prepared itself like it does in labor.

    Also, after insertion, I too could feel the “strings” poking inside, so went back to the Dr after about a week. She trimmed them, said that she had left them a little long so that it wouldn’t move up through my cervix the few days after it was inserted? She never said anything about THAT at the insertion, so I think she accidentally left them long. 🙂

  207. I have had Mirena in for a year. I plan on getting it removed. I understand all women are different, but this is my story. I have gained alot of weight and I look like I’m pregnant now! I still get my period like every 14 to 17 days and it can last up to 9 days. I am very emotional and at this point hate men for no reason. God bless my boyfriend, for putting up with me. Good luck to all you women who plan on getting it. If there’s anyone who found a better alt. birth control, please let me know.

  208. I had the Mirena inserted a little over 4 months ago after being assured that the hormones would stay in my uterus. Yeah right! I started spotting constantly, getting nauseated every day, gained about 10 lbs, my boobs hurt, I had horrible headaches, bad moodswings–basically it made me feel like I was pregnant. Yesterday, after flipping out and SCREAMING at my 6 year old over nothing I decided I’d had enough. I had my husband pull it out around 10pm. Now it’s almost 8pm the next day and I already feel a lot better.

  209. Ok, It’s been over a week since I had the new one put it. I’m spotting now, and I never did that before. I’m bloated and that never happened before and to top it all off, my face broke out all over with nasty pimples. I don’t know what to do. Maybe it’s not a period, maybe I’m being scratched by my own strings… This sucks. I already had pimples, but this is like junior high all over again. I wonder too if the reason I haven’t been able to loose weight is because I had the thing put in right after my daughter was born and haven’t been without it since. I have yet to loose most of the baby weight and she’s 5 years old.

  210. I’ve had my IUD in for 5 years and 5 months. Within the first five years the only side effect I had was pain in my knee and lower back whenever it was time for my cycle and yes my cycle lasted the whole 5 years every month like clock work. I got the IUD replace 5 months ago and so far no cycle until today. I still have the pain in my knee and lower back when its time for a scheduled cycle but it never show up! Sorry for all the side effects the other women are having but for me its been great!

  211. as I read these posts I’m wondering if we’re all talking about the same iud? my mirena has been a miracle… no babies, no periods, no side effects! I go around recommending it to every woman I know held captive by condoms and the pill. I have had mine for a year now, and wow it has honestly been great. I am so suprised to be reading this! I hope things get better for you all!

  212. I had my Mirena for 1 year and 7 months. I had it removed yesterday because I’m hoping to have another baby. I had both insertion and removal done at my doctor’s office. Both insertion and removal were mildly uncomfortable, but no more than having a yearly exam. Upon insertion I experienced mild cramping, like that with my normal period, and maybe 5 days of light spotting. after that I had 1 period lasting about 4-5 days in Aug of 2006. I had maybe 1-3 days of light spotting twice during that (1 yr 7mo) time, but no regular periods at all. During the time that I had it I had no problems with it whatsoever. I had trouble with mood swings and low sex drive when I’d been on the pill previously, but experienced none of this with my mirena. I had some very light spotting when I had it removed yesterday, but no heavy bleeding, and no cramping. I actually said to my doctor, “is that it?”, when he removed it, because I expected it to take longer and be more painful. My doctor told me to expect to have a regular period in 4-6 weeks. I was extremely happy with my Mirena and hope to have another one inserted after this next baby. I have several friends that use mirena, and they are extremely happy with it as well. I’m sorry to hear of all the issues that women have experienced, finding the right birth control can be difficult. Good Luck.

  213. Ok, the spotting has stopped, it was wasn’t anything a pantyliner couldn’t take care of, but I didn’t want it. My face is clearing up too so I am blaming this on the monthly cycle. I was still getting moody before so I guess it’s going to continue. Oh well. I wouldn’t trade this for the world. No thinking, no worrying and no more unplanned pregnancies.

  214. I got the implant only a few days ago, but my cramps seem to get worse as each day passes. Today it hurts for me to even pick up my two month old son without sitting down. I’ve had close to no blood, only a sticky, boogery like discharge. Despite the pain, I’m trying to keep an open mind about Mirena; Who really wants to worry about birth control?

    Besides, reading information at the Mirena website, it tells you that you may have extremely heavy bleeding for awhile, simply because your uterus is thinning out. If you can put up with the bleeding, then eventually more than likely the bleeding will stop because of how much blood you lost in the first couple months.

  215. Hello Ladies 🙂
    I had Mirena implanted in early feb/07 the first 2 months I spotted constantly, there after and while 2nd month I become a little psyco and I broke up with my man after a year together, he said I got too mothery/psyco he keeps asking , What Happend???
    ok well after reading this long list IM glad Im not the only one who thought was going LOCA, I been having headaches too at least once to 3 times a week and they come so fast I rarely suffer of headaches, so I know that maybe has something to do with Mirena, but the worst side effect is THE SMELL OMG…!!! I have the Foulest odor EVER IN MY entire life I can smell it even when Im in the shower does not matter how many times a day I wash and wash over an over the smell is so vulgar but is weird there is no itching a very light almost clear yellowish/greenish discharge, not all the time just maybe once a day.. I read in webmd the following – ” Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is the most common cause of vaginitis, accounting for 50% of cases. BV is caused by a change in the bacteria normally found in the vagina and causes an overgrowth of organisms such as Gardnerella vaginalis.

    * Risk factors include pregnancy, intrauterine device (IUD) use, and frequent douching. It is associated with sexual activity, possibly a new sexual partner or multiple sexual partners. Women who have never had sexual intercourse are rarely affected.” –

    ok there is my answer, but taking antibiotics all the time is not so great, I wonder if the smell will ever go away ???? does any one knows? maybe some home remedy some magic tea or something?, oh and another thing my mouth is constantly dry, Im not quite sure yet if I wanted to be removed since it was paintfull for him to get it in place, other than that everything is great!

  216. Ok ladies, I had my mirena IUD put in 1 month ago and maybe 1 week after insertion, I began t get red itchy bumps on my legs. I’d say oh maybe at three weeks the bumps had spread to be a huge clump of rashes all over my chest, back, neck, abdomen, ect. I went to the hospita and they told me it was a bad case of hives. No new laundry detergents, soaps, or lotions can be blamed so I considered talking to my OBGYN about it. He told me that there is no way that mirena could be the culprit. However, my hives are persistent and after one week of me talking to my doc, I wake up with a migraine so intense that I go straight to the ER. Its been about a week of me being out of the hospital I still have hives and bouts of diziness. Will be having mirena removed ASAP. Anybody else ever get any rashes of anykind?

  217. Oh, and to grisel I’ve also noticed a little bit of a foul odor!! It makes intercourse a little bit awkward when you have that on your mind!!Oh and a good natural remedy for chronic yeast infections, itching, and vaginosis is ginger root tea. All you do is by fresh ginger root at your local supernarket, then boil it for about 20 minutes. When your done add sugar and voila!!!! Try it and let me know if it helps you.

  218. thanks Nikki, I will try the ginger, I been using a vaginal deodorant spray seem to help, I stared w/ period foul smell is gone , but Im sure will be back, thanks again 🙂

  219. I have already made up my mind to remove the mirena next week and after reading this I know that I am making the right decision. I have had it in for just under 6 months…for the first 2 months was the constant spotting and painful cramps then no periods – but still bad cramping and occassional spotting. For the first time in my life (I’m 35)after the first month I started having anxiety attacks and hot flushes. I didn’t recognize myself and the changes to behavior almost ended my relationship.

    As with Grisel, the worst problem is the odour!!!!. I have never had an unpleasant vaginal odour in my life and always considered my vaginal health to be exceptional. Now much of the time I have a foul, awful odour, which has been the worst part. Not knowing what it was has been terrible, so I was so relieved to read here that other women have had the same problem. The doctor tested for vaginosis, but no signs of bacteria and she was unable or unwilling to help further.

    I am now getting it out as soon as possible and would not advise anyone to get one.

    Has anyone heard reports of problems getting them removed – my GP says she can do it, but I was wondering if I should see a gyno.

    So glad I found this site. Thanks.

  220. The pain now is doing much better, however it still seems to come and go, more so at night. I’ve started to ”spot”, but the bleeding seems to be very heavy. So I suppose this is the joy you all have been dealing with. We’ll see how long I can put up with it now. My husbands already getting frustrated. haha!

  221. I am so concerned about this. I have lost all my baby weight, and thensome. The mirena is sitting at the dr’s office just waiting for me to go and get it in. After reading all of this, I am scared. My periods have always been light. Almost non exsistant. I don’t want any more children, but don’t want a tubal. I know you can’t tell me what I should or shouldn’t do….I am totally confused as to what I should do at this point. thanks for all the opinoins.




  223. I have the human papaloma virus. Does anyone know the chances of the mirena kick starting cervical cancer? I cant wait to get removed…I have an appt. on the 14th..

  224. Barb when you say breakouts, do you mean acne? I got a case of hives that lasted for 2 weeks just 1 week after the insertion of mirena. Since then ive had a loss of appetite, nausea, and have felt that something isnt right with me….ive also been very depressed

  225. I think that all of us could make a difference if we reported these side effects to the FDA, does anyone know how to go about doing that? And barb, im very sorry to hear that that has happened to you..I have two children and i have heart arrythemia, so i cant use other birth control methods. I guess its back to good old condoms…





  227. Ive had the Mirena in for almost a month now. I haven’t had any cramps lately and for now at least, the bleeding has stopped. I’ve had a few pimples here and there, but overall nothing major.

    My mother-in-law also got the Mirena implant about 4 months ago, and as far as I know, she too, is happy with it. She did say she experienced the minor side effects (bleeding, cramps etc) for the first 2 or 3 months but nothing after that.

    So far I am pleased with this method of birth control, and to those who are thinking about getting Merina, don’t worry – there are just as many success stories as there are of these horror stories. I’m sorry to those who haven’t been happy with Mirena, but try not to scare others away from it. In the long run, it’s their choice. Some like me, may be happy with it, and others may not.

    I’ve also noticed on this board, that some of you who are experiencing bad side effects have mentioned that you DO NOT have kids. I’ve looked over the pamphlets and websites and all that, and it clearly states over and over again that you should only get this birth control if you have had at least one child.

    I don’t know. I may change my mind in a few months, but for now, I would recommend it to others. We’ll see what happens – I just wanted to let some know, like Col, that not all Mirena users have horror stories behind them.

    Good luck to everyone

  228. I had my Mirena out on Thursday and felt a huge weight lift off me – I was so happy to have it out. I have gone onto a minipill again, which is not ideal, but a last resort.

    It is very distressing to hear Barb’s account and I think that it is important not to dismiss it as one person’s bad experience. I am extremely suspicious of this device. After one month of having it in, I had a routine pap smear and for the first time (at 35) my test came back irregular. My doctor believes that the irregular test may be due to the Mirena. I’m not saying that I think this device causes cancer, but I am not willing to take the risk. My sister has had a mostly OK time with this product, although some negative effects, but I am going to ask her to have it removed.

    My partner and I had a bad feeling about it from the beginning and I wish I had followed my intuition. Somehow I feel that women are being recommended a product that is not entirely safe and if you read the list of possible side effects can we be at all surprised? It’s too easy to gloss over them and trust that somebody somewhere knows what they are doing and that the side effects are not likely to happen to you. There seem to be too many of us who have had bad experiences.

    My doctor took swabs to try and understand what might cause the odour and has also sent the device off for testing and another pap smear. I will post the results next week.

    Take care and if you have any doubts about the device like that niggling discomfort – get rid of it.

  229. Nikki, My wife had the mirena coil fitted due to very heavy periods about six weeks ago. About a week later she started developing rashes over almost all of her body, eventually turning into very large lumps rather like anaglypta wallpaper which were very itchy and look absolutely terrible. After endless visits to the doctors with diagnoses ranging from insect bites, food allergy and ulticuria, and after having cream, antihistamine and very strong doses of steroids, we have researched for ourselves the possible cause. Everything seems to point to the coil. The doctor is adamant the coil could not cause this, but after trawling through the internet and seeing so many similar cases such as yours we have decided IT IS COMING OUT ASAP! I hope you can post again after you have yours removed as we would be very interested to know if it has helped. We certainly will. Good luck!

  230. I guess the decision to use the mirena is a shot in the dark thing. It works wonders for some and causes problems for others. As for me, I decided to use this method to control very heavy and painful periods that were causing me to be anemic. This is one method I had chosen as a last resort before hysterectomy. I am 45 and I had the mirena inserted 4 months ago and have experienced many of the side effects that many woman on here have experienced. I gained 15 pounds, very low energy level, swelling in my feet and legs, extreme hair loss, anxiety, constant irritability, confusion, I wasn’t my “self” at all, constant and disabling pelvic pain and I havn’t stopped bleeding for the full 4 months. The only good thing about it was the bleeding wasn’t anywhere near as heavy as it was before and I was able to boost my iron level but all the side effects from merina were just as bothersome if not more then the problems I had prior. I had a check up with my obgyn yesterday and she decided that the mirena wasn’t the right treatment for me and took it out. I am now being scheduled for a hysterectomy. Since I’ve had it removed I’ve noticed one change so far and that being the swelling in my feet and ankles has disappeared and are back to normal for the first time in 3 months. My obgyn didn’t argue these facts with me at all. She listened and agreed that the mirena was what was causing these side effects to happen, I had none of these problems prior to having the mirena put in so therefore she had no problem with removing it and moving on to a more suitable treatment. I will post more info as time goes on and report any other changes that occur since I had it removed. I too have read all the posts from women who have had this device before I made my decision and thought the only way to really know for sure is to try it out. If it works, that would be great, if it doesn’t then have it taken out. As for me, I tried it, it didn’t work and brought on many troublesome side effects so I’m on to something else. I just wanted to share my experience with others. Good luck to anyone who tries this method..I do hope it will work for you.

  231. I’ve had in since May, love, no problems. I have noticed some weight gain but I also had a three week vacation in Europe.

    Some of you have had some terrible experiences, I am very sorry to hear that. But, I love mine. Light periods, no cramping, no mood swings, no preggors, and i don’t have to remember to take a pill.

  232. I had the Mirena iud for 4 months and just had it removed yesterday. My doctor kept telling me to wait but for months now I felt like a was going to have a serious breakdown. I am generally a happy healthy optimistic person, physically active, creative and motivated in life. I have done a lot of work on myself to get where I am and on the Mirena, I felt depressed, angry, overwhelmed and like I could explode at any moment. I actually felt like breaking things. I didn’t want to see any of my friends or do the things that normally inspire me. In addition to the emotional issues I had headaches, back and joint pain, skin breakouts, and incredibly oily hair- after having dry hair my whole life! I bled for the first two months. I kept thinking my body was just changing- I’m 36 and had a baby 20 months ago…. My doctor said I should see a therapist and that the hormones couldn’t even be detected in the body etc…Finally I got it together and insisted she take it out. Since it was only yesterday I know not too much has changed yet but already I feel better because I know I am taking care of myself! I know some people have experienced a post-mirena depression 6-10 days after removal so I am focusing on getting through that with exercise, healthy food, vitamins etc….


  234. After a pregnancy termination I decided to have the Mirena inserted. Was fine – terribly crampy for a couple of weeks, and strange mucus/bleeding patterns.. but settled down. I haven’t had a period in about 2 months, but do seem to have had odd days of cramping as if I am about to get my period.. but nothing happens. I just take ibuprofen.
    The one thing I am concerned about (apart from the weight gain – if that will affect me, I am not sure) but my skin has been AWFUL. I’ve had great facial skin all my life and it’s just rubbish now, blotchy and covered in either blind pimples or small painful ones. I am drinking ludicrous amounts of water.. off alcohol, not using anything different on my skin – trying to deal with the issue.. to no avail! The only time my skin has broken out like this was when I came off The Pill – was on the pill for 10 years, came off it.. nightmare skin for 3-6 months and finally settled…
    Has anyone had skin problems and if so – has it cleared up? I’m not sure whether to just hang in there.. or get the thing taken out and go back to using condoms.
    Mind you if my skin gets any worse, my resemblance to quasimodo will negate any need for birth control anyway..
    Thanks for your info!

  235. Oh 1 other thing.. my partner can definately feel the strings.. A bit of a ‘mood killer’.. not easy to have fun when i’m concerned with him being scratched or poked with something sharp and pointy.
    Have spoken to a nurse about this and was told ‘oh they’ll settle down’ or ‘he’s imagining it’.. not very helpful.

  236. Well I’ve had the new Mirena in for about a over a month now. Before I had it changed I had the old one for 5+ years and my periods had stopped. After having the new one put in I’m now having my second period. It’s very very light, and there is no odor, but I still don’t want it. But I can’t complain. No baby..LOL. I had a blood clot 6 years ago and can’t take anyother form of b-control. I am happy with this form still. I am wondering if the reason I never lost all the baby fat from 5 years ago is because of the Mirena or because I eat…. I do get swelling in my feet and lower legs, but I also had 6 knee surgerys so that may be part of it.. I had the Dr. cut my strings extra short. So my guy doesn’t ever feel them, and i can’t either. But since I couldn’t feel them for the first 5 years, I’m not too concerned.

  237. Well I have one child, and had Mirena inserted 8 weeks postpartum. It is now 7 months later, and I have unexplained swollen optical nerves, and have to get glasses for the first time in my life. (I’m 25.) I have horrible migraines that last 48 to 72 hours even taking medicine, ankle pain, knee pain, and a 33 pound weight gain (I’m an active person, don’t eat red meat very often, eat lots of veggies and drink lots of water.) My husband said just yesterday that something is “different” about me, and that I’m easily irritated. My sex drive is low. I crave foods as if I’m still pregnant. It’s horrible. I have never had ANY of these symptoms in my life. I’m making an appointment to have the device taken out next week. It’s just not healthy for me.

  238. Martin, I just took my IUD out 4 days ago, and I feel sssooo much better already! My headaches went away too. My OBGYN also told me there was no possibility that the hives were caused by the IUD. He told me it looked like contact dermatitis, but I don’t agree. I know my body, and there were no changes in soap, detergent, or anything of that nature. Hives/rash are just a symptom of an underlying problem. Any individuals body can go into an allergic state if their body is rejecting something. I don’t understand why doctors of all people can say that there is no possibility that the IUD can cause these reactions! Anything is possible as each individual is different. So I hope your wife feels better after the removal, I sure do. Good Luck!!

  239. Oh and Martin, your wives episode sounded exactly like mine. Extremely itchy and the more you itch them the bigger the patches of lumps would get! It took 2 and a half weeks for mine to go away. Please keep me updated to see if her condition gets better after removal, I would like to know.

  240. I had my Mirena put in just this week and have been uncomfortable since. I am not in any relationship and have never had children, but was told that it wouldn’t hurt when it was put in (oh boy they lied, 30mins of agony ensued when the insensitive Doctor started the procedure). Anyway, less of that. Am I meant to be able to feel my string/wire externally? Seriously I think that the Doctor thought when I mentioned I wasn’t in a relationship that I never wanted to be in one. The strings are very uncomfortable and I am aware of them, like a tampon, ALL the time. Has this happened to anyone else? Or was my gyn just incompetent?

  241. It’s been 6 days since I’ve had the mirena removed and last posted a comment. I am feeling so much better now that it’s gone. My moods have changed from totally irritable and short tempered to happy go lucky back to my “self” again. The anxiety and confusion that I was experiencing is gone and my energy level has increased a great deal. The constant pelvic pain is gone also. I’m feeling a total transformation back to my old self that I havn’t seen in a long time. If anyone were to tell me that the mirena was not the reason for the symptoms I was having I would say they’re full of it. I know how crappy I felt for the full 4 months it was in and now that it’s gone I feel like I have my life back again. I never had these symptoms before I had it put in and I don’t have them now that it’s gone. What else could it have been?? Oh, one more thing that I should mention. My sex drive is picking up speed also, it was pretty non existant the whole time.

  242. Alani…
    You are just one of the lucky ones. Mind over matter?? Come on..If you “think” you’ll have these symptoms you probably will?? There was no “thinking” I’m going to have them, I had them. How could I possibly bring these things on myself? For example, I made myself bleed nonstop for 4 months? I mean REALLY now. It’s great that this device has worked so wonderfully for you but for you to say to those who are experiencing negative effects from it that it’s a matter of mind over matter is a bit rediculous.

  243. Raye

    again, this device requires you to have had at least one child before insertion. maybe you experienced so much pain was because of the fact that you’ve never had a baby before. your uterus possibly just wasn’t used to having something inside of it. my uterus wasn’t used to it at first, but it adjusted to it just as it did while i was pregnant. i dont understand why doctors seem to be giving this birth control out to just anybody, when it flat out says only those in a monogomous relationship with at least one baby are candidates.

    PS. still happy with mirena

  244. Well I have had Mirena two so far so good I have 4 kids 18,9,& 10 months. no problems yet except my Dr. told me to wait a couple of weeks to have sex. Did anyone else have to wait my husband is getting antci

  245. Thanks for your reply Nikki. My wife had her coil out on Monday (now thursday), after a battle with the doctors who seemed reluctant and were still convinced it was pure coincidence but i’m sure we know different don’t we? Its a bit too early to tell if any changes have taken place yet but fingers crossed! The doctor has now suggested having laser treatment for the bleeding as we do not plan to have any more children. Im not sure what this involves or maybe I might need to post on another thread to see if it has got any side effects etc which medics “dont think it would have anything to do with that”!!

    Will keep you posted Nikki and thanks again.

  246. I just wanted to comment on the Mirena. I read this website before I had the device inserted and was very cautiousl; but decided to try it. It was no big deal to have it inserted – slight discomfort for 15 minutes max, and I did spot for the next 6 weeks. Since then, this thing is great! I don’t feel a thing, my husband does not feel the strings at all, and most of all my sex drive is back. For those with questions feel free to call the company (yes they are biased) but they (along with my dr. really) helped me.

  247. Call the company? You don’t work for the company do you KM? I think that actual women who have had the device in and can share their experiences is the best place to get advice.

  248. Mim, I do NOT work for the company. You should get your information from all sources before making a decision. There are 260 Comments on this website and they company ships out thousands of these per day. Obviously, there are satisfied customers, and yes issues can occur and the company definitely is aware of potential issues, but this has the lowest dose of hormones to make the birth control effective. Also, the majority of women expect it to work out and there for when it does they do not comment on a website. It is usually those who have issues that write complaints, therefore this is not the whole picture.

  249. Well, I am very seriously considering having the Mirena inserted soon, even after reading the horror stories. I thought long and hard about it and discussed it with my husband since I have tried all other birth control methods under the sun and never seem to be satisfied anyway. RK suggested inserting a diaphram to catch the flow and this got me thinking…..since most people seem to experience spotting for a few months, I have seen these things that are supposed to be used instead of tampons or pads, they’re called Instead Softcups, they catch the flow and allow you to even have sex on your period (their website also states that athletes “rave” about them for working so well) and they last for an average of 12 hours while on your period. so if im only spotting for a few months, these could really help and they would also help with the problem of the strings possibly poking my husband. Like I said, I think I should at least give it a try since I seem to be an ideal candidate for it….married with 1 child….Just thought I would offer a suggestion to the others out there. Wish me luck!

  250. Wow, I just got the my Mirena inserted today and reading this has really got me thinking if this was the right decision. Im 28 breast cancer is prevelant in my family ( my mother, aunts, and all female cousins; my mothe is the only surviving sister) so my ob was really sure this was the safest method of birth control for me. I also suffer from migraines and had a baby 6weeks ago. I hope to have sucess w/ the IUD, but does anyone know of another possible method of birth control for me ( and my husband is not up for a vasectomy either).

  251. Jaimee, why don’t you try getting the copper IUD instead of the MIRENA? Maybe it will be better because its hormone free….

  252. update

    It’s been two weeks since I had my mirena removed and I am so happy that I did!! I can’t believe I let myself suffer with it for months. Thanks to all the postings that gave me the extra strength I needed to follow my own instincts. I really thought the Mirena would work for me and I wasn’t expecting the side effects at all…With in a couple days of removal, I felt so much better emotionally and now it’s a steady improvement of all my physical side effects… no headaches, weight loss, skin & hair returning to normal. I have so much more energy that I’m drinking about half as much coffee as I was during the 4 months of mirena!

    I am happy that it works for many women. If we can all listen to our own bodies and support each other’s decisions, we’ll be okay.

  253. i have had my mirena for 10 months now and i havnt stopped bleeding since the day it went in and i am so moody i went to my gp cus of the blleding and have now found out that i have a infection in my womb that was not there b4 the mirena,it is the worst thing i have ever done and wud not recomend it to any1

  254. laura…
    If your symptoms didn’t improve for the better after 4 months than it’s doubtful they’re going to. I had mine removed almost a month ago and I can’t believe the difference in how I feel. While I had it I was very moody, the slightest thing would tick me off and I’d snap for no reason really. And I bled for the whole entire 4 months. The bleeding stopped a week after removal and my mood improved after a few days. I had other symptoms too that have cleared up, weight gain, swelling, tiredness and hair loss.

  255. I must of had my Mirena for about four years during which time I have had very mixed experiences. For the first six months the bleeding was continuous almost but then one day just magically stopped. I’ve had a few years of fantastic periods but now I’m seperated from my husband and sexually active again(in a big way!), the bleeding after intercourse is driving me mad. My periods are also now every four weeks and I used to miss them completely. I also somtimes have this awful smell your all talking about, which I never had before. My conclusion is that being sexually active with the Mirena presents a whole new ball game. What do you other girls think?

  256. Does any one know if you need to use another form of birth control while taking antibiotics? Is it the same process as the pill where you need to use another form of protection?

  257. I’ve been on other birth control methods in the past and suffered the side effects of pretty much all of them. It took a long time to come to the decison to have Mirena placed. I fell into the same relm as all of you above. No more periods, no worries about taking the pill etc….but to my surprise my period after the placement lasted for almost 2 1/2 weeks and then came back after 2 weeks.
    I gave it a chance believing my body needed to get used to it. I’ve always had clear skin and all of a sudden I had a bad case of adult acne. I had to go and purchase Proactiv to help with the blemishes it was terrible. So every month the periods would get heavier even with clots produced. After six months of having Mirena placed August 29, 2007 it came out. I bled heavy for days after my period and didn’t understand why, I had a very bad cramp and a huge clot came out with the Mirena inside. I had no idea that this could happen. So my dream birth control turned into my NIGHTMARE. I have to have pregnancy test done becuase it could’ve been a strong possiblility of pregnancy between the time my period stopped and returned so close to the time my body expelled the IUC.

    So please all that think of having this placed do as much research as possible. It’s not worth 500.00 down the drain.

  258. Hello again. I wrote some comments back in July and wanted to follow up. I had my mirena out on Jul 17th and I feel so good about my decision to have it removed. My sex drive is totally back, my acne has gone down and I lost 15 pounds without extra exercise! Or maybe it’s because I have more energy I am more active? I am using condoms and have not gone back on hormonal birth control just yet – I have a prescription for the nuva ring again and I will probably start that up again. I loved using the nuva ring, but my insurance ran out which is why I opted for the IUD mirena. Now that I have insurance again I will only be using the nuva ring! I hope someone reading these comments will take to heart that the mirena was great for me for 2 years, just be aware of your body changes over time. You are NOT protected against pregnancy if the IUD falls out of position! Check the strings after EVERY period! If they are longer than they were before have it removed immediately! Good luck!

  259. Hello..I am glad to find this website and all of you. I have had the minera in for about 7 months. At first it was great…I had 2 periods at the beginning and then went without one and ever since I have just spotted 2-3 days out of the month (that is great..:)) but I am so tired all the time, bloated, my breast hurt off and on, I have to pee all the time, mood swings..etc…I went to my doc and she said it is because I have to much hormone running threw my body which is making me feel this way ( and feel pregnant all the time)! I talked to her about having it takin out and she told me I should try some other IUD without hormone but I don’t have 500.00 to have this one removed and 500.00 to have another put in. So for the moment I am dealing with it only because I have a 9 month old, 2yr old, and 3 yr old. I have tired the nuva ring and it gave me BAD headaches to the point I thought my husband was going to have to take me to the hospital, I have done the patch and got pregnant with my 2 yr old and the shot I have my period the whole time I am on it and I can’t remember to take the pill so I am out of options and only 25yrs old and not ready to have my tubes tied! So I understand everyones frustration and am thinking really hard about having it takin out. I will just miss the fact that I don’t have peiods..lol 🙂

  260. I had a mirena inserted last month and it was a torture test! The procedure itself was not that painful, the aftermath was awful!!! I developed a uterine infection and required antibiotics to get rid of it. Furthermore, I was told that I am now at a higher risk of developing other uterine infections during the course of my lifetime. It was totally not worth it.
    One thing that I found especially curious was that the doctor who removed it said that mine was the thrid one he had taken out that day and,for some reason, that even though an estimated 20% of women in Europe have IUD’s without incidence, the success rate is much lower in the United States. Just make sure you really know what you are in for. I was told I was the “textbook candidate” by my doctor, and I got nothing but grief from the experience.

  261. Oh thank the lord! and i thought it was only me with mood swings! Like many of you i also had years of test with no explanations as to the cause of the very heavy prolonged periods… I had the mirena fitted 10 months ago, “it will only feel like a nipping” the nurse reasured me, like a nip from a pair of plyers more like. Along with weeks of cramps, uterine infections and almost ready for tearing my hair out, I still had very heavy constant bleeding for over 5 months and my GP just kept saying “stick with it” admitedly i have only had 3 light periods in the last 4 months but they did last for two weeks. My moods are constantly up and down and my libido is doing a rapid downhill slalom, is there anything to counteract this apart from the removal of the mirena? because i really dont miss the dicomfort and anxieties of having periods? i feel like which is the worsse of the two evils lol

  262. I thought i was alone. My family planning doctor told me that i had to come off the combined pill which was fantastic for me because for family history of heart problems, so she put me on the mini pill my periods went from 4 days normal to 21 days so after 6 months of this she said i could not go on like this she suggested the coil, but with a past history of reacting badly to progesterone only based contraception i was very sceptical but she convinced me, so i got the mirena coil put in OMG the pain like your insides ripped out. OK the periods lasted only 10 days but starting and stopping with a break of up to 2 days in between,i also put on 28 pounds in 4 months. i would also spot bleed during the month i also spot bled after non penitration orgasim but the final straw for me was i bled for over 24 hrs after sex with husband. I am now due to get it removed in 11 days time and i cant wait unlike most of you guys i didnt have to pay to get in inserted or removed as in the UK contraception is free, so it looks like we will be using condoms only from now on lol.

  263. I just had the Mirena put in last Tuesday. I was surprised by how painful the insertion was. I immediately became sick to my stomach and dizzy. I had to spend my first 15 minutes in the bathroom on the toilet. Why didn’t anyone tell us to have someone else with for driving and support. This was not a simple procedure for me. I think my husband thinks I’m a wimp. I have been sick off and on ever since. I have had headaches, lots of cramping and upset stomach ever since. I am scared to have sex. I wish I could just have it taken out but it was so expensive and I’m scared it will hurt again. I will try to give it time but all these side effects scare me. What did I get myself into?

  264. Dear Martin and Nikki:
    I went on mirena last December, adn sense them I have had terrible mood swings, and an itch I cannot explain. It never fully goes away but when it resurges it is worse than before. it is like my skin has changed. I now have an itch that nothing helps. even on the highest doses of anthistamines and steroids it never stops. I have had every test known to man and all are okay except that my histamine levels are out the roof. I have been told it was hives, folliculitus, or uticaria. I have also been told it is in my head and that I need to work on my stress. now in the spots where the rash has been there the longest it is extremely thick and scaly, and as usual my obgyn says it cannot be mirena. I started to think that it was this as everything adn i mean everything else was the same. still using the same free and clear stuff and the itching is madddening not to mention that it looks horrible, too. I am going next Tuesday for removal. I was wonderign how you all were getting along now.

    desperate for answers


  265. I only googled Mirena because I feel like I’ve had some weight gain around the middle/thighs. Wow…I found so many NEGATIVE comments about it, now I’m worried about whether it was a good decision. I had mine inserted about 3 months ago, very little cramping accompanied by a 12 day period, but everything has been fine since then, little or no bleeding in fact. After reading everything, I’ve decided majority of the people only post (negative) comments because something negative made them search/post in the first place. Usually only those “unhappy” speak up. That said, so far I think I’m a happy Mirena user. Just a little skeptical about the weight gain. I havn’t changed a thing, and weight has only changed by about 3 pounds but boy do my jeans feel a lot tighter. Guess I’ll just monitor it and see how it goes. Ironically my Dr. recommended this form of birth control given my health history (I’m 34 yrs old): heavy/long irregular periods, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and a level IV melanoma (skin cancer) which fortunately was confined only to skin. So I’m not thinking the Mirena causes these things, but maybe people already have a pre-existing condition or maybe it may worsen some health conditions. Whatever the case, it’s definitely individual, and if you try and like it, chances are we WON’T hear from you.

  266. For all you ladies who are afraid of possible pain of the mirena being taken out. It’s not painful at all and it is very fast. The doc just pulls on the string and presto it’s gone. Not at all like the insertion. All my symptoms, The moodiness, constant bleeding, lack of energy and so on all cleared up within a few weeks.

  267. I had mine inserted because of heavy periods – can’t take the pill because I’m 43 and I still smoke. I had a copper IUD for 7 years but my bleeding was out of control, probably because of my age. Insertion was HORRIBLE, and I’ve had Mirena for about a year and still remember the pain vividly. My periods sort of settled down, but I still had spotting for most of the month. I also went to a therapist about 2 months into this because I had become the wife from hell, got on Zoloft and my life went from hell to heaven. I lost weight, my periods finally regulated and I thought everything was fine. Now, my periods have started coming every 2 weeks again with lots of breakthrough bleeding in between. My OBG’s idea is for more hormones (which I can’t take) and now I can’t get him to call me back about this. Sex is out of the question (too gross) and I’ve started to feel nauseous and tired lately and I can’t explain it. I was going to get a pg test today, but after reading these posts, I think my symptons have just been masked for the last 8 months or so by the Zoloft. I am going to make an appt to have this out and talk about ablution – if that doesn’t work, I’m getting out my carving knife and taking care of it myself!

  268. I have had the Mirena since May 2004. i was 21 years old and I have never had any children. My period stopped altogether after about 6 months of having it inserted. I have had virtually no symptoms until now this oast month, I’ve noticed my nipples are tender, and I am having cramping down there. Does this sound normal to anyone after 3 years of use? I also tried checking for the strings last night and I can;t seem to find them like I did before lasttime I checked. Has anyone had it expulse itself? any comments are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  269. I had mirena put in 4 months ago.I was told it would not hurt at all (BULLSHIT) it hurt like hell.I actually rather of had another baby.After it was over I had very bad cramping and I couldn’t feel my string.I called my ob and went n for an appointment and she couldn’t feel the string at all.She scheduled an ultra sound a few days later.I was like nervous for those long days.Finally the day came I went in for an ultra sound and they said it was in place.I kept having back pains and my left leg kept having sharp pains.I contacted my ob at least 5 times about all the pains and me being afraid of the string not being in the right place.The whole time I was going to my back docter the hospital for these pains through the months.Today I picked up my x rays from the hospital and I will be damed the iud was UPSIDE DOWN.This explains the pains I believe.I calledmy ob and explained to her on my hospital x ray it shows the iud upside down.I tried to figure out how this would hppen because how they insert it.I was told tocome in tomm and they will take it out.I am so afraid

  270. Um yeah..i just had the mirena put in yesterday. By far the worst pain i have ever felt in my life. Once inserted and i had my clothes on i was dizzy and nausous. I actually vomited in a sink. The cramps and the pain have yet to go away, but i hope they due soon. I really want this to work! If its taken out i will feel as if i had gone through the pain for absolutely no reason.

    Also..i have a question for anyone who might want to answer.

    Does it hurt as bad when its taken out as it does when its put in???

  271. I’ve had this device for two and a half years, and I think it’s awesome. Getting it inserted, however, was probably the most painful experience of my life (note: I’ve never given birth). I wish someone had told me it would be that painful, but I don’t regret getting it, and I’ll get another one when it’s time. My boyfriend does say that he can feel the strings sometimes. I barely have any period at all right now, which is awesome because my periods used to be really heavy and painful.

  272. P.S. – Mirena usually costs about $700. At the time I got mine put in, I had great insurance and only had to pay $70 out of pocket. A lot of insurance plans will cover an IUD, you’d be surprised.

  273. I have used the mirena coil now for around 10 years and it has been the best thing since sliced bread for me.

    OK so it there is a little discomfort having it put in or removed and replaced. But that is far outweighed by the benefits of having period free months for the next 4 to 5 years.

    I am now 45 and am wondering how it will affect the on set on the menopause. If I don’t have periods or little sign of them how do I know when my periods have ceased due to the coil v the menopause?

    To me, I know I am getting some of the symptoms of the menopause but know that these can last up to 10 years before my periods can cease for ever.

  274. I have to say I felt absolutely no pain when I had my Mirena inserted. I had one for 5 years prior and had it removed and the new one put in at the same time. It was over before I even knew the old one was out. I have had light periods this time around, but nothing I can’t handle. I do know that I have a hard time loosing weight. I haven’t lost all my weight from having my daughter in 2002. I had my first Mirena inserted then and haven’t been without since. If interested and you don’t have insurance or your insurance doesn’t cover it, check into the Arch foundation. If you qualify they will give you Mirena for free and all you have to do is pay for the insertion.

  275. I had the mirena iud placed 3 years ago due to painful periods. My periods are nonexistant now but I have many of the symptoms mentioned. The one that is effecting me most is the moodiness or irritability. My gyno wants to start me on an antidepressant but I think I want the iud removed. Has anyone had any similar situations? To be honest the thinning hair, vaginal order and itchiness I never realized could be from the iud.

  276. I think I might be moody, but it’s hard to tell, I’ve had Mirena for so long now and I was younger too. I don’t know if I’m moodyier now or if this is just who I am. I hate to have it removed just to find out this is who I am…

  277. Wow. I’m 28 (no kids) and I’ve had my Mirena for 1.5 years. It was my last birth control option. Since Jan07 I’ve been having all sorts of problems that I’ve been attributing to the chronic stress levels I’ve experienced for the last year. I’ve been experiencing horrible cramping daily, weekly periods, IBS, frequent urges to urinate (I’m not pregnant), fatigue, crazy mood swings, terrible headaches (to be fair this could be related to my allergies) and weight gain (about 25 pounds in the last year). My doc has done blood tests testing my thyroid, B12 (I’ve been a vegetarian for 9 years) and looking for signs of infection/inflammation. All normal. So I had a pelvic ultrasound. It found a small fibroid and a small cyst on my right ovary (all of my cramping is on my left). My doc said “nothing to worry about”. I’m scheduled for a CT scan next week to see if they can find anything that is causing me problems. I now know it’s been my IUD the whole time. It’s got to be! I’m going to the gyne next week. I just want to be me again…

  278. I am 44 years old and just had my Mirena removed this morning after four months of hell. Prior to that I had been on Depo for 5 years (loved it!)and my doctor recommended discontinuing that due to bone density risks, so in went the Mirena, which was not unlike sudden childbirth without the benefit of a warmup labour. True, it was only for a few seconds, but wowee, the makers of Mirena sure B.S. you about the “mild cramping” sensation.

    Anyway, 3 days after insertion, I broke out in the worst acne I ever had in my life…and this continued for the next 6 weeks. During this time, I developed an almost debilitating fatigue…you know, the kind you feel when you’re pregnant. The acne eventually cleared up, but the fatigue never did. On top of this I gained 14 lbs, mostly around the mid section (never had that prob before!), went up two pant sizes, suffered from insomnia, tossed and turned when I did sleep, swelling in the legs and feet, back pain, dizziness, nausea, depression, feelings of irrationality, joint and muscle pain, extremely sore breasts…ok, need I go on? I’ve been a basket case!

    Well, it’s only been 5 and a half hours since having it removed (hurt less than a PAP), and already I feel my mood improving. Since I never suffered from any of the other problems prior to the Mirena, I expect all of these will also improve/vanish.

    For those of you for whom the Mirena has worked, LUCKY DUCKIES. Wish I had been so fortunate. No worries about birth control for 5 years. What a bonus that would have been!

  279. Hi everyone….wow I can’t believe I put in mirena odor in the search engine and I fouund this web sight. Well I have read a lot of the comments, and I to, wish I would have read this before I got the IUD put in. To tell you the truth I have been trying to get this IUD put in for several months now, but for some reason or another I couldn’t get it put in, so I said “Is this a sign that I shouldn’t get this put in or what?” Well i really don’t want to get pregnant because I have a 20 month already, so I finally got it put in This past friday. So now I have noticed a strong odor. I thought maybe it was because I was spotting a little bit, but wow…it’s strong. I asked my boyfriend if he smelt it, and he did! How embarassing!It makes sex a bit uncomfortable and although he is great about it, I am not!!!!So now I see others have have experienced the odor, but I was waiting to see if anyone says it goes away!!!!I can’t deal with the odor nor do I want my boyfriend to deal with it eitier. Then I have noticed headaches in the morning and afternoon, now I see why!!!Can someone tell me what I can do about the odor or if it goes away after a while? Thanks for all the post!!!

  280. The odor doesn’t go away no matter what you do. I have tried spray, powder, wipes and its still there. My headaches are terrible. And the moodiness is extreme. I made an appointment to get it out in 2 weeks and can’t wait.

  281. I had the Mirena put in six weeks after delivery, about 3 1/2 months ago. To be honest, I feel like a gross, nasty pig. I bleed at least once a day pretty much every day (causing me to ruin every pair of underwear that I own). I get greasy hair all the time. I have acne for the first time in my entire life. I have to shave way more often than I used to. It always feels to me like I’m wearing a tampon. My libido is nonexistant. I don’t get headaches or mood swings any more often than I used to, but I get angrier than I used to. My fiance can feel the strings and it hurts him. Sex hurts me cause it feels like he’s pressing on something. All of these things I would try to deal with except the vaginal odor. I can’t deal with it. It is awful. I can take a shower and smell myself within hours, through clothes. If I have intercourse, I smell terrible within minutes and showering doesn’t help. Powders, wipes, deodorants, nothing helps. My clothes even still smell bad after washing. My fiance has mentioned twice now, “What’s that smell?” I was in tears both times because I know what that smell is. It’s me! How am I going to want to have sex when I smell like garbage? I hate to be that blunt, but that’s what it smells like. It’s ruining my relationship. Also, I constantly feel naseaus like I’m pregnant. I read somewhere else that’s because Mirena has hormones that are secreted during pregnancy and therefore your body could got through a false pregnancy. I have to get this removed, which is so sad to me. I have a hard time remembering to take a pill every day and I desparately do not want to get pregnant again. I’m young and got pregnant fairly early in my relationship with my fiance and want to have lots of great sex without the worry!

  282. Gemini,

    The Mirena is known to contribute to frequent urinary tract infections and vaginal environment imbalances, both of which can cause strong, unpleasant odors. I had questioned my doctor about this and he tested my urine…sure enough, there was bacteria present. Once that was treated, the odor went away. For others, though, the Mirena may make for one very bad chemical combination….ever mix perfumes? (Stink bomb!)

    That being said, I suffered from WAY too many other side effects to reap any possible benefits of the Mirena and had it removed a week ago today. I feel sane again too. 🙂

  283. I have had the IUD in about 12 months and life sucks! ODOR like you wouldn’t believe, I never know when I’m going to bleed, and it does scratch my husband, not to mention I can sometimes feel it and it hurts. I have always had depression, low libido, mood swings, fatigue, that sort of thing. So I can’t say that Mirena contributes to that. But I did gain about 15-20 pounds! I think I want it removed.

  284. Yes, I read that every person or women have different reactions to different meds or contraceptive. As for me I have been on the Depo Provera for 7 years and LOVED it, but it has a tendency to cause boneloss. So I needed something else. Decided to use Mirena, had it inserted 2 months ago, insertion was painful, felt nauseated, cold sweats and cramping(right after insertion). I’ve never had children. I’ve been having headaches, moodswings, and nausea and vomitting every so often, such a horrible feeling. I know that doctors want you to try it out for a few months, but I can’t see me puting myself through this on purpose. Besides I’ve been reading some other womens blogs and their symptoms are still there even after a year. So I have desided to take it out. I’ve tried a couple of birthcontrol, so I have decided to go back to using condoms and or gels or foams. This way if I’m having headaces, nausea i know it’s not any type of birhtcontrol. Of corse I’m not saying that mirena isn’t good I’m just saying it’s not good for me and maybe it might work for you.

  285. I just had mine put in on 10-24-2007 – I havent had any kids yet, but my Gyn said that I woud be fine to have it put in.

    Aside from the initial pain (which for me was not bad at all – I’ve had cramps about as bad as the pain from insertion) I am very pleased. It has been less than a week. About once a day for 20 minutes I will have a slight back pain/cramp sensation, but I was prescribed 600mg Ibuprophen, which taking a half of one pretty much clears up any sign of pain. And as each day goes I have less and less of any signs of pain.

    I am still spotting a bit, which is a little frustrating, but I was told before hand that I would be bleeding for up to 3 months so at least I was prepared!!

    I decided on the Mirena because I was through taking the pill (0rto tricyclin-lo) – I had some bad hormone problems, I was having a hard time taking it at the same time everyday after I started a second job. Not to mention 2 of my friends got preggo while taking the pill (Im not blaming the pill, they were just careless, but even with me being safe, I was still afraid of taking any chances) The PA who aided in the insertion said she had gotten the Mirena, and was pleased with it. I did a lot of research on it and decided that as long as i could get it, that would be my decision.

    I am very concerned however, about all of the effects that I’ve read about on here. 🙁 I am so sorry for all of the other women’s terrible experiences!

    I’m hoping that after reading this I dont get ‘med student syndrome’ and start manifesting symptoms 🙁

    I guess every women’s body is different!

  286. Kalee, I understand that most women (according to pharmacists and doctors I’ve spoken to) do very well with the Mirena. I hope you’re one of them. I wanted so much for the side effects to go away but, for me, the Mirena was like a steady poison in my system. Things just got worse the longer I had it.

    It’s been only two weeks since I had mine removed and I still have the occasional wave of nausea, but much, much less now. This morning I awoke actually feeling rested for the first time since I got the Mirena. It was a great day.

    The joint pain grows less and less each day. At first it was actually worse (I think when the doctor pulled the coil out, it released all its hormone–the acne returned as well, and is just now starting to clear up).

    The depression is GONE! I can’t believe what an effect this had on my mood. I was irrational. That was an improvement I felt immediately. Had a bit of a hormone crash at about day 9 post removal and then things started back on the upswing. I just hope my perios settle into something reasonable (2 heavy ones in as many weeks and lasting 4 days at a time). I guess it’s my body’s payback for not having a period in more than 5 years. LOL

    I wish all the best of luck, whatever your decision.

  287. Well, Thank you for your encouraging words!
    I am very happy to hear that your condition is continuing to improve after removal.

    It must have been such a scary and unpleasant experience (to say the least, I am sure) But I am glad that most of your symptoms are lessening!

  288. Wow, this has been really educational. I brought home some literature to discuss with my husband about this option. I am 32, have 3 kids (5, 2.5 and 1), all planned and loved. I have no problems conceiving, but the pill, I felt, messed with my body (no libido and weight-gain) and the NuvaRing also contributed to no sex drive and dryness. Plus, NuvaRing was $45 each month, whereas the Mirena would be free (insurance). HOWEVER, I am a big believer in the beauty of the design of the human body. I have no health issues, no problems whatsoever. I am SCARED STRAIGHT from reading these posts. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, I say – about my own body. I am not going to proceed with Mirena because I believe even one of the aforementioned side effects (mood swings? bleeding? pain? odor? etc!) would be unacceptable to me. I won’t sacrifice the beauty of the design of my own person just to be able to prevent a baby from being born. That’s just me. It sounds like all the side effects are birth-control enough! I don’t want to become a cranky, confused, bleedy, pimpley, stinky version of myself. (That sounds funny.) I’ll investigate alternative options. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU all for your comments!

  289. As a result of reading comments on this site, I had my coil removed about six weeks ago. It’s not at all painful to have it removed, I didn’t even bleed. Three days later I had a period from hell, I thought my insides were falling out. But I think I got rid of a lot of stuff that shouldn’t of been in my womb and the coil was keeping it there. The fantastic thing is, I havn’t had cystitus since which is a massive relief, my skin is clear and no vaginal odour. I don’t bleed after sex at all which was previously my biggest worry. I thought I had cancer but I’m clear. So I would like to say to anyone with problems, take it out, they just get worse. I have got friends though who are having a fantastic time with it, it just doesn’t suit everyone.

  290. i had my mirena put in on 10-23-07 and i have had no problems at all. i had small headaches and belive me or not i lost weight! i did have a odor in the begening but it has stopped. i think my body just had to get use to it. my husband says he can feel the stings sometimes. i go for my check up on the 27th. we will see..

  291. I’ve had the mirena in for just over 3 months I’ve been back and forth from my doctors ever since I had my daughter in October the pregnancy and birth was all fine but my body seems to react to every contraceptive I try. Implanon, Pill, Mirena etc. So my doctors suggested Mirena. I read the information booklet and thought what a great idea as I’m only 22. What a mistake!!! I would never recommend this to anyone it has totally changed me.
    I’m going to a specialist today as like many of you since the Mirena I’ve been bleeding constantly not a day’s break. I’ve been moody and teary, headaches, very tired, non-motivated and feeling really depressed. (My poor husband!!!)
    During the time I’ve had Mirena in I’ve been back to my doctor so many times telling her what symptoms I’ve got but she kept insisting all will settle down. For any of you that don’t feel right I recommend following your instincts. If you feel anything like I do you just want to be better. Good luck to everyone and I guess it’s wait and see what the specialist says for me……

  292. i ve been using combined eastrogen patches as im perimenopausel dr suggested marina to stop periods i took that suggestion up had a coil fitted on the 14th nov 2007 and had it removed on the 20th nov the pain was excruciating on insertion the effects from having the coil the swelling bloating pain and my mood was dreadful im so relieved its gone ive been thrown into another bleed but i say thank god its out never again im 46

  293. I had mirena put in a few days ago. I am one of the exceptions, i haven’t had any children, and im only 21. i must say the insertion hurt more than anthing i have ever been thru, i passed out, cried, it was a mess, but everything seems to be going fine now. i haven’t had any bleeding yet, nor have i had any mood swings or horrible cramps. ive just been so tired, i slept the entire first day i got it in, and most of the next couple days after. i went from the normal 8ish hours a day to about 10-12 just to be able to function, and thats never been a problem for me before, im wondering if its becuase of mirena, has anyone else been overly tired since they got theirs?
    but what im really worried about is i cant find the strings at all. but then again im not really sure where to look for them… any help?!?!

  294. I had Mirena inserted exactly one month ago. I have been bleeding every day since insertion. One day when I thought the bleeding had stopped, my husband and I had sex. Immediately after finishing, the blood would be literally dripping out of me into the toilet, and the strings poked him. I have tried to check for the strings and cant not feel them. I havent had any pain except for when it was inserted but that went away a couple hours after. No headaches, I have been having some mood swings though. No weight gain (knock on wood), so nothing really serious besides the bleeding. I’m sick of bleedng. I was on the pill (orth tri cyclen low) and everything was fine regular periods each month, and lasted about 6 days. I would just forget to take my pill sometimes. When i heard about Mirena, i thought it would be just an easy way out of trying to remember to take a pill at the same time every day. If I would have known it was going to be all this hassle, i would have never had it put in. I have my 1 month check up in a couple days, I’m seriously thinking about getting it removed. Does anyone know how long you bleed after it is removed?

  295. im 24 w/one child. wasnt planning on taking the mirena out untill i read all of ya’lls stories.i had the it put in on oct 24th 2006 not even a full week after my fiance and i “officially” got together. we had never had a fight till then. i started to feel like i was a crazy psycho b@#ch. im always confused about how i feel. anything my fiance says or doesnt say will set me off. i cried almost everyday for along time. i was put on lexapro 20mg but i couldnt have an orgasm so i stopped that. now im on 150 mg welbutrin xl and it helps but now, reading about the same symptoms due to the mirena, do i really need it? i was starting to think i am bi-polar. i never suspected it would be the mirena. i have an appt next week to have it removed. im so glad im not crazy! thank ya’ll sooo much! one more thing.. did anyone have alot of pressure and pain on either side during sex? or cramping (no bleeding) between periods?

  296. Mirena was inserted monday (2 days ago) and I’ve been having gray latex like discharge? No pain. Although I did have to have a local anesethic bc of the pain – even though I have had a vaginal delivery with no problems and min. pain. The insertion was very painful. I am a little worried after reading all of these horror stories. I noticied a latex smell after my husband and I had intercourse this morning and now I’m praying something is not inside of me that shouldn’t be- SOMEONE tell me this is normal?

  297. I had my one month check up today to see if my Mirena was in place. I have finally stopped bleeding!!! I have never found the strings before. I told my OB that and she checked and couldnt find them either. So she gave me a sono and seen that it rotated along with the strings and went into my uterus. I asked her when its time to come out in 5 years, how do we get it out? She said theres two ways it can be done. 1) go in open up my cervix a little bit and pull strings through there, or 2) go to the operating room. What does “go to the operating room” actually mean? What do they do to get it out if i have to go into surgery? If I choose the open my cervix option, will I be put to sleep when they open my cervix?

  298. i had the mirena removed wed. dec. 19th. i knew i wasnt supposed to have sex before because i was to ovulate on the 21st and sperm can live inside you for up to however long. well my period was the 9th -13th so im not due for another for a couple of weeks. i spotted some yesterday morning and had what looked like begining of my period but today its gone. i read that implantation bleeding happened 6-12 days after conception. is this implantation bleeding or my cycle is just wack right now? i kind of want to get pregnant so maybe im looking to far into it. during removal i had a biopsy but didnt bleed or spot untill yesterday…2 days later. whats the deal?

  299. I’ve had mirena for 2 weeks now and I AM SO TIRED OF BLEEDING! I haven’t stopped bleeding since I had my baby (Nov.8th)I was on my period when I got mirena put in. A week after the bleeding began to lighten but got very heavy the next day. My husband and I hav not been able to get intimate b/c i WONT STOP BLEEDING. I heard great things about mirena before i got it but I’m not so sure of it now. Im hoping that it will work out but if it doesnt im going back to the mini pill..its a pain to take it everyday but it has NO side effects..at least not for me.

  300. I had the Mirena put in Jan 2007. I didn’t have any problems until July 2007. Started w/ itching, then developed into a nice bumpy, intense itchy rash. I am interested in hearing from others that have the rash problems as well. My gyne doctor is perplexed that it could be the IUD, since I didn’t start having problems until 6 months after it was inserted. I am interested in speaking w/ those over email that have had the rash problems. Is there a way to email back and forth as opposed to only posting on this site? If Nikki is on here (w/ the rash and ER headache visit) I would really like to talk w/ you. Your story is almost word for word, my story. Thanks!

  301. OHHHH MYYYYY GOSHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The pain I felt yesterday when the Mirena was implanted in my cervix was inhuman.
    The doctor did not tell me nor ask if I had a vaginal birth or not ( I had a c-section), and that is what makes all the difference in pain level during insertion.
    Will it hurt that bad when removed?
    Since i had a c-section 10 years ago, the Dr. said this was the biggest thing my cervix has ever seen! Ha! Ha!
    It really Hurt! Had to take pain killers to sleep last night.
    I feel a little crampy today and a tad naucious, but am hoping this all goes away.

  302. So, I am 21 years old and I had mirena inserted yesterday. Of course, I didn’t find this site until today and it scares the hell out of me. See I had it inserted because I have PCOS and can’t take the pill because I”ve also had blood clots. Mirena was recommended multiple times and I finally was like give me something. So here I am. Durign the insertion, I literally thought I was going to die. I was in so much pain that I almost passed out and did succeed in vomiting from it. Now on the second day, I still have horrible cramps and all I want to do is sleep. Now as I read through all of this I’m wondering it anyone had a good experience. I mean I am 21 and no kids, but I want them eventually so this was my only option.

    Please respond if you have had a good experience!

  303. Katana, I’ve had my Mirena for almost a year, and like you I’ve had no kids, so it hurts like hell getting it put in. The cramps were terrible for three months but I was so tired of being on the pill, I stuck it out. Now it’s great. We travel a lot and I hated forgetting my pills, which I was sure were dragging me down, energy wise. No periods now except for minor spotting every two-three months. I can feel the strings and the doc said she could shorten them if the boyfriend complained, but he hasn’t said he noticed (guess he isn’t as sensitive as one may expect in that area ;-).

    Overall, I’m happy with it. I like not having to remember to get the dratted pill prescription renewed, and paying the huge co-pay on them (which had gone up YET again, whereas the mirena was fully covered) But the discomfort after getting it put in was way more than the doc or the brochure implied it would be. That’s apparently because it was intended for women whose uteruses are enlarged after having children.

    The only thing is like someone else here said, you get a bit cranky and wonder, huh, is it period time, but not really period time? Without the bleeding, the monthly cycle is a mystery with no certainty to its cause.

  304. Don’t get a Mirena IUD!!!! Mine perforated my uterous and now I am on my second surgery trying to remove the thing from somewhere in my abdomen near my left hip bone.

  305. Hello Ladies,
    I’ve had the Mirena for almost four years this September. About 2.5 months ago, I started to notice my hair looking thinner. In the last two weeks, it has been significant to the point that I can see my scalp three inches past my hairline on the crown and temples of my head. My sex drive has been nothing as an aside. I just called the company and am following-up to make a QVR report. I am requesting that hair loss be listed on their website. ALL side effects need to be published as: Common (which they have), Uncommon (1/1,000), and rare, (1/10,000). I am very upset to say the least. Had I known that hair loss was a possible side effect, I would never elected to use this form of birth control. I was excited b/c I was in a long-term relationship (still am) and of its superior comparable efficacy in preventing pregnancy. I am 28, getting married this September and praying that my hair starts to grow in before the event. It is great to read that some women had no difficulty with the Mirena, I was a member of that club up to three months ago. However, now I am angry and want this thing out immediately. I kept all of my original paperwork, and thorough review no where in them do I find ‘hair loss’ as a side effect. Yet, on other websites (i.e. the Netherland’s equivalent of the US FDA), hair loss is included as an uncommon side effect. Bayer would not get half the amount of clients if this side effect were included in their pamphlet. Not many women are going to sign-up for male pattern baldness as a trade for birth control. There are too many other competing birth controls out there which do not have that and are just slightly less efficacious. This is mostly due to human error in not taking consistently at the same time every day. I had to dig, retroactively to find this. My final question for those of you on the website is: did your hair come back quickly?

  306. I have had my mirena since July 06. I have 2 beautiful daughters, 3 and 5, but I’m a single mum as my husband left when I was pregnant and the last thing I need is to get pregnant when I’m not in a steady relationship. I suffered a lot of pain and headaches/acne in the week following insertion (which I would describe as uncomfortable rather than painful) and also bled fairly constantly for several weeks and then sporadically for months. My periods finally seem to have stopped since October 07 but I have since had 2 bouts of gardnerella vaginosis with its delightful fishy odour! The first bout was treated with oral and topical antibiotics but I’m not keen on antiobiotics and will take the Mirena out if it keeps happening. Can anybody recommend an alternative treatment for treating the bacterial imbalance that would be available in the UK? And does anybody know if not having a monthly bleed is dangerous or is even causing the gardnerella bacteria to build up?


  308. oh yeah i have no children either and im 18 and my mother is 38 and she got tha mrna 2 and it affected her totaly different accept for tha odor and discharge she got that too

  309. I had my plastic Mirena fitted 8 years ago. At first I did have the long bleeds, head aches, night sweats, terrible mood swings, etc but after time I lost my periods all together (but kept all the mood swings). I had depression through these years too, which thinking back was due to the Mirena!
    I went to my doctor 3 years ago and said that I was wanting to try for a baby. The doctor examined me and couldnt see the strings, so sent me for a scan which showed no coil but cysts on my ovaries! PCO! I wasn’t happy about either. So I asked the Gyn to take another look by internal scan. This too came back the same.
    I had to except what they said and have been trying for a baby for 3 years now, and nothing. I never found getting pregnant before with my four previous pregnancies any problem at all…so why now?
    I logged on the other day, scanning through these forums and come across people in the same situation as me, except they were told their coil was not there, but by chance needed a xray on their back for pain an actually found the coil in their uterus…
    I am going to the docors today to demand this to be done for I still believe that I have my coil in, and that would make it 8 years now and thats why i cant get pregnant.
    I also read that the mirena can cause cysts on the ovaries. I just hope that it hasnt made me infertile for I will most certainly be taking the NHS to court. Fact is, they dont really know the long term affects of this mirena. ANYONE THINKING OF HAVING THIS< I HIGHLY DO NOT RECOMMEND IT!!!!!!

  310. i had my mirena coil fitted in dec 07 and had it out already!having it removed is the best thing ive ever done,the doc kept insisting that it could not be my coil causing all my side effects,,had weight gain of a stone by begin of feb this year even though had been using the gym and eating not alot really!!!!!!i demanded it out and have never felt more relieved feel more me again the thing is evil during the time ive had it in have also experienced headaches,moods awful anxiety spots bled for the all the time it was in,no sex drive whatsoever.i had it out monday 18th feb just gone have bled dark and heavy but with no pain and without doing anything i have already dropped 5 pounds in weight!so glad i pushed to have it out,i know everyone is suited to different things but the amount of women on the web having terrible problems with this coil are staggering!i had 4 docs trying to convince me to leave it in so glad i didntxx

  311. I have had the mrna since August 2007.. I just took a pregnancy test 4 days ago and it came up positive.. I dont have any pain except slight cramps.. im also breast feeding my 7 month old son.. I lso have a 2 yr old and am on ly 21!!! Now im nervous bc I seen that eptopic preg. is very common with this iuc.. So I obviously have to go to the doctor.. I also read that if you are pregnant, when they remove it, it could cause a miscarriage… If they leave it in during the pregancy, it could cause the baby to have problems.. So what now???? I wish I would have read up on it before I got it….

  312. hi everyone,

    i am so glad i found this website. i am 19 yrs. old, i had my son july 31, 2007 an d had the iud inserted during my 6 week check up. since then i have been extremely moody, and so tired that even 12 hrs. of sleep wasn’t enough. my doctor thought it was depression so i got on a low dose of an antidepressent. that was making me worse so i just stopped taking it. i have never had a problem with moodiness and being so tired until i got the iud in. i too have caused so much conflict with my fiance, i’ve almost ended our relationship a few times now cuz of my moodiness. im calling the docs tomorrow to have it removed!!!and i hope it will be successful.

    deana21, i am so sorry to hear what has happened with u. you have encouraged me more to have this f’in iud taken out. i’d rather have a mistaken pregnancy than a tubal preg. i hope everything goes well for u. i’ll have u in my preyers…

  313. Tiffany jo….. I feel u on the depresion meds.. The doc did the same to me.. I never had any probs with my first son.. I have to go in on Friday to the doc.. Thanks for ur concerns.. Im really scared myself.. Im gonna have it taken out regardless.. I took another test today and it was negative.. So I got 2 positive and 1 negative… Im just gonna have to remember to take the pill…. Well I hope u have a successful removal ur self.. Let me know how it was.. I hope it isnt as painful to remove as it was to insert.. Ya know??? Well ttyl

  314. i go tomorrow march 6th to get the mirena removed and im very nervous. just wanted to know how those ones whom had it removed felt afterwards.

  315. I just got the Mirena inserted yesterday. I’m 21 and never had kids so it was a little painful, but nothing to cry or scream over. I was crampy for the rest of the day, taking tylenol every 4 hours really helped. Today I feel fine, very minimal cramping and scant about of bleeding. These stories are a little scary, but so far so good. I plan on not having kids for a good ten years and this was the most carefree BC. I was on the pill when I was younger, and it made me have an upset stomach constantly, and I would always forget to take it. I was also on the patch, but it was the same feeling. Nothing was ever extreme, just a little annoying. I work with a women who has had hers for a year, and the only thing she’s experienced was an infection easily cleared with antibiotics. I love that I won’t have to worry about it on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis. I am willing to take some side effects because I DO NOT want children any time soon. Everyone is different, and everyone’s bodies react differently. So far, so good!

  316. If I could give you any advice it would be to watch your symptoms and know your body. I had the Mirena for 6 months and I am 32 with 2 children. I loved the light periods and the worry free sex, however the symptoms started getting worse. I just got it out 3 days ago and I could have jumped up and down in pure joy! I can not tell you how horrible it was. All the research shows anywhere between 5-10% of women experience these side effects if they are sensitive to levesterone. The other 90-95% can use the IUD and enjoy it. Great for them, however if you start to experience these symptoms, get it out! I lost clumps of hair. I have thick dark hair but in the front I am soooooo thin now. I also got the night sweats so bad that I would wake up with my hair so wet, like I had just taken a shower. I also had the moodiness. Irritability. I was saying and doing things out of character. I hope it works for you, but pay attention to your body to see if you are in the 5-10% of women effected by these hormones.
    Good LUCK

  317. I went back and wanted to answer some of the questions about removal. Having the IUD inserted was the worst pain I have ever experienced. I wasn’t ready for that….. mild cramping, yeah right! Felt like my insides were being cut to threads. I have had two children, both c-sections. This sounds like it makes a difference. My friends who have delivered vaginally said it wasn’t bad. Beware if you haven’t delivered vaginally. GOOD NEWS….. REMOVAL WAS SOOOOO EASY. I WAS SCARED…I MADE MY HUSBAND COME WITH ME, BECAUSE I ALMOST PASSED OUT ON INSERTION, BUT REMOVAL WAS OVER QUICKLY AND I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW IT WAS OUT! I hope that helps someone out there wondering.

  318. My IUD has been in for almost 5 years now. I have been having constant headaches and low sex drive for quite some time now. Also is it normal to have a milky type fluid come out of my nipples? So I went to the doctor and she has ordered me a MRI of the brain and a diagnostic mammogram. Am I crazy or is it just my IUD doing this to me.?

  319. Hello ladies ~

    I had the Mirena IUD placed in December of 2007. I thought it would be perfect. My husband and I weren’t sure if we wanted anymore children. I had heavy periods that lasted about two weeks out of every month. Since having the IUD placed I bled for three months. I have just recently stopped bleeding. However, I have weird tissue like discharge. They only way I can describe it is like a cardboard box that has been left in the rain for about three days. I also have been experiencing ovarian cysts that I have never had. My strings retracted and my OB had to dilate me to pull them out. She had to manipulate the IUD to see if that was causing my pelvic pain.

    I have been in pain for the last three months. It has been very debilitating pain. I have gone to the ER twice with pain now. Is there anyone else out there that has experienced the pain? I see a specialist on Wednesday. I am hoping he removes it. I am very upset by this. I was excited about having the Mirena in. I can’t remember to take the pill and had very nasty side effects from the depo. I guess it’s condoms for us.

  320. Well ladies I’m SO glad I found this site! I had the Mirena implanted in July 07. I got it to help with my uterine firbroids,and with the exception of 3-4 days of period free days (after 4 months) I have been bleeding non stop, it seemed like I had a period reversal (3 weeks on 1 week off) and I have an odor. I thought it was because of the bleeding but I have been period free for 12 days now and the smell is still there. Now I asked my partner and he says it doesn’t bother him but I know what I smell like and that aint it! I haven’t experienced weight gain, headaches or mood swings but I do have acne and my breasts are really tender. Now I can handle most of these side effects but a smelly coochy is just not going to work. If I can smell it I know other people can and I don’t want to be THAT lady. I asked my Ob/Gyn about it and she said she didn’t smell any thing and kind of made it seem like I was crazy but I know my body better than she ever will. Not sure if you can provide any feed back but it’s great to have ladies who share my pain…

  321. Well I can’t believe it I thought a lot of the symptoms I was having were in my head but after reading some of the comments I feel better. I’m 51 and no sign of menopause so my dr. recommended the minera as a last resort before a hysterectomy. I thought ok at first I just had some spotting off and on. Then my periods began to get longer and longer, my dr. said give it a year. Well I gave it 16 months and I was bleeding 25 days a month. This was not as heavy as my periods before the IUD but heavy enough to interfer with life. My husband works away and between his schedule and my constant periods sex was impossible. Finally I asked to have it removed and asked my dr about an endometrial ablation to stop the bleeding. he agreed and sent me to a specialist and said he would remove the IUD before doing the procedure. When the obgyn did a vaginal scan and biopsy before the ablation, he tried to remove the IUD and couldn’t find it. It was very painful so he said we’ll wait until your put to sleep and do it then. There were several months inbetween and I was very uncomfortable having it stuck in the uterus. During the time the IUD was inserted I too noticed an odor, mood swings and very sore breasts. My family dr thought i was foolish, he said the hormone was only in the vaginal area and was not released into the body. My daughter, a pharmacist strongly disagreed. I had day surgery yesterday for the ablation and the removal of the IUD. I’m hoping this is all behind me now and that my periods will finally subside. Just wondering if anyone else had their IUD stuck in the uterus?

  322. Well my Gyn removed the Mirena in less than 60 seconds and besides a slight pinch upon removal and some very mild cramping I feel great. I’m back on the pill and hopefully my body will balance out soon. Good luck ladies!

  323. I’ve had my Mirena for 10 months now and haven’t had a period in 9 months. I LOVE IT!!!! I have a son who will be 3 in June, so me and the hubby are going to try for #2 this summer. I have and appointment to have my Mirena removed in May. I will be having another one inserted after baby #2.

  324. I find this thread very interesting. Thanks to all the women who have posted here with their personal accounts, both good and bad.

    I thought that Mirena would be like a gift from god the way it was presented to me.

    I am 33, two kids, my husband had a vasectomy. I needed it for heavy painfull periods.

    My uterus became a home to this little wind turbine in November 07.

    Since then, I have been bloated, acne (cystic), cramping (like I am pushing out a basketball), had had to go on antibiotics because of a “maybe infection”, mefanaic acid,. Fatigue. Prolonged periods. Nothing has changed for the better, maybe a slight decrease in flow.

    I didn’t even want to google my symptoms until a while ago. I thought this was all in my head.

    I wonder how much Canadian doctors receive for ramming these things into women?

    Supposedly I was not a candidate for an ablation. . .funny, that gyno didn’t do them. I am seeing a new gyno in April.

    I am so tired I can barely function.

  325. ok i just had my mirena put in just yesterday and well when i got home i felt wierd down in my vagina area like uncomfertable. and today me and my hubby tried to have sex and see what it was like with it in and he said it was poking him. what does that mean i know the dr said that they could cut it but still is he sapposed to feel it like that? and im a little worried that maybe we misplaced it or something can anybody help me out?

  326. Hi everyone,

    I’ve just gone to the Dr with terrible pelvic pain which I’ve had for a couple of weeks. He thinks he can feel a cyst, but he also couldn’t find the Mirena strings. I was interested in Brigette’s post back in March…and if she could follow up on what was found in her case? I have a history of cysts, endometriosis and ovarian vein reflux, so the Drs always get confused as the symptoms sometimes mirror each other. Has anyone ever experienced ongoing pelvic pain and/or ‘lost’ their Mirena strings? The dr said I may have to go on the pill instead.

  327. Hi there to all im just wanting to let you all know of my experience of the mirena. I have now had it in for around the 4 year time slot and wanted to make you aware that in my first 1-1half years i did have simular simptoms really bad cramps, heavy bleading, long lasting periods and sometimes back to back periods. After sticking it out (i cannot use the pill and do not trust the arm implant) i can happily say no more cramps except light ones around period time no more bleeding AT ALL i am most happy with it now and it usualy takes around at least a year for the iud to settle in after having it incerted just wanted to let you all know of my persional experience dont be turned away there will always be a percentage of women who it does not work well with but in comparison ther is far more that it does work fantastic with.Best idea is to check mirena web site to see if you are suited for the mirena before having it put in, ther is a list of problems that if you know you have had it is recomended to NOT use it. And the vast majority of your questions are answered on the offical mirena web site. To amber yes it is quite common for your hubby to feel it if its a prob go and have the strings shortened some more they may be to long best of luck to all


  328. just another note irregular and heavy bleeding is common for the first year after that is when it slows down in my case to nothing

  329. I too have a Mirena, and have had it for about 8 months now. About a month or so ago I began to notice the foul odor and tried my best to clean it better, which made no difference. I tried to ignore it, couldnt. And after having my man voice a concerning opinion about it, and causing horrible embarresment for me, not to mention a night of crying, for me. I did research and found that I am not alone, which makes me feel better, and found out that it must be from the IUD. I called today and made appointment to have it removed on Tuesday. Hopefully it wont take long to get back to normal, and back to condems.:)

  330. I had my Mirena placed on 4/30 to help with long periods (3 of the 4 weeks in a cycle). I tried almost every BCP out there but nothing would regulate it. Insertion was not pleasant, but if it stops the bleeding it was well worth it. Bleeding stopped on 4/14 so I’m hopeful. I have very tender breasts from this and some bloating, but no other major side effects. I am, however, having a problem finding the strings. I’m seeing my Dr. this afternoon to ensure it’s where it’s supposed to be.

  331. Strings are there, but bleeding again. I meant to say 5/14 in the previous comment. I wanted to say that I agree every body is different and responds as such. I started having period problems after having my last child, 8 years ago. But before that, I used BCPs for several years without issues. I would recommend BCPs before Mirena or any other IUD, simply to avoid the procedure. But it’s been a little over 3 weeks for me with Mirena and I’ll keep you posted of any side affects.

  332. I had my mirena inserted about a week ago and have been experiencing extreme mood swings. One moment I will be fine and then the next i am on the floor crying about things that I shouldn’t necessarily be crying about….Is anyone feeling the same way? Also, i have had normal to light bleeding and some normal cramping to, but i suspect the cramping and bleeding is not something to be alarmed about. Any one having severe depression like symptoms?

  333. OK I’m scared now! I just had my Mirena put in yesterday and never thought to look it up. I had very little pain from the placement of the iud but lots of it from the D&C done just prior! My cramping is almost non existent and I hope this works for my heavy bleeding and extremely painful periods.
    I am quite concerned to see some people talk of the iud falling into their uterus. Being displaced from their cervix. In all the research I have done, admittedly not that much, the iud is supposed to be deep in the uterine cavity, The Fundus, and only the threads are supposed to be in the cervix (hanging out). Maybe this is what you’re talking about. I hope it isn’t the doctors who believe the iud is supposed to be in the cervix! This would account for a lot of cramping and the iud ultimately falling out!

    I am 46 years old and although I haven’t been on contraceptives since I had my tubes tied in ’91, I have experienced many of the complaints listed here. I think some of the things being experienced might have been experienced anyway, but who knows? I only know that for the last 4-6 years I have experienced acne (never had, not even as a teen!), exhaustion and fatigue (and yes my doctor did think it was depression but the anti-depressants didn’t help!), Mood swings (not all the time but occasionally and then BAD), and of course the weight gain and difficulty in getting rid of it (and when I finally managed, it came back!). Occasionally tender breasts but only in the last few years.
    I think some of these things can be directly linked to peri-menopause, that 10 – 15 year period before Menopause. This is not to say the Mirena doesn’t exacerbate these symptoms!

    I am going to see how this works out for me. I’m really hoping for a miracle here.

  334. I absolutely loved my Mirena. I never even knew it was there and my sex life was spontaneous again. About a month ago I started having 2 periods a month, extremely heavy cramping, acne, and moodiness. About a week ago, I pulled out a tampon and my Mirena followed. I am devistated as this was a dream come true until now. Just thought I’d share in case anyone else has had this happen. I understood that it could not come out unless I had it removed.

  335. I’m 24 and getting this blasted thing out tomorrow! My stomach has been cramping so bad for the past week I was tempted to rip the thing out myself! I got mine placed March 07 after having my first child at 23… and had no problems with it until about 6 mo ago. I didnt feel it going in and I hope it is the same coming out.

    Like most of you I thought I was going crazy! If one thing didn’t hurt… it was another. I didnt really put two and two together until about 2 weeks ago when I thought I was pregnant because I was extremely tired and achey and missed my period. Negative at home test twice.

    My symptoms over the past six months have been:

    EXTREME MOODYNESS (My husband has made many comments over the past few months about how I am not the same person any more. God bless him for sticking around. At this point I wouldnt want to be married to me either!)


    Anxiety Attacks (Racing heart, tight chest, shortness of breath most of the time right when waking up or just going to bed)


    Blurred Vision

    Constant Cramping and Stomach Aches

    Extreme Bloating


    No Sex Drive (Feel like I could care less if I ever have sex again)

    No weight loss (despite working out and eating right)

    I’m sure there is more that isnt coming to mind at the moment. Guess it’s back to condoms or the good ol’ pull and pray for me 🙁 This is the first birth control I have ever used because I was always scared to death that they would make me infertile. I swear to god if Mirena causes me not to be able to have any more kids…

    I’m Ranting. I’m scared. I just have a gut feeling that Mirena has done something horrible to me. I feel like I am having contractions because my body is trying to expel this “thing”. Maybe thats why my stomach hurts so bad. 🙁 I’m gonna go cry now.

  336. The mirena is awful. The strings are basically like tiny daggers- and your partner will not be happy about it- I have had them trimmed and my ob/gyn will not cut them any more. I have been so depressed and miserable…. I’m talking angry and depressed from the moment I wake up, and nothing can cheer me up- i have given it three weeks and am going to have this horrible thing removed this week. I will never complain about taking a pill every day after this awful experience.

  337. Something artificial placed inside your body releasing hormones is bound not to work for everyone, and I feel badly for everyone suffering. That being said, even after reading horror stories for hours online and talking bluntly to my good doctor, I decided to get Mirena. I am 42, have 2 kids and the youngest is 12, and have only one partner — my husband. I was on pills for 17 years with no problems to speak of until recently, and the doctor recommended Mirena. She felt it would work for me.
    So far she is right. Inserting it was not exactly fun, but it was WAAAAY better than the 23 hours of labor I went through with both my kids. I spotted for several days, no big deal, no cramping, and then that’s it. I am very luck so far, I know. I still feel great. I have no bad side effects, and my libido is fabulous. Things have never been better with my husband. I pray that the bad stuff doesn’t pounce on me, and I am being very conscious of to notice any changes in myself. Thank you all for sharing information about your experiences, good and bad.

  338. I am 55 and have just had my 2nd Mirena inserted. I had it inserted to control menopausal symptoms. I had absolutely no problems with the first one apart from some cramping to begin with but the absence of night sweats and hourly flushes made it worth the cramps. Things have not been quite so good this time although I still can’t complain. I am experiences very sore and tender breasts. I am really hoping this goes away as time goes on and is just because there has been a big surge of progesterone with the new Mirena. Here’s hoping. Are there any other women out there using the Mirena for menopausal reasons rather than birth control?

  339. hi, im 26 have had two c-sections and low iron, mirena was recomended by my specialist due to probs with my periods and to save iron loss during periods.
    i have had the impant for just over three months and want it out.
    my partner complains its like wire sticking into him.
    my dr has tried to put me on depression tablets for the symptoms but i know its just the implant, i get severe migraines everyday, my nose has began bleeding, i get itchy palms and legs, and am still bleeding everyday.
    amongst those symptoms my behaviour is about to cost me everything if im not crying im trying to fight someone.
    warning to women just be aware before you get the implant because your doctor cant predict what it is going to do to you, my doctor thought i would be fine,
    i was told that pressure of bowel movement or similar could cause the loss of the implant, in my case this thing just wont budge.

  340. I got the mirena in may of 2004 when I was 23, so I’ve had it for a little over four years. I actually really had to convince my doctor to let me have it because I had never had children. I just really reacted badly to birth control pills with all the hormones. I even tried the lower hormone ones, but they still really affected my mood. And let me tell you, having it put in was VERY painful, that’s probably why they recommend it to people who have had children, being that you have stretched that area before. But, I have to say that it was definitely worth it for me. I was crampy for about a week. And I had spotting for the first month or so, but since then I haven’t had a period or any spotting in four years! So you can imaging that I really enjoy that! I really haven’t had any side effects at all with it, I am very happy with it. The only thing I can think of is that sometimes my boyfriend says he can feel it, but it doesn’t really bother him. I don’t think I will be ready to have children yet in a year, so I do plan on getting another one inserted at the five year mark.

  341. Well it has been 9 and 1/2 months since I had mirena put in, and I have hated it from day one! I have mood swings like crazy, which causes problems with my husband, I’m always tired feeling, aweful headaches, taking care of a one year old is enough hassle, birthcontrol should be so much simpler! I also have been feeling as though I’m pregnant, same symptons as before, non tolerance for certain foods or smells. not sure though. I do know people who have also gotten pregnant while using mirena, their baby is fine, but I’m worried of the effects it could have on the baby if you got pregnant! I do not recomend mirena to anyone!

  342. I have had the Mirena since Feb 2008 and have had my period since then. I have very bad headaches, I have gained over 15 lbs since the start of this. I am moody and my sex drive is gone. At my last appointment I was told the would subside and about 1 month 1/2 last it has not. My next appointment is in September and I am telling her to remove it.
    I guess I am mainly upset because all my life (with or without birth control) my periods have been very very regular. Even after the birth of my daughter I went right back into rhythm. I hope that once this is removed I can get back to my old ways.

    I would say that I would recommend this because every woman is different and I have 2 friends who have it and have not had these side effects.

  343. I had the Mirena put in last Sept for the purpose of lightening my extremely heavy periods. I was also told that my periods might stop and I was delighted about that prospect. Finally, after having a period every month like clockwork except for pregnancy, they appear to have lessened to the point of stopping a month ago. Or is this a short reprieve? Unfortunately, I am now experiencing hot flashes. I have hypothyroidism and don’t always take my meds and am wondering if the combination of Mirena and that condition is causing them. I am very active physically and have no other symptoms suggesting that I may be menopausal. Is anyone else experiencing this?

  344. Well, I am ony a couple of hours into my Mirena experience and so far it has been a bit traumatic. I knew to expect some discomfort during the insertion process, but I had no idea it would be that painful. The major cramping was immediate and came in waves similar to contractions during chidbirth. They have subsided tremendously since this morning, but I am still a bit achy. I didn’t have to take any major pain meds, just some Aleve, my big soft bed, and a heating pad across my abdomen. I chose Mirena due to the side effects from previous methods I have used. I was gung-ho about the Depo Shot and used it sucessfully for a couple of years. I opted to change when I started having some pretty eratic mood swing and unusual beeding,(like clock work after having an orgasm) To say the least this was a bit of a turn off for my partner. Since I was used to not having to deal with a reguar cycle, I chose the Seasonale/Seasonique option. Seasonale was ok except that I would have break through bleeding at about the middle of my 3 month cycle. Seasonique was a step up and it solved the break through problem, however it create a much bigger one of its own. Anyone heard of Melasma??? Just imagine fair to medium skin tone plagued with dark brown spots on both cheeks, forehead, and covering my entire top lip. They get darker if you are out in the sun at all. Since I am blonde they stand out even more. I look like I have a full mustache across my top lip.
    All that being said, I am going to give this Mirena thing a shot. The way that I see it is that there are going to be side effects with almost any medication that you take. We just have to figure out which ones we can live with, and which ones we can’t. Wish me luck…

  345. had mine in just over 2 week, want it removed can hardly walk with stomach cramps also got a permanent headache still bleedin loads gonna give it a few week if things dont get better its coming out!!!!!

  346. I’ve had my Mirena in for 2 weeks. The insertion wasn’t really that bad… but I did take a 7.5 miligram lortab before to help with whatever cramps I might get. I had a week long period with the Mirena being inserted on the last day of my period. My bleeding stopped for 2 days then picked back up. I’m still bleeding, and I HOPE that I don’t continue. I can’t feel my threads which is why I was looking for forums about Mirena. I’ve had no other side effects from it, just the worry over why I can’t feel my threads.

    I also used the Nuva Ring (I saw somebody talking about it at the top of the page) and I hated it!!!!! I bled for the whole two months that I used it and gained weight. About 10 lbs on my very small frame! I pulled it out once because I was experiencing some itching and there was a hair wrapped around it!!! I can only imagine what kind of infection would have set it if I had left that hair inside of me for 3 weeks. And my boyfriend could feel it during sex, which he said grossed him out.

    I wish you all luck with your fertility! =P

  347. i want to know if anyone has had their stomach and uterus get hard like when they were pregnant because mine feels hard and its getting bigger i feel waves of nauseousness all the time. I got it the mirena in April of this year and had really no problems with it until bout the last two weeks when i started getting such bad lower abdominal pain i would cry and take a few flexirals to make me feel better… then ill spot for a few days and its been a vicious cycle since… let me know

  348. Maddiesmomma – I’m no doctor but swelling and pain sounds like you could have an infection. There is some risk of tearing your uterus when it’s inserted and it you have a tear that’s become infected, you should get it checked out quickly. I’m not sure what kind of followup is required for a tear.

  349. corrin – to get a Mirena, you have to have a child. I don’t know why a doctor would give you one if you have no children. (?)

  350. Evelyn’s Mommy- I too have not had a child and had Mirena placed last Friday. I know that all the advertisements and documentation says for people who have had children, but I don’t know for what reason.

    Either way… I am having the thing removed after one week. I never had headaches before, and now I have what I can only think are migranes. My head hurts so bad its effecting my vision.

    Can’t wait to get it out!!!

  351. I have had no children & have had 3 mirena’s so far which was first suggested by gynae for excessive menstrual bleeding.
    I have been told that it is not commonly used for women who have not had children because insertion is not as easy, but can still be done. I was also told that there would be no, or very low side effects & this sounded wonderful considering I have had reactions to all other contraceptions I have tried.

    I had my first one inserted at 18 & it was great, but then went in to hospital for severe cramps & they removed it because of suspected PID (turned out to be an ulcer in my bowel).

    I then had another one inserted, which caused a few problems i.e. painfull sex, continous spotting, depression & mood swings.
    I also noticed that I was putting on a bit of weight.
    I have always been small, but at time of first insertion I was 45kg & now weigh around 51 – 52kg. I just put it down to becoming a women & am happy with what I weigh now.

    I started having the real problems about 3 years ago, with continuous headaches, nausea, abdominal pain, pain everytime I had sex, severe moodiness, excessively tired, tender sore breasts & was bleeding 3 wks out of every 4.

    I went to a heap of different specialists, had cat scans, colonoscpoies etc until they finally found an ovarian cyst the size of an orange, which they said was the reason for all my symptoms.
    I then had it removed & the mirena replaced at the same time as it was coming up to 5 years. No mention that the Mirena could cause all of these problems.

    The symptoms continued after the surgery, even though I no longer had a cyst.
    1 year later I had another scan & they found another cyst, which was once again removed & still the symptoms continued.
    Around 3 months later I had severe pains & had to have another scan & they found another cyst (by this time I was ready to tear my hair out).

    The doctors had no explanation as to why I might keep on getting them & once again no mention of Mirena being the cause.
    It is like there is an unspoken rule that you do not say anything bad about it.

    Finally I went to another gynae who found out that I am having a reaction to the hormone in the mirena & I went to get it removed, but the strings has disappeared, so I know had to get it removed by D & C, which is happening in 3 weeks time.

    I am not going to use any type of contraception & my husband & I think it might be time to start a family.
    I do not advise anyone to get a Mirena, it has caused me so many problems & I would not want anyone to go through everything that I have.

    I also can not wait to get it out.

  352. Mirena is awful. I have terrible headaches, back and stomach pain and pressure that kills me, after I stand for a while I can barely bend over to sit down, my joints hurt, my face looks like a twelve year olds ( I am 31), and I have been so moody to my husband, I think he is ready to divorce me. I am having mine removed in two weeks. My OBGYN was pushing it so hard, I swear they were paying him to get women to take it. When I went to him with the stomach/ back pain he said No way is it from the IUD. Yeah Right. I just had an MRI on my brain today because my eye dr. found that my optic nerves are swollen and something tells me that that lil plastic thing may have something to do with that. good luck.

  353. It’s just awful, the things that are being reported about this device. I didn’t realize they’d give it to people who hadn’t had a child. If your cervix has never experienced child birth I can just imagine how painful insertion must be. I’m overall pleased with mine so far, but I can only imagine the scary commercials about filing a claim for injuries suffered that are to come. Hopefully they can fix these problems and we can all have worry free contraceptives soon!

    As always, good luck to you all!

  354. I just had my Mirena removed on Friday, I have had it since February of 2005. At first, I thought it was the best thing, next to sliced bread. No pill everyday, no patch every week, nothing to think about. But for the past two and a half years the moodiness and bleeding have gotten exponetially worse. The last six months, I have had about one total month of not bleeding or having some type of very dark (yes, like black) discharge. It has a rank odor and I have had less and less self esteem and confidence. The last thing I want to do is share this “issue” with my husband. We have constantly been fighting about me not wanting him to touch me or have sex, so much so that we were on the verge of filing divorce paperwork. Then we found the websites and all of you that have had the same problems I have had. The mood swings are terrible, to the point that my young boys have trouble talking to me about their problems. I used the patch before and had the same problem with it after about three years. My husband and I have spoken and are finished having children, so he is more than willing to get a vasectomy, so I don’t have to worry about hormone therapy for birth control any more. Thank goodness I have him and he has been so understanding. My physician said that the joint pain, headaches, mood swings, and weight fluctuations can all be brought back to the IUD. She told me to talk with my husband and for us to give me about a month to get back to “normal”. I can only hope that having this removed will give me the opportunity to fix my relationship with my two boys and my husand. Good luck for all of you who think this is your salvage from the pill, patch, ring or whatever you’ve used in the past. I hope for you and your friends and family’s sakes they are strong enough to stick it out.

  355. I have had my mirena since November of 07 and spotted for the first few months, i did have headaches almost every day but now only a few times a month, not enough to bother me a lot. i never associated the two until reading all of this. i do still have a period but it usually is light and only a couple days and i do LOVE not having to take a pill every day (thats y I’m now a mommy, even though im very greatful and love him to death!) My main problem i have had is the end of dec. i was diagnosed with a bacterial infection which i was treated for with oral antibiotics. It seemed to go away but returned by feb. and i went again to the doctor who told me it was another infection and wasnt even going to culture it, she just treated me. I then went a third time after it returned again in april/may but put off going to the doctor because i knew what she would say..so i decided to go to a diff. doctor in june and he also told me it was bv and treated me for the infection but intensified the treatment to use the gel 2 times a day. this also seemed to work, wellll…needless to say it is back again! but when i called the doctor to make a new appointment today (aug.), the nurse said the last 2 cultures came back negative(which they never told me) so i was being treated for like 6 months for something i didnt have and still dont know what it is. i have not had any new sex partnes or anything the only reason i can come up with for my recurring problem is the Mirena. I never had an issue like this before, the nurse today also said the IUD would cause me to have a thick abnormal discharge but that i would “just have to get used to”, I’m sorry, but it is not normal and i am not very happy they won’t listen to my problems. I know my body and this is not normal, i am now to the point where my boyfriend, the father of my son and i broke up because i could not be intimate with him and even without intercourse it still keeps happening…i cant say I’m positive its the mirena, but it is the ONLY conclusion i can come up with and after reading many other sites apparently other women have had this peoblem or a similar one…anyone else experience a recurring problem like this? i go wed. morning to another new doctor to see if he can diagnose me correctly and help me get past this…

  356. Hi, my name is Jennifer. I got the mirena inserted in Sept 2005, it has been almost 3 years. I have had two kids both of which were delivered vaginally and this was the most painful thing i had experienced. Like most of you, I was nauseated, dizzy, very crampy,moody, tired. The only good thing is next to no period in over 2 years and not having to remember to take that damn pill everyday and the cost of b/c. But now I am having second thoughts. Sex is extremely painful, I am extremely moody, tired and also breaking out like a teenager. My doctor put me on Lexapro, moods are a little better but everything else has gotten worse. As soon as I get home from work, my clothes come off and I put comfy clothes on because my stomach is bloated and achy, my back hurts and i am so tired I can’t play with my children. Now I also have Multiple Sclerosis which I am sure contributes to the fatigue but the rest of the stuff I am not so sure. I have an appointment Monday 8/18 to talk to my gyno and I may get it removed. Some of the other symptoms I am thinking that may also be linked to the iud is sudden headache, indigestion, rapid heart beat and chest pains, back ache. Now some of these symptoms may be my monthly but since I haven’t a clue when that is I can’t pin point it. My fiance and i are very sexually active, 1-3 times a day and it hasn’t bothered my libido, but it hurts like crazy. At first it was just with deep penetration now it hurts as soon as I am penetrated and sometimes he feels blocked but says can’t feel the strings. I have never been able to feel the strings, my doc cut them when initially inserted. I have noticed a problem with orgasm. I will keep you guys posted and hope all of you are feeling better and enjoy life, because that is what it is there for.

  357. I have been on the Mirena for just over 18 months and i am 44, the first year wasnt too bad just mild bearable symptons, I have always suffered abit of water rentention and swollen breasts, but the last couple of months I have constant bad water rentention and my breasts are that sore i cant bear to touch them, I am also experiencing loss of sex drive, and am feeling quite depessed and weepy ( but think think may be due to everything else), the loss of sex drive is really bothering me as i feel my relationship is going to fall apart as i am getting very stressed, has anyone experienced these symptons as well and does it get better and do you feel better once the Mirena has been removed, and will my sex drive return, please help

  358. Hello, I had the Mirena inserted 6 months ago. I was fatigued, moody, had a dark discharge that had a horrible odorand acne. A month ago, I had it removed. I have been bleeding every since. The odor is gone. That alone took 3 weeks. I still feel weird, I can’t explain it. I have not had a child and my doctor gave me the implant. I regret ever having this precedure because of all the changes my body is experiencing. I am hoping and praying that things get back to normal with me soon. I encourage anyone having problems to get it removed asap and not wait as long as I have.

  359. I just had the Mirena inserted yesterday so I thought I would log my experiences with it compared to other birth control methods here.

    About me: I’m 37 and have been on The Pill and Depo Provera, both of which I started at times when I was prone to weight fluctuations. I’ve always had irregular periods, though no PMS or cramping. With each new method I’ve been particularly conscience about the side effects and had a positive attitude that they wouldn’t affect me.

    The Pill: I was on The Pill for about three years in my twenties. I worked out extra hard the first month I was on it and experienced no weight gain. Being on the pill was the only time in my life I had regular periods. I suffered no adverse side effects. Because of my age and the fact that I smoke, this is not an option for me now.

    Depo Provera: I was on Depo from age 29-36 and LOVED IT LOVED LOVED IT!! No periods for 7 years and no weight gain, HOWEVER… After 7 years the doctor finally advised me that Depo is meant for short term use (about 2 years) or it could result in bone loss. I went in for a bone scan and found there has been some minor bone loss so I had to discontinue use. After about four months, my period returned (argh!) and I became very horny– I hadn’t realized the toll it had taken on my sex drive (though, as a single woman, that was probably a good thing).

    Mirena: The insertion hurt like hell, probably because the doctor said I have a small uterus since I haven’t had a child. I mean it was REALLY bad and I’ve always seemed to have a high tolerance for pain. Immediately afterward, I experienced some cramping and felt very faint for about 20 minutes. Since then I’ve noticed some blood when I wipe but that’s about it. I’m once again going into this with the attitude that I’ll be one of the lucky ones who won’t gain weight or experience any side effects, other than hopefully the absence of periods. I’ll check in in a month or so for an update.

  360. I love Mirena. I have had it for 2 years..it was a little uncomfortable having it put in however it wasnt horribly bad for me. I havent had a period since i have had it put in which is awesome! No mood swings any different than i already had 🙂 I have actually lost 30 lbs since Jan. from diet and exercise (not Mirena) I think its great..i hope it continues to be and that I dont start to have any of these symptoms.

  361. I am so happy that I found this website, I was starting to think I was losing my mind. I have had my Mirena for EXACTLY 1 year TODAY and I still have not gotten adjusted to it. I get dizzy, lightheaded, nausea, cramping, headaches, random amounts of blood (no warning, great for being in public, right!) (I had to run out of a mall with my children and my purse on my backside because a VERY large amount of blood for no reason decided to come out while I was talking to a salesgirl) and THE WORST odor in the world, that makes me hide from the world. Nothing I do seems to help and thank goodness my husband is understanding (he just worries about me and wants me to be okay) I know he notices it but is way to nice to say anything and just ignores it. I am tired ALL the time and sore, between my back and neck I am very uncomfortable. I know I have a 4 and 5 year old but that would make me tired, not all the other side effects. I too have had all the doctors saying “stick it out!!” “it is great, it will only get better” NOT, my body, my choice, I don’t know why I waited so long but on Monday I am having mine pulled, no matter how much they “insist” I keep it in! Thank you all for writing about your experiences I am not alone! Thank you.

  362. im 23 and have 2 boys ages 4 and 22 months. i have had the mirena in for about 1year and 5 months. i had been feeling sick the past few months really tired, certain smells make me sick, i just felt miserable. i took a preg test it was neg. the doc also gave me a test it was negative. i noticed i looked really bloated lately and decided i wanted a blood test. i turns out i am about 18 weeks preg. i am scared to death. i dont know what to do. they said im too preg to have the mirena removed. has this happened to anyone. my husband is also going crazy.

  363. thanks for all your replies about your experiences, i have been back to see my practive nurse at my GP,s surgery for a chat and she said my moods are probably down to the fact that my body is permnamently in PMS mode and the hormones released from the Mirena are ment to stay lower and not upper, i am going to see the doctor tomorrow with a view to getting it removed, but thanks again for letting me know your experiences a great help.

  364. My Mirena was put in by my doctors choice not mine a week ago. I simpily went in for my 3 month pap ( i had a loop procedure done 3 months ago b/c of abnormal cells). and walked out with blood runnig down my leg, horrible cramping and a 826 dollar bill due to my husband insurance doesnt pay for the Mirena. I have 2 children ages 3 and 5 1/2 months and have never felt that much pain in my life. Nor was i expecting it since i NEVER asked for it. Ive read most of these stories and to be down right honest im freaking out. I have headaces the way it is, i dont need any help with my mood swings. And to top it off my husband wont even touch me scared that its going to cut him which is a big concern of the both of ours as he is hep c postive and i am not. Not only can i not play with my 3 year old due to the cramping ,and i hurt all over, from my head to my toes. My baby is breastfed and has had masive vomiting since the day after i got it. I’m waiting on a lawyer to call us back, so until than i have leave it in until its ok with the lawyer. I would advise NOT to get the mirena.

  365. I have out breaks of ITCHY just a spot here and a spot there but they itch SO BAD.. anyone else?? I ask if it could be from the IUD and the dr told me no i had allergys!!! I know it says you do not gain weight but after I lost some of my baby weight I can not no matter if I dont eat for days i still do not lose weight. Any suggestions?? Thanks a MILLION girls!!!!!

  366. I have had the Mirena in for 4 months now!
    i do not reccommend it! I have been experiencing side affects: AWFUL HEADACHES days & weeks on end, no sex drive , moody, Depressed, stomach pain,literlly feeling as if I’m going crazy, just not feeling like my self! etc. I wanted to have the paraguard put in, but was pressured into getting the mirena! terrible choice!! I called today to make a appointment to get this thing out ASAP!! Why arn’t these company’s required to do more testing on this crap! They don’t care about people’s health they just want to make a buck!!

    Please check out this sight for more info on mirena: http://www.medications.com/se/mirena/headaches

  367. I have had Mirena for 6 months. Have had no bleeding and feel fine. I haven’t gained weight or had headaches. When they inserted it, my dr. and I were carrying on a conversation. I can’t imagine what is wrong with those of you that had to be put out or thought it painful. Maybe you had crappy doctors. It is no different than a pelvic exam. I can’t help but to think those of you with weight gain are looking for something to pin it on. I know of 4 other moms with Mirena and we all look the same. Get some exercise and put the potato chips down ladies!

  368. Wow, Wendy, I’m not sure I’ve seen such an insensitive comment on this particular post. YOU didn’t have any problems, but obviously others have. The world does not revolve around you and your 4 friends as the benchmark for Mirena. I mean, seriously, bleeding is one of the more common side effects of Mirena. COMMON! And until you know these women personally, lighten up on the judgment about the potato chips. For all you know, these women may be strict vegans. There are 390 comments here. Statistically, there are many healthy eaters among them. Again, just because YOU don’t have reactions to Mirena doesn’t mean others won’t.

  369. Hello ladies Im back… First thank you linda for responding to wendys comment…I was in awww of how someone can be so insensitive to problems that we have all had….. If youve read my previous post u know the beginging of the story… As the days went on I continued to feel worse. My body just hurt, the bleeding wouldnt stop and i havent had a period since i found out i was preg with my son in july of 07. I switched doctors (my previous family doc) and as soon as he heard the first line that i didnt ask for it he phoned me personally. I told him my problems, and my concerns with my husbands disease and he was even in awwww and DEMANDED me to come in his office to get it removed he was very concerned. I explained our insurance problem and he reasured me money wasnt the issue. I gave him my word that i would not have any relations with my husband until this was removed. SO Now…. i dont have to worry about this b/c as i was using the restroom this morning i felt something “grab” the tp. I felt to see what it was and it was the wires, so i of so gently “pulled” and with out any force at all i was holding it in my had.. THATS RIGHT LADIES it was fallin out. within 3 hours my cramping was easing up, i still hurt and still “under” the weather but im sure iwth in a few days i’ll be better..and though its only been out for 12 hrs IM NO LONGER BLEEDING….says to me something wasnt right

    HERES some of the problems ive had over the last few weeks…… severe cramping, bleeding like i just had a baby, VERY VERY moody, depressed and i felt as if my post partum depresstion was back that i had with my first baby… My husband even noticed all these changes and brought them to my attention… I felt like i was being stabed with a needle inside, yes very painful. headaches, NO sex drive, the thought made me ill.

    Sorry to be so lenghty… In my own personal opion this thing should be OFF THE MARKET, and im going to call who ever to find out why there isnt more warnings done on this thing, its been recalled once i think its time for another…

  370. No problem, Mandi. I’m the owner of this blog and try to keep an eye on everything, even these popular posts.

    Actually, it’s pretty funny. I just looked up Miss Wendy’s IP address and she arrived to the site by using a search engine. What was the topic of her search? “Vaginal Dryness, Mirena.” Hmmmm…guess she’s not exactly symptom free.

  371. hi ladies n gents,

    had the mirena iud inserted in dec 07 after a termination of pregnancy, since then ive gradually become more and more depressed, lethargic,irritible, moody, crying, weight gain of at least 20lbs, my face has been breaking out in spots and have experienced abcesses down below after hair removal.I have just this minute got off the phone with my nurse at my gps surgery, she asked why i thought the removal of the mirena would make me feel better, i replied, because i wouldnt have this hormone raging round my body!!!!! i aparently have to go to the hospital where i had it fitted, to make an appointment to have it removed!!!! I must further add THAT MY RELATIONSHIP WITH EVERYBODY HAS BEEN AFFECTED DRASTICALLY OVER THE LAST 7 MONTHS, MY PARTNER CANNOT LIVE WITH ME ANY LONGER AND IF I DONT GET THIS OUT, I MAY NOT LIVE MUCH LONGER!!!!!! SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME

  372. Hi again ladies,

    In reply to w*** post, my sister got pregnant with the mirena.
    Apparently it had moved & was not working properly.
    The doctor removed it for her (she was only 6 wks when she found out), but then 4 wks later had a miscarriage, which according to the doctor was unrelated to the removal.
    She was given the option of leaving it in, but opted to have it removed.
    They say it is relatively safe to leave it in & I hope for your sake they are correct.

    Anyway, I had my mirena removed 2 wks ago through a D & C (if you recall my previous post the strings had disappeared) & am feeling way better, no headaches, no bleeding, the tiredness is subsiding, my breasts are not rock hard & sore for the first time in years, I have had no cramps & I generally beleive I am much nicer to live with.

    The only thing I don’t know is if it is going to hurt during sex as my husband has decided he doesn’t want childern & is now refusing to have sex with me.
    He completely understands that I need to give my body rest from extra hormones, but with my newly increased libido I want it soooo bad & he doesn’t like condoms. If it’s not one thing it’s another.

    At least I feel better health wise.

  373. Hi Ladies…

    Here is my story, maybe you can help in telling me what is up…

    I had Mirena put in Dec. 29th, 2006 about 2 weeks after my 6 week postpartum. I bled till March 5, 2007 and was completely fine for 8 months. Then I spotted for 2 days but only when I wiped. There was no need for panty liners or pads. This happened 2 more times and now 1 month since my last 2 day spot, I am having cramping and spotting that is requiring me to use a pad for just a little over week. The cramping isn’t bad just annoying but I am beginning to wonder if the thing moved and is irritating my cervix and that is why I keep spotting.

    I have a call into my OBGYN… any thoughts? Thanks.

  374. I am so glad to have found websites such as this. I had my Mirena inserted about 7 weeks ago and am going Monday to have it removed. I have three friends who have Mirena two have had only minimal problems while one has been bleeding for 4 years. I can’t imagine going through that. I have been to the doctor twice to have it removed and both times have left feeling like an idiot because he assured me that my excessive bleeding/clotting would go away, the weight gain had nothing to do with it, the pelvid discomfort must be gastro and mood swings must be just rough times. He has assured me the Mirena has no side effects, HUH? I am just relieved to know I am not losing my mind. I am really only nervous about the after effects of having it removed. I have read some scary things about some real serious bleeding after removal.

  375. Okay, so this is nuts if it is being caused by the Mirena…

    Spotting and cramping for 11 days now… My OBGYN will not see me till it has been 2 weeks. I totally did not expect this since it has been over 1.5 years with it in and no problems till now.

    I am also breaking out too.

  376. I got the mirena inserted in early February of 2006. It didn’t hurt really bad. It felt like a regular exam just lasted longer. I didn’t cramp or even spot. I’ve always had short periods, two days of light bleeding usually, and after one small period my monthlies totally stopped.
    I’ve always had the symptoms I thought, being irritable, skin breaking out and all the other stuff that goes with it. I’ve never been one to really focus on when I feel bad though. If I get sick I stick it out, that’s why I never really noticed that the pms symptoms had went from just occasionally like before the mirena to almost everyday.
    I feel bloated, I get mad at even the littlest things, I cramp almost everyday (not bad but consistently).
    My sex drive has disappeared completely (as opposed to it being very high before)
    I’ve always had headaches because of caffeine and sugar. If I don’t get them I get a headache, recently they’ve lessened because i’ve been avoiding them altogether.
    I’ve noticed some changed in my vision too, previously always been 20/20, but I figured my eyes were just becoming weaker because I work on a computer all day
    I’ve even had hairloss, i’ve got alot of long hair so you can’t just see the difference but I notice when I brush my hair and everyday alot of hair is left on the brush and I don’t even have to touch my hair and more hair is left on my shirt or just nearby.
    Sad to say that while reading some of the first posts it still didn’t occur to me to think that maybe it wasn’t just stress, kids, work, trying to keep the house respecable or just being extremely busy in general. However I read a few things out loud and after 5-6 of my husbands muttered “that’s you” and “you’ve got that” I feel now that maybe it’s not just me.

    I only looked up info on the mirena again to find out some experiences on what it feels like getting it removed because my appointment is tomorrow morning. Would have been nice to know all this two years ago.
    Thanks for all the very insightful posts.

  377. This is insane! I had my second daughter on January 31st and got mirena inserted 8 wks later. I was so amped about it because I had previously tried using the pill(low dose) and it made me so sick. When I saw the mirena ad while pregnant I just knew it was for me. My Ob was very positive about me having it placed. Well a couple of months ago I started feeling really sick, and sluggish. I just could not get out of the rut that I was in. I was moody and just felt crappy all around. It has continued that way, but now on top of that I have been having almost insatiable hunger which has resulted in no weight loss, low sex drive which has caused stress in our marriage, cramps and spotting/bleeding, lots of clear discharge and that odor, that some of y’all have been talking about. I feel fresh after I get out of the shower but that’s it really. I found this sight last night after another episode of my stomach going crazy. I was actually trying to find out how common it was to get pregnant while on mirena, because I was thinking maybe I was one of the one percent, and stumbled across this page. I called my Dr this morning and am having this thing taken out today at 3:30. We celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary this month, we love our kids and may want more later on, definately not now. I am scared because I don’t know what other options we have. We tried “safe sex” and got pregnant when our oldest daughter was only 10 months old. I don’t know what else to do.

  378. 2 months after insertion and I’ve finally stopped bleeding! Hallelujah! However… my regularly scheduled period should be here in a week, lol. And Wendy, you’re very mean… you and your dry vagina. I have reported being symptom free several times but I’m starting to have alot of dizzy episodes. I’m dieting to get back to my pre-baby weight so that COULD be the cause of it, but others have posted dizziness so I hope it’s not the start of something. Lots of luck to you all as always.

  379. LOL Evelyn’s Mom! (“…you and your dry vagina.”) Thanks very much Linda for this site, as my story is very much like that of most of the others here. Was “sold” on it postpartum but it was “on backorder” to where I had to call periodically for a few weeks to pay the $500 to have it put in. A couple of months later I’m back my OBGYN to have it removed, had to wait a couple of hours only for him to talk me out of it, insisting there wasn’t “enough” hormone for it to be the cause of all the side effects I believed I was experiencing from it, persuading me to “give it more time,” etc.

    I’ve never before even had so much as a yeast infection, let alone STD, etc., but tonight (after months of incessant bleeding/cramping) the abdominal pain and swelling became so bad that I started off researching IUDs & PID! That eventually led me to this haven, and, after reading ALL the posts from here and a few elsewhere, I removed the freaking thing myself. I would NOT recommend anyone else doing this; it just so happens that in MY case my doc apparently did not trim the coils AT ALL AND the thing was in my estimation hanging pretty low anyway, so in my case it worked. I think my abdominal pain may have been caused by it being too low, as the pressure seems to be letting up already. But again, I AM BY NO MEANS RECOMMENDING SELF REMOVAL IN GENERAL–most of you will have had your coils snipped, unlike me, and if you’ve had it in awhile, it is likely to be much higher up than in my case.

    Thanks again for this sanity-restoring board!

  380. So here is my short story… On depo for 13 years and loved it (no periods, period.), but could no longer take it as started to develop osteopenia. Opted for the mirena iud. Installation was a little uncomfortable and I spotted for a week or so. The next two to three weeks were fabulous – good lovin’, no spotting, no discomfort–my husband could feel the strings though… Then for the next year on and off unpredictable spotting, a little hair falling out at first, zero sex drive, constipation, and I swear I could feel it at almost all times. I had it removed last week and am THRILLED to have it gone – no pain for removal at all! Am on the pill now…

  381. I have had the mirena for nine and a half months and I am going to get it removed thursday. I have severe headaches, nausea, painful intercourse, and the worse mood swings ever. The strings cut my fiance’s penis and sex is very painful for me. I also have been having foul discharge and sharp pain in my lower abdomen. Mirena kept me from getting pregnant so for that I am thankful but now I’ve had enough. I got pregnant on the pill and the patch and depo is not an option so as far as birth control goes, I’m lost. If I do ge pregnant again I will get my tubes tied I will never get Mirena again. My sister and best friend also have Mirena and have had no problems, good for them.

  382. It has only been three days since I have had Mirena removed, but I really do feel better I have had no cramps, no sickness/dizziness, normal appetite etc. I felt like my boobs had gone down a bit, but I didn’t say anything to anyone about it (thought it was in my head). My sister came by yesterday and the first thing she said was “your boobs are smaller”. I feel such a sense of relief b/c I truly believe that thing was causing me to have all those wacky side effects, that doctors are swearing that it does not cause. I have always been a little weary of these hormones and prescription drugs cause it seems like every other day I see one of those commercials saying “if you or a loved one has used ___ and has experienced ___” call whatever lawyer to be a part of some lawsuit. This really has put me on edge now, these things are dangerous, despite what everyone may be saying.

  383. I have had the Mirena for about 9 months. I had horrific cramping for the first 3 months followed by 3 months of constant mild cramping and then the last few months the cramping has not been constant but is definately severe. I never experienced cramping before I got the Mirena inserted and I am not enjoying it. I have pretty much spotted every day since I had the thing inserted. About 2 weeks ago I started bleeding heavy with large clots so I’m wondering if now I’ve lost it. I’ve never been able to feel the strings so I have no idea whether its there or not but from what I’ve read seems logical to conclude that its gone. Anyone else have a similar experience?

  384. OMG… I knew it!!!!!! There are others out there with the same symptoms as me. I had Mirena put in after #3 was born in Aug 07, I had it put in 7wks later. I got it to avoid having to get my tubes tied. Which im so glad I did not do. 🙂 After insertion, which was very uncomfy for me even after taking ibprofen. I bled for 6more week after having it in… so I had bled for 3mths by that point from having my baby then having it put in.. I have always had bad cramps, I have called about my symptoms, they told me I was just tired, then went in for an appt. where I was told it was all im my head and I was making my symptoms up, thinking about it to much I guess, well I never believed that for a second, I have had non stop cramping since insertion, MOOD SWINGS!! my poor children probably hate me, and my SO wonders what the HECK is wrong with me.. I told him it was this stupid IUD, I dont think he believes me… I HAVE NOT HAD A SEX DRIVE SINCE INSERTION.. I could care less to have sex again…Even though I would like another baby at some point, I am going to get it taken out at my annual pap, I just cant take it anymore… I cramp and spot, cramp more spot.. WTH!! I dont wanna deal with that and every week for that matter. I hate this thing, as I am very happy I didnt go permanet I hate this IUD. I am going to get back on the PILL!!!! Thank you for being out there to let me know im NOT the only ONE

  385. I had my mirena for 6 months and so one night my husband and I had sex and my mirena came out the next morning in the shower. I was scared because what if I get pregnant? then I went to see my doctor and she didnt understand why it came out. So I decided to leave it out and stick to condoms but its been two moths now after my mirena expelled itself and I still havent gotten my period. PLEASE HELP ME IF YOU MIGHT NO WHAT THE PROBLEM IS.

  386. OMG! I am so glad I found this site. I had one inserted 3 months ago and HATE it. I have not stopped bleeding and having the worst cramps ever. I think if my hair doesn’t start falling out soon I will be bald, and now that I see all these comments maybe post partum depression wasn’t what was wrong with me. I am really considering taking this out myself right now! I kept trying to figure out why I couldn’t lose any weight no matter how much exercise and dieting I did. Now I know. This is an awful thing and I won’t be reccomending it to anyone I know. Has anyone else tried taking it out themselves?

  387. I am glad I stumbled across all this information. i thought I was going crazy and my doctors make me feel as if I am as well. I have this horrible acne rash on my arms, legs, back, neck and now starting on my face. They claim there is NO way it is my mirena. So they told me to seek out a skin specialist. (I have never in my life had skin problems). I had the device put in 4 weeks after I had my daughter jan 08. I didnt have ppd. Then about 4 months ago I was begining to be sad and going thru some depression issues. Once again couldnt be the mirena! I had many issues that I just brushed off like nothing. I had spotted for 3 months like I was warned I would prob do.

    I have regular cycles and periods so I can’t complain about that. But is it worth the headaches, lightheadedness, acne, hives, exzema, fatigue(like prego tired), NO SEX DRIVE (my poor husband), when we do have sex he feels the strings and it hurts for me, hot flashes/night sweats, the odor down there, and of course who can forget that I work out 2 times a day everyday and have gained weight. I was 115 when I got prego with my daughter. I was 173 when I had her. At my 4 week apointment when I had the device implanted I weighed in at 136. So I was very excited I was losing the weight nicely, my old jeans were not far off and with a little working out I would look like myself again. After having it implanted I started working out once a day and eating healthy and ended up losing nothing. So I tried working out twice a day and I have actually gained weight. Almost 10 pounds! I am at 146 right now and back in my prego jeans. No wonder woman say they are experiencing depression. I am depressed too that I am gaining weight and working hard to lose it! UGH Don’t think the nothing having to take a pill each day and 99% part is enough for me. So it has been 7 months and I am def gonna get it taken out, if I can find a doctor who will do it. Most tell you they will go away! Let you all know how it goes

  388. Hello all!!! I got my mirena removed today and I feel great. I slowly feel myself getting back to the old me. I wish everyone luck.

  389. I have been reading about the side effects of Mirena for the past few weeks. I wish I would have done this before I had it inserted. I trusted my house doctor of 14 years. How foolish!

    I had Mirena inserted on August 1st. Had it removed September 25th. ( yesterday)
    I was told there were no side effects what so ever since it does not go into your blood stream. I don’t do well with hormones.
    Within 3 weeks I went back to my doctor to let him know about my symptoms.

    Sudden extreme weight gain. (11 Lbs in 3 weeks)
    Cramping, bad odor, extreme fatigue, depression.

    He told me could not be from Mirena, To give it 1 more months.

    Well, more weight gain ( 8lbs) and than the headaches started.

    Everyday all day! Depression got worst. Swelling of the legs and hands.

    I called my OBGN begged for an emergency appoinment.

    I told him about my symptoms he did not say anything.

    Only that ” everything in life has a side effect” at least he did not deny it like my other doctor.

    It been 24 hours since I had it removed.
    I feel less bloated , less depressed, no headache, less fatigue.

    BTW removal was very little pain ad it took about 30 seconds.

    I will keep posting about the process.

    I understand that a lot of women have positive experiences with this. How wonderful for them , I wish I would have been one of them. But please don’t believe any of these doctors that the Mirena cannot effect you in any way.

    I wonder of they get a % for each one they sell.

    Just a thought!

  390. It’s been almost 1 week since thr removal of Mirena.

    I feel amazing. No headaches, my breasts stopped hurting. No depression. Still a little fatigue but much more energy.

    I started my period 24 hours after removal. Also I am urinating a lot.

    A lot.

    Oh, yes the weight is starting to come off with no changes in diet or increase in exercise.

  391. I just got mine put in 10/1 and did not know that it was best to have it inserted while on your period as mine had just ended. It was painful going in, like a very intense PAP smear.

    No soon after it was inserted my period came back and it’s been heavy and light. I’ve been very tired lately, but that was definitely due to other circumstances. However, I’m still feeling a bit crampy and I’m a bit sick of the bleeding.

    I’ll check in after my one-month follow-up to see if anything has changed. Me and my husband have not had sex yet, so I’m not sure of the string thing. We’ll see,,, I’ll let you all know…

  392. i got mine put in jan 2008 and i hate it i am going to make an app to get it out. i have unexplained abd pain that i have been to a gi dr for and nothing is wrong. i have pain and pressure when i have to pee. no sex drive. depressed feeling. i cant take it i have severe abd pain that i cant stand that wakes me up in the night i never wanted to think that this could do that to me. then i talked with a girl that i work with and she got pregnant with one in and it killed her baby they couldnt remove it while she was pregnant and the baby was born dead with the iud in its head how sad is that… i know that all my abdominal pains stem from this time and when i push down low on my abdomin it hurts so bad i have lots of gas and bloating it hurts so bad i cant take it anymore. i put on about 10-15 lbs from this thing. i would never tell anyone to get this thing maybe ok for menapause but not for birthcontrol for anyone. will update upon removal of this devil….

  393. It’s been a month since removal of Mirena. I have dropped a size already. Feeling great, everything is back to normal.

  394. WOW. I want everyone to take a wonderful look back at Wendy’s comments on Aug 28th. And then read mine……. ok then all done?…Who peed in your cornflakes? I figure skated for 13 years … I roller blade , play tennis , I have an 11 year old girl and a 2 year old boy . After I got this tragic thing called mirena inserted, my life is no longer joyful. Put down the potato chips you say? why not shove them up your attitude. There are thousands of us suffering from this damn thing. So when you try to say that we all have bad doctors…. maybe what really happened is your doctors never put the damn thing in… ever think about that? So have fun with your friends and leave all of us normal people that are trying to connect to others to make sense of our ordeal alone. If you don’t have something nice to say, SHUT UP!


  395. Ok now to my own real comments… has anyone found a good way to overcome the fatigue. I cant get out of bed half of the time and I have had everything checked out. I am fine. Also I have had 2 UTI’s in the past 2 months…. anyone with that problem as well? And thank you to this website because if I have to hear from one more person….”When are you due” I am going to have a meltdown. I only have this strange bloat at the top of my tummy. UG!! ok I feel better now and I apologize for my sarcasm ahead of time.


  396. I’ve had my mirena in for a little over a month… When I went back for the 2 week checkup she had planned to cut the strings but didn’t because the mirena was far enough in that she didn’t have to. I don’t feel the strings at ALL, and up until now I thought that was normal. Every poster here seems to be able to feel atleast one. Just wondering if this is acceptable or if is a potential problem. I have to add, this Mirena is giving me almost unbearable cramps… almost like labor contractions! My husband can feel the mirena as well, and he says sometimes it does hurt a little bit. I have bled non-stop so far, and I feel dizzy and tired all the time. I’m trying to wait it out, though, because I love the idea of “freedom” but to be honest these side effects are anything but freeing!!!

  397. To Darlene:

    I cannot feel my strings either, however… my boyfriend can and he says that it hurts a little. It’s never injured him though. I’ve had mine for about 4 months now and I’d guess that I bled for about 2 months so just bear with it. I never had cramps though and the doctor said that the reason I don’t feel it when I check is as simple as just having short fingers. If you’re husband can feel it, then you’re probably fine.

    The only complaint that I have is that it stops my period completely… I’m going to freak out every time that I miss it and think that I’m pregnant. I NEED to see my period to validate that I’m not, lol.

  398. I had a Mirena inserted four days ago. I’m wondering if anyone has had a similar experience to mine – specifically, I want to know if my symptoms are going to go away.

    I am having severe cramping. I’m still spotting. I’ve the weird smell people are mentioning.

    I also am suffering from nausea. When not feeling nauseous I have no appetite at all.

    I also have dry mouth.

    Extreme bloating – it feels like someone has attached a cement belt to my waist – it doesn’t even feel like a part of me.

    Extreme mood swings. I have been crying for days now and when out in public suffering from weird rage.

    I also have no sex drive – and vaginal dryness (although this could be due to feeling crappy in general, it’s never been a barrier to my sex drive before.).

    I am in my early 30s and have never had a child. The insertion was massively painful.

    If my doctor’s office weren’t closed for the day I’d have made the appointment to get it removed.

    If the symptoms are going to subside then I’ll persevere – but it looks as though women who have no problems merrily enjoy the Mirena whilst those who do never improve. I’m not sure what to do. It’s looking like it was a very expensive experiment.

  399. This comment is for Jess

    I’ll be having my one month follow-up after the initial insertion. And yes I was cramy for the first week or two and I have been off and on bleeding, like bleeding-bleeding…. I would bleed then it would stop of a day or two, then bleed like my heaviest period.

    I have noticed the odor… I hate to take it “there” but it’s like a a “skunk-ish” smell. I shower every day, but I smell it, my husband may smell it and is not saying any thing. All I know is I’m gonna have to douche soon bec. the smell is unbearable to me.

    I haven’t ever had a child either and it did hurt like *%$#! going in. My moodiness comes and goes, but I think overall, I’m better now than I was two weeks ago.

    Everyone is different and my heart goes out to the women who have it worse than I do…

  400. Hi,
    I have had mine for over 1 year now. This morning, while I was peeing the cramps were so bad that I passed out and woke up on the floor. My husband had to carry me to bed. This is not the 1st time this has happened. My Dr. told me that this is not a side effect of my Mirena. I have had EKG’s and EEG’s and they show nothing. My cramps are getting increasing unbearable. They remind me of labor pains, I try to breathe through them but I have to physically stop moving and wait for the cramps to pass. I will be calling my doctor in the morning. Before Mirena I had very light periods and mild cramps. Now I am getting my period every 2 weeks for approximately 7-14 days each time. I have terrible mood swings. No acne problem but I am having trouble losing the weight. I hate the thought of remembering my pill everyday. I think I will go back to Depo, seemed to work best for me. Good luck to all of you.

  401. I had just got my mirena put in oct.9th and everything has been great up until last friday. I was just wondering if excessive itching is part of the side effects using mirena?

  402. This is for Brittany…
    You itch like all over your body, never knowing where you are going to itch next??? I am like that and get really red!!! I ask about iching and the DR told me that it does not cause that. PLease write back and let me know.

  403. This is for Stephanie.

    Yes! I Itch all over! Mainly my legs and my arms. And I have itch so hard to where i have broken the skin! I’m actually going to be making a appt. with my doctor and I will let you know what they tell me. Because I had asked a pharmacist and she said that it COULD cause you to itch. She also told me the reason I could be itching from it is that I might be allergic to somthing in it. I would go get another opinion if I was you. But I will update you on my appt.

  404. Hi,

    I have had my Mirena in for 3 yrs, hurt like hell with the insertion, lumpy painful breasts since it’s been in and now my bones have become brittle. Had two bad fractures this year alone, one I had to have surgery and now I have broken my hand. I’m only 40 yrs old and after further investigation you can have increased chances of osteoporosis with certain doses of progestins (Mirena!!). So I’m going to get this bloody thing out asap. Watch out girls I don’t rate this device AT ALL!!!!

  405. % Brittany
    Thanks so much, yea I itch all over then when I scratch it , it leaves big red welps!!! I went to the DR 2ce and he told me I had an allergen to somthing in the air, but I did not itch before this thing!!!I dont know how long you have had your but I have had mine since Feb 08 and the itching started a few hours after and has not stoped!!!! This is the only side -effect that I have though (I am so sorry for the rest of you) oh yea and the weight gain, they said you should not gain weight but that is a load of bull….thanks so much please keep me posted!

  406. This is for wendy {Aug 28th}

    You have a big nerve telling all of us that we are pretty much exagerating these symptoms. Just because you are 1 out of 1000 women who had the mirena put in who had no symptoms at all. So why dont you stop taking time out of your day just to criticize people and mind your business.!

  407. Hello ladies.

    I’ve had the mirena for about 3 months now, and I am calling tomorrow to have it removed.
    Vaginal odor…check plus
    Cramping…check plus
    Low libido…check
    Cysts…check plus
    About a month and a half ago I woke up from a dead sleep at 3 am screaming and writhing in pain, I was curled up bawling my eyes out, I had lost my job and had no insurance, so I really didn’t want to go to the ER but after 3 hours my boyfriend insisted and took me. I got pain medication right away then a catscan and a vaginal ultrasound where they told me I had a 4.8 cm cyst on my right ovary, perscribed me more medication for pain and sent me on my happy way.
    I haven’t stopped bleeding but for maybe a day or so here and there, I will still wake up in the middle of the night in pain.
    To whoever told me to put down the potato chips and excersize, you’re rude, and inconsiderate, I am 100 percent VEGAN, have an incredibly healthy diet and lifestyle, and still managed to gain 7 lbs…eating only vegetables.
    And to whoever else said mind over matter, yeah…no matter how much I tell myself I don’t have any vaginal odor, even though I think *real* hard…if my boyfriend doesn’t shower after sex, he can still smell it, fully clothed, hours later, so can I, even when I shower. I have never smelled bad before, especilly being vegan, there have been days of bikeriding and running in the middle of the summer, where I never smelled even 1/10th of how I smell now.
    Its disgusting. I hate mirena.
    I hate my cysts
    I hate the vaginal odor
    I hate my newly found 7lbs on my tummy
    Oh and my huge breasts, sore as anything, and none of my bras fit.

    If my dr won’t take it out, I will.

  408. Hi, I just got the mirena two weeks ago. I’ve had this vaginal odor for about a week now.I went to the dr. on wed. to see if it was implanted correctly, and i told her about the odor and discharge, i’m waiting on the results. talk about serious birth control. I don’t even want my husband to get close to me. I’ve been taking two showers a day. I wonder if others can smell it. I don’t think i can go through this much longer. I wanted to get a tubal but no one wants to do it being that i’m 28, I have two kids and that’s enough. I think i’m gonna get it removed.

  409. I just had my mirena taken out three days ago cause i was gaining weight like crazy, headaches, mood swings. Today I started my period and I am bleeding really bad. Within 20 minutes I changed my pad 4 times. I don’t know if this is normal or not but it is scary.

  410. hi i,ve had i,m for about 7 weeks i,m gettin it removed on friday i,ve had none stop bleeding really bad headaches,bad cramps ,feeling tired ,moods swings ,feeling really depressed,crying and feeling sick and dizzy i want to know how long it takes to be back to normal when you,ve had it removed ? thanx gem xxxx

  411. hi, i thought i would check out if anyone had any problems with their mirens implant and wow! i can’t believe how many people sound like me. i got mine after my third baby in march. i want mine out! but i hope they can give me some drugs cuz when it when in i thought i was gonna die! any i have had 2 no drug labors with 10 pound babies and this was just as bad, but i got no cute baby out of it! my cervix tore when they put the clamp on. the clamp popped off during the procedure… so lots of bleeding and almost passed out on the drive home from the pain. now i can bleed (not too heavy) for weeks at a time or nothing for 2 months. the head aches and the mood swings are what’s getting me down though. and it always feels swollen and sore inside, so sex sucks now. it’s hard to have fun when it is so sore. my friends love theirs’ but for me i think it isn’t going to work. my breasts hurt like hell for 2 weeks out of the month now. and i feel depressed and overwhelmed now. my cramps are longer but better than they were without it so that’s good , but i think daddy is gonna get snipped instead!

  412. I have had my mirena since Mar 08 and I have had periods like normal, until this month. I suddenly did not have a period. I waited until it was 6 weeks since my last period and called my doctor like the information says. I took a pregnancy test and it came back negative. My doctor told me it was normal not to have a period and made me feel like an idiot for calling. What should I do?

  413. hi i,ve had mine removed its a good job i did when i went they weighed me first and since i had it in i gained 14lb in 7 weeks i was dietin when i had it in .the doctor said there is no way u can put that much weight on she asked what i had bin eating and have i concidered a diet i thought cheeky cow , i said i am on a diet and have bin doing really well eating the right things and bin going to the gym i ca,nt believe that doctors can be so crawl thought they was there to help not to give u abuse

  414. Daphne,
    I have had mine since Feb 08 and I have only had 1 period since then and that was right after in was out in! So if that helps you any??…. I take a test every now and then just to make sure so dont feel dumb I thought the same thing.

  415. I wish I could know aobut all this before having my Mirena. I only read about the good and not the side effects. I had an Essure two years ago but one of my tubes remained opened and got pregnant. Got the Depo and had non-stop periods for a whole year so I decided to get the Mirena on Oct 9. Have two kids and don’t want any more. I still haven’t had a real period, can’t feel the strings, have headaches and my breasts are tender and hurt all the time. Have no weight problem at all. Wondering if the breast tenderness will go away cause they hurt all the time. Cramping was bad for only two days after insertion, no cramps at all now, only the breast problem. Will this go away? Thinking about getting it removed! Thanks for your comments. Wish you luck with this issue!

  416. I have been on Mirena for about 5months and I have had all the same symptoms as you girls! The one thats really affecting my life is the moodyness oah my god!! I have to say though maybe I have been lucky but I lost weight since getting it in. I have enjoyed no periods but couldnt believe I could survive after bleeding for 3months (boy are women strong creatures!) Needless to say Im alive and really enjoying no periods! On the down side for me I cant take my hormonal changes and I may make a apointment to get her removed (I cant see putting my family through this..I also experienced huge amounts of heeling-over pain about a month into it Im not sure what happened but I was crying holding my stomach..(should have gotten it out then!!)I think I will go back to the messy spermacides adleast I dont get moody on them!!

  417. I have also had headaches, but haven’t been able to associate them with anything else. I have the stomach cramps just recently. It’s really uncomfortable when I do my kegels. I can’t tell when I’m on my period. I don’t like that. CAN YOU SAY VAGINAL ODOR! NOW THAT’S JUST NOT RIGHT. THIS IS WHY I AM CONSIDERING REMOVAL. I have had mirena for appx. 6mo. now. The blood that is spotting is what smells. It’s not just the smell of normal period blood. It stinks. I have been experiancing this for about 2wks now. I’m glad I found this site.

  418. I have had Mirena since end of July 08. I have to say that I had some off and on bleeding and cramping was insane! (I have two kids and nothing like that kinda pain) I was moody and really tired. But for the past two months I have been better. I have had one period in that time frame. (lasted about three or four days) and all of the zits I got are gone. (thank God!) Now my onle complaint is that my hubby can feel the strings (but not so much that it throws him off his game) and now I can feel like two inches of my string compared to the fingertip length I was feeling. Calling the gyno tomorrow to make sure everything is good. (cause I really don’t want to get preggers again!

  419. I had the mirena put in about 2 weeks and I am hoping the side effects get better. The pain putting it in was awful, I almost passed out when the dr. clamped my cervex and inserted it (side note: I have no children yet so that might have had to do with the pain). I feel like I have been pmsing for 2 weeks and I just had my period…I am extremely exhausted all the time, I have massive cramps every day (esp. after I eat anyone else?), bloated, acne, bleeding, and not to mention odor. I consider myself a very clean person, usually showering at least once a day, the mirena is making such an odor its embarrassing. My boyfriend has noticed it as well just from having sex, which ruins the mood for me because its mortifying to be smelly while having sex (I dont mind the sex smell but this is different) so this week I douched 2x but the odor is still there.

    HELP: Has anyone found anything that takes the odor away? or does it get better? This could be a make or break for me! lol Although this is a weird personal question this site seems to be a place to ask it. Thanks.

  420. The mirena was having a hugely detrimental effect on my sex life – my partner was suffering real pain from the wire (that’s the only name I can give it as it is definitely like medium-grade fuse wire). Also, my sex drive had diminished quite considerably.

    After enduring the thing for 16 months, I ended up taking it out myself which took about 15 seconds and was remarkably easy. (Getting it inserted was an absolute nightmare – a horrible, sickening pain that was worse in many ways than giving birth). I thought about getting the wire trimmed but came to the conclusion that shorter wires could be even more lethal.

    Feel much, much better without it. The only good thing was the lack of periods but it’s not worth the sacrifice.

  421. The mirena was having a hugely detrimental effect on my sex life – my partner was suffering real pain from the wire (that’s the only name I can give it as it is definitely like medium-grade fuse wire). Also, my sex drive had diminished quite considerably.

    After enduring the thing for 16 months, I ended up taking it out myself which took about 15 seconds and was remarkably easy. (Getting it inserted was an absolute nightmare – a horrible, sickening pain that was worse in many ways than giving birth). I thought about getting the wire trimmed but came to the conclusion that shorter wires could be even more lethal.

    Feel much, much better without it. The only good thing was the lack of periods but it’s not worth the sacrifice.

  422. Corina–

    I don’t know what to say about the odor. I smell something a little weird for the first few months, but now nothing. And I would know if it was still weird because lets just say my hubby and I have an “all-position” sex life. I have two kids, and the pain of getting the Mirena put in was INSANE!!! I would rather have another child. (I had no pain meds when I had my kids) I also had acne.

    Now, it all seems to be going away. Like I said, no odor anymore. The acne has been a lot better than it was, and I have had one period in two months. (PRAISE THE LORD!!) I do feel a little crampy around the time before my last period started and brought it up with my gyno and they said it was okay. (IB Profen took the pain away)

    The wire pain has gotten a lot better since I got the wire trimmed. The other night was the first time my hubby felt it since getting trimmed and he just “exited” and “re-entered” and it was fine. (bad spot I guess) So I guess it just depends. I hope it gets better for you. I can’t say that it should because we are all different, but at least give it a try. =) Need anything else or to know anything else just write back addressing my name so I can see it. Good Luck!

  423. I’ve had a Mirena 5 1/2 years — got a new one about 6 months ago. Though it was the cat’s meow, until…

    I’ve been gradually losing hair, more so since the new Mirena. My derm said it could be from Mirena and I’ve been Googling since. Lots of information re: hair loss and Mirena. I could not get the f—ing thing out soon enough! Had it removed two days after derm appointment. It was nice to have hassle-free sex and minimal periods, but not close to being worth the hair loss. I wish the side effects were tracked a little better and that doctors would warn you about them. When I got it put in my gyne said the hormones were so minimal and localized as to be insignificant. Well, they aren’t. Anything that can stop your periods and ovulation aren’t minimal. Should have done more homework on the front end. Going to get a copper IUD, please wish me luck! Best wishes to all of you!

  424. I have had mirena for 4 months I had bleeding for 3 1/2 of those its nomal then it stopped and I am time of the month free but now I have horrible migrains cramps and my legs lose feeling and I fall over myself alot some times my headaches last for 10 hours even with pain meds my eye sight scatters around and im sick of everything getting blurry I cant get it taken out I cant afford the hospitle bills and my insurance cant seem to find me a doctor who will take my insurance and clinics or doctors want money up front i have 2 boys and im 19 I cant afford all that I work and stay with my kids and now i feel like my kids mom myself is fading away I wish I never got this I hope they fix it for all the other women out their

  425. I had my mirena put in on Dec 23. It hurt getting placed and I had severe cramps for a few days but now I almost forget I have it in. I have some discharge maybe 1 or 2 days of the week but nothing that would cause a problem. My husband says he can’t feel the strings and it doesn’t hurt to have sex in the least. Also, I used to have bad acne but in the last few weeks it seems to have improved. No mood swings or pain so far. I like mine!

  426. I have had the mirena since august 08 and have had maybe a week of not bleeding. My migraines have gotten worst. I also have this odor sometimes, along with huge blood clots that almost looks like the liver they sell in the grocery store. I was so excited this weekend because my son went to his grandparents for the weekend and me and my husband finally had a break to ourselves, which is rare. and this was the week i was bleeding. i had a awsome weekend with my husband, we were saying seems like things were getting back to normal since this week of not bleeding. only to wake up this morning in servere pain, cramps, and it felt like if u dont insert a tampon in all the way, i knew i didnt have a tampon on so when i check it was the mirena had come out. so im off to the dr at 2:50. i also get the dry mouth and also before the mirena i would only bleed like 1-2 days. I think im going back to the nuvaring which had my mirgraines a little under control.

  427. ok so ive had my mirena in for about 5 days now. the day i went to get the implant the first mirena wouldnt go in!! she tried three painful times, so we stopped and she got another one and it was successful after one try…but ive already had some pretty severe side effects i ve ben to the emergency room and everything the docs said something about my mirena causing my vagina to be inflammed! at first i had really strong cramps i mean strong like con tractions!! i felt like i was going into labor, then the nausia and vomitting, and bleeding 🙁 …that was about three days ago. the pain finally subsided so i went ahead and tried to have sex with my fiance` and it was so painful, no matter what position we tried, now im having really bad itchying, and change in color and odor or my discharge, its gross i dont even want my fiance` to touch me i feel horrible….i want it removed already!

  428. i just got my mirena a little over a week ago. so far things are ok. i like that you can be so spontaneous about sex .. and thats pretty much the only good thing. at first the stings hurt my partner but now theyve seemed to wound up and are out of the way which is great. im still bleeding and cramping a little but that really doesnt bother me .. yet. im glad i found this site where everyone was complaining about the same problem i do because the WORST thing about this mirena is the smell. seriously ive never smelled in my life. its not fishy either so i doubt its anything like a bv. and its nothing like a yeast infection. the blood just smells awful, its really unexplainable. u cant smell it unless im checking the strings or during sex but still this bothers me the most. my gyno said she didnt smell anything and my pap was clean. but im not stupid it smells .if someone would of told me about it i would have never gotten this stupid thing. if it doesnt stop soon im having it removed … if your thinking about getting the mireana DONT.

  429. I got my Mirena inserted in July 08 on the advice of my doctor. She believed that it would help even out the extreme mood swings I was having. The insertion was horrifically painful with intense cramps for 2 days afterward.

    My periods stopped about 3 months ago which is about the only good thing to come out of this. My mood swings went from bad to outrageous. I feel just horrible snapping at my husband and 4 year old daughter for next to nothing. I get easily overwhelmed and cry frequently.

    And 6 weeks ago, the cramping started – low in the pelvis then radiating up and wrapping around my lower back. Like intense menstrual cramps without the bleeding. More intense on my left side.

    Other bizarre symptoms include food tasting strange, frequent urination, and “menstrual smell” without the bleeding. It seems to be cyclical though. Not monthly but about every two weeks.

    I am making an appointment to see my doctor next week. The irritability itself is bad enough to be detrimental to the well-being of my family. I simply can’t continue like this. If it is not the Mirena, I certainly hope she can figure out what it is.

  430. Hi all – Im glad i’m not alone I had the mirena fitted 6 years ago and kept it for 3 years with no problems at all – I had it removed to try to have another baby, which I have achieved but it took me 3 years to concieve! After my beautiful baby boy was born in August 08, I decided to have the mirena inserted again as last time it was hassle free no periods ect. This time round was a totally different matter! from day one I bled, my spots are really bad, my belly looked like I was pregnant again, weight gain, complete loss of sex drive, tearful, smelly odour. I was going to give it 1 more month to see if things calmed down a bit, but my body must have decided it had had enough of this awful device and it fell out yesterday morning while I was on toilet! Now I have severe bleeding and am waiting to see the doctor on thursday. All I can say is it is a good job Ive had no sex drive, as Im wondering how long the mirena has not been where it should be, I really could not cope with more babies yet! I personnaly think the must have changed the mirena over the years, because 1st time excellent – this time AWFUL never AGAIN!

  431. OH MY MY MY! I am SO glad I happened to chance upon this site. I have just gone to the gyn after 6 long years of not going & 2 years of HEAVY bleeding & cramping with very erratic periods and was given several choices to consider once my results from tests are in. Minera was just one of them and now that i have read ALL these comments, I will chose NOT to take the chance of having any of the side effects of this implantation thanks to all of you who have taken the time to tell of your experiences.

    I was bleeding SO bad this month, I almost went to ER. HUGE clots like the size of OMG, I can’t even describe them, they were SO huge and after 9 long days, I finally stopped. Only to start spotting in between twice in the last week which has never happened to me, ever. At 38, I have 2 children, have had 2 miscarriages and my periods are completely screwed up!

    I had a pap smear, te endrometric biopsy (which hurt SO bad, I cried) and a vaginal u;trasound *I didn’t even know they had these it has been SO long since my last female exam*.

    So, he says once the results are back, I have a few options to comsider if everything checks out ok….the Novasure Endrometrial abrasion, Minera, some low dose hormones that I would take in pill form 10 days each month or I quit smoking & go on the pill but, that wouldn’t wokr anyways since I could never take the pill because it makes me sick. Or, he also suggested Depo but, I had that after my 11 year old was born…I took only 1 shot and NEVER again! I couldn’t wait until it was out of my system! I cried ALL the time, terrible moodiness and depressed too it seemed. My hair also fell out in CHUNKS~

    So, I did not want to consider the Novasure…it sounds too scary…I mean come on, destroying the inner walls of my uterus with radio energy waves? WOW….technology is all too scary when they want to do it to our own bodies!

    I thought also, If I am going to have some sort of surgical procedure, it would also be one that would offer me some senseof security against any unwanted pregnancy.

    So, I considered the Minera IUD. After reading all these horror stories, I am definetly NOT getting the Minera.

    Thanks for sharing your stories in order to inform others of your experiences!

    I for one truly appreciate it!

  432. I am 30, no children, in a great monogamous relationship, non-smoker, very healthy and 5’2″ 110lbs. My menstrual history is simple with minimal PMS and cycles lasting 2-3 days very light. I’ve tried Lorvil, Orthtricyclin-lo & Nuvaring, didn’t like any of them so went with Mirena.

    Had the Mirena procedure done on Tues Jan 27 and so far so good! My doctor was amazing…friendly and informative. I feel terrible for any of the women on this forum that have rude or inconsiderate doctors, I hope you can find an ob/gyn that caters to your needs, it’s what you deserve!

    My doctor preferred to do the procedure while I was on my menstrual cycle, as she explained, my cervix would be at maximum dilation for easier insertion of the Mirena. She also suggested Ibuprofen or Naproxen prior to the procedure to alleviate cramping.

    The worst part of the experience was getting my uterus sized to make sure Mirena would fit properly. The sizing was painful, but not unbearable, felt like localized cramping not general menstrual cramping. After she sized my uterus she let me know we were about done & inserted the Mirena. The entire visit lasted less than an hour, including the Q&A session prior to the procedure…my pap, uterus sizing and Mirena insertion lasted only about 10 minutes.

    The ride home was a little uncomfortable as I still had the localized cramping. But, I took some more ibuprofen and headed to work for the night (I had the procedure done at 1PM and was at work as a motorcycle painter by 3:30PM).

    It has been 5 days and I have experienced no bleeding, no odor and only minor cramping that goes away with ibuprofen. I have been living my life as normal but have not had the opportunity to be intimate with my partner…he lives a few states away and won’t be back for 2 more weeks (bummer). The only side effect that I may be experiencing is a headache that lasted about 6 hours on Thursday, but I was also around a lot of chemical vapors since I am a painter.

    I will keep you informed if anything takes a turn of events, but so far I am happy with my decision to have the procedure done! As for the question I have seen about how soon you can be intimate with your partner after the procedure, I don’t see any reason not to go for it after a few days of adjustment…

    Good luck to all and feel free to ask any questions you may have, I will do my best to answer them quickly! Good day…

  433. I have had Mirena since February 2007. I had it placed during my first cycle after delivering my second son in November. I went with an IUD because I am one of the lucky one’s that has become pregnant with oral pills and condoms. I don’t know if we will try for another, but for the current time, I’m okay with not. My husband is military and comes and goes often. He’s currently attending school in San Diego while I remain in Nashville with our son’s.

    Everyone is different, and I’ve been reading your stories. I know for me, it was a rough start.

    I also had mine placed during my period, then continued to bleed for roughly 10-12 weeks. I became anemic. I am prone to Ovarian Cysts, but have not had any since using Mirena. After the initial 3 month period ended, I maintained a normal 28 day cycle for around 5 months. I had my last mensus Oct. 07. I have had light spotting here or there, nothing that would require even a panty liner, and never last more then a few hours (if that). I can naturally be a moody person, I’m a military wife, what can you expect. So I’m not sure how much of that is do to the IUD or just normal life stressors. I have noticed that since my husband left for Cali at the beginning of January 09, I have had minimal-moderate hair thinning/loose. I have actually lost weight, about 25lbs, but again I can’t be sure if Mirena is the cause or just life. I suffer no oder and I can NOT feel ANY strings. (though my husband can in certain sexual positions. We refer to this as the Venus Fly Trap)

    I was recently reading several different blog sites, and noticed lots of women reporting pregnancy, some ending with miscarriage and others with healthy babies. This concerned me. I went with my husband to drop him off in Cali. While I was there, I had a few hours of spotting (first in over a year), but more importantly, about 12 hours of painful cramping on the right side. I was under the impression that you don’t ovulate with Mirena, but you must be able to if people are still getting pregnant. The lower, right quadrant pain resurfaced again last Friday and that would be about 3 weeks since last “being” with my husband. Though I’m always concerned about pregnancy due to my stellar history, I’m more concerned that maybe I”m continually ovulating off my right ovary. THe pain lies between my ovary and hip bone, and I know it’s not the Appendix. (Emergency Appendectomy August 07. I am calling my OB/GYN tomorrow to find out what I should do. I did read that one woman’s Mirena had actually shifted slightly, and she began producing multiple eggs out of each ovary serveral times a month. Shocker to me with my current situation. I can see myself getting pregnant, and having to do it by myself with a 2 and 5 year old….just my luck.

    Other then those issues, I’ve loved having it. I feel that everyone’s bodies handle foreign objects differently, and you should ask lots of questions before making any decision. If it’s causing conflict in your life, your should remove it. Don’t wait. Even though I’ve gone virtually 18 months with no periods, if my doctor finds it’s out of place, or that I may be pregnant, I will be removing it immediately. But so far, it was worth the 3 months of hell.

    I wish everyone the best of luck with whatever decision you make, and I hope reading my story has helped inform you with something you may not have been told by your doctor. I mean, simple word mistake by my doctor went from “You NEVER Ovulate”, to ” You could still be producing dozen’s of eggs”….oops.

  434. I am in my third month with mirena. I’ve never had many problems… of course spotting for a week or so after and the “discomfort” aka excruciating pain of them putting it in. I had some pretty heavy cramps for the first week or so, but my doctor told me about that. I had no other choice because of my high blood pressure.

    So now i’m starting my third month and I have this rash. I’m sure it will go away, but I really wasn’t expecting it.

    I do get longer (but extremely lighter) periods. i can’t even use a tampon they’re so light.

    The rash is the only thing that has bothered me. I’m sure it will go away, but are there any tips anyone can give me to expedite the process of it going away?

    I think that it is important to know that when your body is injected with any kind of hormones whether pill form or otherwise to know that there is an adjustment period and everyone will react differently. I’ve never had a guy (yes, even VERY big guys) say anything about feeling it. Perhaps if he can feel it, you can have your doctor trim them, because they probably shouldn’t be that long.

  435. Oh my GOSH the ODOR is soooooooo Embarrassing I don’t like to be next to my boyfriend or anyone its just to embarassing I am making an appointment to get it OUT!!!

  436. I had mine out in 4 weeks ago. The first time I went to have it put in, while I was having my period, my DR told me my cervix was like fort knox and could not get in. I went back and she dilated me and put it in. It hurt really bad, but got through. Had cramping for a couple days and then it was fine. Two weeks later I got my period with the most horrific cramps I have ever had. The pain was so overwhelming, I threw up twice. I’ve been having my period for over a week with horrible cramps EVERY day. IBprofen does not work. The nurse at my DR office told me to try Aleve and it’s works better than IBprof, but I still have cramps and see no end in sight for period to stop. Someone please tell me it will. I will leave it in for at least three months and if no change I won’t mind flushing all that money down the toilet. I have definitely had weight gain in just four months, although I still have a sex drive, but I can’t stop bleeding long enough to have sex. If someone were to ask me now if they should get it I would tell them HELL TO THE NO. Ask me in three or four months and it might be a different answer. I haven’t really been irritable, I think that might be improving, but I am definitely more emotional. I wish I had read this sight before getting it put in, because I wouldn’t have.

  437. I had mine inserted about 1 1/2 years ago and besides non-stop spotting the first few months and a few extra pounds (5 or 10), I haven’t had any side effects.

    For most of this time (10 months) I haven’t had a boyfriend and haven’t had intercourse. That’s now changed and there are a couple side effects I don’t like: the brownish discharge during intercourse and the God awful odor!!!!

    I know I don’t have any type of infection because I got tested for everything last year and didn’t have sex since. And I noticed this the first time having sex a few weeks ago and it’s continued.

    I’d hate to have to get it removed for just those 2 problems, especially after reading how lucky I am to ONLY have those 2 issues when there are obviously so many, but it’s so embarrassing!

  438. Update: It’s been 2 months with the Mirena and I’ve had bv infection since it’s been in. The first month I had shooting/burning intense pain in my vagina at random times with scratchy irritation most of the time. I went to my gyno and she said I didn’t have the all the visual symptoms but she would check. She said I had a form of strep bacteria and put me on antibiotics. I’ve never even had a yeast infection in my life! Now I have the same symptoms again and today a fever. I’m going back tomorrow to get some more antibiotics. I am going to ask if about the possibility of her taking it out. I can’t live with infections each month.

  439. Well, here is my update from Feb 1st…

    My awesome boyfriend visited me for Valentines Day & of course we had to give the Mirena a go!
    I had him check for the strings first, I couldn’t find them myself but he found them tucked off to the side.
    I had no discomfort/pain, no odor & no unexplainable discharge. We only had time to be intimate twice (once per day) but it was very enjoyable to be spontaneous. The only thing I noticed was 3 quick waves of cramping an hour after we were intimate, but it was gone within 5 minutes…I have had this happen in the past though.

    It’s now 2 days later & I feel fine, have no problems & am completely living a normal life! I apologize to all of you that are experiencing adverse reactions to the Mirena, it seems to be the best thing that has happened to my boyfriend & I.

    My first menstrual cycle after the procedure should be ‘arriving’ in just over a week, so I will post an update to let you know if I have any complications.

    I highly suggest this procedure to any woman, as long as you have a exceptional doctor…I was able to communicate everything with mine & she was very clear on every aspect of the Mirena, that is the key to any medical procedure. She was also extremely gentle while explaining everything she was doing, there was no guesswork when it came to her!

    G’day to all…

  440. Oh, I forgot to mention one thing I have noticed & I super hope will be a permanent side effect…

    My skin seems to have cleared up! I never had bad skin, just 3-ish blemishes every so often.
    I have noticed over the last few years that I have had minor breakouts right before my menstrual cycle.
    Since Mirena, my skin has not had one blemish & my cycle is coming up soon…

  441. hi I got mirena 3-weeks ago, iv tried lots of diff pills and found i dont get on with them as they make me sick etc, iv never had children, im 26 but my doc thought i should try the mirena coil…bad mistake…ever since having it fitted i have been bleeding on and off, i cant touch my boobs they are swollen and soooo tender! finally plucked up the courage to had sex with my bf (as i was too scared it may hurt lol)and ended up with an infection..bacterial vaginosis!!!, have had stomach cramps ever since i had it put in so went to the doc last week and shes booked me in for a scan to make sure its in place correctly…. i seriously wish i hadnt had it fitted as im reading all your replys and im not lseriously oving the fact of gaining weight and getting acne along with a permenant period!!! does anyone actually think getting one was a good idea???

  442. Hey everybody! I just got my mirena last Tuesday and since then I’ve been to the doctor 3 times. I have severe cramping , my right side is killing me. It seems like if I stay still for a while it goes away but if I do anything it starts hurting so bad i double over in pain and start bleeding bright red- not like any period i’ve ever had. The doctor says that there is no way it is the Mirena. Funny to me I was fine before I got it. Now the doctor will not take it out. If I don’t get it out soon I think I would shoot myself if it wasn”t for my hub n kids. That is how bad it hurts. I can’t take it anymore. I just went back to the doctor today he says call back in two weeks if the pain hasn’t gone away. Ha . My husband and I have both tried to get it out. That’s how bad it is. I wish I would have seen this site two weeks ago. Good luck to everybody else….

  443. My life has been a living hell ever since I got this Mirena junk put in last Tuesday. The doctor would not take it out. I called the urgent care and they told me that they didn’t have the equipment to take it out. Last night was so bad I actually thought I would be better off dead. It was like having someone else in my mind. I’m not a cry baby. I had two kids both without meds. Mirena was worse than that. So anyway my husband took it out this afternoon. I had no other choice. As soon as he took it out it felt like I got my brain back. Within an hour all of my pain was gone and I stopped bleeding. It didn’t hurt at all when he took it out. It only took about two seconds after he found it and pulled it out gently…. I feel so much better.

  444. hi ive almost had mirena in for 5 years the only bad thing is ive never had a period ever & i noticed i did gain about 15 pound when they first put it in

  445. Wow, I can’t believe all the negative side effects you ladies are experiencing! I would suggest you communicate any and all side effects and options with your physician before & after your procedure so there are no surprises. I feel so bad for you & wish you only the best…

    Here is an update from my last post (about a month ago):
    I never got my menstrual cycle, but I did experience a tiny bit of spotting everyday for about 2.5 weeks. When I say tiny bit, I mean light brown discharge that if I wore dark panties I would never notice or if I wore a pantyliner the fluid wouldn’t even soak in. It was no different than normal cervical discharge, other than it was a bit darker. No cramping, no acne, no mood swings, no bloating, no odor…I am extremely excited!

    So far everything has been better than expected & I would still suggest this procedure to women that have an open relationship with their OB/GYN. Communication is honestly the best policy!

  446. I just had Mirena put in yesterday i had my baby 2 mos. ago. I yelled ouch like 7 times while he was inserting it and have had severe stomache cramps ever since. my cousin also just had it placed and said she didn’t feel it and that her period started the next day. I have not started bleeding yet. It’s been almost 2 days, still cramping, i’ve cried more times in the past two days than i did through my entire pregnancy. i feel sick, no headaches, but i have a lot of back pain. i haven’t even tried sex, but my boyfriend won’t like the odor if it shows up. it’s hard enough to be a mother of 3 bos under 5, without cramping so damn much i can barely walk. i’m worried it might be an infection but it’s Sat. any comments would be appreciated.

  447. Yeah, so had the mirena inserted March 6, 2009. It did hurt quite a bit but other than that no problem. They did the follow up ultrasound to check placement and all the girl said was “puzzling”! I made my follow up for 5 weeks later. Well, this past Thursday I began having sharp, vaginal pain that persisted through the weekend. I went today to have it removed because I could no longer take the pain. The doctor couldn’t find the threads and after reading the ultrasound report it stated “concern for embedding in the uterus”. Great, after a couple tries of “fishing” out the threads she had no such luck. I get to go Wednesday to have it “surgically” removed. Lucky me! Never, ever again. I would not recommend this to anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  448. Update since 2/5/09 – I ended up having my period for at least 7 weeks with bad, bad cramps and constant bleeding. I even had an ultrasound done to make sure everything was ok – and it was. A couple weeks later, it all stopped. Then I got my period a few weeks after that and there was hardly any spotting and barely any cramps. If this is how my period will be going forward, then I have to say that the 7 weeks of pain will be worth it.

  449. Thought I’d throw my two cents in here. ^_^

    I’m a 23-year-old female who has never had any children, and does not intend to. I actually have a very severe case of polycystic ovarian syndrome (commonly known as PCOS), and according to the various doctors I’ve been to see, I probably CAN’T ever have children. One told me there was a 97% chance I’d not be able to have children even if I used fertility treatments. Another said “You just don’t ovulate. There aren’t any eggs there to be fertilized.” Needless to say, they were all startled when I wasn’t in the least bit distressed by this. I honestly don’t want kids.

    However, since I really, REALLY want to make sure I don’t end up unexpectedly pregnant, and since I don’t trust lack of ovulation and condoms to do the job of keeping me sterile (and since I’ve yet to find a doctor who will perform a ligation on a 23-year-old who hasn’t ever been pregnant, goddamn them all to rotting hell for refusing to allow me to make my own reproductive decisions), I decided to get a Mirena IUC. I just had it inserted this Monday (03/30/09). The procedure was painful (felt like a particularly bad cramp), but not terribly so, and only lasted 2-3 minutes, with the pain immediately ceasing as soon as the insertion was completed. My OB/GYN said it helps when people are relaxed when they come in, and I definitely was – we were joking and chatting before, during, and after the insertion, just like usual. I did take two 200mg Ibuprofen about an hour before the appointment, as per my OB/GYN’s instructions.

    Since then, I’ve been having to wear pads, because I have been experiencing bleeding – not a lot, I’ve only been using one pad a day, but it’s been fresh red blood and not the usual darker-red or brown of menstrual blood. I’ve also had occasional mild cramping, nothing really bad, though it is unusual for me (because of the severity of my PCOS, I don’t experience normal menstrual symptoms like bloating, cramping, and moodiness – I just bleed). Again, I’m not overly concerned by this, as my OB/GYN told me to expect it.

    I’ve not had sex or used any tampons or anything, as the OB/GYN said to wait a week before doing so. I have checked the strings (immediately after insertion and several times a day since), and while I’m concerned by the length of them (they’re very long) they haven’t moved at all since the IUC was inserted. I’m a bit worried they might get caught on something (like my partner’s fingers during sex) and accidentally pulled, which might dislodge the Mirena IUC. I’m trying to decide if I want to make an appointment to have my OB/GYN trim them a bit next week or if I should just wait and have her do it at my 6-week check in.

    Anyway, so far everything seems to be progressing normally, except for one very…unexpected side-effect. Since the IUC was put in, I have been constantly, irrepressibly aroused. I mean, really, really, REALLY horny. I’m lubricated all the time, my clitoris is slightly swollen from the arousal, and driving my car has become a bit maddening because the vibrations through the seat are making me want to grab the nearest object and hump it. I’m not kidding. This isn’t necessarily a BAD side-effect, but it does seem a bit strange. It might be because of the PCOS – I know that in the past, when my androgen levels really spiked (especially my testosterone), my libido has increased dramatically. This seems to be the same kind of thing, except it’s 24/7 arousal, not just a tendency to become aroused more easily and more often.

    Anyway, I’ll post updates as things progress or if anything changes. Here’s hoping I don’t have any of the other issues the women here have talked about.

  450. So, my initial problem got a little worse! I had an x-ray taken, before my minor surgery to remove the mirena, come to find out it was no where near where it should have been. The damn thing perforated my uterus and ended up in my peritoneal cavity!!! So now a minor, in office procedure to remove it was not going to happen. I had to have laparascopic surgery Wednesday to remove it, not the quick fix I was looking for. To top that off I had to dump 30 ounces of breast milk afterward because of the anesthesia. How depressing!!!! I would not recommend it to anybody especially breastfeeding moms. It seems there is a risk involved for bf moms due to uterine contractions. I wish I would’ve known about that prior to placement.

  451. I have had the mirena a little over a year for the first few months I thought I was going to go crazy with the mood swings and bleeding but eventually it got better and I stopped bleeding but now I am on antibiotics and I have started bleeding again the docter said they wouldnt affcet it but they have so how long do I wait after taking antibiotics

  452. I removed mine myself – not something i advocate at all. I was starting to feel irritated down there soon after insertion and looked up mirena side effects and nearly had a heart attack. I am already on antidepressants for PPD and was shocked at what i found. I pulled it out (having JUST lost health insurance after deciding not to return to work) and never looked back! Again, i do NOT advocate pulling it out BUT i certainly would never recommend getting this if you are prone to depression.

  453. Hello All,
    I have had the mirena for a little over a year and for the past 4 months my skin has been itching like crazy! I didn’t even think that it was attributed to the mirena until I read an earlier post! Has anyone else suffered from a terrible itch? (All over, mostly back and arms?) I have also been having “anxiety attacks”, went to the hospital awhile back and I haven’t ever had one before and the ER doc. said I had an anxiety attack. I have been really depressed lately and terrible mood swings! One minute I cry, the next I am fine. My husband is worried about me because I have been so tired and all I want to do is sleep. Also, I just felt for my strings, I could only find one and it is ALOT longer than it used to be! Is it going to fall out? I don’t have insurance and I am worried that I am pregnant or going to get pregnant. Have any of you had the same problems? Please let me know your thoughts and opinions! I appreciate it!

  454. I had the Mirena removed after 3 months. I gained weight like you wouldn’t believe, about 2 pounds a week. Consistent pain in my leg, then a horrible bout of cramps one night which felt as bad or worse than labor pains. Felt like I was in a constant fog. Ob/gyn had no explanation, acted as if it must be something else, didnt even explore the option of cause being the Mirena. I had it removed and went out YAz pills instead. So far so good. Two months and I’m feeling normal again and have also lost about 15 pounds. Phew! Very scary that no one (dr, mid wife etc) mentions terrible side effects.

  455. I’ve had my Mirena for one year. The insertion was horrendous. It was far more painful than they had said it would be. When it was over I was so dizzy I nearly passed out. I was so crampy that I couldn’t leave the couch for three days. I had to go back in after a few weeks to have the strings cut because my boyfriend could always feel them. Since then, I’ve gained about 20 pounds, my breasts are embarrassingly large, I have little sex drive, and I have a horrible odor that makes me incredibly paranoid. If it makes me gag I can only imagine what other people must think. I’m convinced that the side effects are what prevents pregnancy! I bled for three weeks straght about a month of having it inserted but I haven’t had a real period since then…just random spotting. I want to have it removed but I don’t like the other birth control options and I’m afraid that the removal will be as bad as the insertion.

  456. I am onto my 2nd round of Mirena. The first I had put in during my mid 20s to help with Endometriosis after 13 years of very heavy, irregular and extremely painful periods. The Mirena was a dream for me, a little sore for a few weeks, a little spotting occasionally in the first 6 months. I had no more periods and no problems. No weight gain, no mood changes. For once in my life I finally felt good. So simple and easy to use.

    The first Mirena was inserted during surgery to excise Endometrial tissue, so was no painful. When I had the 2nd one put in, it was different. Since I have not yet had children my cervix was very tight and my Obgyn had to stretch it. This was agony, I got nauseous and afterwards had to go home and spend the rest of the day lying down. Horrid.

    Again this time round no problems, I felt fabulous. The only problem is with my beloved. No problems during sex, its afterwards. Obviuosly the strings have scratched his penis very badly and he has had a horrible sore penis for over a month. So no more sex and now I’m having to wait for an appointment with my doctor.

  457. i had the mirena coil fitted just over 2 weeks ago, when i got it inserted it hurt like hell, but my womb is tilted, i had it inserted cause i had long heavy periods that lasted 3/4, they say its a little uncomfortable lol bull****, i was reading alot of your storys and hope i do not experience the same, i have not long had it in, no complaints yet apart from i bled 2 weeks and the last few days i have had spotting but only at night not sure if this is normal, i was almost 2 weeks late when i got my mirena coil inserted (not pregnant done a couple of tests) i also get a little stomach cramp but nothing i need to take painkillers for, can anyone please let me know how long it might take before my bleeding should stop? i heard i should only have slight bleeding the first 48 hours but like i said i was almost 2 weeks late when they fitted the mirena, could this be the reason i have bled so long,

  458. i had one inserted 2 mnths ago and today found that is coming out i can see and feel the wires on the outside dont know if i should take it out myself or go to the hospital has this happened to anyone else i will never use it again

  459. i’ve gained weight i mean i look like if i’m about 4 months pregnant again. i’ve had mine for three months now.i’m still bleeding! but i do want to enjoy sex with my husband with out having to pull out.so i’m sticking it out for a little while longer.

  460. i had my 3rd baby 6mnths ago, and iud put in 4mnths ago. it wasnt the most pleasant experience but it beats having another 10 pound baby NATURALLY!
    anyway i dont know why i rushed to get mine in il blame my mother for persuading me… as i still havent even had sex.
    ever since ive had it i have a daily ammonia smell.. sometimes really strong. drinking alot of water and rinsing with 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water helps a little. i have gained 5 kilos and get acne. i had one normal period then the next month i had a period for about 2 minutes! no complaints there. do get back cramps at times, no headaches though.
    i hate the ammonia smell and have to shower twice a day and wear liners. i have realised the iud will stop me EVER getting pregnant again as what man would want to smell ammonia while having sex??
    im not a quitter so i am going to give the iud one year to see if it settles.. if not i will get rid of it just as i did with the father of my children… men & iuds=PESTS

  461. i would also like to leave a comment for my sisters side effects from her iud. she has had hers for a bit over a year. she is different to me.. she has no odour at all. she complains of head aches alot, back cramps ocasionally. and about 6mnths ago she was lucky enough to get MAD anxiety. i feel bad for her, she has meds for it now xanax and others… i have jusst told her tonight about this site i found and that the iud has probably caused her to have anxiety. i think she felt some relief in just knowing her anxiety may be from the iud. blaming your anxiety on something is a great way of getting over it!

  462. Wanted to warn anyone considering the Mirena about my experience. I got the Mirena inserted in Sept of ’08 at 4 months postpardum with my fourth child. The insertion was extremely painful. So much so that my husband had to leave work to drive me home from the Dr’s office. I had severe cramping, nausea, and felt very faint for several hours. The initial pain/cramping subsided after about a week but I was uncomfortable for about 6 weeks. Soon after I started having very sharp pain in my abdomen. It was so bad at times that I would sweat and be bent over in agony. I thought I might be having gallbladder attacks and scheduled an appt with my primary care physician. He ordered and ultrasound of my gallbladder and everything came back fine, but the pain didn’t stop. I ended up seeing an Allergist to check for food allergies, a Naturalpathic Dr for a natural remedy and a Chiropracter as a last resort always mentioning the Mirena but never getting a response from them on it. I don’t know why I didn’t call my OBGYN. My husband & family were sick of me complaining so I tried to just stop thinking & talking about the pain. Well, I just went in for my yearly with my OBGYN and mentioned my heavy menstrual periods to her (over the past 4 months) and she stated that this was impossible. She decided to check the placement of the Mirena. Well, to my (and her) surprise it was no there nor was it in the uterus. After a very frustrating week and other tests the Mirena was found today floating around my peritoneal cavity near my intestines. The sharp pain I was experiencing was apparently the Mirena stabbing through (perforating) my uterine wall. This can happen and does happen to women enough that it is mentioned as a possible side effect on the label – approx 2% of women will experience this. I have to have surgery next week to have it removed. I will also be getting my tubes tied. I am nervous and upset. I’ll have to go under general anesthesia – it sucks. But, I am happy to know that the pain I was having was real. I knew something was wrong and no one wanted to listen. Please – listen to your body. You know it better than anyone else and stay away from the Mirena. It is not worth it!

  463. Truely this IUD has been awful (headaches, cramping, mood swings, and smell) its horrible. For something thats supposed to not have many side effects this is crazy !! I had mine put in place to regulate bleeding problems rather then go through with more permanent solutions. I just moved so till I find a doctor in my new area I have to deal with it.. but let me just say not a day goes by when I don’t just consider going down to a hospital and demanding its immediate removal its been nothing but a pain and to top it all off the bleeding has continued with out any lightning.

  464. I hate my Mirena. i’ve had it for 7 months now and its been hell. i would get it takin out but i dont have insurance any more. i bleed (some times spot) for 3 weeks stright and then when it stops i have a terrible discharge that stinks and itches sooo bad. my doc. said i wouldnt gain weight, well that was a lie. and i have bad mood swings.every one i know that is on it has the same problems as me. i wish they would have told me what i was getting into before i got it

  465. wow! i wish i had seen all of these posts sooner..i woulda never gotten this freckn mirena put in! its ruining my sex life and hubby deploys in a few months! iv only had it in for like 3 and a half months im getting it taken out this thursday..YAY!..im tired of no intercourse with my hubby and this odor..wow..its disgusting. i would rather deal with my regular period insead.

  466. Well, although some people obviously have problems with Mirena, there are a lot of people who don’t. Naturally these forums will only be written in by people having issues.

    So, that said, I had the Mirena put in 6 months ago. I had been on the Depo shot for over a decade, but since they have found all the calcium loss side effects with Depo over that time period I thought something with less hormones would be good.
    No headaches, no weight gain, no bleeding (though I hadn’t bled at all with the Depo either), no cramping. My breasts have been tender for a few weeks, which is why I was googling possible side effects, and it may be due to Mirena, but it may not. The timing should be right for the very last vestiges of the Depo hormones to have faded now.

    Oh, and with the strings scratching him…
    you can use a condom, which not only protects you both from STDs (Mirena doesn’t, remember!), it also protects him from any string irritation. Alternately, I did read about people who have had the strings clipped shorter, or curled up and under.

  467. update! I’m on month eleven now. Periods are non existent these days. I have light spotting a few days a month and that’s it. I do have more and more irregular cramps as the months go by but nothing horrible. Leg pain accompanies the cramps which I’ve never had before but I can deal with those. I’ve gained only a few pounds due to the mirena and my skin hasn’t changed for the worse. Overall it’s been one less headache with not having to remember to take a pill. To me it’s worth the minor pain a few times a month to have peace of mind that I don’t have to worry about getting pregnant. Actually normal period pain was worse than my symptoms now!

  468. I have had mine for almost four years. I have had no problems with it at all. My husband and I have decided to try for our third child, so I removed it the other day….

  469. I hated/ hate as well. I would spot on off as well or just have a never ending period. I would start to ovulate start a period, then have it die down after a day and then 4 days later repeat. My mood swings were terrible as well! Whoa I was a B with an itch. I thankfully got mine taken out 4 weeks ago and nothing has gotten better. Ive heard some people say they immediately feel better and others like me have an after affect. I have gained weight, moody, my face looks like a middle school kids face, nausea, abdominal cramping, discharge, sensitive boobs, dizziness, bloating and that’s not all of it. I effin hate Mirena, on top of all of this My Dr. told my it will take time for me to conceive, which is heart breaking. I don’t understand how Mirena doesn’t have all of this as adverse side affects, they sell it like its gold.
    I can absolutly symphathize with you and I hope you find a way to get it out. You should look to see if theres a free clinic near you that will take it out. Good luck!

  470. Hi all, ok after reading many negative comments on this site and many others I have to say that I have not exp any of these issues. Mine went in comfortably, very little spotting no period since and no cramping!! No acne,mood swings or anxiety, it is different for everyone, also people need to read the insert that explains all the possible side effects, headaches is one of them, so is weight gain in some people! I have had none, It can also cause ovarian cysts which can cause pain or discomfort for some people. And sometimes bleeding. People do your research and don’t only rely on the doctor regarding side effects, mine came with a booklet explaining all the possible side effects and I took the time to read it. You can get pregnant with it too but the stats are 1 in 1000 users, just be informed and aware it’s not bad for everyone! Also the strings will soften with time and usually wrap around the cervix and will not be noticable anymore.

  471. To the person who complained about her mirena scratching her boyfriend, you simply have to make an appt with your gyno and they will cut them shorter. I was concerned about that happening, and that is what she told me to do.

    Good luck

  472. I have had Mirena in since June of 09. I had it put in because my gynecologist thought the reason I was irritated, moody and had pain in my abdomen was due to my period.

    Well I also had before and while the Mirena is in, bloating, diahreah, irritation, depression, muscles and joints aching, headaches, dizzyness, blurry vision, tingling in the extremities, pain in the abdomen and bad “acne”
    Also I would get a “brain fog” and forget things all the time and just feel really moody!

    I ended up going to a dermatologist 2 months ago becuase I couldn’t stand the acne all over any more. It was so painful.

    Guess WHAT? I have Dermatitis Herptaformaris, the skin form of Celiac Disease, Gluten Intolerance!!!! Of course my whole body was reacting to GLUTEN!!!! every symptom, all the pain, dizzyness…the numbness; it’s from nerve damage!!!

    1 in 133 people have Celiac disease and 1 in 99 people that have it don’t know they have it. If you have a close family member (my dad has it) that has it, you have a 1 in 22 chance of getting it.

    THe only way to make things better is to eat a strict gluten free diet.
    Celiac is strange because the proteins in wheat/rye and barley make your small intestine attack it’s lining and so you can’t absorb nutrients! I kept testing anemic no matter what I did!
    THere are over 200 symptoms of Celiac and not everyone has them or even part of all of them.

    If you are over 20 and you have “acne” there is something wrong, it is your body trying to get rid of junk! not acne! In my case it is gluten!

    I went for 4 years with this undiagnosed and had my gall bladder removed and this stupid Mirena put in since no one could think of anything else!

    I didn’t GAIN WEIGHT, it is USUAL TO GAIN with celiac, I LOST 65 lbs from Feb 09-Sept 09.

    I also want this MIRENA OUT!!!! It stinks! I keep thinking I have BV but all the tests come back negative! Started smelling after about the 3rd month! Also I bleed almost all the time this either red rusty dark or red bright that is not much but still annoying.

    I would not tell anyone to use this device! Makes me miserable. I feel much better that I am gluten free and I now have clear skin but I want the Mirena OUT. I would rather use a Diaphragm!

  473. I have Mirena for a month, and I haven’t had any problems. I get my hair done by a professional on the regular, so I haven’t noticed any hair loss. I have gained a little weight. But I have to remember that I DO NOT exercise like I should. At this current time, my husband is deployed so, there is no such thing as a sex drive for me right now… I really do hope that I don’t run into any serious problems.

  474. I got the Mirena inserted a little over a month ago. At first I loved it and thought it was great! Until about two weeks ago when I started cramping so hard I couldnt move and had to lay in the floor. Then I started to loose my mind just getting over emotional and crying 24/7. I started fighting with my bf all the time it was just a mess. Im getting this thing out asap its making me nuts!

  475. Ive had the mirena for a little over a year now, and to be honest im experiencing uncontrolable weight gain, and my husband says that he can actually feel the strings and that it irritates him, but when i went into the office to have it incerted they told me that weight gain was not a side effect and that my husband would not be able to feel it! So im seriously thinkin about having it taken out. If anyone has found anything better than the mirena pls email me and let me know blondiebear_08_16@hotmail.com!

  476. Wow, this is really crazy.
    Had the thing put in to control heavy bleeding-( husband has has a V.) but ,like many of you, I have traded one heavy period a month for 4 months of almost non stop bleeding. I have gained some weight- about 4-5 lbs- …but my regular weight is 104….that gain makes a big difference. Agree about the breast soreness- nipples really, felt like they were in a vice for the first few weeks- now it comes and goes with my “period”… I also feel foggy and unfocused (on top of the crabbiness, which I was having increasingly with periods anyway)
    My husband also suggested that I might be depressed…but with 4 kids I have little time to ponder my state of mental health…Don’t want to read too much into this- but based on the bleeding alone, I’m out. Glad to know I’m not alone!

  477. I am 13 months into this and I think I’m done. Can’t handle any more.

    I opted for the mirena because of an unplanned pregnancy. With three little ones I didn’t want to risk using the pill (which had it’s own nasty side effects) as I am ridiculously forgetful.

    I was a little hesitant to use an i.u.d. I didn’t like the idea of having something stuck in my cervix, but I needed something that had low hormones because of my migraines and I needed something that I didn’t have to think about. After a few months of research I decided mirena was probably my best option.

    I had it inserted three months post partum and that was a snap. My doctors were great. Answered all of my questions and told me all of the things I’d read and heard about the side effects could not be related to mirena.

    I had bleeding for the first three months after insertion. It was more than a little annoying but when I consulted a doctor I was told that it could take a few months for my body to get used to the mirena and it would go away soon. Well, it did, but what I got instead wasn’t any better.

    My periods were never a pic-nic but the nonsense I have to endure now is akin to torture. I have two to three weeks of pms that includes horrible break-outs (and I mean horrible), painful bloating, cramping-especially in my lower back, moodiness, migraines, constipation and increasing irritability. Worst of all is the exhaustion. I have absolutely no energy for two weeks before my period and it lasts for the duration of my period. After all of that I get the actual period.

    My periods now last ten or more days. The flow is slightly less heavy but that is actually more bothersome because it’s too heavy for a pad but too light to comfortably use a tampon.

    Then I get about two weeks of reprieve. I feel great, (still have spotting here and there, but I can handle that) then it starts all over again…

    Also, the odor…yeah, I get that, too. I wouldn’t say it smells disgusting but it’s pretty strong. (But my husband hasn’t had any issues with the strings. It seems the trick is getting them curled. And no weight gain to speak of.)

    What do I like about mirena? I like that my husband and I can be spontaneous. I like that I can’t forget to take it (although I am constantly reminded of it presence) and I like that I’m not pregnant. But I don’t think I can do this anymore. I’m not used to being so miserable.

  478. Hey everyone,
    I am wondering if anyone else had their doctor tell them that absolutely no check ups were required after insertion of Mirena? I know most people are seeming to have them a month after insertion..

    I have had mirena for about 9 months now, the insertion HURT more than any of my 3 childbirths did. Once it was inserted I had some moderate cramping the remainder of the day and that night. I also bled lightly almost constantly for two or three months, now that the constant bleeding has stopped, I have only had one period in a period of six months. As far as my side effects would go I would recommend it to anyone.

    My husband however has mixed feelings, he likes not having to worry about having another baby right now. He just hates having the strings stabbing and scratching his penis. I am making an appointment to have the strings shortened and hopefully that will solve things.

  479. Mirena changed my life completely – best thing I ever did. My name was on waiting list for a hysterectomy… something that I have now cancelled as the Mirena has stopped all periods and levelled out my iron issues – bye bye blood transfusions and bye bye anaemia – it’s worth a shot, you have nothing to lose!

  480. It’s sad to say but I am happy to find that other women are having the same problems with their Mirena IUD as I am. I was turned on to Mirena for a few reasons, the first was I wouldn’t have my period every month and the second was not getting pregnant. I am not sure if I want kids and seeing that I am only 26 I still want the choice later in life. I have had my IUD for over one year now, the first 2-3 months I spotted almost everyday which I was told might happen and after that I stopped having my period all together. About 6 or 7 months ago I noticed pain when having sex or even just when I was turned on, I have been fortunate not to have headaches but I do have almost all the other symptoms mentioned from everyone else. My boyfriend did feel the strings at first but no longer dose, I also felt them as well and it hurt so I had to go back to my doctor and have them cut the strings shorter. I also have noticed a thick discharge that smells, I though I had a yeast infection and treated it but it still continues. I love not having my period and not taking a pill everyday but I’m starting to think it might not be worth it.
    If you’re thinking about getting Mirena think long and hard and PLEASE read everything everyone has said on sites like this one because the side effect on the web site don’t tell you about the other side effects most women experience.

  481. I forgot to add a few things… Yes the first 3 months SUCK with spotting all the time, cramps, etc… I even though about taking it out but I waited it out and after the 3 months were over I was SO happy I didn’t have it removed. I agree with Lindsey who commented above, DO YOUR RESEARCH! Even with the smelly discharge and occasional pain during sex I have hope that something can be done to stop these symptoms. I DON’T want to take it out because I haven’t found anything else worth replacing it. Everyone is different and all I can stress is do your research with the booklet giving to you by your doctor and on sites like this one, just take everything thing into account and everyones bodies react in different ways.

  482. I do not like taking pills, so I decided this would be the best option for me. The first few months were touch and go. My husband said he felt the string when we had sex, and so I had to go back and have it cut shorter. I still get my period every month, but the bleeding has become alot more bearable. I used to flow like a river and my cramps kept me in bed for 3 days. Now- I feel a tiny cramp for a few mins. and it is gone. I am glad I waited to see the results. My doctor told me 30% of women still get their period every month. Having no period or cramps would be great, but I will take this alternative to my old one anyday.

  483. Mirena is dangourous and I would advised anyone considering it to leave it well alone, also those experiencing side effects, no matter how small to have it removed …
    I had mine put in 4 years ago. In the 1st year I experienced pains in my left leg which my gp said was nothing to worry about. Also I have had night sweats and crazy emotions. Actually laid awake last night considering the best way to do away with my self. I have never been a depressive. Have always been a positive thinker!
    Two years ago i began to get musicle weekness through my body and had already lost my posture in year one, developing a huge distended stomach. I have had pain and strange mucular sensations trough my body for the past 7 months.
    I have had to give up my career as a singing teacher and move back to my parents home at the age of 34. My walking has got extremely bad. It never crossed my mind for one momoent that I might be experiencing side effects.

    Tommorow I have an appointment with a neurologist and tuesday I am having this thing removed, which has completely wrecked my life. I’m terrified that too much damage has been done for me to be able to recover from this.

    I was a completely different person before Mirena and I feel that my life has been stolen from me. I also feel that Mirena doesn’t know enough and that docters are ignorant of the long term effects. I just wish I had known sooner and had not accepted their opinion.

    Thanks for reading and please take heed

    You may think you’re ok but it creeps up on you and is slow. Clare

  484. So guys i have read all this and jut let me say that an iud is not for everyone.. Everyones body works diffrently.. Anyhow i have had Marina for about a year.. Yesterday i go to the doctor cause i have been having moodswings, head achs (ALOT), cramps to the point i cant walk. And they say u nd toget that out ASAP im like ok lets to it.. Come to find out that my marina strings were cut WAYYYYY to short.. to the point where they couldnt see them.. It ended up in my Pelvis, it hurts like hell, but the only thing that ccan be done is surgery and i dont have the money for that i cant even get health insurance intill 60 days :(( SO any advice??

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