Advertising is generally lost on me. Print or media, it doesn’t matter. My eyes gloss over and my ears convert every upbeat note into WAH WAH WAH WAH WAH — just like in the Peanuts comic strip. Cosmetics? breakfast cereal? beer? cars? fast food? Nothing. Nada. Zip. Until recently. A few months ago I was flipping through a magazine and came across an ad that took my breath away. Truly. I didn’t rush out to buy the product, but my heart soared at the refreshing advertising “gimmick.” Have you seen it? I’m talking about Dove. Print ads show six beautiful women wearing nothing but their undies. The gimmick? Beautiful, in this case, is found in average women. They are short, tall, healthy, curvacious, young, mature… just like us! The commercial on TV expands to show older women, pregnant women and even a women with a cesarean scar. Beautiful. They got my attention. So last week while numbly flipping channels, I saw a new Dove campaign. Instantly I perked up. Their new commercial had me practically jumping for joy. Have you seen this one? Several beautiful young girls are shown with blips like “Hates her freckles” and “thinks she’s ugly.” Ouch. How many of us had those thoughts growing up? How many of us still have them? Advertising! I tell you my heart is still racing. So…I’m in. I’ll buy it!! Alas, I am still not going to purchase the firming cream — I’m talking about the push for a new “beauty” image. Dove’s Campaign for Beauty is so provocative to me. Do I dare say they get it? I’m hoping this at least brings the issue to the table and gets people talking. They may be trying to sell firming cream, but to me they are selling self-esteem and I can’t think of a more precious thing to have, for myself or my daughters.

5 thoughts on “Beauty

  1. So true I am constantly amazed at how Society has totally taken away women’s self esteem and body image. I always see people who are never happy the way they are and are always striving to be something else. Its inspiring to see people in the ads who are not “perfect” according to society standards.

  2. I think the new ads are very good. Much more real. Too bad I can’t buy their product though. Allergic. Unusual for Dove, but sadly true. I’m really glad that they are taking this approach though. More companies should.

  3. The firming cream is what makes this all sour for me. What kind of message is that sending? “Oh hey we love real women! But we also know real women are flabby and need this firming cream!”

    Sort of confusing, isn’t it?

  4. Again, marketing is lost on me LOL. I totally looked past the product and saw the advertising. All I got from it was “Look at me! I don’t have to be a size 0 to be beautiful!” Guess that’s why I didn’t run out and buy the cream either….

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