I Was Doing Fine

until we received this in the mail the day before yesterday.

No card came with it and the box label was kind of ambiguous until we saw a name. It was from one of the veterinarians who cared for Loki. Then the flood began again. I can accept that he was special to me and my family and that we feel this horrible loss and always will. What makes this monumentally emotional is how horrible a loss it is for others. I’m completely touched…blown away…by how much this wonderful soul affected those around him. I mean, come on, how many vets do you know of that send remembrance stones?


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One thought on “I Was Doing Fine

  1. So sorry for your loss. I lost my two older dogs within six weeks of each other and it is very hard. What a nice gesture from the vet.

    When Max eats figs something seems to happen to his digestive system. Earlier he had ascites and I thought he might have cancer like a previous dog did. Fortunately, ultrasound showed no tumor but he is off figs and rawhide chewbones forever. I think he sneaks them off the ground when they fall because this year only a few were ever seen languishing under the tree.

    He is a rescue dog and didn’t have the best of diets when I found him.

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