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Random surfing of the internet yields some pretty cool finds once in a while. I just stumbled across this very cool blog, and I like what little I have read so far. For example, with regard to the recent election, Mr. Barlow has the following insight with which I wholeheartedly agree:

“At the very least, I need to take the other side (Republicans, presumably) seriously. Dismissing them as a bunch of homophobic, racist, Bible-waving, know-nothing troglodytes, however true that may be of a few, only authorizes them to return the favor. I don’t want somebody calling me a dope-smoking, fag-loving, one-worlder weirdo, however true that might be. We are all masks that God wears, whatever God that is. We might try to treat one another with according reverence. At least we might try to listen as though the other side might have a point.I truly think we all owe one another an apology.”

I am really looking forward to sinking my teeth into more of Mr. Barlow’s writing. Not that I am a stranger to it now, what with “Black-Throated Wind” being one of my all-time favorite Dead numbers.

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  1. I want to tell everyone to download “Hell In A Bucket” from the Dead’s 1991 performance at the Bill Graham Memorial shortly after Bill’s tragic death. I just downloaded the performance last night and it brought back so much from that day which was probably the greatest concert of all time in Bay Area. This was the opening song of a Dead performance that was “off the richter” even by Dead standards. It was a perfect choice given the solemn occasion but with such a focus on life. The emotion in Bob Weir’s vocal is electrifying. The lyrics to this song are bloody amazing mate. “When the snakes come marching in”. That is pure word jazz. Prophetic. Thanks mate!

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