Lost in a Mass of Papers and the Dr. Becomes a Patient

Ok.. so I am supposed to be typing three history and physicals for three new patients I saw on Monday…but that does not seem to be happening so figured I would post instead.

Anyway.. this whole getting a new medical license in another state and getting creditentialled is turning out to be a huge pain in my rear. Not that I am complaining about having to do all this for this job but it sure is a pain. So first I fill out the paperwork for my georgia license. First I dsicover after I have filled out all of the papers that I am apparently using an old and outdated version of the application. ok.. fort. the woman says send it in and we will make do with what you send in. One form gets sent back to me for no payment (Who knew I had to send money to the State of KY for them to tell GA my license is active and valid. ( I should have figured nothing is for free anymore ) Anyway so today I find out that a woman at the georgia board says my specialty does not match her s and I checked a box maybe I shouldnt have.. This is soo darn confusing ( I apologize I am doing a terrible job of describing it ) anyway who knows what the end result will be.. Oh catch this.. the georgia board is telling me that my residency program should opnly certify me for one year (on the licensing paperwork ) insteasd of for 5 years because they cant certify for something that hasnt happened yet.. Even my residency director does not understand this!!!

Then there is the 168 page packet my new employer sent me to read. Called the staff by laws and staff manual.. 90% of it does not even seem to apply to me since I am not working on an inpatient unit and i am not actually going to be working in MD. (teh info. comes from the parent organization of where I will be working which is based in MD) PLus they sent 10 pages to fill out with references, education job history etc.. (most of the information is asked for twice in all of the papers they sent me plus they want a CV .. I do not understand why they need to know my medical school three times.. It does not change from one application to another …

Ahh yes.. so now the Dr. becomes a patient part… ok so for the last two months I have been undergoing a workup for two totally indepenent medical problems.. Long story short I was taking medication to prevent migraines and slow my heart rate down. I went off of it in August in anticipation of the babymaking craze H and I want to engage in.. anyway since going off of it I notice episodes where my heart rate speeds up for no reason . No other symptoms .. anyway so saw cardiologist had my heart looked at through all sorts of tests, went to an endocrinonologist to make sure my thyroid wasn’t causing it.. everything is negative so far. The last test to make sure it is nothing but me just having a fast heart beat was today’s adventure… I am now wearing an event monitor for the next 30 days so that when I have an ” episode” I can press record and record the event adn then transmit the information to the company by telephone.. its a cool system but the leads have ffallen off four times in four hours.. I was walking around the grocey store and realized I was dragging a lead on the flooor.. This could get really interesting with patients .
My other medical issue is even more annoying becasue I do not feel good… for the last two months I have been on and off nauseous (and to answer the inquiring minds… no its unfortunately not anything related to the babymaking craze I mentioned earlier) I have several serum pregnancy tests to verify. Anyway.. the nausea was bad for awhile.. had my gallbladder ultrasounded which was negative.. by that point I started to feel better so I let it be.. second week of Jan.. I began to feel some nausea again.. this time developed a boring abdominal pain right in the middle of abdomen.. and spent one whole night retching… ended up at the doctor where she gave me some medicine which is helping some but I am still not better and does not tell me what the problem is. So to do that I am scheduled for an endoscopy… for anybody who does not know its where they send a microscope in a tube down your throat and into your esophagus and stomach.. Considering I gag on a tiny dental xray I am not looking forward to having to swallow a tube ! Anyway so keep your fingers crossed that on the 6th my endoscopy goes well… or at least they figure out whatt the problem is so I am not so nauseous all the time…

Sorry I vented for so long !

5 thoughts on “Lost in a Mass of Papers and the Dr. Becomes a Patient

  1. Yikes. While it is always a good thing when tests come back negative, it also sucks because you don’t have a name for your ailment — yet. Considering the transitions you’ve made, I’d be amazed if some of it is not stress-related. Wishing you peace and answers from your procedure.

  2. Native Texan: yeah I remarked to somebody recently that I think since my stress level is lower than it has been in a while my body is finally letting its true colors show…

    Linda: I am suspicious that the prenatal vitamins/ iron in them may have irritated my stomach plus being off my migraine prophylaxis medicine meant I may have been taking more advil for headaches than previously so that too could have irritated my stomach. The endoscopy is scheduled for 2/6 . The earliest I could do it because Hubby has been out of town for the last two weeks. He comes home tonight!!

  3. Actually they tested me for H. pylori in december and it was not present which was one of the things that maade me think it was less likely to be an ulcer .. but we shall see .

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