trix are for kids

But not for kids that mess with rabbits.

CASTRO VALLEY, Calif. (AP) – It seemed like luck had run out for Lucky the rabbit. Strapped to a powerful explosive with a lit fuse, she was tossed into a lake. But Lucky lived up to her name. The explosive didn’t blow up, and the rabbit was pulled out of the water.

Lucky is, indeed, lucky.

Now Lucky’s college-bound owner and his friend face misdemeanor charges of animal cruelty after photos of the July 13 incident surfaced on the Internet.

What kind of dumbass would actually post these photos over the Internet?

Nick Sigmon, 18, and Paul Collins, 20, are accused of taping an illegal M-1000 – a large firecracker equivalent to a quarter stick of dynamite – to the rabbit and throwing her into Lake Don Castro.

Damn savages!

Sigmon said he fished Lucky out of the water to save her from drowning, but that didn’t impress Alameda County prosecutors, who charged the two Castro Valley lifeguards on Wednesday. Two other men who were present during the incident may also face charges.

So, blowing up the bunny is OK. But drowning the bunny is not OK. What’s missing here? Oh, right…a fucking brain.

“I think that a lot of people are judging us without knowing us at all,” Sigmon told the San Francisco Chronicle. But asked why he fitted Lucky with the explosive, he said, “Um, that’s a real tough question to answer.”

Tough? Let’s shove a stick of dynomite up his ass and see if he has any answers. Anyone game?

Lucky is recovering at a foster owner’s home, where she’s snacking hay pellets and doing well, Williams said.

DAMN! Can an almost blown up bunny get some carrots, please!

14 thoughts on “trix are for kids

  1. These are college kids? Were the drunk? On drugs? I’d be scared to have them around my kids.

    There are some sorry people in the world. Where does this ugliness come from?

  2. THESE are the guys who should have been running out of Walmart in women’s thongs. Not to say that the older ones should be strapping explosives to bunnies, but that the thong thing would be more age appropriate here.

    I take particular offense to this because my favorite book is Watership Down. Don’t mess with rabbits!

  3. Any person that willingly and knowingly does harm to animals isn’t right in the head. They have something seriously wrong with them.

    My college I went to has this huge pond with ducks and a pair of swans. Swans mate for life. A semester before I would attend my freshmen year, a drunk frat boy swam the pond, grabbed the male swan and broke it’s neck. Holy crap but everyone was outraged. I don’t know what all he got but he was expelled from school and could never return. The female swan had just laid eggs and everyone was worried if she would be too distraught to care for them. She took it well and raised her little babies (there were three of them.). She got moved to a farm where she could live peacefully as they thought that maybe being in the pond stressed her out.

  4. Future serial killers of America… “Oh, just boys playing pranks.”

    What was the point of that? I don’t understand. It’s revolting. Once when I was very young I was with a kid who was hanging a turtle by the neck with fishing wire. I let it go. I never understood then either. Ugh!

  5. ROTFL! I knew them in high school, he’s gonna go to college …i think…knowing them they were drunk and high….sadly this coming from a kid who got a 1400 on the SAT’s tisk tisk you woulda though he would know better to light something then throw it into the water…oi

  6. I knew them too. Intelligent beyond fuck. They’ll make millions of dollars while we can barely pay bills. Sadly, this doesnt suprise me as much as it does shock me as to much attention its getting from the world.

    And no, they arnt future serial killers. More like future scientists who’ll find cures for diseases. Rabbit lived, move on.

  7. Alex,

    You’re shocked that people are upset about this?

    You obviously have an allegiance to these guys since your comment tries to put a positive spin on the whole situation…or at least their character. Would you be so lenient if this had been a homeless person? “Ah. Homeless person lived. Move on.”

    I’m not suggesting a rabbit’s life is as important as a human’s (though PETA would tell a different story). What I am suggesting, though, is that their behavior not be dismissed just because the rabbit lived.

    And, just so you know, torturing little, defenseless animals can be a very good sign of future sociopathic behavior.

    Additionally, most sociopaths are very intelligent. Ted Bundy, Charles Manson and Hitler knew exactly how to manipulate their environment to succeed with their torture. No ordinary dumb ass can do that.

    At this time, I have serious doubts that these guys will go on to make millions.

  8. The more people who know the assholes who tried to blow up the rabbit I meet, the more I like the rabbit. Move on out of California, Alex. We don’t need you and your friends here.

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