Non-Sleeping Beauty

So, my MRI turned out completely normal. No tumors, no lesions, no abnormalities. It is suspected that stress created the lack of menses and potentially the headaches. To confirm that my headaches are stress related, I was referred to a neurologist. I had that appointment today. Some interesting things came out of that appointment.

My physical exam showed nothing serious. He said that the headaches are classified as tension headaches, but that stress itself is not causing them. Based on my answers to some basic questions the doctor suspects something that never even occurred to me…that I have a sleep disorder that’s causing my headaches. What do we do? More tests.

I have to have an MRA done. It’s essentially an MRI to look deeply at my blood vessels to ensure that I’m not working on an aneurysm. This, he suspects, will show nothing, but it’s being ruled out.

The other test I’ll be doing is a sleep study. This, he suspects, will show that I have a sleep disorder of some sort. Hey, I’m just excited that this is an opportunity to sleep without interruption for an entire night. LOL

I was given a prescription. Get this…Zoloft. This is not for depression purposes. Supposedly, seratonin is a big factor in sleep disturbances. If this guy is correct, 50mg of Zoloft per day will eliminate my headaches.

What’s odd is that the simple act of missing a period led to all of this. Can you believe it?

I’ll try to keep you posted as things occur.

3 thoughts on “Non-Sleeping Beauty

  1. How intriguing… glad the MRI showed nothing… I have not seen Zoloft used in sleep disorders but then again I am not on the cutting edge of sleep disorders in adults.. Children maybe but not adults…

  2. How sweet are you, Mark? Thanks!

    KD – This has been an unusual process for me. Honestly, the only reason I saw the neuro was to have confirmed that these were tension headaches and be sent on my way. I had absolutely no idea that there could be something wrong. So, I have a bit of shell shock over this. On the flip side, if there’s going to be something wrong, let it be a sleep disorder and not something really nasty physically.

    The Zoloft has not helped yet. I have a whopping headache today that doesn’t want to go away.

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