Important Policies Update

There have been several subtle changes to the policies over the last year worth reading. However, an update today is worth mentioning on the main portion of this site. Please take this seriously.

This blog and its commenting system are currently open to all new readers. However, having had visits from particularly nasty trolls* we have banned a few people from commenting and from the site altogether.

If you have any questions, please e-mail the blog administrator.

Thank you.

* A troll is someone who purposefully attempts to cause harm to others, be they the author or any other person who posts a comment. They usually stray from the topic and their language is designed to do nothing more than insult the person they target. They will not be tolerated on this blog. Not now. Not ever!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Due to one incredibly offensive person, we are adding this update to the policies. Visitors to this site are maticulously tracked through several different methods. In fact, one log is regularly maintained for submission to law enforcement agencies due to a cyberstalker incident in the past. If you decide, as a reader, that you cannot comment without getting really offensive, we will happily turn that information over to the authorities and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. This also means “friends” who are posting anonymously to get a point across that they wouldn’t voice “in person.” Please, don’t think that because you are a friend that you will not be prosecuted. We’ve taken nice to the limit in the past and that is, unfortunately, over because of a few bad eggs. In addition, those who are visiting via a system that cloaks their IP address are being even more closely monitored. If you are a “friend,” please consider de-cloaking now. Again, we WILL prosecute and there will be no warm, fuzzy explanation that will stop that. You have been given fair warning.

P.S. Legal guide for bloggers. It’s worth a read.

25 thoughts on “Important Policies Update

  1. I’m so sorry to hear that you even had to bother with this mishigas on your blog. I had an online stalker earlier this year, and spent the better part of a week tracking the moron down. I finally threatened his school with a lawsuit if they didn’t clamp down on his access. Magically, the nastiness stopped.

    The world is full of all types, I guess. I’m glad you’ve got technology and process to help filter out the riff raff. I’m also glad I’m not on the wrong side of all of this 🙂

  2. Is this because of me and Mark on that other post. If it was, let me just say that I feel honor bound to point out that …

    IT WAS ALL HIS FAULT, Linda! Really!

    If it wasn’t about me and Mark from before, well, please disregard the comment.

    Seriously, what the heck? What is going on that people feel they can abuse your comments board? Ridiculous. Good for you for standing up for yourself.

  3. You guys are cracking me up. I swear, sometimes I just need to write, then let the magic happen.

    I got a really, really nasty email from someone yesterday. Actually, it was a comment that is now gone. I don’t do that very often, so you have to know it was really, really nasty. That is what prompted this. However, I’ve had a couple of instances lately where there have been some cloaked visitors and it really makes me wonder if I have my stalker back again. I won’t be able to find that out unless I present my statistics to an investigator. The last time with the stalker, my statistics unveiled some people, who I knew, posting as someone they were not. At that time I chose to do nothing about them and just concentrate on the stalker. IF I have to shell out money again, EVERYONE is going down. I will have no mercy even if my best friend is one of the posters (I know she’s not because she doesn’t read blogs…but you get the point). I just don’t have the tolerance for these people seeing as though I went through this once before.

    Finally, these people know who they are, rp. If you have to ask, you’re not one of them. I don’t like secrecy. In fact, that’s why I value Denis’ post so much. Yes, I know many people don’t like my point of view. Fine. At least I’m being honest about my place on this earth. It’s called being authentic. I will always have that. Additionally, I usually do it without calling anyone names. I ask the same of others. If you don’t like my honesty and the way to go about it is to hide through cloaking or through someone else posting for you and it BOTHERS my life…I will hunt you down and make sure that you are known for who you are. It’s certainly a lot less respectful of humankind to play bullshit games than it is to voice your opinion as yourself and take the consequences for it in earnest.

    In many ways, I hate that some people have “gotten to me” to such an extent that I can go on like this forever. They’ve proven that I can be affected by them. I just think that it’s lame and utterly sad that this is the way they have to do that. Presenting themselves as who they really are wouldn’t yield the same results. They’re weak. I HATE that even more.

  4. This sounds odd since there are two writers on this blog who are anonymous. That’s not what I mind. Anonymity is sometimes warranted. It’s those who use their anonymity to be vindictive that I mind. It’s the underhanded way of doing things.

  5. Ok, I’m pretty sure, after reading your responses that it wasn’t me. Unfortunately, I can’t completely rule out Mark! 🙂

    Fascinating that you can keep logs and use investigators to uncover identities. I had no idea. So much for my own (necessary, I feel) anonymity. I’m sorry you’re being troubled by all this.

  6. Actually, I don’t know who you are by the information that statistics give me. It’s the investigator that does the rest and ONLY if there’s reason…like harassment. So, don’t worry. All I know of you is what you’ve told me. You have never bothered me, nor do I believe you ever will with JD at the end of your name.

    But I do like the idea of blaming Mark.

  7. Jesus H. Christ, I have to check in more often just to make sure my reputation isn’t sullied and my good name besmirched.! LOL I had enough of that at KOTGD a couple weeks ago when I was accused of bigotry and racism.

    Seriously, that whole incident is a proime example of the havoc that can be wrought by people who just want to be assholes in anonymity. From that incident I learned that many who profess to understand and support you will slit your throat (metaphorically speaking) if you post something they don’t agree with, and they are often emboldened by those to whom they link.

    I almost lost one very solid and close e-friendship over it, and am extremely guarded about some of the others involved to whom I still link. And some were summarily de-linked and I will never bother with them again.

  8. BTW – Where’d you find the “Legal Guide for Bloggers”? I just did a post about that in and amongst my Dead fiasco postings. What a coinkydink!!!

  9. I found it while researching whether this prick of a guy, who threatened me, could actually have some legal leg to stand on. It was a great find. Did you post it on your site?

  10. Yep – Last week – John Perry Barlow is a founding member of the EFF. He’s a Dead lyricist. You might recall that I had his blogged linked here before I moved to KOTGD. I didn’t know about the Bloggewr’s Guide until last week, however. Synchronicity!!!

  11. As one of the anonymous bloggers.. Linda I appreciate your comment in reference to that… I am sorry all this stalker stuff comes up. I had no idea that it was such a huge issue in blogging.. The only reason I am anonymous is because of what I do and who I work with. I would feel like I could not post anything for fear of patients finding out things although most stuff I post it really wouldnt matter.. As a psychiatrist I feel like I need to be a little more careful than your average person.. Necessary ? not sure. Am I paranoid ? maybe

  12. heya linda:
    yeesh. you were so supportive when i was under attack from Clare, a real life acquaitance. it sucks when something like this consumes you. i love denis’ post. i endeavor to live by that creedo. my husband loves it! one of the first ‘rules’ of marriage was:
    “if i ask you if you want to go, it’s a question. i’ll tell you when i need you to be there with me.” the first time he said he didn’t want to and i said ‘fine’ he bugged me for 2 days! it took that long to sink in that ‘it was that easy’. the truth. yeah, i like it 🙂

    but, urrrrrrrrgh. i’m going to read the blogger’s rights now and see if you can post this person’s home address and social security number…. 🙂

  13. see if you can post this person’s home address and social security number…

    Why would you want to do that anyway?

    Posting someone’s home address would be just plain vindictive, posting their SS number is inviting others to engage in identity theft, which can seriously ruin someone’s life. I’m no attorney, but for the former, I think you probably would find yourself in court, for the latter, absolutely. You shouldn’t even have their SS number, and if you came by it from work or other means in which you were entrusted to keep confidentiality, you might possibly face jail time as well.

    Just my two cents.

  14. Easy, Mark. Nita’s well intentioned.

    Actually, the exact reason I looked for that legal guide was to find out about posting information I get from my statistics. Though I think I can, it’s not clear so I removed this particular person’s info and EVERY one of their comments. Quite honestly, if I’m not able to do as I please on my own blog, they don’t get the luxury of their opinion here.

    As for the rest of the update, to which many people are freaking out…it deals with a stalker back in 2003 who found me posting at another site which I no longer visit and decided to hack my personal/family website. While investigating this particular person, I had some not so pleasant interactions with another group of people who used to be friends. It is those people who I am addressing and NOT because I’m accusing them of visiting here and leaving shitty comments. It’s because I don’t know who is visiting and leaving shitty comments and won’t know unless I put some coin into it. I don’t have a lot of coin right now, so IF I do that, everyone who has left a shitty comment is going down.

    99% of you should not even be concerned about this, even if you post a differing opinion that gets heated. It’s those people who get really insulting that need to take it down a notch and practice civility.

  15. “Easy, Mark. Nita’s well intentioned.”

    As am I. I left those comments out of concern for Nita, whom I presume is a friend of yours.

    I am continually astounded at the number of people who have no idea of the gravity of divulging someone’s (or their own) SS number, including people who should know better, such as a bank teller I encountered recently who thought it was silly that I wanted to write my SS# instead of rattling it off to her with ten people standing just behind me. Her comment was “I’m sure no one is waiting to hear your SS number anyway”. Maybe not, but I hardly think a teller,of all people, should be so ignorant.

    Protection against identity theft is only just coming into its own. Many people are completely unaware of IT, and have no clue that their SS number is the key to all of their personal information as well as credit in their name.

    As such, many states are only just beginning to pass legislation that concerns IT.

    Having said all of that, I still have to wonder why someone would consider publishing ANY personal info on their blog about an adversary.
    I wouldn’t even consider doing such a thing, much less leave a comment about it. The potential legal repercussions are too great. Perhaps Nita is THAT pissed, and possibly with good reason, but isn’t it when we are pissed that we often do things we come to regret later?

    Just trying to help based on my personal experiences.

  16. I’m not sure she was being entirely serious, Mark. I’d hate to see you go off on a tangent about something that was meant in jest; albeit and interesting tangent. 😉

  17. Well holy crap Linda. Recently I have realized there are some really disturbed people on the internet and I’m sorry that you have to deal with shit like this. Thanks for posting that legal info though, it’s so helpful!

  18. Maybe Linda got Bush to blog at Auterrific.

    Bite your fucking tongue.

    Native Texan is a new writer here, obviously. More about them later.

    Patience, grasshopper.

  19. Linda, just a minor point to remember when seeing anonymous proxies – i.e. “cloaked IP addresses”. There are many workplaces that block access to blogs as IT policy. Some folks who like to surf and comment from work (not a good idea, but nevertheless…) use anonymous proxies to get around that limitation. They would also not want to use identifiable names when commenting.

    So at least some of the cloaked visitors you’re seeing may not be using it nefariously. (The cloaked folks who are posting shitty comments, however, need a serious bitch-slapping.)


  20. Yeah…it really is the shitty comments. I don’t care if people browse the Internet and comment from at work as long as they’re being civil. The person who wrote the comment that precipitated this post was not being civil even in the broadest sense. I have zero tolerance for that.

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