a different day

(Written the evening of September 11, 2001
after the World Trade Center attack on the United States)

This morning I woke
And life was the same
I drifted back to sleep
Blissfully unaware

Safe. Sound. Silent.
Only to wake again
Mere moments later
In utter disbelief

Stripped of my security
I sit and witness
This great atrocity
In a catatonic stare

What has happened?

What can I do?

What have we done?

Innocence is lost
Buried under concrete
And shattered steel
With muddled cries

My heart aches
As I feel the day
Waiting for an end
Hoping for a beginning

Now long after sunset
My eyes grow tired
As I await a slumber
Assuredly with less comfort

Will great warmth
Be with me this night?
Tomorrow I will wake
And life will be different

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