Big Fat Nothing!!

So on Monday I had my endoscopy… to figure out why I have been nauseous for most of the last two months. Unfortunately it really showed not much of anything.
No reflux, no ulcer, only a polyp and a small area of what they called friable tissue. and they gave no recommendations as to what to do with my meds. its back to my PCP again to see what she wants to do. From what I gather I was referred to this clinic for the scope and thats all they do. Although I did notice that for the 10 days that I was not on prenatal vitamins I felt better although not perfect.. So i wonder if they contribute to some of the problem. Anybody have any recommendations for a prenatal vitamin that does not make you nauseous. If I am this nauseous and not pregnant I can only imagine what fun pregnancy will be !!!

7 thoughts on “Big Fat Nothing!!

  1. I took the store brand vitamins. They made me just as nauseous. What the meds are specifically for is making sure you have enough folic acid. I just ate loads of foods with folic acid and had the most perfect baby! Folate helps in the formation of genetic information…. here’s a good and simple article on it.

    Basically, I don’t tolerate meds of any sort so I had to get my important vitamins the old fashioned way – eating them ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I know a lot of people who can’t take vitamins of any brand.

    And I don’t take one every day. If I do, they will make me sick. So I just keep them around for when I have a cold.

  3. Mark… Nope definitely not thinking that.. but want the vitamins to build up good iron and folic acid stores. Actually some docs prescribe prenatal vitamins for anybody of child bearing age.
    Nita.. thanks for the info. Yes I am aware of folic acid. thats one of my main reasons for going back on the vitamins was to make sure I had all of the essential vitamins but your point to just take in everything makes sense too..
    Allan… good point. I had only heard of a few people not tolerating vitamins and mainly it was the prenatals. I guess its more common than i thought

  4. Man I remember all those tests I had to take! I hated them. Internal ultrasound, endoscopy, biopsies of the cervic and uterin lining, and then finally a D&C. The life of a female. ๐Ÿ™ Sorry you are having to go through this.

  5. The Walgreens brand prenatals didn’t make me sick at all. AT ALL. Worth a try.

    I’m glad nothing more serious is wrong. That’s actually good news.

  6. thanks linda… I think I am going to try going without them for a little while again and see if I start to feel better again.. Sister in law was just telling me horror stories about how everybody she knew was sick on them so its seeming more and more likely that the reason i feel bad is because of them.

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