Deep in the Heart of Texas

Linda has graciously offered to open up her space for me to share my thoughts with you. I’ll tell you in all honesty that I am slightly terrified. I’m not sure I have much to say of interest, but when I (think I) do, it’s usually passion that drives me to discussion. And you – lucky you! – are now privilege to the things that keep me up at night.

Let me start by telling you a little bit about myself. I am a Native Texan. I spent most of my life in Central Texas, attended the University of Texas at Austin (though I never crossed paths with Linda, unfortunately), moved out of state briefly and returned to start a family. I am now happily married with two small children, and possess all of the neat stuff that goes along with that: sleep deprivation, a soft stomach, an SUV, a diaper bag with enough extra stuff to get us through almost any natural disaster and a cell phone loaded with numbers of other mommies with whom I can coordinate playgroups, brag and commiserate. I currently live in Bible Belt suburbia.

I don’t usually share my opinions about many issues with people around me because they end up wanting to bless my heart or pray for me to come over to the light (half joking). I have a high intolerance for intolerance – and that is not very common in my area.

Linda has assured me that writing will be cathartic. I’m thrilled to have an outlet for some of the things I keep locked in my head. Please feel free to bless my heart or pray for me 🙂

6 thoughts on “Deep in the Heart of Texas

  1. Welcome. I’m a native Texan as well. I grew up in Waco and the DFW area.

    I personally believe that in a time of crisis that it will be parents with diaper bags that help us all survive–they’re ready for everything short of atomic fallout!

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