The Hippocratic Oath – 21st-Century Relevance?

A letter to the editor of the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat raises the question of whether the Hippocratic Oath has been bent to serve politically-correct expediency, since the original Oath of Hippocrates prohibits a doctor from performing abortions. Well, apparently the answer to that is a resounding “Yes”, according to this PBS article on the nature of different versions of the Hippocratic Oath and whether it is still relevant in the world of twenty-first century medicine.

For readers’ own comparison, here is a modern version, versus this translation of the classic Hippocratic Oath.

4 thoughts on “The Hippocratic Oath – 21st-Century Relevance?

  1. even some MD schools recite different oaths nowadays. Of course at the moment I am blanking out on any names of them.

  2. Personall, I think the letter-writer is a bit whacked to think that the original oath should not have been changed, and I suspect that the writer’s personal agenda, most probably pro-life, is driving his complaint.

  3. Probably back then lots of women died from abortion “remedies,” and that’s why it was in there. So, like, are doctors nowadays supposed to teach *for free* the offspring of their med school professors cuz it says that, too?? Yeah, let’s pick out the parts of this we like. LOL

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