I’d Like To Present

Our newest family member…

This is Axel. Axel is approximately 9 months old and is a brown & rust colored Doberman from Doberman Rescue. He currently weighs 66 pounds and will likely reach the 90 lb. mark by the time he is fully grown. If you saw him in person you would think he was mixed with a little bloodhound as he has A LOT of skin. Axel currently has a case of demodex mange, but it is much better than it was when he was first fostered. When that is finally gone, his coat will be absolutely amazing. He LOVES kids & tolerates the toddler better than we could have ever hoped. He is an absolute sweetheart and a bit shy right now. However, we know that’s because he’s just a bit scared about his circumstances and will evolve into the frolicking puppy we know he has the capability to be. He begins obedience school on November 30, but he’s already doing well with some commands. He seems to love his new house, yard and people and we love him right back.

In case you’re wondering…yes, we still miss Loki quite a bit and always will. Each dog brings their own personality to the table, but when you lose one it doesn’t mean you can’t give another the love you have. We hope to have a nice long time with Axel.

We’re not sure how many people we’ve told about this, but we will be getting a Boerboel bitch in the spring. Someone has offered to gift us one and we really can’t refuse with the great experience we have had with the breed. Also, we’re dog people, which means we have dogs. Period. We went from 2 dogs to zero dogs in one year and now it looks like the reverse will happen. We’re ecstatic about that and look forward to the new personalities around the house, filling each day with new adventures. Stay tuned for pictures and tales of those adventures.

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11 thoughts on “I’d Like To Present

  1. Axel is a cute pup. Sorry to hear about his demodex mange… we dealt with that when we had our dog, Max. I’m sure his coat will be beautiful when it clears up. (I know that Max’s coat looked 1,000 times better when his was better)

    I don’t remember much of it, but we had a doberman when I was around 3 that my dad got from the pound. He was really good with me, as my dad says that I used to ride him like a horse using his (uncropped) ears to guide him. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Our animals don’t want us to be sad when they go. I think they send another to help smooth over that hole that is left. He is a cutie and a very lucky dog.

    My email is given in the comment. I know it isn’t published but in my comment program I can get the email from any who leave comments if I want to write them back.

  3. Thanks for all the lovely comments. He is absolutely amazing. He’s the first dog I’ve had that doesn’t bark when the doorbell is rung, but barks and growls at his reflection in the window. LOL He makes me laugh.

    Andie – he has a docked tail and full ears. I have rarely saw a dobe with a full tail, though Dobie rescue here in town recently had one and he was a cutie pie.

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