I Double-Dog Dare You

NO! I triple-dog dare you.

Stephan Ballasch, 35, of Wray, and Shawn Madsen, 36, of Ramah, bought two pairs of women’s thong underwear at Wal-Mart, went into the bathroom, and put them on Tuesday. They strolled out wearing only T-shirts and the undergarments and made it to their cars before Scottsbluff police caught them, police said.

You read that right. Two guys who are 35 & 36 years old, who have obviously watched Old School too many times, did this.

Police reviewed surveillance tape before arresting the duo.

Assumingly laughing their asses off.

When asked why they were in women’s thongs and T-shirts, one of the men said because one their friends “triple-dog dared” them to.

Oh yeah. They’re cool. My guess is “single,” too.

UPDATE 7/31 and bumped: Shawn left a message in the comments wanting to know if anyone had unanswered questions. This is a rare opportunity. If you have questions, bring em on.

I’ve never had anyone Google themselves to the extent of making it to my blog, before. I’ve gotten a lot of Google hits from the bunny guys too. I’m not too sure they’d be very well received, but the thong guys…hell yeah. I want to hear this story!

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  1. Now there are two who takes dare all the way….just wonder how they are feeling along about now? I bet there is more to the story and this inquiring mind would love to know it.

  2. Imagine the jailhouse conversation:

    Seven foot tall 300 pound guy with tattoos over 93.6 percent of his body: “So, whatcha in for?”

    Triple-dog dare guy: “Umm…”

  3. Well what can we say, It all started after work last Tuesday evening after a day of various other pranks done to Steph, so trying to top all the other events of the day I came up with walking through Walmart in a thong, but said he would not do it alone so I agreed to acompany him thinking he would probably back out. Next thing I know my boss is driving us to Walmart saying that we didn’t have a hair on our ass(later he found out different) and triple dog daring us so whats a man with any kind of pride going to do after his manhood has been questioned. So next I was at the register purchasing two $1.50 thongs(sizes 8 if anyone is interested or cares) then heading towards the restroom in the back of walmart by the layaway dept. So we stepped into the stalls and changed into our sexy little undees. Well after Steph had changed into his he muttered the words oh my god after looking down upon himself his undercarriage looking somewhat like a DR J fro from the seventys! By now Im changed and had to see what the fuss was all about so as soon as stepped out of stall and seen Steph, I hit the floor laughing the same time as my boss. So after somewhat catching my composure we found our way to the door of the restroom after 2 attempts of stepping out then back in. We took one final breath and muttered lets do it and started on what seemed like a 2 hour journey through the store. As we stepped out we seen 3 fine looking girls which immediately did a double take and again heard them words oh my god followed by gut busting laughter. Well we finally made to the front door gathering a whole lot of attention and our coworkers snapping pics of us. So after making it to our vehicle it was immidiately surrounded by 8 walmart vidgilantes 2 in front 2 in back and 1 on each side of us not allowing us to leave. Well within minutes the police arrived and the rest you’ve already read. And as far as our maritial status good guess 1 divorced and 1 separated and no we dont live at home. We will be offering pics and autographed thongs for those that are interested email me at shawnmadsen@yahoo.com see ya soon at a Walmart near you or any other store we get triple dog dared to go to and we do guest appearances. Still waiting for Letterman, Leno or Stern to call.

  4. What the hell makes you guys think anyone wants to see pictures of this, much less receive an autographed thong?!?!! Here’ s a tip, Shawn: Get your meds adjusted, stat!

  5. Shawn, thanks for the story. Weird, but thanks. I hope that’s not your only 15 minute of fame.

    Good job, Linda… You never know who’s coming to visit. πŸ™‚

  6. A triple dog dare as a child is like being jinxed for life if it isn’t completed.

    A triple dog dare as a teenager is like being told to drink drink drink or be an outcast.

    A triple dog dare as a young adult in college could be the difference between being in the frat or not.

    The one thing all of these triple dog dares have in common is peer pressure.

    I would think by the time people have reached their mid-30s peer pressure wouldn’t be something to deal with.

    I’ll admit this is a funny story – – but cannot for the life of me figure out why two grown men would do it. Is life really that boring? πŸ˜‰

    1. Actually, it was the first time that my son Steph had ever done something like that. And you were absolutely correct about the “peer pressure” part. Less than six months later my son allowed himself to be “bullied” into climbing a tower with what would turn out to be defective equipment. He was a really nice guy who let being afraid of what others thought of him cost him his life.
      to find out a bit more about Steph go to the link posted below.

  7. Shawn, personally, I’m glad that guys like you still show up once in awhile. This prank is original, outrageous and qualifies for high marks in the gut busting funny pranks. Your narrative indicates intelligence, literacy and wit. Color me IMpressed! I would think you’d be a perfect match for the Daily Show. I hope you hear from one of their “roving” reporters. (Also, some of the comments here were hilarious -the 7 foot, 300 lb tattooed guy, a real knee slapper!!)

    PS Where do you work? Your boss sounds very – well… mature.

  8. Hey Shawn — An ex-coworker says keep up the good work

    LMAO only a CELLULAR ph0ne company would hire these type of employees lolmaybe you could try this at WRAY SUPERS NEXT -(IN WRAY COLORADO)–LOL

  9. Jane M. commented “Your narrative indicates intelligence, literacy and wit.” Wit, perhaps, Shawn, but your spelling, punctuation and grammar errors definitely are not indiciative of intelligence and literacy.

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