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Here is the email I sent to their corporate office this morning:

I can’t help but voice my opinions about my mother’s experience with Sears’ Service & Repair. She purchased a new refrigerator 2 years ago and it ceased to work a few weeks ago. Because my husband called service & repair for her, she was charged for a service call & repairs because they mistakenly put it under his name instead of hers. Then, they jury rigged the fridge to work, sounding like a friggin’ motor boat because they “cut” the fan. What the heck do you think you’re doing??? Then, it ceased to work again. Repair came over and taught her how to jump start her motor until the parts arrived for the repair, which they finally figured out were under her name. When she called today to let them know that the parts were all in, they scheduled her repair for Feb. 2, a WEEK from today…for a broken, new, screwed up refrigerator she graciously bought from YOU for what she thought was a reputable company with impeccable service. When she told the service dept. that this was the worst experience she had ever had, and that she was 70 years old and had purchased MANY products from Sears over the years, they simply had an I’m sorry. Well, I’m here to tell you that sorry just isn’t good enough. Not only will she not be buying any more products from you, neither will my family or ANYONE who will listen to me and this story, especially when I post it publicly to as many sources as I can legally get my hands on. To me, you are nothing more than a pathetic excuse for a company. You used to be so good. I have no idea what happened, but things need to change…they need to change soon.

They sent a standard form email back saying they would contact me in the next couple of days, but my opinion about this is pretty firm. They would need to deliver a brand new refrigerator of the same model or better, to sway my decision at this point…and throw in a couple of gift certificates for her time and oodles of trouble.

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  2. I missed a $1.00 in my last billing (would have been paid in full, if it weren’t for the dollar). I received another bill for $11.00, the dollar plus a $10.00 late fee. I called customer service and figured that out of the graciousness of their whatever, they’d forgive the dollar, thus forgiving the $11. NOT! I couldn’t believe it. I’ve been a Sears card holder for more than 25 years and this is how they treat you!! I was furious and cancelled my account. She said, that’s fine, it’s cancelled (just that quick, without any concern for the customer), but you still owe the $11 dollars. I hungup on her. It’s no wonder K-Mart bought them, they truly SUCK!

  3. Kmart did not buy Sears, it is a mutual merger with Sears being the primary partner. They will form a new company called Sears Holding Corp.


  5. 2 weeks after the warranty (54 weeks after purchase) the timer on our Kenmore “Elite” washer started stalling during the cycle. It is

    intermitant. Used to be a washer would last many years. Not a Kenmore these days. The service technician gave us the estimate of

    $274.59. That is about half the cost of the washer. We paid the service call and sent him away. The part price quote was 156.63, and

    thier website price is $120.49. Needless to say, we are (after almost 40 years) NOT Sears customers anymore. If they cared to look up

    how much we have spent with Sears, tools, lawn tractor, etc, etc, you will see it’s quite a bit. I fully intend to post this note online, so

    others might avoid Sears in the future. Sears products are DESIGNED to last just past the warranty period. Seems more money is

    made on extended warranties than one would guess. -Kim – January 21, 2005

  6. A Service Nightmare: Sears, Roebuck and Co.

    In August of 2002, my wife and I purchased a Kenmore side-by-side refrigerator/freezer for just over a thousand dollars. We were a little disappointed when in less than two years the electronic control board failed and had to be replaced. Of course it wasn’t covered by the warranty, but I managed to save on the service call by ordering and installing the part myself.
    Less than seven months later, we were experiencing more than a little disappointment, as Sears made us painfully aware of just what they mean when they say, “We service what we sell!”

    Week 1

    Tuesday evening, December 7, 2004, I arrived home to an unfamiliar hummm…click noise. I traced it to the refrigerator, and found it thawing out. I eventually found the source of the noise to be the compressor, and after removing the relay clamp and reseating the relay without solving the problem, I made the assumption that the compressor was bad, and would need to be replaced. Since I felt certain this was more than I could handle, we called Sears 1-800-4-MY-HOME to arrange a service call. We specifically requested that the technician bring a compressor, so we wouldn’t have to wait an additional week for a part. This request was dutifully noted on the service log. We were told that it would be the following week before a technician could be scheduled, since our area was serviced only on Mondays. We weren’t happy with the prospect of being without our refrigerator for a week, but we didn’t have a lot of options.

    Week 2

    The technician arrives as scheduled on Monday, December 13th at 12:37pm. Within a few minutes he has found the clamp I left off in anticipation of the compressor being changed, and immediately informs my wife that he has found the problem. She tells him that he needs to call me, since she knows I probably left the clamp off intentionally. The technician calls me, and I confirm that I had left the clamp off when I reseated the relay in hopes of fixing the problem. He tells me that he can’t find anything wrong with the refrigerator, he’s plugged it in and it is cooling, and he’s done all he can do. No sense in replacing parts that aren’t bad, he says. That’s hard to argue with, but what caused the Hmmm…click and thawing, I ask. Probably a “brown-out” or drop in voltage. Sounds reasonable to me, since it hadn’t been too long since Hurricane Ivan had us completely without power for a week. At 1:03pm, the technician departs, but not before collecting a fee of $102.00 for his trouble. Not bad for 26 minutes.

    On Tuesday, the 14th at 11:00am, shortly after the refrigerator had been restocked, the Hmmm…click is back with a vengeance. The cooling stops, and the thawing begins. We call 1-800-4-MY-HOME to plead our case and try to get a technician as soon as possible, but we’re told that it will be Monday, the 20th, before a technician will be available in our area. We believe the right thing to do, under the circumstances, would be for Sears to arrange for a technician to return at the earliest possible time, but the customer service representative is neither sympathetic nor cooperative. My wife asked to speak to a manager, and was told that someone would call back within the hour. No one called. The next morning we received a message on our answering machine that bluntly informed us that “we (service center) cannot force someone into your area for routine service calls, your appointment will be Monday, the 20th.” We no longer considered this a “routine service call,” in light of the fact that not only did I not have the use of my refrigerator, but I was now out $102.00 as well.

    Week 3

    On Monday the 20th a service technician arrives, as scheduled, and lo and behold, he finds the compressor to be bad! Of course he didn’t happen to have one with him. It would have to be ordered, and an appointment made for next Monday, the 27th, to have it installed. We were going to be out of town that day, so I asked my parents if they would come to our house while the repairs were made. That Sunday, the 26th, we called 1-800-4-MY-HOME, and were told the technician would arrive at our house at 9:36am. We relayed this information to my folks, and they said they’d be there well ahead of the technician. Everything was finally coming together.

    Week 4

    We arrived home on Tuesday evening, the 28th, expecting to find the refrigerator running. Instead, I find a note from my mother. “Sorry, no refrigerator” it says, “the part did not arrive.” I didn’t understand, so I immediately called her. She explained that Monday morning they were waiting on the technician, as planned, when the phone rang. It was the technician, and he wanted to know if the part had been delivered. She told him she was certain that I was under the impression that he would be bringing the part with him. And she was absolutely right. No one had said anything about having the part delivered to my home. She spent the rest of that day, and most of the next, trying to locate the part. She was told by the local retailer, and by customer service representatives that the part would surely be delivered by Tuesday evening. It was not. That evening I called 1-800-4-MY-HOME. The customer service representative that answered stated his name along with a greeting that included something about thanking me for choosing Sears and living the good life. I told him I wasn’t living the good life, I had been without my refrigerator for nearly a month, and I was getting very irritated with Sears. We had learned by this time that the people who take calls on the 1-800-4-MY-HOME number are simply there to provide a shoulder to cry on, or as a target for a good cussin’ out. They don’t seem to have the authority to actually make the kinds of decisions that positively affect customer relations. I sure didn’t feel like crying, and wouldn’t even consider tearing into this poor fellow, but I did want some answers. After much searching, he was able to locate a tracking number for the part, and offered it to me along with a phone number to the carrier who had the part. I refused these numbers, and instead told him that I felt like Sears needed to be making these calls, and should then let me know when the part would be delivered. He documented my comments, but could not guarantee that someone would actually call me with the information. The next morning, I had a message from someone representing Sears, stating that the part would be delivered by 4:00pm, and that when I received it, I should call for a service appointment. The part was delivered at 2:45pm. When we called to make an appointment, we were told it would be Monday, January 3rd, before a technician would be available in our area. We again called both Sears and the local retailer to try and get someone sooner, but once again received a stern message the following morning that our service appointment would be for January 3rd. Sunday night we called to see when we could expect the technician, and were informed that we were number 4 on the list, and we could expect the technician to arrive anytime between 8am and 5pm. A whole month without my refrigerator, and I’m number 4 on the list. Unbelievable! No telling how long the first 3 customers on the list had been waiting for service, probably months, or maybe even years, who knows.

    Week 5

    Monday, January 3rd, the technician arrives, and the compressor is replaced without incident.


    Sears had two opportunities to demonstrate a commitment to customer service, but deliberately neglected both. The first opportunity was in week two following the botched service call. Sears should have done whatever was necessary to get a technician back to us immediately, or at least some time before the next Monday. The second opportunity came after the part was not delivered in time for the “routine” service call, after we had been without our refrigerator for three weeks. By not making any effort to remedy a situation they created, Sears, Roebuck and Co. demonstrated a callous disregard for us as customers. We purchased this refrigerator from Sears for the same reason most people do; we grew up trusting the name and the brand. All that has now changed.

    I’m pretty sure that the corporate bigwigs in Chicago who call the shots at Sears, Roebuck and Co. won’t care much about the opinion of some old fat boy living in south Alabama. But there are many consumers, just like us, who might be shopping for appliances, and these folks need to know what they could be in for. Caveat emptor.

    Joseph J. Booker
    Monroeville, Alabama

    Permission is granted for reprints or other use of this document.

  7. You know, when I posted this I never knew it was going to be this popular and wide spread. It saddens me. Sears was the reliable department store as I was growing up. I feel weird knowing that the next appliance will be purchased anywhere BUT Sears, but I don’t want to deal with this crap again. My mother’s refrigerator was finally fixed, but now her ice machine is broken…silly! We bought a microwave there that didn’t last more than 3 years. Ridiculous! We don’t have enough money that it can be thrown down the drain all that often.

    I’d like to thank everyone here for voicing their opinions. Needless to say, I feel your pain. May you never have to go through it again.

  8. Quick tale– Saturday 1/15/05 ordered mattress set from Sears after searching 20 minutes for sales help. (Briarwood Mall, Ann Arbor, MI). Offered free delivery as incentive. Sounds good, but they still charge a customer $50 and then customer has to complete forms and mail in for rebate–STUPID—just don’t charge me the $50–now that is free delivery. Wasn’t told that until already on charge card, but wanted new bed too much to argue. Delivery scheduled for Saturday 1/22/05—time frame unknown.
    Friday eve 1/21/05–called delivery number for automated voice to tell me that my mattress will be delivered Saturday 1/22/05 between 3:30pm and 5:30 pm. It starts snowing in Michigan this Friday evening HARD!!!
    1/22/05–still snowing and I’m shoveling for hours. Checking messages b/c I can’t believe that the delivery will happen. 3:15pm—still no call, but CNN and all major networks are covering this huge snowstorm over Great Lakes states. I have not heard from Sears and the new mattress and springs could be delivered in 15 minutes. I have shoveled a lot and salted the steps so nobody will slip. (Moved my car out of the way too.) It’s 3:15 pm so I take all of the linens and cover off of my old mattress and break down the bed and haul it out to the living room so it is ready to be removed. 4:10pm I’m outside sweeping snow off of the steps and a call comes from a number with a “512” area code that there won’t be a delivery today b/c of weather. Where is “512”? I know that it is no where in Michigan. WOW, it is in Austin, TX and they just are psychic and know so much about MI weather that they have decided to give me a call about it as if I didn’t know…
    there will be no delivery due to the weather conditions…I see red…why wait until 40 minutes after the delivery time to let me know?

    I call Sears delivery number and talk to some woman who reminds me that the weather is lousy??
    Well no kidding I’ve been shoveling for hours, but you could have told me at 10am that you weren’t going to come, anyone around here knows how bad this weather is and where are you at? She is in Columbus, OH. Well idiot, if Sears had any one in Michigan making these calls they would have called hours ago because the weather has been awful and the roads worse since last night??? Why wait until 40 mins after delivery time, and don’t tell me that’s when they knew..
    Well those big delivery trucks and the snow,yada yada…big trucks can actually do quite well in the snow because they weigh a lot and are full of heavy things like my mattress and springs…
    Sears rep–Well, I don’t own Sears so I can’t decide where the call centers will be.” Well, I say, if you don’t care enough about customers in Michigan enough to have one here where people can figure out what the weather is then I don’t want your products.
    Sunday 1/23/05 try to get money back. Guess what? There is still no one to help customers in the mattress department. Same deal as the day I ordered the darn thing, so I go to the main cash register and a manager is paged overhead. She finally comes over after about 10 minutes and then tells me that she “isn’t even supposed to be working today, and I’m not sure that I know how to do this return..” Uh, oh….I’m in for a long one…YES, she does not know how to do a return and when I tell her how pissed I am about what happened yesterday she looks at me like I’m a bug under a microscope. Finally the mattress woman wanders over and they have a chat about how do you work these darn cash registers anyway ( well, not really but neither one of them could get the $50 delivery charge refunded). I finally sat down on a nearby mattress set to try to remain calm. It turns out that they couldn’t get my $50 refunded because it wasn’t in the computer that my mattress was never delivered. (They hold on to that $50 like it’s the only thing between them and Chapter 11). Finally, after calling Brandon in the warehouse who can confirm that I didn’t somehow get a mattress yesterday, and waiting 5 more minutes for that startling information to go through the computer, and the sales lady telling me how she couldn’t get to work yesterday because the weather was so bad…I got all of my money refunded. When I told the manager that I’m never, ever shopping at Sears again, she looked at me like tell me something that I have not heard before.
    I’m from MI and used to try to shop at KMart because they were originally from MI and I’m kinda sentimental like that, BUT NO MORE KMART OR SEARS shopping shall I do….creeps!

  9. Damn, yall think that you have problems as customers of Sears, try working for that evil hell hole, oops I mean company. A little background info, I’m only 21 years old in college, and while its not like I’m struggling for life right now, I still have bills to pay just like everyone else. First of all, Sears is only paying me $7.20 and hour, and I’m working out on the floor! If I go to Home Depot to work, I could be making at least $10 an hour! “Well, then try to get a new job,” you might say. Trust me I have. I’ve put in application after application, and for some strange reason I havent gotten hired yet. Since you have to list all your previous jobs on applications, I have to list Sears even though I’m still working there. Yet for some strange reason, I have a feeling that my manager is not saying anything good about me to these potential employers, thus screwing me out of getting a job. Not only that, but I’m only working 20 HOURS A WEEK!! I HATE SEARS.

    Trust me everybody, Sears doesnt just screw the customers. They screw the employees also, in fact, they probably screw us more than you. Believe me when I say this, the most if not all Sears employees hate working at Sears and want to see Sears go down. Sears is the reason why people think that large corporations are evil. Believe it or not, when shoppers come into my store and happen to ask me for help, I’ll try to convince them to spend their money somewhere else, and I tell them of all the crap that Sears does. Sears must be stopped. It must go out of business, and the only way to get a message to those assholes up in Hoffman Estates is to hurt their wallet. I URGE EVERYONE IN THE WORLD–DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM SEARS. THEY DONT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT ANYONE, CUSTOMER OR EMPLOYEE. I will celebrate (and yall are invited 🙂 ) when Sears goes out of business. I honestly hope that the asshole of a CEO named Alan J. Lacy is reading this, and gets the idea that most people hate Sears.



    I worked at Sears in Lafayette, Louisiana for ten years (1992-2002). I have never seen a company just go so far downhill in such a short time. I really liked Sears when I started working there, but as other retail stores like Home Depot and Lowes moved into town Sears struggled. We lost a lot of our best managers and sales associates to those stores. Our really good managers left for those better jobs and they were replaced by some of the worst characters in retail history. Sears had this great idea to promote uneducated people with little (or no) sales experience to sales manager positions. WHY?? …because they could pay them 1 or 2 dollars more than minimum wage and they would jump at the opportunity!! Many people (such as myself) who had been there for 10-20 years were just passed over. People with college degrees were especially NOT promoted. In about 1994, Sears decided not to hire any more full time employees, just part timers (up to 32 hours a week is all that is allowed) this allowed the company to save millions since part timers do not get benefits. This all meant more money for the corporate greed at the big office.

    Remember when Sears was a good company? I do. Just ask your parents and/or grandparents. Elderly people have great memories of Sears. And here is why: Sears used to be a place where you could have a career and support your family. When I first started I would see people who had been there 20, 30 and even 40+ years. People who knew the products and everything about them. Customers would come in and know the salesmen (and women) by name… NOT ANYMORE!!

    SO WHAT HAPPENED?? Sears decided it would be better to pay a CEO and other executives millions on top of millions a year. And where would they get the big money to pay these big wigs… by cutting operating cost of stores. The first thing to do was quit hiring full time employees and giving them benefits. Who wants to work a job with no benefits, that is no way to support a family. Sears wants young people (such as college students) that will work for minimum wage for a year or two and then leave, and then they will just hire a new group of incoming freshman to take their places. They never have to give raises because everyone is still new. That is also why none of the employees know anything about the products, they are all still in training. Plus the stores are WAY UNDERSTAFFED!! Sales associates at Sears in the tool department used to be on commission so they had to know about the products to sell them. At any given time there would be at least 4 or 5 salesman on the floor waiting to assist you. Now there is a cashier register in the main isle and you just help yourself and then try to find someone to check you out. Nobody (even managers) can tell you anything about the products or how they work. Another example is in the shoe department. The salesfloor used to have displays of shoes to look at and sales associates would approach you and ask you if you wanted to try anything on and go get your size out the stockroom for you. Now there is a display shoe with a rack of boxes below the shoe, you find your size, try it on and then go try to find someone to check you out. People often do not put shoes that they decided not to buy back in the boxes or on the shelf and the store looks like a wreck.

    The bottom line is Sears has gotten caught up in the retail trap and lost touch with customers. They do not realize people once went to Sears because you could walk in and tell someone, “I’m looking for a cordless drill for husband’s birthday,” and they were helped by a knowledgable sales person that could actually tell you the difference between all the drills and recommend one that might be suitable for your needs. Let’s be honest, if you wanted to just go help yourself and then ask someone with no product knowledge to check you out you would have went to Wal-Mart.

    Sears was once a part of the American way, now it is just a corporate (and financial) joke that is falling by the wayside. I feel sorry for many people I know that have been there for 20-30 years and have no chice but to stay because they are too old to quit and need their retirement. When I go to the mall I still go visit them but I do not shop at Sears anymore.

    Sorry this was so long, but just wanted to let others know what is becoming of Sears.

    A Former Sears Employee
    Lafayette, Louisiana

  11. The Death of Sears

    I am currently an employee with Sears at a Product Repair facility. I have been working there for a little over 2 years. This is a gas engine repair shop that works on carry in products such as lawnmowers, weed wackers, power washers etc. Joining Sears seem to be a good idea-I seen the commercials–Sears-The Good Life-so I figured it’ll be a good company to work with(1st naive mistake). So I went through the hoops of the application process, I had no prior experience with working on engines-I knew the basics-how an engine works. I made this clear before getting hired, but I guess I got the job when they asked “Can you swing a wrench”-that was sufficient experience they needed. Now that I’m hired – I’d expect a little training, right?—umm it’s 2 years later-and I figured I got about 3 hours of training. I have a problem with Sears not providing the proper training to the employees. I know my job as I did most of my “training” myself-reading books-and trial and error on customers products. I must add this is not a isolated case—the whole gas shop facility is like this. You’d think Sears would want customers to know that they will be having trained qualified technicians working on their items?

    Sears is going to die a slow and painful death if they continue to operate the way they do, which is no suprise because some of their execs have big tobacco backgrounds. They have lost touch with the people who really build a company—the customers and the employees. I feel that Sears does not want to invest any time or money on improving their employees, which effects customer service, which will stop the customers from coming to the stores.

    The Sears from YesteYear has died. The Sears that our mothers and fathers went to has changed. No longer is it the company you can trust for good products or service. You can find much better products and service from many other places- Home Depot, Lowes, even Wal Mart.

    If I was a betting man- I’d bet Sears will sell off their service sector, and any sector not part of their mainline stores. They will concentrate on building big block stores (Sears Essentials) which will fail miserably to the likes of Target and Wal Mart.

    As for Sears overinflated stock price—it’s a big balloon about to burst–

    Satifaction Guaranteed

  12. saying “sears sucks” is being too kind. we are going on 3 years in trying to get even a store credit on a $300 hoover vacuum. had to purchase extended warranty twice to keep the case open. the vacuum (windtunnel) consistantly breaks down after 2-3 weeks of very light use. the bearings just keep rolling right out of it. they are completely worn out after about 20-30 minutes use. we want to get a store credit and actually spend another $100 more to get a good vacuum. they wont do it. even with 2 documents saying “satisfaction guaranteed or your money back”. they are very rude people all the way to the corporate level. after 35 years of being a customer and spending another $1500.00 this past year, we are done with sears. never, never again will we purchase another thing at sears. SEARS SUCKS and their VACUUMS DONT. on a side note, i called Hoover and they will repair the vacuum and give me my full refund back if i am not satisfied. thank you Hoover! Kiss off SEARS!

  13. Sears Blows Big Time.

    I have been an employee of the company almost two years and it has been the worst experience of my entire life. Do you have any idea what it’s like to have a college education and to know that every single manager in the store either has their G.E.D. (that’s right, G.E.D.) or only a high school diploma. Constantly I hear of people complaining about how great Sears used to be and now it’s just a group of snotty people running the place who only care about making a buck. I have seen how parts and service is handled, how they pressure you into credit applications, and selling protection agreements. Well here is my advice, don’t buy anything from Sears and def. don’t purchase a protection agreement if you do. This is where the company makes most of their money. Even if you have an agreement they will find some bullcrap excuse to still charge you money by saying that it doesn’t cover certain parts or certain instances. Even if it happens to cover your time, chances are it’s not fixed properly, I believe that they don’t have service techs. who have any clue what they are doing. Most common answer for something when they can’t figure out whats wrong with it, bad gas. I would recommend staying away from this company, they’re only going to give you more headaches than what they are worth. Head over to lowes or the Home Depot and buy the same product from people who might want your business.

  14. wish i’d found this site before i bought my kenmore refrigerator. long story short my kenmore runs noisy. still under warranty.have my little receipt marked satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. customer service said no problem just talk to the store manager. the store people said,”90 days and the warranty doesn’t matter. we aren’t giving you your money back.” they did send a tech out.( nice guy.said it was an engineering problem. can’t be repaired.) i’ll never buy a major appliance at sears again. still haven’t decided on whether or not to fight this a little more. i won’t win. i’ve already found a fridge at lowe’s that seems to be exactly what i was looking for when i bought the kenmore. but buying two new refrigerators in 10 months seems a little much.

    it is especially annoying that i went into sears to buy the fridge with just one requirement. that it be quiet. and i was steered away from the one i had planned to buy to this one. it was cheaper so i figured why would he steer me to a cheaper one, if it isn’t good? still don’t know,but i wish he hadn’t. even more, i wish i’d gone to lowe’s first.

    avoid sears if possible. it is running on its old reputation.

    i haven’t been able to find out anything about this 90 day thing either. and how (if) i was supposed to know about it. or how it overrides the warranty and the satisfaction garanteed claim.

  15. I posted another comment a few posts ago, and I just felt like posting again. I gave my manager my 2 weeks notice a few days ago because I found a much, MUCH better job somewhere else, far away from Sears. This is one of the happiest moments of my life because I hate Sears with a passion and I cant wait to leave. DONT BUY ANYTHING FROM SEARS. the other day my manager was trying to convince me to tell people about some 90 day warranty or something, that the product is really only covered for 90 days. the whole time I’m just thinking, “yeah right, it clearly says on the box that it has a 1 year warranty”. what does that tell you about sears? i hate sears. i hate sears. do yourself a favor- dont ever buy the protection agreement (its a huge joke) and dont ever, EVER, get a sears credit card, you will end up running yourself into bankrupcy (sorry if i spelled that wrong). SEARS MUST GO DOWN.

  16. All of you people complaining about the sears cards should relise that sears has little if any control over the sears card CITI BANK owns ond controls the sears card

  17. We purchased a heater in November of 2003.After it was installed our city inspector had to come out twice because the installation was done improperly.It took the salesperson weeks to come out and check out the job.When he came out he discovered the heater vent was installed upside down and the wrong filter was installed.In October 2004 the heater wouldn’t go on.Of course Sears couldn’t come out right away so myself, my husband, daughter (age 2) and son (age 4 weeks) had to pack up and stay at grandmas for 4 days.I had to close my home daycare and loose income.Once the tech came out he said these untis have been having problems, he would order parts.A week later Sears came back out to install parts but this guy refused because he said we had a leak in our roof causing water to get into the heater and burn out the parts.We had a roofer out and…no leak.Sears comes back out and determines the heater was installed wrong and condensation was backing up into the heater.They sent some guys out to fix that.The heater works.Two months later heater doesn’t work.Tech comes out a few days later, orders parts.Parts don’t show up.I was fed up and called customer service.No help.Asked to speak to the manager, not there.Left a message.Manager calls back, I complain, he laughs and says put some sweats on and wait for parts.Parts show up next day.A tech comes out a few days later, wont install because we have a roof leak.Two hours on the phone,finally someone decides to help.They send the original installers out to fix the problem.The installers ask who installed the unit because it was all wrong.I said you did it!They fixed it.The tech comes out the next day to put the new parts on and says who hooked up your electrical to the heater like this.We say your installers did it.The heater now is working.For how long who knows.
    The real kicker is that we called Sears and said we wanted the heater removed and our money refunded.Who knows what damage has been done to the heater with all this condensation sitting around in it.They said they couldn’t do anything about it because we bought the unit from a subcontract of Sears.It would be up to the salesperson (when we bought the heater we called Sears and they sent this salesperson out).They said that even if he decided to refund us for the unit we would be charged a useage fee!!!!We have left several messages for the salesperson and have had no response!!!!!
    Our service warrenty expires in October right before the cold starts. I guess we just dropped $1900 on a heater that didn’t even last through 1 1/2 winters!!!


  18. Sears does suck. They used to have good stuff, now it’s chintzy. The only, single good thing they have anymore is mechanic’s tools and even those are not as good as the ones used by professional mechanics, like Mac Tools. But they are great for homeowners. Their woodworking-type tools are shit.

  19. I’m not going to write a book but here’s the short story, bought a Kenmore Washer and Dryer, washer crapped out, they fix it, washer crapped out, they fix it, washer crapped out, they get more parts, fix it, washer craps out …. see a pattern here???? …. they fix it, this went on 9 friggin’ times, they refused to replace the POS under warrenty, yesterday it over flowed, did a serious number on my floor/carpet. Called University Electric (in San Jose Ca) yesterday, had a new Bosch washer and drier delivered today. My dad retired from Sears, I own Sears stock, the odds on me buying another Sears appliance are slim to none, the odds on me keeping the stock after the merger is really close to the same.

  20. after working as a service technician for 33-4yrs.i should write a book,none ofus would live long enough to finish reading it.but i sure would like for folks to know, the lousy service you recieve and recieved for the most part cannot be blamed on the technician,management just rode a reputation,made long ago, and the horse is folks welcome to home depot!!my best to all!

  21. Hello-all! The best way to get SEARS attention is plain and simple.Print all the negative report’s on sears,You can find.Then with that send it to Sears up in chicago,Send it to Media outlets in chicago,your home area Media outlets,also sent it to lawyers whom may want to Take the case,and If you want file a class action law suit.Take it to animal Right’s people(some sears sells pets)
    85-90% of pet’s most likely come from pet mills
    and the PET mills are majority from the MIDWEST
    where Sears is big! Majority of The Sears customers are from the midwest,southern states.
    Sears Built on a rep of what ever one listed,so now there trying to run that into the ground!
    If you hate sears so much,Take it to Your local
    People In Govt! HEY IF Congress is hearing enough about steriods in baseball,Then what is to say Congress may step in and Stop the maddness sears is createing.IF the people speak Out on this maddness Then you may have action taken,even if it’s a little bit of action,Its action well served
    To make the bigg corp to sit back and rethink such.Rember There other ways to Gripe and sign a pettion.DO what mike moore has done.

  22. I paid my sears card off 6 months ago and they have not posted on my account as being paid. I have been getting charges for what they have not posted yet and they will not take care of this. I have tried to call them to get this straightened out and the customer service reps. cannot talk to me since the bill is past due. I have to talk to the Recovery department. Well in a days time I have been on hold for 8 hours without ever talking to anyone. I have sent letters and faxed letters with no response. Of course there is nothing that anyone can do to help me out. I have even tried to dispute this on the credit and they turn it in as not being paid because of the late charges.

  23. Sears does suck and the post about them screwing over their workers is true. I am currently a sears sales associate and I get paid 3.50 and hour plus commission. Yeah commission is 1,2, or 3 percent if you are lucky. The truth about full time works is that they don’t want them and they are trying to force them to quite. Seen it done and must say that is the most shady thing I have seen. Sears is a dying company and the CEOs know it and they are going to milk everything out of it they can. They don’t give a shit about the workers and thus carries on to the customers. I though try to keep a positive attitude (very hard to do) and help the customer the best I can and make my 5 cents on items.


    Everyone at sears sucks, blows, smells, etc. Even at the corporate level. On April 2nd I ordered a mattress online at My credit card processed and the delivery slots open on the website were the 4th and later. Great! I will get my mattress on the 4th and go ahead and schedule flights for business trips for the rest of my work week. Checking the site for details, all the delivery details shows is that the customer will get a call the night before the delivery date. Well, no call. I did receive a call confirming billing details on the card so i assumed all was well. I called to check on the order and delivery had no record of the order and customer service said the order was still pending- pending what? the full moon? the next hard rain?? What do I need to do on my end and i’ll do it- as a customer you shouldn’t have to babysit the status of an order- you want to pay and get the goods when you specified. So, said no way for the 4th so they pushed it to the 7th. ok, fine. whatever. they waived the delivery. i settled down for the moment- until i realized on mon the 4th that i hadn’t received a confirmation email for the 7th delivery. calling yet again to check status, my order was yet again ‘pending’ and most likely the mattress won’t be ready for delivery until the 12th. i freaked out. I called the corp offices in illinois and rambled on forever telling play by play my disgruntled story after which the woman said- “i’m sorry to hear that- let me put you throught to someone at”- it’s like in the twilight zone when everyone in the town is posessed and the main character finally finds someone not yet affected only to find that they’re taking them to the town psychiatrist, who is posessed!!! NOOOOOOO!

    Back on the phone with the helpless, pathetic reps I fold, surrender and agree to the 12th because i am too tired to go on. The rep says- “oh, now the 12th is filled up. the next available is the 14th.”

    WHY??? i think they charged my card a bizillion times, too. they cancelled and re-placed the orders with each delivery mixup…


    I am researching sears horrific customer service and compiling all I can to ruin them…(I have friends at the NY Times)


  25. I have already left a sears sucks report here. I also found a web site called Go there and there are plenty of other sears sucks type reports also.

  26. Listen to all of you! You guys have no consideration for Sears, or yourself for that matter!
    I have read, and read, about whine after whine about crappy Sears repair services, crappy sears associates or as some call us “Skut workers”. WE ARE HUMAN TOO! And damnit, yall are complaining on all the bad parts of (which may I add WITH EVERY COMPANY, COMES HORROR STORIES- Including Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, Target, Kmart ‘or dare I say that in your sodding faces for fear youll go off on another rampage’, Costco, Sams Club, True Value, Sutherlands, the list goes friggin on) Sears. You have no idea how many great things happen to Sears customers, actually satisfied customers unlike yall. Sears has a 72% percent customer satisfaction rank! But you dont want to pay attention to all the positive endeavors. You are just plain and simple wanting to voice your bloody voices and shut down Sears. So God strike us dead that we make a mistake on your Stove delivery, or send us straight to sodding hell for a simple computer error. Like this shit doesnt happen at all the other places? UMM— Guess again my friends. Trust me… IT DOES! But since Sears has made a few mistakes on a customers order or delivery, or repair, or with you people I guess the friggin list goes on! BUT, we are just as human as you all… and God strike me dead if I am wrong, BUT– Alan J. Lacy Current CEO of Sears Roebuck & Co. in Hoffman Estates is doing his VERY BEST to improve Customer Satisfaction every single day. And with that, if a few minor changes have to be made about a simple sodding return policy, Protection Agreement/Merchandise Replacement Aggreement, whatever the hell you bitch and moan of, then I dont know what will satisfy you people.
    As a current and happily good standing employee of Sears, I can honestly say I have seen a few adjustments be made that really does anger customers. However, this is the year 2005, with a very bad economy right now. Sears is NOT the only company striving to survive Corporate America. If you people would look straight through them blinded eyes of yours, and see that Sears is a company trying to survive this crunch that every other company is trying to do, then you will realize these adjustments just MIGHT help out along the way to make Corporate America back to normal again. SO if it means raising the bloody interest rate on the Sears Mastercards to 22% for the time being, you may not have to pay that much interest in the future, because we will make it through this economic crunch as everyone else is trying to do so as well.

    AS FOR the above employee of Sears posted and I QUOTE from ‘A. C . on February 4th, 2005’:

    “Trust me everybody, Sears doesnt just screw the customers. They screw the employees also, in fact, they probably screw us more than you. Believe me when I say this, the most if not all Sears employees hate working at Sears and want to see Sears go down. Sears is the reason why people think that large corporations are evil. Believe it or not, when shoppers come into my store and happen to ask me for help, I’ll try to convince them to spend their money somewhere else, and I tell them of all the crap that Sears does. Sears must be stopped. It must go out of business, and the only way to get a message to those assholes up in Hoffman Estates is to hurt their wallet. I URGE EVERYONE IN THE WORLD–DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM SEARS. THEY DONT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT ANYONE, CUSTOMER OR EMPLOYEE. I will celebrate (and yall are invited 🙂 ) when Sears goes out of business. I honestly hope that the asshole of a CEO named Alan J. Lacy is reading this, and gets the idea that most people hate Sears.”


    It is because of shits like the above who makes Sears have a bad name, and create a bad name for the big bosses, and even worse for the names bigger than the big bosses. THAT right there is a bunch of lies, and deceitfulness. I REPEAT, DECEITFULNESS. NO, I did not join a Sears Associate Cult, and there is not even such thing. BUT I KNOW AS A CURRENT EMPLOYEE MYSELF, that SEARS does NOT treat their employees as such. YES, the pay wages might be a slight lower than where others are employed. HOWEVER AGAIN, its because of the Economic crunch. It is not going to stay this way forever. AND, I do not mean in any way shape or form that Sears is going downhill and it will get worse either. EVERY COMPANY has bad times right now. SO if it means changing some policies and rates for a few years to get the numbers back up– then it will be worth it in the long run. AND, for the person whom I quoted is really dissatisfied with his/her job, then I guess that was nobody’s fault but his/her own when they applyed for such a job if he/she heard nothing but bad reveiws on Sears. SO, do I make myself clear? Or do I have to go on another 1,000 sodding words about all of your foolishness and bad reveiws. I understand that Freedom of speech is in the rights as an American, however… there is such thing as The truth, and an embellishment. It is medically proven that if somebody is dissatisfied about a minor thing, that person will embellish on the fact to create new reasons, lies, etc…
    I truly wished you guys knew how hard we work to create a positive environment for “you” as the CONSUMER to vist and give us your loyal PATRONAGE, and then only for you to turn your backs around like a damn bloody knife in OUR back and embellish and embark on a minor adjustment, HUMANLY MISTAKE, or un-worthy associate, ETC ETC…

    I truly hope you digested what I HAD TO SAY ALSO. Or, am I going to be scorned for saying what I Had to say because I am happy with my Job, and UN-happy with how people think of my very loyal company. It truly is a great company, despite the minor problems that occur (as for every other business has also), rule, return & exchange adjustments. Did I mention that Im only 17 (almost 18) and that I have to wake up each day thinking that “I am YOUR future”. If you dont understand what I mean, I guess you are really as dumbfounded as SOME of your accustaions may be.

    What I mean is… you guys are going to rely on our hard earned dollars aka: “Social Security Tax” and you dont have the slightest appreciation for the fact because you have to accuse, slice, dice, and bash our companies to try and shut us down. WELL… here comes another thing, if you shut us down, then you will go down with us because there WILL BE NO SOCIAL SECURITY TAX FOR YOU ALL… since you had to take our jobs away from a slight misunderstanding and turn it into a debacle. So much for “Kids, they are the future” slogan if you people keep going on the way you are with this crap. It’s sad to know that you guys are so unwilling to open up your eyes, and shut your wide open orifice, to create and maintain a positive and very well off economy again. Such a sodding pity. Thanks for the imput on how I am to serve you next time you step foot in a Sears store. “Kids, they are the future”, so why not disregard every bloody thing they try to do to serve you better… if all its going to be is a stab in the back anyway?

  27. To: CJ

    Are you suggesting that all of us that have spent our hard earned dollars on products should sit back and allow ourselves be screwed because Sears is TRYING to survive. Should we just try to survive without furnaces, washes/dryers, refrigerators…for the sake of Sears. Or should Sears stand behind their products and customer service contracts. I would be filing all the same complaints wether I bought my furnace from Sears or Joe’s heating & a/c for one simple fact. I was sold a brand new product with a warrenty and I expect to be able to use that warrenty and have the company I bought it from stand behind their products.
    You are like every other Sears employee I have had to deal with through this miserable mess. You are refusing to HEAR what your customers complaints are because you are too busy trying to figure out how to brush us off again.
    Thank god we all don’t go through life acting like Sears employees…ears off/mouth on, watching the clock waiting for quitting time, unconcerned about the affects their lazyness has on others lives.
    But I guess I have waisted my time posting this because I am sure you already starting plotting your reply once you read …To:CJ

  28. TO: KP

    No, I am not suggesting that you should sit back and let a company like Sears “supposedly” screw your hard earned dollars. Sears is a company just like the rest of the home improvggement companies. When products are made, they are made in an assembly line. The assembly line is then divided up into brand names. Kenmore this line, Amana the other line. Maytag this line, Whirlpool the other line. The fact of the matter is, they are basically the same product with a different label on it. ANOTHER THING, you mentioned that you would like Sears to stand behind their warranties. In another part you mentioned that you bought the furnace from a subcontract of Sears, technically Sears should not have any liability whatsoever for the unit. HOWEVER, due to the fact that it was installed under Sears, does not necesserily mean that it is Sears’ fault in the first place. Secondly, its not Sears corporate fault that the particular sears store in your area hired somebody who installed it wrong. I understand that you would be filing the same complaints whether or not it had been from Sears. But like I said, the particular unit might have had a defect from the manufacturer. Honestly, it could be a million things. Another thing, you say you should be able to expect the company to stand behind their warranty. That warranty was a protection agreement. You purchased the protection agreement agreeing that the unit be inspected and fixed by Service & Repair center and they come out to inspect and fix the unit. So really, they did stand by their word, however its the contractors or installers fault that they didnt know what they were doing the first time.

    For the love of God… try to be humanly about this. As they say, shit happens… no matter where you woulda went to get this, it probably woulda went wrong anyways. It just so sadly that it had to be Sears that it happened with.

    I do not appreciate the remark, “Youre just like every other Sears employee, unwilling to HEAR the customers complaints!” I AM SORRY MA’M! Let me tell you this. You have falsely accused me of practicing bad customer service when it is FALSE! I AM NOT just like every OTHER Sears employee. “Watching the clock, waiting for quitting time, unconcerned about the ‘effects’ not ‘affects’ (sorry, I am a writing major) the lazyness has on other lives.” That is completely shrude of you to accuse me of that. For your information, I happen to have some of the best customer service skills in my store. My bosses would be the first to tell you that, in less than a sodding heartbeat. I DO listen to customers compalints, and I strongly care about them as well. I care so much that if I had the knowledge to go out and fix their unit myself, I WOULD! Because I like seeing customers with smiles, not red faces and bad mouthers! You took my remark wrong about Sears is just like everyone else surviving. WHAT I MEANT, if I have your permission MA’M, is that if you have to pay a little more on that sears card or what not for a while, it will be worth it in the long run because if everyone paid their bills on TIME, they would not have this mess. And dont think of the excuse, “A furnace is considered an emergency, therefore I have no obligation NOT to charge it.” Another thing, thats what “Budgeting” is for my dear. So dont give me that, “my hard earned dollars plus brand new furnace” blah blah. I live paycheck to paychek myself, so its not just you stuck in a pit of cherries. And yes, THANK GOD we dont all go through life acting like Sears employees…”ears off/mouth on”, or else… who would be left to put up with it? It certainly wouldnt be any fun at all listening to customers rampage on and on about how we just sit there like bumps on logs and complain til ‘quitting time’. And no, you didnt waste your time writing your post. I thoroughly enjoyed getting the anger off my chest after a long day of people like you complaining to me about stuff that doesn’t directly involve me!

  29. I have to agree with CJ. He is right about all he said. It isn’t Sears’ fault the installers tried to do their job and it was the wrong way. Possibly they were threatened, or intimidated by you in the first place and kept being “pushed”. I understand how people like you do things, and this wouldn’t be the first time I’ve heard of installers or contractors being threatened that if in fact they did it wrong, they would have to face consequences that are left in your hands. That could possibly mean being reprimanded, or even worse… death. If so, that wouldnt be the first it has ever happened. Its just incessant know-it-all, picky, and god forbidden people like you that makes this world miserable.

  30. unfortunatly both of you have no idea how calmly I have handled all of this. Which is why I originally posted my comments here. To blow off steam I held in while dealing with Sears for 1 1/2 years. I actually have been told by a few of the Sears service and repair techs that I needed to not be so calm and get a little mad or things would never be handled!

    I can’t beleive that either of you honestly think that after spending such a large amount of money on a furnace. Not being able to use it and having to lug my entire famliy from here to there on cold nights to sleep somewhere thats warm, I shouldn’t be angry.

    i understand that the installers were at fault but they were hired by Sears not me. When I talk to the installers they say they can only deal with Sears, Sears says deal with the installers. It’s a crazy circle, that never ends.
    And in response to CJ’s comment “if you have to pay a little more on that sears card or what not for a while, it will be worth it in the long run because if everyone paid their bills on TIME, they would not have this mess. And dont think of the excuse, “A furnace is considered an emergency, therefore I have no obligation NOT to charge it.” Another thing, thats what “Budgeting” is for my dear. So dont give me that, “my hard earned dollars plus brand new furnace” blah blah. I live paycheck to paychek myself, so its not just you stuck in a pit of cherries.”
    I do pay my bills on time. The only reason I charged it in the first place is becasue I just had a baby and had to close my business for my maternity leave. I would never consider trying to not pay because the product I bought was an emergency or anything like that. I even paid off my card in the midst of all of this.
    Also your coment “after a long day of people like you complaining to me about stuff that doesn’t directly involve me” kind of proves my point about Sears employees (and of course other companies employees, but this is called SEARS SUCKS not OTHER COMPANIES SUCK). Your job is customer service. Your customers complaints do involve you because you work for SEARS. I know listening to people complain all day really wears thin but everyone does their time one way or another. I too have worked in customer service and for a collections agency. I have had some pretty rough days. But it was my job and I did it as nicely as possible. I hope you will too.

  31. Sears new attendace policy for call centers. I currently work for sear and being there over 5 yrs and it is the only place of employment where you have critical days or (black out ) days. If you call in sick or even have a doctors excuse or even get in a car wreck on one of those day they give you a ppi in which if you get 4 ppi’s you are fired. Thing happen and you cant predect it and if it happens. This is totally treating employees like dirt. Sear should do something to make people want to come to work verse force them with ppi. Sears use to be a good place to work now I totally hate this co they way they treat there employees and customers. I will be glad when sear goes chapter 7 like montogomery wards. john

  32. We purchased Ice Melter Plus from Sears. The product claimed to be Safe on concrete,vegitation and carpets. The product destroyed our 3 year old concrete resulting in $15000,00 in damages. The run around we got from Sears, Liberty Mutual Insurance Company (Sears Ins. Co.) and The Andersens (the Manufacture) is unbelievable. The package labeling and the Material Safety Data Sheet do not even compare. Sears Executive Office stated that they do not review the MSDS are not concerned with the hazardous contents of a product sold to the public. We will not take a backseat to this matter and will continue our efforts to seek resolution. We have offered all parties involved to send a contractor to our home to make repairs.Our state agencies are weak and cannot offer assistance. Anyone requesting a copy of our documention make request by @ e-mail

  33. Response to Lindas message regarding the refrigerator. Our first Washer went on fire. Sears had no choice and replaced it. The second Washer has had several defects. Five days before a Trained Professional arrived on each occassion. Sears Customer Service stated you need to make the same complaint four times before they consider replacing the unit. We have been loyal Sears customers for years. Their new Customer Service approach tactics for a settling a dispute should not be tolerated.

  34. Hmmm… its a bit ironic that all of you people seem to be having quite out of the ordinary problems. Until you guys have circumstancial proof (which is probably NOT and phony sue-happy tactics), I choose not to believe you. As my right as a citizen, I can have that choice, AND to STILL voice my opinion. Anyway, $15,000,000 FIFTEEN MILLION doesnt spark my not so very much naive personality. How a refridgerator that has passed too many governmental inspections to count, and listed on the United States Energy Star compliance list, does not very easily persuade to me that it caused 15 million dollars in concrete damages. What a bunch of bullshit! Now, I can understand a defective furnace, BUT THE CHANCES OF a refridgerator that causes 15 million dollars in damage, and a washer that starts itself on fire is really out of this world. Come on people, its not the 18th bloody century anymore!

    As for you other assholes who have false documentation, before you can do shit ‘LEGALLY’… PROVE IT or MOVE IT!

  35. To CJ, fifteen thousand dollars not fifteen million. Get off the Pot. These are real complaints by hard working consumers. Please reply again after you have listened to another volume of Hooked on Phonics. Asshole.

  36. To all the Consumers posting complaints. Thank You. There are many more of us with similar/valid complaints. The jail house lawyer comments will be forgotten tommorrow. Keep up the good work.

  37. CJ, CJ, CJ,

    As the author of the original post and supporter of those consumers who have also had issues, I have to tell you that I was in the customer service industry for over 15 years, so I think I have a pretty good idea of what may or may not be lacking. Moreover, I know what the Sears of older days was like. At 17, you don’t have that frame of reference.

    I appreciate that the CEO is interested in improving all aspects of his company. It’s called survival. There are so many factors in running a business and I’m not sure that Sears can actually be what they used to be, which is unfortunate…because many of us want that back. The reality is that there are people who don’t like what Sears has become. That happens with lots of companies and contributes to their reputation. Montgomery Ward might still be in business if they could have maintained their old reputation as well.

    Now, this will come as a shock. I’ve actually worked for Sears in the past. It was at a time where they were starting to move some managers to a part-time basis so that they could offer less benefits. They were not happy campers. Many of them had been working there for years and had families to provide for and the loss of insurance alone broke them. I’m sorry, but I couldn’t stand by and respect that decision. Once of the keys to customer service is to have employee satisfaction and they were dumping that in massive proportions. Shortly after, I left the company and returned to school. I don’t regret working there, but I’m glad I left before it got worse.

    Now, I really want to be clear about this. I am glad that I made the original post and I am even more thrilled that disgruntled consumers have found this a good place where they can vent. I appreciate that you have a contrary opinion and an obvious allegiance to Sears, but I dislike your attempt to invalidate people’s legitimate complaints. Until you have walked in their shoes, you don’t have that right. So, please, understand that this is a place where they will be supported and respected for their experiences.

  38. Linda, okay youre right. This is a place for them to vent about their “supposed” worst experiences. Most of it does not seem all that legit. I mean, most of this stuff is just beyond me. Also, I DO have that frame of reference. I understand that Sears has done some of those things to their associates in the PAST, but NEVER have I heard of that rubbish in todays world. I too have heard family talk about their employment battles in the past. However again, according to my knowledge… it hasnt happened for a while now. Associate satisfaction is just as important to them as customer satisfaction. They treat us well, and we treat customers well. Another thing, in the past year that I have been employed with Sears, not one if anything or close to at all of the things listed on here, has our store had to put up with. Not even a single thing close have I or anyone else had to deal with. That just proves one more point that all of this is potential rubbish.

  39. And to you Kevin and Diane M: I passed Advanced Placement English with an A+ this past year, so dont pull that “another round of hooked on phonics” crap. I happen to remember if I may, QUOTE:

    “We purchased Ice Melter Plus from Sears. The product claimed to be Safe on concrete,vegitation and carpets. The product destroyed our 3 year old concrete resulting in $15000,00 in damages. The run around we got from Sears, Liberty Mutual Insurance Company (Sears Ins. Co.) and The Andersens (the Manufacture) is unbelievable. ”


    You’re the one that needs typing school, because if I remember right, I read a comma NOT a period… so forgive my fast paced reading that skipped right over your unfortunate ERROR!
    But, like KP says, its a damn good thing we all dont go through life acting like Sears employees… im just another ‘ears off/mouth on’ jerkoff that happens to work for such a terrible company. Im just so fortunate that I get to enjoy a second form of venting myself. Defending the company that I’m, YES Linda- “allegiant” to. Because I know that if it weren’t for this great company, hundreds-thousands-millions now… would not have a brand new house built with complete necessities and the whole nine yards. I also know that, if it weren’t for this great company, we probably wouldnt have mail order catalogs, retail stores or the whole bit. Because if you didn’t know, Richard Sears forever started the mail/retail industry. So put that in your pipe and smoke it!

  40. Well done Linda. However much I disagree with some of the peoples’ “tragic and yet probably so un-real” experiences, I love auterrific. This site is fabulous, and you have done a very well job putting it together. So, I’m honestly not a jerk at all. In fact, anyone around me would be the first to tell you Im no jerk. Maybe a little skeptical to these posts, but definitely not a jerk.

  41. To CJ. If you only knew the whole story. We were victims of deceptive advertising. We only requested replacement cost. We offered the companies involved to send a contractor of their choice to make repairs. We did not ask for a check. Concrete work in the Northeast is extremely expensive and we are at the mercy of the Contractors. Our e-mails were not sent to insult or be of a milicious fradulent nature. The product we used had devasting results on our concrete and contained several dangerous chemicals and required the use of Personnel Protective Equipment not disclosed on the label.This message was sent to make people aware of certain situations that others have had to deal with.

  42. Yes Kevin and Diane, I understand now what you had meant. AT first I thought it was a refridgerator, but after giving it a few more looks… I realized its ICE MELT the stuff you use to wear down the ice on pavement and stuff during the winter. Well, I personally do owe you an apology. I am sorry for misinterpreting the product. Also I understand that it was not a scheme to get a check or anything of that nature. I understand that sorta stuff being posted.

    Thanks. CJ

  43. Dear CJ. Again this was not some frivilous lawsuit against Sears. This is the first time we had to deal with this type of situation. We will not back down to their attempt at frustrating us to the point were we would give up. We had 18 yards of concrete poured. We were honest in our request to have only the damaged concrete replaced. 18 yards is alot of concrete. At least 12 yards were damaged. Personnel Protective Equipment required when applying this product included Safety Glasses, Long Sleeves and Respitory Protection. Why was this not disclosed on the label? What were we using? The container clearly stated Safe. Why would we spend $11.00 to cause this much damage? A sample of the damaged concrete containing their product was given to the Andersens Sales Representative Jerry Reynolds (at our request) for analysis. No results were ever returned. The Sales Representative stated to me that this was caused by Salt damage. No products were ever used prior to this application. The concrete was replaced in 2001 including porch,sidewalks, driveway, brickwork, patio.The container labeling does not compare with the Material Safety Data Sheet. The label clearly states Safe. The product is anything but Safe. The damage was clear and evident. Sears, The Andersens (manufacture of Ice Melter Plus) and Liberty Mutual (Sears former insurance company) have blamed each other and will not accept responsibility. On another note.In the Northeast it is a well known and common fact that salt is a corrosive and causes damage to concrete. This has been a time consuming and relentless pursuit to reclaim damages incurred by their product. Bringing a company to their knees was not on our agenda. We just seek resolution for our damages. In addition, and most important, this product contains chemicals hazardous to your health not disclosed on the container. Please respond.
    P.S. as for our Washer going on fire. It did. The motor overheated and wiring burned due to an internal electrical malfunction.Fortunatly, we unplugged it after smelling the fumes to prevent further damage. We only asked Sears for our due. Another Washer.

  44. To C.J. Your apology is accepted, but not needed. Thank You. We did not disclose the whole story to you. This has been a long road for us. To settle this matter, we have contacted several interstate News Agencies and Television Stations and welcome Investigative Reporters with Cameras to our home. This matter has gone on for too long with too many finger pointing excuses.

  45. Just a comment to all the viewers/respondents of this site and others. Do not post your comments regarding your complaint with inappropriate language. A professional approach to voice your concerns will gain more ground. We too are extremely frustrated with Sears response. take two steps back before you write your e-mail. Use this site for what it was intended for. If enough of us take the iniative to let Sears and the public know how we were treated, hopefully someone will wake up and address our concerns. We do not know the owner of this site or are speaking on their behalf, but, the more complaints received in an appropriate manner will make others understand that we have valid complaints unresolved by Sears. Several other sites have been set up for consumers. Does’nt this tell you something. Others are having the same problems.Update on our situation. We placed a call to Mr.Naran Burchinow,V.P.Legal Dept. at The Andersens @ 4:30pm today. I had to leave a message. We will post the response we get.
    P.S. Keep moving forward. Document,Document, Document. Every conversation and response. If you are unhappy with their response and are passionate about your expierience and seek resolution Keep it up. Don’t let them get away with it.

  46. Ladies and Gentlemen, nothing is made without flaws. That is why manufacturers give warranties. It is just not technically possible for someone to “make” a product and have it fail directly after the warranty expires. Parts get worn out, parts fail, parts are made with flaws. If you don’t like appliances, I suggest you become Amish.

  47. I did not know that I would find so much stuff when I typed in I hate sears in the google search. I work there, and it really does suck. I am an Mca there.. the pee on of course, making shitty money, and constantly being watched. It is bullshit that we have to kiss the store manager’s ass when we make peanuts. I am tired of cleaning out fitting rooms where people steal shit, leave dirty thongs and bras in, where you can find bloody bathing suits, condoms, and shit and piss on the floor. If it wasn’t so hard to find a job, I would had quit by now!

  48. AMEN TO “Sears appliance tech”! That is so true. If you don’t like our appliances, then you can go find them elsewhere where you suppose you may find “Prestige service”. We do our best to give that to you, and if its not good enough, then I don’t know what will. Ya have to be pretty damn picky people to expect more from us. And if you don’t like the fact, then thats right- BECOME AMISH!

    AND to “snoopy”:
    I guess if you don’t like your job you have the right to find one elsewhere. That was in the job description afterall, you know- cleaning out the fitting rooms, and stocking merchandise. As far as piss and condoms on the floor, I personally have never came across that in my store! So I have some advice for ya, if ya dont like it, then leave! Nobody’s stopping you. It’s not like your in locks and chains or imprisoned.
    We don’t need employees that hate their job treating our customers poorly, and we cannot afford to have that in any of our stores. And, I do not reckon any other company would either. So, you know what to do if you don’t like it.

    To Kevin & Dianne:
    One note… I did some research you may want to listen up on. For one, Ice Melt is not intended and unsafe for concrete, therefore it would be illegal for the ice melt manufacturer to print that “it is safe on concrete” on their labels, because they wouldn’t want something going against them. Two, 13 yards of concrete is only about $800 worth. Maybe $900 depending on your place of residence, but none the more. So, unless the part where the label states it is “safe” was torn in the front part of the statement and was supposed to say something like the following: “Is not safe on concrete, vegitation, carpets (hello?!?! are you insane? CARPET?- only a fool would believe that.) Since I know a company like the Andersen company could not afford such a high lawsuit against them, the label clearly stated something of the like above. So if you really are trying to get a lawsuit out of the works, don’t budge. Its not worth your time, because in the long run– you will only turn out to look like foolish sue happy consumers. I thought I should have done my homework, and boy am I glad I did. Because a lawyer would have told you the same thing. They aren’t even going to waste THEIR time just to lose a case to Sears or Andersens company. Puhleeeze, tell me another good joke!

  49. Just a comment to all the viewers/respondents of this site and others. Do not post your comments regarding your complaint with inappropriate language. A professional approach to voice your concerns will gain more ground.

    To ALL viewers and respondents…I am the owner of this site and you may post whatever you like here with whatever language you desire as long as it’s relevant.

    Use this site for what it was intended for.

    UGH…this site is more than this fucking post. Why don’t you try clicking the “AUTERRIFIC” at the top of the page or just click here to see what I mean. This site is a weblog…a web journal. I have two other writers here beside myself and we cover a range of topics. This particular post, one of hundreds, is about the Sears experience.

    FYI…it’s really easy to set up your own blog. Blogger has them for free and they’re really easy to use. So, you can have your own site where you can discuss whatever you want in whatever manner you want. But, while you are here, I’d appreciate it if you would abide by the policies I have set forth.

    One further note: Please respect that I have a life and cannot get involved in every respondent’s personal experience with Sears. In the next week, I am finishing one degree and moving forward with another. My husband is completing med school. I have a special needs toddler and am pregnant with another sweet boy whose existence is compromised because of a hemorrhage I had a couple of weeks ago. We are moving out of state on Monday and have a lot to get set up once there, which includes the care of our dog with cancer. My life is pretty intense without adding further drama.

    Thank you!

  50. wow, this is really funny. Grown people come on here and complain everyday. Hey, I’ve tried looking for a new job. It is really hard to find a part-time job that is flexible around my school hours. Cj, you aren’t god, get over yourself. Get a life. There are a lot of gross people out there that does those kind of things. Sears isn’t too bad, but when customers are like that, it makes the job alittle harder. And plus, I treat customers good. I was highly apraised for it on my review, so kiss my ass. Also, this is just a blog, what is everyone getting so uptight about it?

    All I can say that this is really funny

  51. To the Sears Appliance Tech. We never implied that the original product had a built in defect. the second Washer we purchased was also of poor quality. That is why we purchased an extended warranty.

    To C.J. we agree with you. The concrete itself is cheap, but, when you rip up 18 yards of old concrete and replace it with new it is very expensive. And no, the label was not torn. If you saw the label and the MSDS you would be taken back.

    To Linda. We took your site seriously. This is your site and frustrated people have a right to voice their opinion however they please. We only made our recomendation due to the fact that that the manufactures/retailers encourage their employees not to discuss matters with hostile consumers, they take advantage of this and will not settle matters. We Thank You for your time and allowing to post our comments. We will not post our comments again on your site.

  52. You know, I think I’m going to take the advice of a friend and close the comments here. I’ve got too much going on right now to keep on top of this.

    If you have a story about Sears that you would like posted here, just send me an email ( and I will consider adding them.



  54. Hi! I have been a employee of Sears at a ‘Parts and Service’ center since 1996. For those who don’t work at Sears, Parts and Service Centers are the places where technicians are based out of.
    For the past nine years I have seen boththequality and overall professionalism of both tech managers
    and technicians decline a great deal. When I first
    started as a parts clerk back in 1996, the average
    tech had on average 15 years of experience in
    his or her given field: washers,dryers,HVAC,etc.
    The average years of experience in a given tech-
    nical field at the service center that work at is
    now, as of 2005, less than 5 years. Since 1999 Sears has been on a company wide ‘Jihad’,for lack of a better term, to get rid of all its full time
    40hr a week employees no matter what type of job
    it is they do for the company; even if they are very skilled and dedicated front line service techs with 25-30 years plus experience .i.e. the back bone of Sears service. Why? Because Sears, like most of the rest of corporate America, has
    dispensed with the idea of turning a profit the
    old fashioned way; by offering products and
    services that people might actually want to buy and has instead engaged in the self destructive
    process of trying to please Wall Street by keeping
    Sears stock price high by cutting its ‘overhead’.
    Even if said overhead is your some of your best
    and most experienced technical personnel. Some of
    the posts that I have read on this site complain
    about Sears lousy service. Well, that is one reason why the service is lousy. Sears does not have the most experienced people to service the
    appliances that it sells anymore or even the best
    and most experienced people to sell and install them for that matter.

  55. To err is human. Sears appliances are man made and therefore will have flaws. Follow the operating instructions and maybe they won’t burst into flames. For the disgruntled employees, whaa, fucking whaa, whaa, find another job. I am all about being loyal to the hand that feeds you and if it wasn’t for Sears and the few dollars that it puts in your pocket, you would starve since you’d rather expend your energy bashing Sears than finding another job that will treat you better. Maybe the downfall of Sears is largely due to unappreciative employees providing bad customer service, that have led to loyal customers to flee. Your employers trust you to provide the best customer service to help them build customers for life not to sway them further away by bashing them. My advice to unappreciative Sears employees is to find yourself another job and stop making matters worse for Sears.

  56. To Rachel: No where in my post do I 1. express a hate for Sears: I actually like my job. 2. I have
    NEVER been disloyal to ANY employer including Sears: Disloyalty to me means stealing from an employer or not doing the job for which you were paid to do. I have never committed either offense. Loyalty, on the other hand, does not mean you do not call a spade a spade if it is so: Sears service is not what it was and alot of Sears customers know it. That is why they take their business elsewhere: LOWS, HOME DEPO, etc. I do
    not believe pointing this out to obviously upset
    customers whom you seem to blame for the
    problems they have had with Sears,’Follow the
    operating instructions and maybe they won’t
    burst into flames’, is in any way expressing
    any real or imagined disloyalty on my behalf
    or anyone elses. At worst, I could be accused of
    pointing out the obvious, but not disloylty.

  57. Don’t buy major appliances at Sears! They are not the same company they used to be.

    Last summer we had Sears install a Carrier Central Air unit. After installing the wrong unit and getting it replaced, by August we had air. Since May of this year, its now been 2 months, our $12,000 Central Air unit still doesn’t work. I call Sears Home Improvement (SHIPS) 1-800-222-5030 literally every two days for two months now. They call the contactor, who gives them some BS on why it can’t be fixed. I’ve been dropped and mis-routed by their phone system more times than I can count.

    I have called Carrier, who said all parts are in stock and can be over-nighted if needed. I called other “Carrier Authorized” technicians, who said there is no reason I should be without air for 2 months. They said the Sears techs never get any training.

    Why am I without air for 2 months after spending $12,000?

    Sears let un-certified and in-experienced contactors install and try to repair my equipment. They don’t know what they are doing, they don’t know the equipment, and they can’t fix it. (one guy, actually took my AC books, and never came back! Then the next guy had to order his own books before he could look at it!!!!!) What can I do about all this. Nothing. The call center is powerless to assist me in any way. I’ve spoken to reps, supervisors, managers, etc. All with the same comment, “I have to let Sears try to fix it”. I’ve tried to call the contractors, who tell me, I need to talk to Sears!

    Can I call someone else?

    My “extended warranty” is only valid with Sears, not Carrier, so no one else can fix it. Talking to the other “Certified” mom-and-pop shops, they said the warranty should be through Carrier, so that anyone certified could repair it. That’s the way the Carrier warranties work. So what did I buy? No clue? A Sears thing I guess.

    Can I just get a different warranty with these “Carrier Authorized” centers?

    If its not working, they said Sears needs to fix it first. I would be charged for all repairs and labor to get it working. Once its is working, they can come out, spec it out, and if all is working correctly, then certify it, and warranty it.

    So what now?

    Its 93 degrees in my house today. My wife is home with my 1 year old and 3 year old babies. I keep calling Sears, being as civil as I can. Its not the reps fault, the supervisors, or even the un-trained technician. Its Sears management’s fault for creating a system that has no checks and balances, no outlet for major problems. They allowed this mess to get this big with no chance of recovery. There is no one else I can call, nowhere to escalate things to. I’ve been told to contact the newspaper and the TV news channels. That’s just ridiculous, but I may have to! Even a lawyer would be costly and for what? To write me a form letter?

    I indirectly manage call centers. Dropped calls can get logged and dealt with. Issues that are open for months get priority attention. The customers with big problems need TLC. Things break, we all know that. That’s not the problem, the problem is Sears in-ability to fix it, and their complete lack of a functional customer service department.

    In summary, Sears doesn’t care about fixing my problem. Its not the same company that sold my mom a washer that lasted 25 years. Its not the same company that replaced her freezer when it died shortly before a wedding. They just do not or can not care anymore. So…I continue to call every other day for a status.

    Who Cares?

    Maybe that mom-and-pop shop down the road? If they are even still around? Maybe the costs are a bit higher, maybe the selection is a bit smaller. However, I guarantee he actually cares about my needs and me. I guarantee he knows his products, and he knows how to fix them when they break. I hope he is still around the next time I need a major appliance.

    e-mail me at

  58. Began working for Sears 3 months ago – making only $5.90 an hour! Was told a raise was in the works to make $6.50 an hour. They started off giving me lots of hours – then kept adding on more tasks each day for me to do as an MCA – first stock and size and make things look nice – then wait on customers, then clean!!!!!!! Yes clean even though they have a cleaning crew. The sign people don’t do the signs right and I am expected to correct those. Now I am being trained to cashier as well. The young employees stand and talk – take smoke and bathroom breaks and talk on their cell phones or store phones the whole time. Nothing I do seems to be enough – but they get paid more to stand and talk. At this point I feel like I am doing everything. The stock we are getting in is awful – what little arrives – looks like the cheap stuff KMart has on their shelves. Now the dress code stinks too – trying to keep up with whether we are wearing what we are supposed to wear and how the heck can we afford clothes on what we make anyhow? I spend my spare time looking for another job – because Sears is paying below Walmart and Lowe’s wages. Not that I want to stay in retail anyway. Of course they can’t retain employees on the low wages and low hours offered – so customers are getting very poor service. Sears has gone down the drain trying to be like Walmart in everyway but wage scales.

  59. bought four rims with tires, one tire was flat next morning. put spare tire on went back to sears, got it repaired. wheel almost came off on the freeway they don’t care for safety. car was towed back to sears
    blame me for the problem. rim was damage and tire still waiting for the rim and tire is been three weeks. still driving on the spare tire to work. sears sucks i will never do business again,
    me or my whole family and friends.

  60. I am very saddened to read all these postings about Sears. I am going through a problem currently and was hoping for better resolution. After reading all these stories, my prospects are not looking good. Here is my story. On February 17, 2001 I purchased a Kenmore “Elite Catalyst” Heavy Duty washer and dryer set totaling $1000.00. I have had many service calls (is there no ‘lemon law’ for appliances? ) and had to extend the warranty on the washing machine just to keep up with the repairs. The dryer came with a warranty that expired on February 28, 2005. I have all the receipts from the earlier repairs. The last one was in July of 2004. My dryer does not work at all now. After paying $59.00 to the repairman to tell me it would cost $354 to repair, I showed him the door. The “circuit board” that was replaced in March of 2004 has gone bad. The washing machine is now exhibiting the same symptoms. I am trying to get Sears to stand behind there products.

    These appliances should last longer than 4 years especially since both appliances have been repaired many times. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I am single so the appliances are not getting the same use and stress that a family would put on them.

    I , also am joining the voices that are crying “Sears Sucks!”

  61. We had another problem with our washer. 5 times the technician made repairs. 9 days out of service before the last repair was made. We kept the extended warranty. Call the Sears Executive Office @ 847-286-2500. Ask for the Product Recovery Team and complain. Sears Customer Service said now that they have merged with
    K Mart they are under staffed. The techician said they were not. Who do you believe.
    Poor service and excuses. Don’t shop Sears.


    3333 Beverly Road
    Hoffman Estates, IL 60179

    July 2, 2005

    This is in regards to your Service repair policies. On Tuesday June 25th I schedule a service repair for my Sears purchased dryer (part of a laundry center). I was told the technician would be there Saturday July 2, 2005 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. On Saturday the technician called at approximately 8:30 a.m., and because I did not answer my phone, I was removed from the route. I attempted to call back to inform them that I was home and simply too busy with my newborn to answer at the time. I was told that I was removed from the route and could not be serviced until July 8th. According to the representatives I spoke with, it is policy to call the customer and if not reached they would be removed from the route. At no point in time was I informed of such a policy. I attempted to speak with a supervisor but was disconnected on 3 separate occasions. I then called customer relations and spoke with Zola who then connected me with Phillip. As I have come to understand it, there is no way of knowing the actual service center which would be coming to my home, and after calling local service centers, they in turn told me to call the toll free service number.

    There is evidently a lack of communication between technicians, schedulers and customer service, not to mention a technical issue with your phone system as I was disconnected on 3 different occasions. This is not the customer service I expected from Sears. My appliances were purchased from Sears with the expectation of higher quality and customer service. The policy of calling prior to appointment or removal was not explained nor is it conducive to a higher customer service standard. Our family of 6 will now be without a dryer for an additional week.

    P.S. It seems my complaint is not unique:

    cc:, Aylwin Lewis, James Donlon

    on july 8th I finally saw a tecnician. of course, he didn’t have the part and chraged me the service fee and $25 for the part. Its now july 14th and I have no part and a scheduled service tomorrow.

  63. It is unfortunate that this happened to another person. This is typical of how Sears operates.
    Before we buy another appliance from Sears, which is highly unlikely, or purchase another extended warranty, I will ask how quick the response time is to repair an appliance and get it in writing. The Sears Executive Office expedited the repair and the repair still took 9 days to get done. Their quick to take your money and use rebuilt parts.
    And to Sears, don’t send the damn part to my home to appease me. We are not a fucking warehouse for parts you should have on the shelf. This part was replaced twice in 8 months. Send it to the technicians house or Executive Office. Don’t shop Sears.


  65. Call 847-286-2500 and complain. I agree it is frustrating dealing with another bag of
    hammers that answers the phone, but, don’t let Sears get away with it.
    Sears telling people that they now service
    K Mart and other service warranties is just another excuse for shit service. And why is the defective part replaced with a rebuilt part the first time and only after I complained it was replaced with new the second time?
    Saving money? Bullshit. Sears Sucks.

  66. I have been without a TV for 2 months so far. It has yet to be fixed and they are supposed to be here on Wednedsay 8/17/05 and the part has still not been delivered to my home as of Monday 8/15. They have already shipped 2 broken parts (supposedly, according to the service receipt the part cost $421.53, that times 2 is the price of a new TV)cancelled service 3 times because the technician called in sick. I’m am with the rest of you, I will take my business anywhere but Sears. This is after being a customer for more than 25 years.

  67. Sears has certainly lost a customer this week. After reading on the Sears website about their purported customer service guarantee Price Match Plus I’ve reached the end of my rope.

    For those of you who do not know of this program (read Sears official statement on the program at if you purchase something from Sears within 30 days of the purchase you can receive the difference plus 10% of the difference as long as it follows certain guidelines. After reading this I returned to the Sears I purchased the product at (the difference being $20 dollars – a total return of $22 with the additional 10% difference) and was rudely informed that I only had 7 days not the 30 that was listed.

    So my wife said, “Try a different Sears, maybe the employee didn’t understand what you were asking about.” So off I went, receipt in hand ready to give Sears a chance to follow their clearly worded policy from their website. Once I arrived I was met with yet again, another employee who treated me like a cast-off and not a Sears’ valued customer. Both times when I ask about the Price Match Plus policy it was like I was looking for a hand out or trying to sign them up to sell Amway.

    I decided that maybe I had misread the policy, so I apologized and left for home. My cable internet ready to browse the web and for once and for all that I had misread the Price Match Plus policy. Hopefully if you’ve read this far you have also followed the above link and read the policy yourself. These clearly disclose how to receive the Price Match Plus for in-store purchases as well as for online purchases. So now I believe that I am a cuckold for Sears and their customer service games.

    Tracking down the Sears customer service number took a few minutes, (800) 549-4505. I spoke with a young lady for about 15 minutes about their policy. She said that it’s different for different states and unfortunately for Texas they only have a 7 day policy. She said that it changed about 7 months ago to 7 days and the website didn’t show the change. She confirmed with her supervisor, so I asked to speak with her supervisor, Gavino.

    Gavino told me they didn’t put the states that had less than 30 days for the Price Match Plus on the website because it would deter customers from shopping if it had too much information about the plan on the website. I asked him if he was trying to say that it’s easier to mislead people into shopping by offering services that they wouldn’t offer than being up front and using clearly worded language to describe a customer service policy. His reply was I should have asked the employee about this policy (which I didn’t know about at the time) when I purchased the item. So, I asked Gavino if we could agree that no employee is trained 100%. He said we could agree on that. I then asked, can we agree that if I were to ask two different employee’s the same question that I could receive two different answers. He said we could also agree on that. I said, as a company Sears provides information through one singular website to keep incorrect information being distributed, and as such I should be able to receive up-to-date information about your policy and procedures from your website in the exact wording the corporation would have their 100% trained employee’s to use. He would not agree with me on the last part.

    So, after I had the first employee and Gavino read the policy directly from the website, he accused me of not knowing enough about Sears, told me that I needed to learn to read better because that isn’t what the site is discussing, told me Nevada wasn’t a state, and that California has a 30 day Price Match Plus policy unlike my state’s 7. I had to ask individually for each state and when I asked if Nevada had a 7 day or 30 day policy he quickly informed me that Nevada is not a state. So I paused and thought for a moment, “Did Nevada leave the union?” I asked him, “As in the location of Las Vegas, Nevada is not a state?” He responded no, but after realizing his mistake told me he was thinking of Nevada, New Mexico. Surprisingly there is no such city in New Mexico named Nevada. Although he could have confused Nevada, New Mexico with Nevada, Iowa, or maybe Nevada, Illinois, or most likely Nevada, Texas.

    Well, armed with states that have a 30 day period I decided to call. So I found a few numbers for California Sears and after talking with a few people (it took about 15 minutes per call to find the exact number of days for the Price Match Plus) I found out that at the Clovis Mall location (559)322-3200, knew nothing at all about the Price Match Plus program (luckily I wasn’t purchasing something from them or else I would have let them know that Gavino say’s you don’t know how to do your job) and at their Los Angeles store (323)981-2000 they have a 7 day policy.

    It went on like this for quite some time; the entire conversation lasted 45 minutes from the first number being dialed to final goodbye. So their policy on their website is out of date but has been changed, it is the customer’s responsibility to know of the nuances of each Sears customer service offering, I haven’t found a Sears yet that has a 30 day guarantee (Gavino told me that the differences had to do with different state laws, so I have a friend looking into that as well), I’ve wasted time and money going to different Sears before finding out that Sears knowingly trains their Customer Service Reps that it’s easier to get customers to shop at Sears if we mislead them.

    I’m in the middle of an e-mail conversation with the people who are now telling me that I have 30 days for the Price Match Plus in any retail environment in the US (sans Alaska and Hawaii of course). I can’t wait to see where this goes. I am not as interested in the $22 dollars now as I am in someone telling me that “We’re sorry, we were wrong. We lead you to believe that you weren’t able to interpret our clearly worded policy and that our employee’s were. Turns out we were wrong on both accounts.” Then I’ll just take the $20, they can keep their 10%.

  68. Buyer Beware. It will take at least 5 days before a Sears Service Technician gets to you for appliance repair. You better hope the part you need is on the truck. If not, at least another 5 days. On another note, do not buy a chemical of any kind from Sears. They do not what they are selling (hazardous ingredients) to the public and they don’t care.
    Complain to the Executive Office @ 847-286-2500.
    Don’t shop Sears.

  69. Sears used to be a good company. In fact, I am sick and tired of hearing from people, who DEFEND Sears, on this board.

    There are MANY older companies whom DO NOT act like
    Sears does, today, i.e., ripping people off, not honoring its wording in its contracts, etc.

    By-the-way, I would like to know HOW MUCH Sears PAID that CJ person to post good things about Sears? QUOTE: “But since Sears has made a few mistakes on a customers order or delivery, or repair, or with you people I guess the friggin list goes on! BUT, we are just as human as you all… and God strike me dead if I am wrong, BUT– Alan J. Lacy Current CEO of Sears Roebuck & Co. in Hoffman Estates is doing his VERY BEST to improve Customer Satisfaction every single day.” Darlin, yes, it is TRUE that many companies have issues – we ARE all HUMAN. However, the bottom
    line is that SEARS IS ABOVE ALL the WORST of any
    past-reputable stores, that I have seen in my day.
    I am NOT a youngster anymore, and had been a Sears
    shopper for DECADES…40 atleast. Sears is NOT the same as it used to be, and technology or NO TECHNOLOGY, its of no consequence. Yes, ALL of us make mistakes, but ENOUGH is ENOUGH – and CONTINOUS excuses don’t work on me anymore. Do you think that
    “back in the day”, Sears employees didn’t make mistakes? Guess again. However, we weren’t treated the way we are being treated, in this day and age. Get over yourself – and pick up your bonus check for contributing to this BLOG. Your attempts to win our hearts over, didnt work very well – and since I am probably old enough to be your grandfather, I know Sears better than YOU ever will.

    As for me, I have stopped shopping at Sears about 10 years ago, when I noticed how they started doing business. Just don’t go there, and hopefully they
    will go out of business.

    They are only running on an old reputation of honesty, integrity and good products. They have NONE OF THE ABOVE, any longer, and thats a shame.

    Lowes is where I do my shopping now – I buy EVERYTHING for our home at Lowes. They are good folks, and honor every product they sell. Of course, if they start turning into a bunch of con-artists, then I will shop somewhere else. On a lighter note, Companies that do business like Sears
    does now-a-days, will eventually fold.

    Good luck, everyone. Stay safe, and guard your money.

  70. Welcome to Sears.Good Life, Great Price. Bullshit! Sears Sucks. These trained professionals are well trained at being THIEVES. We purchased a warranty from Sears for our Kenmore dryer. The Customer Service Specialist (Natasha) told us to call the manufacture for service. More Bullshit. Natasha set the repair appointment 7 days from today. What does this tell you? Who did we pay for extended coverage? Sears or Kenmore? Sears. If we purchased the extended warranty from the manufacture we would have called them the first time. We are dealing with Idiots and more Bullshit from Sears.
    Do not buy any product or an extended warranty from Sears. Have a problem? Call the Executive Office @ 847-286-2500. This is another group of Trained Professionals (bag of hammers) who are willing to cater to the customer.Sears Sucks. Has fogging a mirror part of the Sears employment process yet?
    Don’t Shop Sears.

  71. Mr. Alan J. Lacy and Martha Stewart (convicted felon). What a combination. Sears and K Mart. Listen to the recordings. One services the other.
    Does Mr. Alan J. Lacy wait 7 days for service on his appliances? No. Why? Because he probably bought them from a reputable retailer.
    Buyer Beware.
    Don’t Shop Sears.

  72. Sears has reached an all time low. Our Dryer has been out of service for twelve days. The Executive Office (Gracie) cannot comment and has no idea what is going on.
    Don’t shop Sears.

  73. To all, after reading many Sears consumer complaints on many different sites regarding Dryer problems and service problems, it has become an all too common tale. Sears is the worst. The next scheduled appointment date available to us is 10-10-05.
    21 days out of service. No guarantee this part will fix the problem. The part arrived at our home today.
    Shipped via U.S. Mail. Not UPS orovernight.Customers are not a priority.
    Again, we are warehousing Sears parts. If we had not spent the money on an extended warranty, this dryer would have scrapped. When we called the Executive Office and tried to reach Mr. Alan J. Lacy we were told he does not take personnal calls and they don’t take messages for him. The god himself does not care.
    Good Life, Great Price, BULLSHIT. If you can afford to, cut your losses. Do not renew your warranties. The products and service only get worse.
    Don’t Shop Sears.

  74. As long as it is financially feasiable for Sears and others to misrepresent, and avoid providing service they will continue to laugh all the way to the bank while reading about your frustration and losses.

    Whoes bank account have your tax dollars gone to for alleged consumer protection.

    Corruption is the name of the game, even if it means changing the definition.


    -You need to learn how to spell before talking shit…

  76. Have a problem? Maybe Josh or Mary or Natasha @ the Executive level can help. I don’t think so. Call the Sears Executive Office @ 847-286-2500. Josh sent me an e-mail requesting I stop posting the same comments. Not likely. Poor Josh. Offended? Another Sears employee like CJ?
    Sears Sucks!

  77. I worked for sears 3 months before I just walked out. It was a joke, I have never in my years of working part-time jobs met such dumb managers. They actually could not make a schedule, funny, but true! There were times when no employee was scheduled to cover my department, lawn and garden! and it was not done out of entention, more like stupidity. While I was there I refused to push credit cards and promote debt, and believe me, credit cards and Purchase Agreements are their main focus. Don’t buy them, they are a complete waste of your hard earned money. What ever you do, work for another company, and shop somewhere else.

  78. I HATE SEARS!!!!!!!!! It’s just too tiring, after all we’ve been through with Sears’ crappy and dishonest service, to write out our story. Suffice it to say that our experience has been equally as bad and demoralizing as the worst of those posted here. BOYCOTT SEARS!!!

    To CJ, if you’re still around: whatever you said about getting an A+ in AP English or a similar class– I don’t believe you. By that ludicrous statement alone, you have discredited every other thing you have said. I am a high school English teacher and a writer, with a Master’s Degree, and it’s very clear that you are no William Safire. In general, my mark for the use of the English language in your posts is C- at the most. Sorry, that’s just how it is baby.

  79. Where can I get a copy of the Sears book of excuses?
    Maybe I have to look under Horse Shit or how to Screw the Customer. Sears was a good company until they had a box to check am I a piece of SHIT. If you checked yes you got the job. I am tired of hearing all the verses and choruses form Sears policy and what employees believe it to be. Our complaints were made while our appliances were under warranty.
    Sears will stretch it out (our calls for service) until the warranty has expired. What is the response time for a service call? Does the salesman tell you? If you ask, do they know? Screw these people. Tell everyone you know not to shop Sears.

    To Sears and their employees reading this comment. You spent $500.00 to fix our $600.00 Dryer and still cannot get it right. Mismanagement? We don’t care if it cost you ten times that amount. We will keep calling you. We spent money on a machine that was supposed to last. At least that is what we were told by your scumbag salesman.
    Sears Sucks.

  80. We have destroyed our cards with SEARS after they decided that they forgot how to say MERRY CHRISTMAS. I can not believe they are stupping down to get a small percentage of none believers to loose me as a customers which I’m one of the 87% of true believers.


  81. I cashier for Sears and I truly believe it is the Devil. Worst fucking job EVER–don’t shop or work there if you want to save yourself from a lot of bullshit. At one of our daily morning meetings they told us that our customer service was worse than Walmart’s and McDonald’s–big surprise assholes…maybe if you paid us as much as they paid their employees, or treated us as well as they do, we would care more! SEARS IS SHIT!

  82. Four years ago, we had to buy a new hot water heater. We contracted Sears who sent a subcontractor (they didn’t tell us that before). The same day, my wedding ring and engagement ring were stolen from a second story bedroom. After following the trail of mud from the basement through the house and up the stairs, I contacted the police. One of the Sears subcontractor’s admitted being up there on the 2nd floor (but denies taking the ring). Further investigation uncovered that he had a criminal record the size of a phone book and was in prison multiple times…once for THEFT and once for kidnapping.

    Sears refused to reimburse us for the ring and we are still…four years and almost $20K later…suing. Nice, eh?

  83. What a wonderful site! We finally feel like we’re not the only ones! 3 months ago I called to find out EXACTLY what I owed on my account in order to PAY OFF THE ACCOUNT! I was told 40 some odd dollars and some change. I wrote the check and sent the money. Believing the account was now at a -0- balance. I then get a bill for $16 dollars. Some how between when I sent my payment and when they cashed my check, a few cents of “daily compounded interest” had been added to my account. But the min. charge is $1 dollar. SO they added a $1 dollar charge to my PAID OFF account, without telling me. I did not recieve a statement on my account. I did not find this strange because I had PAID OFF MY ACCOUNT. Then the next month I got a bill for $16 dollars. Broken down that is $1 charge for daily compounded interest and a $15 dollar late fee for not paying ONE DOLLAR!!! That I did not know anything about because I CALLED AND SPOKE TO A “CUSTOMER SERVICE REP” to find out what I owed TO PAY OFF THE ACCOUNT!!! Nothing was ever told to me about any daily compounded interest charge being added on to a paid off account… so RIGHT AWAY I called to address this issue of a dollar and a 15 dollar late fee… I got no where. The person a spoke to was hardly understandable much less helpful. So I called again. I was put on hold for a long time! I cannot sit on hold as I have two little children under 3! Then I called again and was told that the amount I owed had now increased to 31 dollars. Thats $1 dollar plus a LATE fee on top of a LATE fee… to make this account shorter… I’ll sum it up. I called several more time, was told that a manager was not available. That a manager would call me back within 24 hours. That never happened, more calls were made and I spoke with a manager all I got was attitude. And then told to write a letter and that there was nothing they could do. But I still recieved countless calls daily pushing and harrasing me to pay off my account that was now up to 63 dollars…. thats 4, 15 dollar late fees and and 3 dollars of “daily compounded interest charge on LATE FEE’s”. My account was finally submitted to a manager to review to take off the charges because I paid the original $1 to settle this nonsense. But I refuse to pay 62 dollars in late fee’s and compounded interest on a dollar that I am still not sure why I owe. They told me that they would not reverse the late fee’s because I was LATE the last two months and HAD NOT MADE A PAYMENT ON MY ACCOUNT! I couldn’t help thinking are they for real? They are late because I am disputing the CHARGES! Because I don’t owe it! But they won’t reverse the charges because I did not pay the charges I am disputing and asking them to reverse… Did I loose anyone? You all follow me? Does this make sense to anyone? To catch you up, I spoke with a customer service rep 3 days ago. I was talked to horrible and treated like dirt. I asked to speak to her manager. I was put on hold for 10 min and then talked to a woman who I was told was a manager. She was snobby and talked down to me. I got fet up and passed the phone to my husband who attemped to talk to her. He asked for her name, she gave him her first and last name and then my husband asked to speak to HER boss. She of course said he was not in. (big suprise huh?)So he asked for HIS name and a phone number to contact him at. She gave my husband a name and a phone number. He hung up. we then waited about 30 min and called the number we were given by this “supposed manager”. The phone number we were given was the collections dept.not a phone number for any manager, and they said there was no manager with the name we were given. So we were LIED TO and on top of that we were told that sears customer service is NOT ALLOWED to give out last names so the last 2 names we were given were MADE UP! AGAIN we were lied to. We got transferred to 3 more reps. the final one offered to take off the last late fee to bring it down to 48 dollars. If this was done in the first place and the 15 dollars was taken off originally there would never have been an issue! I called back when this was 16 dollars!!! What the heck? I’m a mother of two and diabetic … I don’t have time to sit on the phone and fight with these people who don’t really give crap about anything I say anyway…they don’t care if i close my account and take my buisness elsewhere? And stress and situations like this make my blood sugars go sky high which is dangerous for my health. They are destroying my credit, I tried to do something responsible. I tried to pay off my account. But I get charged a dollar after paying off what I was told I owe… how am I ever supposed to pay my account off if they keep tacking on a dollar? why don’t they just tell you what you REALLY will owe if they recieve it by a specific date? But no they lie to you and they’re sneaky they do these things to keep you locked in and make money off of you. What happened to the customer is always right? If they only knew how much money we have spent on things at sears, from my husbands garage full of tools to the boots he wears for work to our entire kitchen, laundry room, down to our wedding rings… and I’m done! We have 4 sears cards and I’m cutting them up! I will never set foot in sears again. I have spoke to my family about this issue and they agree they will never set foot in sears again either. There are other places to go and other places to spend my money where I will be treated with respect. Boy you think they’d do something like put the account on hold while there is a disput going on… but noooo not if they can suck ya dry for more money! Its really sick and sad how things have progressed. Seriously no wonder Sears sold out? Sears is in a bad way you think they’d do what they could to keep every and ANY customer they had. Does anyone have any advice on how to fix this ? I’d love to hear what you have to say. Thanks!

  84. I have had a Sears charge account for 27 years. Recently, just out of the blue they lowered my credit limit to below what my current balance was and then charged me an over my credit limit fee of $35.00 a month. Jerks.

    I will never shop at Sears again as long as I live.

  85. Me and my mother went to sears in houston,Tx. and checked out and did not recieve our cash back!! Did not relize until we were in the mall going to buy food.Well sears will not give us our money because they can see the cashiers drawer open and her had us a bunch of f…king reciepts but did not see the money nor count it out to us . only 40.00 but still a lot of money when your on a budget and shopping for x=mas sears will not reinburst us becase they think that we are lieing and the stupid cashier who was new on the register and already negative on her till and lied and said after a day later that she remmbered giving us our money . to think it still pisses me off when it happened on nov 11, 2005 and it is now dec.16 2005
    If I had my money I would not be worried about them stealing it from me Stupid F…king cashier stupid store for not feeling the customers right To lose a customer that shops there a lot buys eye glasses from them and has a credit crd from them and get pics thur them you would think a small amount of 40.00 would be pennines to keep a good customer but nooo. they dont care.

  86. If you think sears service was bad before, just wait. Lots of techs with 30+ yrs are going to retire soon because sears cut benny’s the last 2 yrs. And there’s absolutly NO training anymore so the new techs & customers are in trouble.

    I’m currently looking for a new job because of the loss of benny’s to go along with the udder lack of respect sears corp has for it’s employee’s, not to mention it’s customers.

    As a sears employee, i do very little shopping at sears & will do even less once i leave knowing how sears treats people.

    All sears wants it’s service techs to do is sell mpa’s, water filters, & add-on check ups. If you’re a bad tech who can’t fix anything but sell those 3 things i listed above, then your gold in their eyes.

    Happy & Safe Holidays to one & all !!!

  87. First, I want to applaud everyone who posted their stories here. Whether they are good or bad. It’s what you experienced…and all the stories need to be told.

    As for me, I have seen Sears at it’s best…and recently, it’s very worst.

    I went to work for Sears in ’99 for a wonderful manager. He would have moved heaven and hell, if he could, to make sure that the customers were happy. He really took that saying to heart, “Satisfaction Guaranteed.” He inspired all of us, who worked for him, to do our best. We always made sure that there was someone on the salesfloor (unless there was an emergency), we read up (and shared) all the latest information we could get our hands on regarding the items that we sold, we even would constantly visit other stores so that we could price match products, we checked and counted our inventories, we also made maps (which we paid for out of our own pockets) to show our customers how to get to the Service Center. We did our best to match up the right customer to the right product, and if we didn’t, our customers had the right to bring back the product…because their satisfaction was important to us.

    It was a terrific couple of years, I loved my job and my fellow associates, it was perfect…then the shake-ups started…

    Many managers were laid off or shifted to other stores or service centers, and suddenly we were saddled with someone who was more concerned with the numbers. (It wasn’t his fault. Those in ‘higher positions of power’ thought that this was the way that the company should go…because, according to their studies, customers wanted Sears to be more like WalMart). Now we were expected to be more aggressive, especially in trying to sell Product Replacement and Maintenance/Product Agreements, and getting more customers to sign up for credit cards or use their Sears Cards. Many customers were having a very hard time making ends meet, and in a lot of cases, they could barely afford the items themselves. And yet, we were being pushed to try and force the agreements on them, or to talk them into using a credit card whose annual interest rates could tip their budget over the edge.

    Most of us just went on like always. Not altering our sales tactics, even if it meant being called into the office for a ‘talk.’

    Then, the flooding of the salesfloor started, as Sears thought that bringing in more sales associates would mean better profits. What it ended up doing was causing more problems and derision.

    People were being sent to the salesfloor with minimal training. Others would wander away from the salesfloor, leaving the division unattended. It was approximately at this time that the backstabbing occurred. (For those of you who work commission jobs, you know what I mean).

    Eventually, Sears started to incorporate other rules (such as the new dresscodes and higher agreement and credit quotas)…and we were finally fed up. Everyone started to leave. Either they retired or moved on to bigger and better jobs. I was one of the last to leave. (I had been offered a job working for Honda by one of my customers. I thanked her, but declined. I now have a more meaningful job, better hours and higher pay).

    I would occasionally visit my old workplace, just to see how things were going in the division. I wasn’t surprised to see things deteriorate from bad to worse. Most days NO ONE would be in the division. In fact, I heard from other associates AND former customers, that customers would go in looking for help and find no one there at all. (It was very heartening to me, to run into former customers at other stores who still remembered me…and still asked for my opinion and help regarding the different product lines and items. I still tried to help them the best that I could, even though I was no longer working for Sears. I guess some things never truly go away…)

    Also, the closing of the store HUBS started after I left, too. For those not familiar with that…before, when you called or went down to Sears, you could talk to someone in the store’s office…someone who could try and help you right there. (Especially if it concerned something like a lost receipt, or something that may be beyond an average associate’s range of knowledge). They were also our back-up if we needed help or information, and they were some of the nicest people. Unfortunately, Sears decided that they were unneccesary…and either pushed them into retiring, or laid them off.

    Now, you need to talk to the associates…and if they can’t help you, you have to wait for a manager…and in some cases, you need to call one of those 1-800 or 1-888 numbers and talk to an automated system outside of your state.

    As for trying to return something to Sears, some of the rules have changed. And, if the associates try to accept a return without the proper clearances, they can be terminated. So please, be understanding. You may need to demand to speak to a manager, or if you feel the need, take legal action or go to the media. That is your perrogative. Don’t rip into the associates, in many cases they can’t do anything.

    And now, I’m hearing that another round of management shake-ups are about to begin…

    Also, in addition to having been a Sears Associate, I am a long-time Sears customer. And, having several Maintenance/Product Agreements, I too have been subjected to many Sears Service horror stories–many of which, curiously, have been occuring within the past few years.

    One involved a Sears Service Tech who tried to fix our washer–which had a porcelain basin, with a hammer…and ended up cracking the basin. He then tried to hide the water that had leaked out of the machine by moving it over the water.

    Another involves equipment that the Service Tech said the item needed to make the repair is “No Longer Available” [it says that on the receipt, too]…which is supposed to mean that they will replace it. HOWEVER, nothing has been done, no phone calls nothing. I called the 1-800-4MY-HOME number, which takes forever to try and reach a real live human, and was told that they left a message for them to call us at our local Service Center…a month later and no reply.

    Then, there was the VCR that no one at the Service Center could apparently fix. It sat there for several months before they finally sent it to an outside repair shop to be fixed. (I talked to the repair person at the other shop). The VCR was home less than 48-hours after that.

    I have more horror stories, but I think these three are enough…

    I want to also stress that most of the Service Techs are terrific hardworking people. (Yes, I have horror stories, but I have a lot of stuff from Sears. Most of the things that broke were either fixed or replaced immediately). There are many wonderful workers! Some of them go to places that I couldn’t even envision, even in my worst nightmares (including drug houses)…and some even get mugged while doing a job.

    I just hope that Sears Holdings wakes up before it’s too late. Many of the new policies are not only making the associates’ and techs’ unhappy, but they are also hampering their ability to make the customers happy. (20+ Sears Tech: I have heard about the new policies trying to turn the repair techs into sales associates. You are absolutely correct! These people need to be able to REPAIR ITEMS, NOT SELL THEM!!!)

    And, if your customers aren’t happy, guess what…you lose. They are the ones that spend money in your store, and on your services. The CUSTOMER is the hand that FEEDS YOU!!! (You may not see it right away. Many customers are still paying for those Agreements…and won’t stop for fear that the item will break when they do). However, keep messing with them, and it will happen. Especially with the increasing amount of competition out there.

    To my former bosses, co-workers and fellow Sears workers…GOOD LUCK AND BEST WISHES TO ALL OF YOU!!!

  88. 1.800.927.7836, option #4 – Customer Service Care (no lemon dept.)

    OVER ONE YEAR AGO – Request for service was called for washer and dryer. Issues at the time included washer not draining properly and dryer not drying clothes in one cycle and no lint found in lint catcher.

    1. Technician removed small piece of cloth from drain of pump on washer. Problem fixed.
    2. Technician removed bottom portion of front cover, he noted excessive lint build up at bottom of dryer; he vacuumed lint build-up from bottom portion of dryer. He informed me that Sears would do this as a courtesy once a year.
    3. Technician sold me a refrigerator coil brush to remove lint build-up in duct of dryer.
    4. Technician noted that there was a possible block in the ventilation duct and to have it checked by an expert and that was the cause for long drying time.

    SERVICE 2006:

    Feb. 4th – Technician ordered parts for defective front panel of dryer.
    1. Noted at the time prior to repair dryer was taking an extremely long time to dry load of clothes.
    2. Wool circular lining from interior of dryer drum had dislodged and tangled into load of clothing causing it to come off completely.
    3. Mentioned to technician that dryer has never proper caught lint in the lint screen – noted from previous repair request over a year ago, that dryer’s lint catcher has never properly trapped lint and pervious technician sold me the coil brush as a solution. Also noted that dryer may gather approx. a half-dollar size of lint after each load.
    4. Technician proceeded to remove main front cover from dryer to inspect interior of dryer from where the circular lining was located, upon removing face-plate, it was discovered that hinge from upper right corner of the faceplate was damaged.
    a. Based upon my technical repair experience, I gather the front cover was never properly seated and was the root cause of the dryer not catching lint.
    5. Noted upon technician’s removing bottom front cover that there was excessive lint build-up at the bottom of dryer. Technician did not remove lint. I removed as much lint by hand, as I possible could, used vacuum cleaner to remove additional lint, and noted that it was not possible to remove all the lint. I saved the lint in a bag to show findings.

    Feb. 18th – Technician returned to repair dryer, it was noted that dryer was beyond repair and required replacement. Technician recommended calling Customer Service Care to discuss matter. Contacted the center, they said to wait until Monday to call being that the technician’s notes were unavailable, the notes needed to be downloaded from his computer to the database.

    Feb. 20th – Called to follow up from Saturday, Spoke to Surgeo, he transferred me to Susie…
    Susie @ unit #8368 – informed her of the details regarding the service. She said she would call me back within two business days after she talked to the technician because his notes were still unavailable.

    Feb. 28th – No call back from Susie after waiting one week… Called 1.800.927.7836 at 10:15 AM, spoke to Sandra – requested information regarding past service history from initial service over a year ago. She transferred me to service @ 1800.893.1781 (spoke to Ray – he said he had limited view and could not provide details regarding past service history. He sent a request for callback from the Service Unit to contact me regarding request for history; he suggested that if I did not hear from them within one business day to contact the Customer Relations Dept. @ 1.800.659.7077.)

    March 1st – Did not receive a return call from the “service unit”. Called at 12:30 pm, spoke to Brandon. He immediately placed me on hold (I guess to review the notes of the account). After five minutes, I heard a transfer tone and an IVR announcement then a representative named Robert answered. I explained the whole scenario to him; he apologized and informed me that the technician’s notes did show that the dryer was irreparable and that a representative by the name of “Brenda” should have contacted me to discuss warranty authorization. He transferred me to Martha (#8565) – she explained that she only handles scheduling appointments. She said that she would stay on the line and transfer me to the warranty dept. that would handle replacement authorizations.

    12:45 pm – Suzette of Customer Care (#8368) – she reviewed notes, says “lemon law” does not apply; request for replacement was rejected. I explained the whole scenario to her. She indicated that parts had been ordered by the technician on the 18th and it sounds like I needed to schedule an appointment to have unit repaired… I told her those parts were ordered on the 4th and that I received them already and that the technician returned on the 18th to install them, but I was concerned about the excessive lint build-up so I declined repair until they could resolve the issue with lint build-up and burning smell.

    I explained to her how the dryer smells as if it is burning and the fact that there is excessive lint build-up in the internal housing of the unit. She said she was going to contact the technician and speak directly to him. She promised me that she was going to call back within 10 minutes because she was leaving at 1:30 pm. Suzette gave me a direct number for Customer Care (#8368): 1.916.537.5527.

    1:30 pm – Suzanne of Customer Care (#8368) – wanted to follow-up because Suzette did not call back within 10 minutes. I explained the whole scenario to Suzanne… She placed me on hold momentarily – when she returned to the line, she said that Suzette was on the phone… said that Suzette had tried to contact me at home and my “mother told her I had stepped out” – I noted that my cell phone number was listed as a point of contact. I provided Suzanne with my cell phone number… she said “oh… I see it now; we are trained to look at the top portion of the record for contact info.…” Suzanne said that she would have Suzette return my call…

  89. you know what? I think that ya’ll all have issues.. i work for sears, and yes there are times where we are wrong, but who isn’t? What company doesn’t have some problems at times? Or angry customers? you are a lousy excuse for a bunch of people.. take your anger out on sears becuase you have had a problem or two? Nobody has died over this.. I mean, come on.. ya’ll are acting like a bunch of 5 year olds whining. It gets annoying.. and for those who work for sears that hate it.. QUIT!! no one is keeping you there. I like my job.. We don’t “screw” people over.. We do our job just like everyone else.. I’m sorry that we cannot please you every second, but we try our best! And don’t get mad because i am saying this. I am jus tired of Sears getting dissed over angry customers. What about the good things that we do? for those of you that have been with Sears for 25 years.. werent’ those good times? I work almost every day and I please customers every day. Sure I get a few that don’t like me, but who doesn’t? you would be lying if you said that at one time or another a customer has not gotten mad at you for something you have no control over.. think about it.. seriously.. don’t get mad.. you don’t have to scream at me for typing this.. just think about it.. you don’t have to agree.. jsut think…

  90. What I am thinking about right now is why you came looking for something like this on the Internet. I mean, if you’re trying to change our minds and show us the positive aspects of Sears, calling us a bunch of 5-year-old whiners with issues sure as hell isn’t going to work. Is that really your idea of trying your best?

    Since YOU came HERE, you have only yourself to blame for your own annoyance. Perhaps you wouldn’t find people with so many problems if you weren’t looking for them. Just think about that.

  91. you work for sears? well sears still sucks. are you one of the miserable people on the othere end of the phone that don’t give a crap about their customers. keep up that great work

  92. I just thought I would note that for all you people out there complaining about your “Sears” appliance you may want to look a little closer.

    That Kenmore is actually a Whirlpool.. or a Frigidaire….or a Maytag…

    Do you really think Sears says to Whirlpool.. “I only want you to make fridges that last until the warranty expires.. and then pop…I want it to die!”

    And if this is what you think than possibly you should give your head a shake. It’s the suppliers that decide how long the warranty is going to be.. NOT Sears.
    Yes, I will have to agree with Heather’s post. All customer related stores mess up, and have bad employees. However, if you think that you’ve actually made a difference by going to somewhere else to buy your appliance.. Listen Up… It’s the same damn appliance that’s at Sears.. and the same damn warranty!

  93. I work as a part-time Sears associate for extra money. Here’s my take on them.

    The average Sears employee is a good, well-meaning person who wants to help people. Yes, there are some bad employees, just like at any other company. Even a lot of the managers want to do good things and help people. So what is the problem then?

    I’ve observed that the culture at Sears is overall not pleasant. It’s a very numbers driven environment. That’s all they care about and all that matters. God help you if you’re a sales rep and your extended warranty or credit numbers are down for two months in a row. Maybe it is the survivalist mentality due to the intense competition in retail these days, but numbers is everything and the only thing to Sears. How much they make and how much they can keep.

    Pretty much all the employees I’ve worked with at Sears are good people. They want to help. They really do. They want to do right by the customer. But policies prevent that from time to time, and often times these policies are absolute; no exceptions. Violating policy gets you in trouble, up to job loss in some cases.

    That said, I can see how the low wages and drudgery can easily make a Sears assocate jaded to the point where they don’t care. I myself have wanted to make a customer happy on a few occasions but couldn’t because it violated corporate policy somehow. I sure couldn’t make a living working full-time at Sears; from a financial or an excitement standpoint. There are just times when there is nothing to do; everything could be cleaned, straightened, stocked, and so on. They expect you to invent work to do if there’s nothing to do and no customers.

    A lot of the assistant store managers and store managers want to do right, too. But they are under enormous pressure from higher up, at the district level, to perform. This is where the line for me starts to blur. Our store manager is pretty nice; I know of another store manager who is an absolute ass. Beyond that, I’m convinced you can’t be a district manager without being a jerk. It goes on up from there, to the regional and then the corporate level.

    Our store had an outstanding month for protection agreements a few months back. There is a standard percentage we’re supposed to hit. It’s never, ever good enough. More, more, more. Why didn’t you get this one? That’s the general attitude. I have no problem with extended warranties. I have no problem with making money off of extended warranties (it’s like 80% profit after all is said and done.) What I have a problem with is coming down on Sears employees for not getting them all the time or if they’re struggling for a little while in getting them.

    A salesman in electronics sold a plasma TV to a Mexican who didn’t speak English and didn’t get the warranty on it. The way managed treated it, you’d have thought he went and shot Alan Lacy’s dog, even those his numbers up until then and for the whole month are outstanding.

    The bottom line, from my perspective, is that they have to rebuild their reputation by putting customers first again, instead of numbers. Yes, profits are important. They don’t see long-term, however. They want the quick buck now. They’ll make more money long term if they build and maintain good relationships with their customers so they continue to do business with Sears.

    To those of you who have complaints with Sears service; all I can say is we feel your pain. They run as a separate business unit from the stores, so we have no control over them. I know myself and other Sears sales rep have been frustrated with service in the past as well.

    I sure hope Sears can save itself.

  94. I can’t help but direct this to Heather, the happy Sears employee. Yes Heather, everyone does make a mistake now and then,usually compensating with at least an I’m sorry but the mistakes Sears made when I purchased my washer & dryer are just insane.We purchased a front loading washer w/ a matching dryer w/ the stacking option. We wanted to stack them. The dryer had to come from the warehouse as we needed a side vent& leftside opening door. We scheduled to pick it up the following Tuesday. I brought it home in the boxes of course. When we went to set it up low and behold the dryer was vented out the back and the door hadn’t been switched. Frustrated but understanding, we called our salesperson who assured us they would deliver and new one to our house on Friday @ a time convenient for us. Sears called to confirm the day before delivery,a time that was inconvenient for us. I left work after a half day and waited. An hour after the 2 hour delivery time they showed up. They took out the original dryer, brought in the new one and argued with my husband they couldn’t be stacked. Finally they stacked the dryer on top and guess what! The entire side of the dryer was bashed in. I’m thinking that’s why they didn’t want to stack them because if they hadn’t, we wouldn’t have seen the side. To make a long story short, after a total of 6 dryers, through us picking them up and delivery dates, whether they showed up or not we finally have a dryer. But the kicker is I accepted a dryer that has some dents on the side only because I have been so stressed out and it was just easier to take it then go through anymore. They did give us $200.00 off the cost of the dryer but the very first brand new dryer I ever purchased has defects!!!! What makes it even worse is the attitude from the Sears people when we complained. They acted like all of this was normal. This purchase, lasting from March 26 to April 14 has been the most stressful purchase I have ever made in my life!!!!!! I will NEVER make another large purchase at Sears and maybe not even any small ones!!!! No wonder Sears has done so poorly!!!!!!




  96. We purchased a new home with Kenmore appliances installed. One of the appliances was an oven/microwave combo. This is a built-in and the cabinet was built to accomodate the appliance.

    The microwave stopped working and we called Sears Repair Service. This is where it gets interesting. The repairman came as scheduled, he said the magnetron needed to be replaced. The cost for this part (no labor included, part price only) was $625.00. We did not order the part. We went to a Sears retail store and looked at “stand alone” microwave ovens. Similar ovens, same size, same power, sold for $169.00 and under. Now the question is, how can a part for a $169.00 microwve oven cost $625.00? This appears to me to be outright consumer fraud. We had a few choices here. We could
    1. Pay the exhorbitant price for this part.
    2. Buy a stand-alone microwave oven and use the one in the combo for storage (the standard oven portion still worked)
    3. Change the configuration of our kitchen appliances altogether, which would involve some new cabinetry.
    4. Purchase a new combo unit.

    We finally opted for number 4. This cost us just under $2,000.00 But we do have a totally new unit. Now we have to wonder how long it will be before the microwave portion of this unit stops working. The new combo is NOT a Kenmore.

    So tell me, if anyone knows about these things. Is it really legal to charge $625.00 for a part to go into a $169.00 microwave oven?

  97. On April 1st I purchased a stackable Kenmore Laundry Center to go into my brand new condo. The 1st time they attempted delivery it was scratched. The 2nd time they were 40 minutes late and the rep said “Well, sir, it’s only 40 minutes.” No one was at my condo at 4:40, so it was a big deal. The third time they informed me I had the wrong gas valve and could not deliver. I got the correct gas valve from my developer. The 4th time (yesterday, April 24th…24 days after I had spend more than 1000 dollars on this item) the unit was missing a foam leg guard and could not be installed. My laundry is piling up and I have no time and not a lot of vacation left. They will be attempting delivery one more time on May 2nd. This will be 31 days after purchase. I am burning another vacation day to wait for it. My wife has already informed them that if ANYTHING is wrong with the unit or with the delivery, we will be requesting all of our money back. The customer service I have recieved has been awful. The only thing they have offered me is a 200 Sears gift card. Great, credit to a store that I would rather spit on than step foot in again. Admittedly, this problem is not as bad as some of the others I have read on this site, but it is an indicative symptom of a sick American corporate culture in which profits and dollars are more important than customers. I will never shop at Sears again.

  98. You know you people are pathetic. How many of you run a REAL business? Sears serves MILLIONS OF CUSTOMERS. Your experiences are very rare. I have been a Sears customer since I was a kid and I have never had a problem. This company hires people just like YOU. Its people just like you that are giving you poor service. Have any of you ever given poor customer service to anyone at your workplace? Im sure you havnt right? I cant stand reading this crap! “They don’t hire full time employees”- are you kidding me? Maybe YOU didn’t get hired full time but how can you make a statement like that? You people act like you have wasted so much time because of Sears but here you are wasting more time. Don’t you have families? I bet at least 75% of you are clinically obese but instead of exercising or spending time with loved ones you sit on your computer complaining. There are 105 complaints on this page and Sears serves over 105 million customers. Not bad if you ask me. Its to bad that you had these experiences but really you people need to get a life. Life is to short, don’t waste it. Without the bad the good just wouldn’t be so good now would it?

    “Please note: Comment moderation is enabled and may delay your comment.
    There is no need to resubmit your comment.”

    -If you dont post this comment I wont be suprised.

  99. Edward, you came to this site via the following search phrase: “sears employee check”

    What exactly were you hoping to find? Oh, I bet that is none of our business, despite the fact you can stick your nose in ours.

    For the record, I am gearing up to take the LSAT and head to law school and my husband is a doctor. I have one autistic son and another son that is merely 8 months old. (Alone, that is a hand full) Furthermore, I don’t just run this post…I run this entire site full of many, many posts. I also run two other sites: The Boerboel Blog & The Hot Zone Online Blog. I volunteer every weekend for a recreation program for profoundly mentally retarded adults. And, I am about to participate in one fund raiser and run another. I most CERTAINLY have a life, and a full one to boot.

    What exactly do you do?

    Like I have said before here, what does it say about you, and others like you, that you came looking for this? Instead of making personal judgments, you COULD be improving our opinion. But, no, you don’t CHOOSE to do that. Beratement and public humiliation seem more your style. Again, that speaks VOLUMES about you.

    No one is making you read this, so if you can’t stand it, just go to another web page. Trust me, we won’t miss you or anyone like you here.

  100. Any Sears employee can feel free to email me at regarding this post and I will reply! I need to know the best method to get management focus on this problem as fast as possible.

    I just spent nearly a combined $3,000 on a Kenmore HE3T Front Loading washer, HE4T Dryer, and two 15 inch pedestles for the washer and dryer, and 3 year service plans. Our old faithfull nearly 15 year old Kenmore washer and dryer set started breaking down frequently costing too much to repair. The washer and dryer was delivered quickly and installed professionally in a few days. The person performing the installs warned me about not tipping or moving the washer unless the drum retention bolts were in place. Complete testing and instruction was performed.

    Unfortunatly, today the pedestles were delivered
    and the people installing them were far less skilled and thorough about doing a complete job. Without the retention bolts in place, they completely turned the washer on its side, bolted the washer to the pedestles, reinstalled them, and left. I was not at home to supervise at the time and my wife signed off on the job. Upon coming home this evening, I found the heavy drum completely off its mountings, and the front seal is now a twisted mess! I instructed my wife to call 800-4MY-HOME and scedule
    a service call. In about 40 minutes she threw her hands up frustrated about being ond hold excessive amount of time then hung up on twice by two people separate techs who stated “Oh, you have the service agreement, let me transfer you to them…”.

    I called and requested to speak to a manager “Yes sir… I called back immediately requesting a first (Selena) and last name, the last name was refused to be given, asked to speak to a manager (Girtha) and told it would be over a week before somebody could fix something they screwed up. I am awaiting a call from customer relationship management which I will supposedly get on Monday. I was given no other route to complain other than snail mailing the CEO in Illinios.

    Tomorrow, I plan to take a 8×10 photo of my washer seal to the store where I bought it and find out from the manager why I am paying $199 for a 3 year service agreement where I can’t have a tech come out the following business day to fix something they screwed up!

    Any help would be appreciated!

  101. I guess I shouldn’t use brackets as the text dissapeared there. I was trying to type the word click. Key thing is, we were hung up on three times in a hour of calling 800-4MY-HOME by people who either don’t know how to transfer a phone call, in one case I strongly suspect, were intentionally hanging up to avoid transferring me to a manager. Each hold time was over 15 minutes to initially get to a tech only to be hung up on!

    In my opinion, there is a service crisis in America where large corporations are focusing too much on product sales and not backing up what they sell with skilled installers and support techs. They view call centers and service as a cost and in trying to cut cost are losing customers. A great example of this is offshoring call centers to India.


  102. I bought a Carrier 2 speed air conditioner from Sears in 2003.

    In the summer of 2005 it broke, Sears technicians worked on it all summer and finally got it working in October of 2005. I thought.

    I changed service companies in latter part of 2005, because I told Carrier that Sears was unable to service the air conditioner, and Carrier recommended this service company.

    The new service company found that one stage of the compressor was bad and that Sears technicians had bypassed the wiring so that the A/C only ran on one speed. It cost me $1100 to get the A/C fixed.

    I will never buy anything from Sears, and I will never recommend anyone else buy from Sears.

    I vote that Sears is the worse company in the U.S.

    In addition, they don’t have a customer service.

  103. I am furious with Sears. Approximately two weeks ago, I was making chicken soup on my ceramic cooktop. A small boilover occurred, and when I finished cooking and removed the pot, the front unit had cracked. I called Sears for service. The serviceman called on his way to repair it and told me that in addition to the $65 service call, it would cost me approximately $400. Now this is ridiculous. Boilovers occur when cooking, and this was not even a big one. If there is a defect at the manufacturing level that causes a cooktop to crack, it is not the customer’s responsibility. Nowhere in the owner’s manual is there any mention of boilovers causing the top to crack. I went to the store where I purchased the stove, along with five other Sears’ appliance. The manager said that because I didn’t buy a warranty agreement, it would be my responsibility. I don’t cook much, so if the stove has been used 40-50 times in two years that would be alot. I called the repair center asking to speak to someone who had the authority to deal with what I believe is a manufacturing defect. The person I spoke with checked with her manager and then told me because I hadn’t purchased a warranty agreement, there was nothing Sears’ could do. I asked to speak to the manager, and she said Brad would tell me the same thing. She would not give me his last name but said she would ask him to call me. There is an implied warranty that an appliance will work when it is purchased new. I am so angry that I intend to call my attorney and have him send a letter to Sears. The call centers are nothing but centers to defer responsibility that Sears has to its customers. The reason I purchased six new appliances from Sears was because, in the past, Sears had always stood by its products. Sadly this is no longer the case.

  104. hahahahaha i work in hardware and it’s such a joke, when i was new i asked my associates about air compressors and all they told me was not to put the air hose up my ass. there is no real quality since they changed the supplier of hand tools to china (i never did trust a commie bastard!!) and they are changing all the previous lifetime warranties (for example craftsman hoses are now sold with a 5 year warranty) and they are indestinguishable from the old hoses with a lifetime warranty… i guess i won’t be working at sears in 5 years so i won’t have to deal with it ) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA there is no discipline in the civillian workplace.

  105. As a longtime Sears customer, with six Kenmore appliances in my home–I’m done. Done with Sears and Kenmore. Their products are definitely not what they once were, and their service really rots! Either they don’t schedule the appointment as they promise, or they really screw up the appliance when they do actually show up. This is the end!

  106. I am absolutely feed up now.!! Linda if you read this please email me back if you have any extra input. I work for a non profit organization and mainly deal with low income people. I have always been so upset about the way the underpriveledged people especially mothers are treated when out in public stores appointments etc. I was one of those people. But through will power I am a asset to my community and own my home and car.

    My little sister who just recently lost 3 fingers in a lawnmower went to the wonderful sears in Bristol Virginia with her son and a friend to look for son some church clothes. I gave her money and I know her friend had her Sears charge card….I am so Angry. Before she left the stupid store she had her pocketbook dumped out three times , Made fun of by a female manager because she found her foodstamp card. Told she knows she had stolen a red shirt and yelled “where is it!”. They kept them in a room and called police … Again searched through everything and wanted to know if they had drugs on them… Oh my gosh!!! They had nothing on them and my sister even said I put it back on the rack after trying it on. SHe even said “let me show you” and it is orange not red by the way.. They refused to let her. They knew they were wrong but kept on… Couldnt apologize ,OH NO. My sister and her friend were humiliated. My nephew who is 7 was crying. THey took the friend into a room and said You better cooperate. Just sign this form and say she stole it and you can leave. She of course refused. They then tried using her baby daughter by saying if you dont cooperate then I will have DSS come to get your child. Thank god she said NO because we didnt do anything. My sister didnt take it laying down. They got the biggest cussing of their life. I know that wasnt best but I dont know if I could of held it in. 5 people quizzing and questioning and nothing… nothing…. The little secret shopper even looked at his boss and said”Boss man there is nothing to be found”. They were actually served on a Saturday afterwards with a supeona for shoplifting. They went to court for their arraignment and the lawyer for Sears took them outside the court room and said we will make a deal. No! No! NO! they told him. He became furious. Went in the court room and the judge gave him a letchure because he cant do that because they havent been asked if they will get a lawyer yet… BIte my tongue…… The security officer was mad. Went to lawyer and come to find out that it wasn’t shoplifting they were charged for it was complating to stealing merchandise. Oh my goodness. This cant be possible in America. You can actually be charge with suspecion. That you could just act and look like you are going to steal…. She has no reason to steal. She has her family. I do believe That I can afford a 15.00 shirt that was on sale for 4.99. The money that the friend had on her 19.0 percent credit card… Was her favorite place to shop. NO MOre
    The manager who had worked for them for 15 or so years was fired because of the going through purse and making smart comments about her. THis lady thought she would be slick and call her up the next day and offer her a 75.00 gift card and said she was sorry. The first thing my sis asked was ” Do you go to church?” The lady responded Yes every time the doors are open. The only response back was ” Dont you think you need to quit going because it is not doing you any good.
    I see these shows on TV where they build homes for people and the big advertisement all the way through says Donated by Sears. Sears you care about no one besides your own. Grow up admit when your wrong . Make it right. CEO’s better get rich now because If I can help it .. Every poor or rich or not so dressed person will know every detail . I want them to remember that they do get back nice Income Tax returns and I hope I can let them know to spend it at Walmart not Sears or Kmart….. THat court cost and accustation cost them more than 4.99. I promise That noone in my family will ever pay one piece of anything from them no matter if it cost 2 cents. GEt rid of your staff that think they are better than any one that dont act , dress or don’t look like expect them too.. Ashamed In Virginia. If anybody with any legal knowledge wants more info please write because I actually left out some of it because It is worth one big lawsuit……….Thank You for reading my ramblings….. Hopefully when they go back to court that the judge will not be so blinded either. Hey when you have no shirt no camera showing them taking a stupid shirt…. Just some accusation by some judgementally women who lost her career.. Oh yeah dont they have a quota they have to get at when it comes to catching shoplifters…. Eventally they thought this would count as one…. Your wrong…..

    Every person has a day and time of judgement. If people really cared Life would be so much nicer…

  107. First off here is the phone number to get a LIVE person at Sears (800) 479-5899. Press #1 for PRODUCT FAILURE. That will get a person on the phone.

    As if that would help…. NOT!
    I am complaining about my Kenmore Elite HE3 washer. I bought it in 2004. I have mold and mildew smell on all my clothes. I called the phone number listed above and the lady said “well, you need to run bleach and vinegar through the machine every couple of loads”… what!? High efficiency obviously is another term for High maintenance.

    She told me it was in the manual. Low and behold, the 2004 manual does NOT say this. It simply says “occassionally wipe down the inside door….” Which I did… occassionally. Never knew the piece of crap front load washing machines (which cost $1,000) hold excess water causing mildew and mold. No surprise to them because THEY CHANGED THE MANUAL AFTER I BOUGHT MY MACHINE. THE MANUAL NOW SAYS TO WASH BLEACH THROUGH THE MACHINE.

    In the meantime, I’m thinking, this is a serious design flaw. Don’t you think? No only that but my manual made no mention of any of this. And Sears is acting like this is just the way things are.

    uggh! Does anyone have any advise? I see alot of class action lawsuits against some of the older models.

  108. I’m am employee at Sears, and yes it does suck. They don’t hire anyone as full-time, and our managers are in-expeirenced. I’ve had no real training at all, just some computer fluff saying that someone, someday, may, eventually, in some sort of indirect way, train me, if they are up to it. Otherwise, figure it out your damn self. It sucks. But some o fyou are complainging about such trite things.
    Okay, its true. Warrenties are only truly for the first 90 days. If the product does not display any defects by then, it probably won’t untill the warrenty is expired. No-body designs a product only to last the covered time of the warrenty, thats just insanity. A warrenty is designed around the lifetime of the product, not the other way. But yeah, I pretty much don’t reccommend buying any of that shit. EXCEPT- Road Hazard for tires. Its pretty cheap, and there really isn’t a way for us not to honor it. And people complaining about the employees ourselves, its really not our fault. I’m working my ass off, I’m a honest person and I DO want to help you. I’m just not trained or given the power to do it. Honestly, when we can’t come service you its not becuase WE are trying to jip you, its becuase Sears Corperate just doesn’t give a fuck. We work our asses off, have nothing to show for it, and are too understaffed and untrained to do actually help more then a few people.

    But one thing, our prices are relatively cheap. Unless you look at Wal*Mart, which will sit at your toilette and sell you back your own shit. You get what you pay for there, which is our ecomonmies legs spread wide open.

  109. Many people have complained about sear’s change in their return policy last year and failing to change the policy stated on the back of their receipts. So if you try to return something after 90 days, even though your receipt indicates “satisfaction guaranteed or your money back” with no time limit stated, you will be denied.

    This is sad and shows very poor customer service. sears should honor the policy stated on the back of their receipts. Why should the customer be penalized for sears failing to change their documentation in a timely fashion? As a result I will never shop at sears again, will encourage everyone I know to shop elsewhere and will take opportunities like this one to publicize this issue.

    Hey sears, wake up.

  110. Letter sent to Certegy Payment Recovery Services who were sent after me when I stopped payment on my check for service.

    I purchased a Kenmore washing machine two years ago from Sears, and after two short years it quit spinning. For the record I have too much laundry which I hate to do, and am really annoyed. I called our local ServicePlus and after inspection was told that the transmission was shot. According to ServicePlus this is an item covered by Sears.

    I called Sears to schedule service (since you work with them you should try this sometime) I was told that the item was not covered and “too bad” I should have purchased the extended warranty. After visiting a few websites (I’m not kidding) I was able to locate a phone number where upon talking to a nice service representative was informed the part was actually covered for five years, we setup a service call.

    The service call was scheduled for between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. (eight hour window) in our area. I stayed home from work and waited for the repair person. When the repair person arrived and determined that the transmission (he had another name for the part, but essentially the same thing) was broken he stated that the item was not covered under the warranty and was going to charge for the part-something in the range of $300 plus the service call (I could buy a new machine for this amount). After some conversation and surprise- disagreement he made a quick trip to his computer, and again, surprise admitted that the part was surprise covered. I would have to pay for the service call to replace a faulty part under warranty, but I’m reasonable so fine.

    The repair person left with my check, stating that he had replaced the transmission. I was skeptical at the time as he was in the house about five minutes and left with only the same small bag with which he arrived. Perhaps a washing machine transmission is very small and that’s why they break. He may have replaced the transmission, I really don’t know.

    The next day I washed a load of cloths (remember I don’t like to do laundry) they were soaking wet at the end of the cycle-surprise. I called the bank and stopped payment on the check.

    I called Sears again (see paragraph two about calling Sears) and told my sad story. I was informed that I would have to reschedule maintenance. Again service would be scheduled between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. (eight hour window). I stated that as I work this was unreasonable. I had already been a good sport and stayed home one full day to have a part under warranty replaced at my expense that didn’t fix the machine that I use to do laundry.

    Would he please shorten the window of time for the service call. The gentleman
    (I believe Mark was his name, but I should check my notes at home) stated that he could, and I was rescheduled for Friday between noon and two p.m. Surprise, no one showed up to fix the machine during those hours.

    I received a call the following Sunday stating that I had missed my service call and would I like to reschedule. Now it gets really funny. I could reschedule for sometime that week, between 8 a.m. and 5p.m., (eight hour window). I think you must by now sense a pattern, but just in case: two vacation days plus two hours of my time to wait for someone to fix and fix again a faulty part under warranty on a two year old washing machine. Oh and also, the gentleman in Texas who scheduled the two hour window wasn’t allowed to do so.

    So there is the end of my sad story. I purchased another washing machine, I couldn’t wait any longer-the piles were getting too high and I couldn’t take another day off of work. I truly couldn’t get anywhere with Sears. I don’t know where we need to take this from here. I really hope that someone will share this with Sears.

  111. Ordered a $250 pool cleaner 20 days ago. Haven’t received it, order status still says processing, customer NO-service says they can’t find it, but they won’t issue me a refund, nor will they tell me how long I am expected to wait for the item to ever show up before they will refund my money. Absolutely crazy, and I will never order anything from them again. Totally rude and obnoxious on the phone and never have answered my emails.

  112. Hey everyone, I am a current Sears employee and I find it compleatly offencive how youse are all bashing Sears for everything you can possibly find. I will say that yes, Sears is DEFFINATLY not what it used to be (I blame Lampert and the change in Management that they forced a number of years ago). I grew up with Sears, and it was always a great company as far as I was concerend. They do pay crap, this is true, but there is the rare stores with great employees. I currently work at Sears: Laguna Hills, CA (unit: 01548) and we DO strive to help the customer at every opertunity possible. We DO fight to help out our customers with everything in our power to do (off the clock if need be, and I do it constantly). I am very young and yes, I can deffinatly come off as a “horrible, mean, and rude associate” as many of you concider all of us, but you have to realize that we spend all day (9 hrs a day for me and my roommate/co-worker) dealing with the ranting and ravings of all of you customers in the store so set in your accusations(?) that we are horrible people and could give less of a dang about you, that you actually make us feel that way twords you. I’m just a measly cashier that takes over the duties of manager on a daily basis, stressing out answering all of your questions in Hardware, Brand Central, Lawn and Garden, Mattresses, Electronics and Vaccuums because I don’t work those departments but if you see me there (more than likely shopping or trying to learn the departments) you will still ask me for help (not even wearing a name tag) and when I say that “I’m off the clock” and “I don’t work this department, but I will get someone for you, if you can please wait just a moment” you will still go nuts on me like it’s my fault that I can’t help you! Even when I say I will get someone to assist, you can’t seem to comprehend the fact that not every Sears associate works in the department you need help in. I remember reading earlier how people were dissappointed at management for not being able to answer their questions (I think it was about mattresses). You need to keep this in mind when you shop anywhere: Sears, like so many other companies out there, have managers who are in charge of specific departments and that the manager you could be looking for, might not work open to close every day of the week. And now you need to realize the next time that you go to a different company (say Target or Home Depot) and try to get help and they pitch you the same line you might have heard at Sears, you probably smile and laugh and thank them for helping you out, but with all this hype on the “Anti-Sears” movement going on lately because of the so called “merger” youse all got going on, when we say that to you (and I hear it and see it every single day) it’s “such an inconvience” and that “Sears has lost it’s values” because you read somewhere like this how many other people are voicing their aspects of it, that you suddenly feel it’s one of yours. Again, I’m not saying that you people are WRONG AND EVIL for your accusations at Sears on horrible customer service, but I am asking you to please take a step back, and think about all that I’ve said. I realize that many of you have more than likely received wretched customer service (believe me, I’ve both gotten and given it at Sears), but when you refuse to listen to us or accuse us of false advertising or problems with a mattresses or Sears Card (oooh, I want to touch base on this next) that we contract out to other companies, like my store uses Heavy Boy to deliver mattresses. Shit happens people, it’s not always what you want to hear and most of the time it’s extreamly not convienient for you, but when you come in and rip our heads off when we are no longer responcible for the delivery when we sign it off to Heavy Boy (what have you) we really lose our “Compassion For The Customer” when we can not even talk to you on a reasonable basis. Now about the Sears Cards: Day after day(!) I receive customers who come in and utterly RANT and RAVE (there is a 5 letter word starting with a B and ending in an H that suits better) about their Sears Card (whether it be; APR, Late Fee, etc), folks, let me squash the idea for you..Sears does NOT own the Sears Card (OR DISCOVER ANYMORE which was sold to NOVUS). This is exactly what I try to explain to you in the store. So the customer will ask to be directed to the Customer Service for the S.C. and I will say that they are not in Sears Stores because as I had said, Sears DOES NOT own the S.C. it is OWNED and OPERATED by CITI CARDS. Unfortunatly, that becomes my (the associate’s) fault as I do what I can to help you understand your credit and try to get you to take care of it at the Service phone in the store so it can be squared away on the spot, in your trip, which is, unfortunatly, the MOST that I can do. And because of that, “Sears has turned into a disgrace” along with “I am going to CANCEL my card and NEVER shop at Sears again!” what responce do you expect me (the associate) to have besides “OK” or a variation in the sence of “F*^% off then, I’d rather not deal with you and your attitude anyway” as we had done what we can to help you and you spit it right back. I do realize however how relentless your efforts can be trying to get thru with credit on the phone..oh my god it is a horrible experiance, granted, but what do you, the customer, expect me, the associate, to accomplish for you? I am open to ALL suggestions please. I am not able to call on your behalf (on legal and privacy act issues that everyone ‘cherishes’ so much), I can not access anything thru the computer system in store (as my only options are: Rapid Credit (sign you up) and Payment options), and there is no way that even a manager can do anything for you (believe me, I’m trained as a manager on all systems located within a Sears Store).

    I’m sorry that my comment was so long, but I was very angered and sympathetic as I read thru this page (I was acutally looking for the Sears: Take The Lead website, as I am now manager of that for my store aswell as cashiers and Merc. Manager for Men’s/Kids/Home Fashions/and Mattresses). I hope that you people just take some of my words to heart, Sears is in the process of remodeling right now as it is no longer Sears & K-Mart and Sears Holding Corp. All associates in every branch of the company will be attending these meetings which I am a member of one of the first stores to have taken it and I feel that it may bring about the change necessary for Sears to become something much better than it is now. For those of you who are current associates of Sears, the meeting is called “Sowing The Seeds of Our Culture”’s a meeting that will take place associate wide in a period of 2 weeks (two 3hr meetings between 7am and closing). The only thing that I can say to you people so upset with Sears, the people that give you such a hard time and could care less is the associates that could give less of a damn about their job. What I am trying to say is that we all need to acutally improve how we deal with eachother for everything to improve at Sears. If the associate is friendly and willing twards the customer and receives the same in return we will all be more willing to work with eachother which will lead to Sears improving by getting more money to pay associates better with better hrs (stores have hrs for associates based on store profit) which in turn will make the associate happier on the job which in turn again will lead the associate to be increasingly willing to help the customer. I am paied a shitty(!) $7.65 and hr for now 27-37 hrs a week, but my customer service ratings in the store are phonominal(? spelt that wrong), which in turn my co-workers follow by example which makes the store a much nicer place to be for associate and customer alike. But everyone needs to work for everyone to be happy…No, a customer shouldn’t have to come in and need to do everything a certin way for great customer service, but we really do appreciate it when the customer treats us with respect which becomes a common thing. Most of you people are probably treated at your job the way you come in and treat us, for those of you that do that, take a step back and think about how you feel when someone does it to you, now realized that we’re no different that you are. Thank you for your time this went on so long…

  113. Offencive wasn’t the word that I was looking for now that I am reading back..I was so much offended that you all had problems, I am sympathetic twards that, I wish that everything that worked out for you! I am offended that you will try to shut the company down for such reasons. There are ways that things can be handled, and going thru corporate is not the way to do it. It’s best to start with the particular store’s Department Manager for where your problem was from or Operation Manager. But don’t lose you’re cool with them, if you do, they will compleatly shut down with you, you need to try to work with them, and they will be more than happy to help you after that. I don’t mean to offend anyone, I’m just trying to make it clear that you can still shop at Sears and not get screwed…and I saw someone bashing our things like Protection Agreements and Merchandice Replacement not listen to them..I encourage them (not for the stores profit) but for the sheer fact that, yes, everything is assembly like produced anymore and to jump on the opertunity for get a full 1 year warrenty with a replacement agreement for $2.34 on a razor or whatever, you should jump on the oppertunity for your own sake, at that point, we can’t skrew you and it is a warrenty on top on the one already on it at the time of purchase. Please don’t take my comments the wrong way, but do think about them….the customer makes the store what they want it to’s a morale based issue when comming to companies. I can rightly say that I love working at Sears because I can make more people happy in a day than those that make me miserable in a day. I hate customers, but I love people..which is how many associates anywhere are..I’m from New York and I just have to say that if I say “how are you today?” as you walk by me at Sears and you totally ignore me, yes you will hear me mumble something offencive at you, because that is just rude. Don’t treat the associate with disrespect because of a problem with Sears, treat the associate like a human being who should be able to help you out of a jam, and 95% of the time, we will be able to..but 100% of the time we will be willing to do what we can to someone that treats us as people with respect.
    Thank You

  114. I’ve read all the horror stories about Sears and until today I would have probably not believed. But after being a loyal customer of Sears for 20 years (about 2/3 of my life) they just screwed me up. It has nothing to do with something I bought. I am traveling out of the country next week and for about two months have bought thousands of dollars in products from Sears to bring to my family and friends. Today I went to the store looking for a pair of ruby earrings. On the way to the jewelry department my daughter saw this pair of earrings and I decided to buy them for her ($6.98 price) and not having a cart from the store where to place the item I put it on top of my baby’s carriage. Next I went to the fine jewelry counter and talked to the lady at the counter and saw a nice pair of earrings ($399) and bracelet ($799) that I wanted to buy. But before making the decision I told the lady that I was going to call my husband just to make sure if he would buy them. I used my cellular but the signal was weak so I started walking towards the door that exits towards the inside of the mall, actually I’m out two steps and I realized my daughter is following so I turn back and tell her that we have to go back in. But before I go back those two steps, someone who works at Sears stand in front of me and accusses me of robbery. I’m confused at that moment but suddenly realized that my daughter is pushing the stroller out of the store and the cheap earings are on top of the carriage. He gave no time to react but just told me to follow him and took me to a back room where him and a very rude girl accussed me of being a thief. I have never been insulted this way. I do understand that it is their job but during their conversation I hear that she was following me since the moment I entered the store, placed the earrings on top of the stroller and when I step out talking on the phone. They do realize that my daughter was pushing the stroller but they don’t accept that it was an error and keep blaming me that I am a thief and ask if I stole any other things. What an offense. It is so hard for someone honest to be treated like that after being so loyal to them. I remember an occassion when one of their people did not charge for one of the pieces of clothes and I came back with the receipt and let her know that she did not charge me and paid for it. I was thinking at that moment that I did not want her to get in trouble. But the story is that they told me to get out of Sears and not put a foot in there ever again because I was being marked as a thief. Next thing I’m doing is picking all the things I’ve bought and return them, it won’t hurt them because What is a few thousands back compare to the millions they make? But this will make me feel better. I don’t want to own anything from that store. And since I know a lot of people around this area, I’m making sure to tell my story to everyone I see.

  115. I bought a stove and refridgerator, when i purchased them i payed extra to have the old apliances hauled away, when they came i was not home they told my wife they couldnt haul the other items away,she called me and informed me,i asked to speak to the delivery guys they hinted that for some extra cash they could haul them away(on top of what i had allready payed for the haul away) i told them i would do it my self.

    then i bought another set of stove an refridgerator for my rental,when the delivery was schedualed they dint show up( i took the day off work) the said they were busy, they reschedulaed, when they did show up they had attitude why i dont know? They unloaded the refridge,it was all smashed up so i just watched, then they tryed to ram it thru the front door,i asked them not to force it thru, they dint answer me, when they got the refridge in i said look at it it was all smashed up,they said so, does this mean you dont want it , i said YEAH take it back.

    when they finaly brought another one i had missed 3 days of work they said so.

    Then my refridge at my home broke down the day before my daughterts baby shower,it had over $500 dollars worth of food in it, not to mention my wifes medician that needed to be cooled.When i called them for repair they said 2 weeks,no sooner.

    I went back to the store i bought it from the guy told me he had some pull and he would call some one,they called that day and said they would be there in 2 days,on the day they were to come i took off work and waited,no show again,i went back to the store to talk to the manager,he said he would call some one.

    when they called that day they told me who ever told me they would be there lied to me and they wont be there for 2 weeks,when i informed them about the food loss and medication he said to bad nothing he could do.

    so now i am waiting for 2 weeks to get my refridge fixed right wrong the next day a guy showed up at my house to fix it, he said that the whirpool i bought was a defective brand and that they have been haveing problems with that brand and i should just take it back, so i went back to the store told the manager about what he said and showed him the repair techs statements,he schedualed a exchange and sent a different brand. all better write wrong the same day i got a call from the repair tech saying he was on his way out to repair the refridge,i said not happinin, and explained what all went wrong, he said wow.

    so thats it right wrong my stove that i was waiting on at my rental property came and i paid extra to have it installed, when they came they said oh you need all kinds of extra work to be done for this stove to be put in and for extra money they would do it,i said hit the %^^&**($# bricks ill have it done on my own.

  116. Sears does in fact suck. I bought a lawnmower 18 months ago. They recently called me and asked if I wanted to buy a warranty for 2 years. The lady on the phone told me it would cover everything. I paid $80 for the warranty.

    Now I have a problem with my lawnmower (smoke is coming out), so I take it in to get it repaired for free, because I bought the warranty.

    They tell me I have to pay an additional $78 because the warranty covers only defects. They said dirt got into the carburator because I tilted the lawnmover on the wrong side. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW WHICH SIDE TO TILT IT ON?? Also why did I buy a warranty which the lady said covered EVERYTHING when in fact it covers basically nothing.

    I would have ended up paying $160 (warranty + service charge) to get it fixed. For a little more I could just buy a new lawnmower.

    I am calling to cancel my warranty soon.

  117. Sears service and repair SUCK!

    We bought a new dishwasher on the 20th of January 2006, a Maytag, after a few washes it was leaking, and the middle rack was hard to pull out to load. This unit is was a scratch and dent unit (only a small scratch on the door of the unit)
    So we call the repair center (unit has 1 year warranty) after talking to a computer and a few real people, an appointment was made. The appointment, form 8 to 5, so I have to wait on the service guy to see me, for a product I have already paid for. Of course he arrived at 4, so I had to sit at home all day. He checks out the problem and order parts.
    He says he can send the parts and I can put them on, I don’t think so, I am not working on something that I just bought and has a warranty.

    So make another appointment, and the guy comes out when the parts arrive. The part for the rack is wrong and one piece is missing for the leak repair, so more parts are ordered.

    These next parts show up, the part for the leak repair is correct, but the part for the rack is wrong. Oh yeah this time I told the service guy I would install them myself so I don’t have to waste another day off again.

    So I call the 1-800 number again, but all they can do is send a service guy to see what’s going on.

    I get on the computer and find the part I need on Sears website, I order it, and at first they want we to pay for it my self, I don’t think so.

    After receiving the part I ordered, it would not fit, it was the same identical part that the service guy sent out, put it had a different part number. So the Sears website and diagrams also SUCK.

    So anyway, no one on the 1-800 line really cares, all they can do is say “I’m sorry”, and send out a service guy. I go to get a job a Sears; no one can get fired for not doing their job.

    After spending a whole lot of time on the phone I got the number of the local Tennessee service center.

    This lady was very nice, but still could not help, but suggested going the store and talking with the salesman that sold me the unit.

    I did, and he ordered and entire middle rack, and all was good, I thought.

    Well today that rack assy. broke a caster, on the same side that was originally bad.

    So I call the 1-800 number, and for 35 minutes I get the run around, hung up on 3 times by the computer voice on the other end, and told they can’t send the part, I need because it cost too much. I know the part number because I kept the box, just in case something happened.

    So guess what, finally I get to wait home on Monday and hope a service guy shows up before the day is shot. But I don’t think I will wait around all day (if I need to run out), maybe it will waste the service guys, and Sears, time), then I will just reschedule.

    I will never buy another appliance from Sears again or anything that requires service.

  118. I don’t have the patience at this point to type my detailed complaint, but the bottom line is that an American firm like Sears is being driven into the ground by useless people at Sears (working at every level) that say ‘I’m just doing my job, and we can’t help past what’s on your service agreement.’ Well, I’d be just as happy receiving no service from a call center in India – so goodbye Sears and hope you all rot in the unemployment line soon. I’m going with Best Buy tomorrow.

  119. HERE, HERE! My story involves calling 800-469-4663 more than 10 times in a 2 week period including a dozen conversations with people saying, “i’m sorry, that’s not my area. I can’t help you” or even worse, “wow, I can certainly understand your frustration with sears, we’ve really messed up your order, but i can’t do anything about it.” I cancelled my order for a new refrigerator with sears and they will NEVER repair another appliance for me again. Standard TV and Appliance has my business for life!

  120. I’ve worked for Sears for a total of 13 years as a technician (lawn and garden). In that time, I’ve seen the company change drastically. I’ve also seen our suppliers change drastically. Things change, that’s just part of life. What most of the complainers don’t seem to understand is that a lot of what has changed with Sears is directly because of ALL the people wanting something for nothing. When I start hearing the crap about my *pickanitem* broke 3 weeks, 3 years, 3 days after the warranty and they won’t fix it for free. What the hell do you expect? A warranty has to expire sometime. If Sears were to fix all these “our of warranty” items, who will pay for it? Sears will. Why should Sears be expected to pay for it? I can’t think of any other company that will do that. Let your vehicle warranty expire and see what happens when it breaks.
    I actually was out on a garden tractor (a few years back) and it was less than a week out of warranty. I went ahead and fixed it (trying to be nice) and we (local unit) ate the cost of repair. A month later, the customer hit a root and bent the blade and warped the deck. He sees the “90 day parts and labor” business on the ticket from when I was out. Called in for service because, according to him: “the tech messed something up”. I had replaced the spindle assembly on the deck due to the bearings being wore out. I go out, see the damage and explain that this will not be covered under the 90 day warranty because it had nothing to do with my repair. Plus, it was pretty clear what had happened. I even walked the yard and found said root. The fella goes off on me. I leave after giving him and estimate for repair. I didn’t charge him for the trip, even though I should have. The customer ends up calling everyone with and ear at Sears demanding we come fix it. As usual, someone in management decides we need to go fix it. Something for nothing. I’ve heard (seriously) over a thousand times from customers: “If I call in a raise enough hell, I’ll get what I want”. Something for nothing.
    Another fine example. A few weeks back, I get a service call to a customer on a riding mower. Complaint was “wont start”. I go out. Sure enough, won’t start. The engine was locked up. I pulled the dipstick. No oil even touching the stick. I check it over for leaks, none. I check the spark plug for oil fouling. Nothing out of the ordinary for a year old tractor. Customer was not home. I leave a note explaining that we (sears) cannot warranty the engine due to his neglect. The machine still had the oem oil filter on it. The oil has never even been changed. *side note. A small air cooled engine will burn oil at a rate of up to 2 ounces per hour at full throttle, this is normal* Bottom line, it should have at least been checked. Moving on. 3 weeks later, a fellow tech calls asking about this customer because he has a service call there. I explain what I found and Sprint mail the photos I took to him. He goes out and finds the exact same thing. At least they didn’t put oil in it and call me a liar, as usually happens. Fellow tech leaves a note just like I did. Monday of this week, I’m out there to install a new engine. Customer tells me that “since I raised enough hell, they decided to go ahead and give me a new engine to shut me up”. I can tell you. When Briggs and Stratton examines the original engine, they are not going to pay Sears for this. Sears just eats another one. Something for nothing.
    Back when the MA covered oil changes and blades. We really seriously had customers that would call in for new oil, filters, and blades every single time they mowed the yard. If you went out and didn’t do it (because it didnt need it) they’d call back in. After enough times of that, it begins to have an effect on your numbers and your raise doesn’t look so good. So not only were the customers wanting something for nothing, they were starting to peck into my pockets.

    I realize that some people have had bad stuff happen with Sears and it is not their fault. But in my own view of things, over 80% of the time, people are mad because they were trying to screw Sears and didn’t get by with it. And that goes for retail as well. I worked there several winters instead of layoff. People wanting something for nothing is mostly what has FORCED Sears to change.

  121. Without hearing back from the above mentioned guy/girl, I am allowing the comment. Why? First, I know they’re a Sears employee. Here’s the IP info: IP: , Yep, this person, while working at the customer service center took their own time to come here and complain about all of us. Plus (and this is the highlight for me), they have piss poor language skills. Those aren’t just typos…those are just plain stupid mistakes on basic English language. I mean, really, how many times can you fuck up in one sentence? Obviously, see the aforementioned comment for the answer. Classic! THAT is the problem with Sears…hiring fuckups like that.

  122. hi,
    I’m also totaly disappointed from Sears. I brought refrigirator from them and specificly asked the guy can it be delivered after 17:30 ’cause I’m at work.
    He told me yes… what my disapoitment was that one day before delivery they called me and told me that it can be only delivered around 11:30 the whole week….so wtf…i’m supposed to do…wait whole week until Saturday !!? (and I dont have refrigerator) If i knew it will be like that i would never ordered from them…
    I can’t spent 2 hours driving from work and back, just for their satisfaction.
    If they can’t keep their promises they just could told me not wasting mine and theirs time.

    This is the FIRST and LAST thing i BUY from them…
    I searched an email on the site for complains, but didnt found one, does anyone know an email address.

    *************** SEARS SUCKS *************

  123. so sad to hear that. the associate cant promise u a time because he’s not in charge of the delivery schedules. they usually fill a truck and deliver the products according to addresses. the associate should have known that maybe next time u should buy form someone else.

  124. there is no email the closest thing is to look for the store phone number i would suggest u call early on in the morning to shorten the amount of time u are on hold. but they are probably going to tell u the same thing i said.

  125. your all a bunch of cry babies, nothing better to do than complain about your stupid appliances breaking down probabaly due to improper usage, what you dont know is that kenmore is just a name thats slapped on an appliance that is made by either whirlpool ,lg, ge, bosch, frigidaire. so if your gonna blame poor quality applianes blame it on those manufacturers, they also make them for home depot, and lowes and other major appliance stores. and if you do buy appliances from these companies and thing the service and repairs are done by them, think again, its a company called A&E which is owned by sears,



  128. haha. why do all u ediots shop there. i work there its bullshyt we got 3 people quiting average per month.. im quiting cuz getting cursed by customers for bad service.. and u know what.. i cant give them better service cuz stupid azz policies wont let me. dont blame accociates.. they were once good. but cut-throat commision bullshyt make them bad. ive seen friends go against me there. its just … BAD CULTURE

  129. i have been without a refrigerater for 15 days and that hard with family of 5 , but they said they will be here on 7-20-06 ,but i am going to turn it over to the news station and let them run with it.

  130. Some people are just fucking stupid read your goddamn MPA agreements and your Warranties all people want is service for the next morning yeah okay if sears could do that then sears would need every tech in usa. if you don’t have a fridge and a schedule date isnt for weeks then read your fucking policy and get a rental fridge. they are worth 1,200 and up. If you aint got a fucking dryer hang your goddamn clothes outside. If you don’t have a washer then wash your clothes by hand. If a mother of 11 of the 70’s could live without a washer and dryer and work a full time job then it can’t be that hard for us to live without these appliance. Simple and easy Americans are just lazy and blame big corporate businesses for their faulty use of equipment. Just expierence from working at Sears and Best Buy cust serv. It is not Sears fault that your applainces break down if every other company sells the same exact Brands except kenmore.

  131. Evan,

    I think you’re missing the bigger picture. If you want to go back to the 70s, let’s discuss how self serve gasoline wasn’t even a pipe dream. Let’s talk about having sales people in every kind of store cater to you as if you were a VIP (bringing clothes to you in a fitting room, butchers knowing you by name, shoe stores offering custom fittings and adjusting shoes to meet your feet perfectly, etc.). Let’s talk about house calls by doctors, for God’s sake. Sears in that day used to acknowledge every whim of its customers. THAT is the Sears we all remember. So, if you’re asking us to act as lazy-less as the people of that day, you better be willing to ask that Sears go back to that day as well. A day when people’s word was their service guarantee, even if it was, “Come set the temperature on my refrigerator.”

    And, I resent the fact that you believe we’re lazy just because we want modern conveniences…and pay out the ass for them, I might add. We work damn hard for these things and should be able to have them work and have service agreements adhered to when they don’t, especially because we pay more for that in most cases.

  132. Evan,
    You seem to be perfectly content to accept whatever Sears is williing to give in the way of service. Apparently their marketing department suceeded in completely brain washing you. Believe it or not, there ARE companies that provide good service. Sears just doesn’t happen to be one of those companies.
    I signed up for extented service to have repairs done on my refridgerator and was told several times that the technician would be out between 1:00 and 5:pm THAT SAME DAY. When no one showed up I called the service department and was told that I wasn’t even on their schedule but they would be happy to make an appointment for the following week.
    If you don’t mind waiting a week for service or spending $10.00 a day for ice then I’m happy for you. As for me, waiting that long is completely unaccepteble. The fact that I was lied to in the first place only adds to the frustratiion.

  133. As an employee at sears, i get all of those situations all the time. Sure, you pay alot for the appliance, but at the same time, you are also paying for a one year warranty or extended warranties. You could not expect someone to come out to your house that same day or even within 3-5 days on every little thing that happens. Many problems are not due to defect, and whomever said that they would get refunded on expd shipping on a iw item is a retard. It’s IW only ground shipping. NO EXCEPTIONS. I’m sorry to burst your bubbles, but even though you think sears sucks, they are one of the best companies. Their policy’s are fair (90 day on parts you order on something you broke) and if you are nice to us on the phone, we are nice back. I mean if you call us up and are a complete ass, (especially asking for a manager) you really won’t get too far. i mean cmon, if the first thing i said to you was “you are a bastard and i can’t believe i paid you to do this for me and you fucked it up, i want it for free” you would not go “ok massaaah we sorry me gonna fix it good” hell no. We’ll treat you like any other customer. if your nice, it sways us to be nicer to you (omg maybe you’ll get your shipping back if we messed up) in regards to scheduling service, i don’t work in that department, but i have seen it done. they have times on the screen and they tell you the fastest they have. NO ONE CAN CHANGE THAT. that is what the system has as the FASTEST someone can come out. I’m excellent at handling the situation if it is within my relm. Just treat me like a human being and if it can be done, i’ll gladly do it for you. There is not a magical supervisor overlooking every associate so seriously, refrain from asking for a manager or talking about getting a lawyer… those do not help the situation.

    People complain about kenmore, but like it was stated, kenmore is just a brand… like lexus or infiniti or acura… it’s still a toyota, nissan, or honda but with a pretty badge. Kenmore is not made by sears and sears honestly does not make the products in the store they are simply retail. We service and even have (in some areas) local service centers you can drop your appliances off at if you can not wait that long for the repair (even a fridge can be transported by truck/suv)

    I dont know what else to say, but if you simply ask for the right department on the phone, you will get them. Simply people ask for “customer service” which is not accurate. if you have a problem with the part you received, ask for customer relations, if you have a problem with a part you received by a service tech, ask for service. don’t just say part or you’ll go to residential. it saves you alot of time and trouble by either just not saying anything at the 8004694663 phone number and xfring to customer service and let them know the problem so they can connect you.

  134. 🙄
    Folks, i have always been in a service industry..missionary, drug-rehab counselor, Paramedic in a high-stress 911 system. I began with SEARS home improvements 2 years ago, and have never worked for a more supportive, encouraging company. True, a company with 25000000 customers will have problems. But, all in all, you get treated the way YOU treat others. In the exterior products i sell, i have seen THE best installers imaginable, and have even bought, from SEARS, windows, siding, and HVAC. Why? because what you all complain of here is MORE common everywhere else, than at SEARS. I have had 3 customers out of 100, who had complaints. 1 complained that we didn’t paint some bare wood…we do not paint. On my day off, i drove 145 miles, and, at my sole expense, that the customer would be happy. He was. The other 2 complaints were resolved in a timely, satisfactory manner. I know this because I follow up, and I care. So, with a proper, communicative attitude, all will be well. Demanding, threatening, screaming, and the like behaviour, never resolves a problem..never. Ask yoursefl, as did the previous writer, what reaction would YOU have, should your wife/friend/stranger assault YOU verbally, with that behaviour? Sears hires human beings, and human beings deserve to be treated as such, persons with bad days, poor home situations, etc. I do not defend corporate lapses. I despise corporate greed. But i am convinced, that my company has in place the best policies, and the best service in the home improvement industry. Expensive? Yes. Need it be? Yes. Cheap is never an option…and millions of redneck, talentless, and scammers, whose only skill is being able to identify which end of a hammer to hold, call themselves “home improvement” specialists. They lie, cheat, steal, and scam millions , regularly. Sears does its best, in this crazy world, to bring the best in services to all its customers. No, i am not a CEO, nor am I paid to say this. But i am an honest, and caring human.

  135. if you are looking for faster service online is the best way, i have heard of calls that were generated the very next day, and also people stop your crying already your not gonna get anywhere with it. people still trying to get something for nothing, if you ask nicely and patiently you will get a satisfactory outcome, but if you think that by threatening and being nasty your gonna get somewhere think again, i have seen first hand what being polite and patient has done for many of our customers, but everybody wants to be first like they are the only people living on this earth and sears is waiting for them to call so that they can wait on you hand and foot, wake up your deaming….


  137. How about this one? I live in St. Louis, and due to a bad storm, we’ve been without electricity for a solid week now. Just before the storm hit, I had started a load of wash in my Kenmore Elite HE3 front-loading washer. When the power went out, the door to the washer was locked and I haven’t been able to get it open since. When I called Sears to ask if anyone could tell me if there was an override to get the door open, I was told that “No on will talk to you; your warranty expired a year ago”. Well, of course, this issue isn’t covered in the owner’s manual, and I wasn’t asking for anyone to come “fix” the washer for free, I just wanted some information. Honestly, the crappiest customer service on the planet. We used to buy all our appliances from Sears, but we are done with them now. Tell your friends…

  138. 😡

    Sears stinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I acquired a Maytag washer from them 14 months ago. Mistake #1. Got it home, would not work. Mistake #2.

    Called salesperson, could not get it to work. Called Maytag and Sears’s personnel to fix. Maytag beat Sears to my house by one week and got the machine to work.

    Called Sears person to get yearly check and cleaning. What a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He did not do anything. I asked him to clean the dryer that was purchased also. He said it did not need it. Mistake #3. He left and I spent the next two hours cleaning lint from the dryer.

    Now, the washer does not work!!!! 14 months old. Got Sears service person to repair. It did not work one, yes, one hour after he left.

    Called Sears Repair Center to get that service person back. After two additional no-shows by service personnel, I called again. Well, I must have been taking to a deaf person.

    Called the National Service Manager, local Sears’s salesman, local Sears Store Manager, and two other 800 sales customer satisfaction personnel today. Their reply: “Sorry cannot help you till seven days from now.”

    Until now, I have been nice and pleasant to talk to. Well, it does not work with Sears.

    I have lost two days of work, spent $$$$ to get our clothes washed, and now have a mountain of clothes to wash. And all that I get is Sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sears Service and the whole ball of wax STINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Buyer beware.

    I have half my house Sears items, and will never, no never, buy anything else from that store. My house stinks with there stuff!

    Satisfaction or your money back? Well, I have a better answer. Keep your $$$$$$$$$$$$ in your pocket and boycott Sears.

  139. Us over the phone are not techs, so we are not able to tell you how to fix your machine…. if you have the internet… by all means you can find the answer online, especially if you are capiable of posting a complaint on a website. HE is made by whirlpool not sears…. try whirlpool.

  140. and wayne… why did you not take the washer or demand them pick up the washer when you discovered immediately that it did not work? it only seems logical to call and let them know that it’s unacceptiable in the beginning so they would swap the machine… you should understand that if you keep a machine that gives you problems in the beginning, no matter what the brand (and maytag’s are pricy to fix…) most likely it is a sign of things to come. you kinda brought that upon yourself.

    if you all would define “customer service” you wouldn’t see “gimme gimme unreasonable demands” in ink.

  141. WOW. I’m with Kristen way above in the comments, who has had service calls cancelled repeatedly on her washer – and it still doesn’t work. We’re on our SIXTH WEEK with no washer – we’re farmers, it’s the hottest summer ever, and there are some things you can’t take to a public laundry.

    Our service techs let us in on this sad sad situation – and when I googled ‘Sears sucks’ or ‘Sears terrible service’, I was simply amazed at the overwhelmingly bad BAD reputation Sears has acquired. Like many others here, we have a household of Sears appliances, and have been loyally bying appliances there for fifty years. As did our parents and even our grandparents.

    But no more. Sears is dead. I’m telling everone I see AS A PUBLIC SERVICE.

    To all you Sears employees out there… ABANDON SHIP.

  142. Knowling I know Longer work for Sears no More I will say this 5 to 6 years ago when they had conversion too much was changed. Bussiness wise they thought it would be great to make certain changes but in fact it was losing its bussiness. Highly trained individuals is not what your getting. your getting people thrown on the sales floors with no experience or clue to whats going on even with the training. THe Managers is a whole different story. They spend so much time on themselves they never train their teams at all or coach them or do anything but what is beneficial for them they seek. NOT the Best in bussiness by making customers happy. THey have lost all there core values and loyalty to there customers. Did everyone know that ever since the conversion and merger with KMART affected alot of people and heads were rolling left and right. San Diego District was on a huge turn over rate in management and corporate along with the LA Districts. Sears Will not learn until they CLEAN HOUSE ALL AROUND. If Turn over rates and customers closing credit accounts along with no longer stepping foot in Sears there is something awefully wrong. Because of that their sales and profits have dropped and continues to decrease because of their loss of loyalty to their customers and core values.

  143. jaime… if you put “best buy sucks” or any company and sucks in the title, you’ll get a million hits…. it’s all a matter of opinion. And since you are one to follow along with the herd due to something outside of the person’s control, you are as weak minded as they come… all of you should be ashamed of yourselves…

  144. The Sears of Today

    With energy prices going through the roof I have made it a personal crusade that any change I make to my house has to take into account energy efficiency. If I need to open up a wall is their anything I need to insulate there. If my electric or gas bill is to high what can I do to lower it etc….

    Well the furnace in my house is over 42 years old and is a 60/40 furnace. This means that 60% of the gas it uses to run goes to heating the air and 40% goes right up the chimney of my house and out into the air. Carrier makes a fantastic new furnace that qualifies for the Federal Tax Credit of $150 for the furnace and $50 for the blower. This new furnace is called the Infinity 96 and is a 96/4 furnace. This means that 96% of the gas goes to heat the air and 4% goes up the chimney. TALK ABOUT ENERGY DIFFERENCE!!!

    So Sears comes to my house and we go over everything I want done. Since I have a split foyer house that is over 42 years old it was never designed for A/C. The first major change is to raise the upstairs intake from the floor level to the ceiling and add a new intake to the basement to get good air circulation. The top piece of my furnace (just what’s wrapping it) needs to be replaced because it has been handled so much over the 40+ years of its life that it leaks air all over the place and finally have this fantastic Infinity 96 installed. Sears quoted me $5500 for all of this including the Infinity Control (fancy thermostat) and if I buy it right at that moment they would charge me about $5100 for the job. All excited I signed the papers and look forward to not only lowering my heating bill in the winter but these changes will drastically help the A/C unit in my house. This contract was singed June 9th 2006.

    First, scheduled installation the Sub-Contract Sears hired called me on the phone and told me they had the wrong size blower. They bought a 100,000BTU blower instead of the 80,000BTU blower I needed for my house. If I had used that unit it would have sounded like a wind tunnel.

    Second, scheduled installation I never get any phone call confirmation. So I called Sears up the day before the install and talked to a man named Rick (800-797-8879). Rick confirmed the installation and then asked me if they could cancel it because they had clients that had broken A/C units and he offered me a $100 Sears gift card (which I never received). What I find funny is I called him to confirm and he canceled, should he call me to cancel?

    Third scheduled installation was a complete disaster. The sub-contractor comes to my house with a four person team. I started going over all the things that he needed to do and all he kept doing was saying that’s not part of the job. In one instance where I wanted the intake on the upstairs moved up to the ceiling (which the sales guy was told this) this sub-contractor told me to just build a sheet rock wall and raise it. I asked him to give me a reason why do it that way instead of actually ducting it and he said that’s just the way it is done. This is of course a lie as many houses are now built with intakes in every room using a true duct instead of the house to guide the air. Besides if you use a true duct you can clean it up easier. The guy was also complaining that he had another job scheduled that afternoon and he could not finish all this work fast enough. He wanted me to sign a waver that none of his work would be warrantee if he did everything as per my request to the original sales man (which he knew nothing about as no one told him what needed to be done). I told him no so he left with out doing any of the work.

    So I then call Rick on Monday to tell him what happened and as usual he is completely clueless as to what happened. He then asks me if he can send the same contractor to my house of which I then refused because of how much complaining this guy had done. I also asked Rick if I could talk to his boss which he then replied that his boss was out for a week! After he calmed me down he agreed to get a new contractor to my house (2 weeks later) to look over the job first and then schedule the install.

    So the new contractor shows up to my house and we go over the entire job. The guy never complains about any of the work and takes down notes etc…. They tell me that next week half their crew is out but they will call me to schedule the installation. Monday comes and goes with no phone call so Tuesday morning I call Rick to find out what’s going on and as usual Rick HAS NO CLUE! Rick said he would call me back when he finds out what’s going on (he never does) and Friday comes along and I call him again. Once more I talk to Rick and AGAIN he has NO CLUE! I then ask him if I can talk to his boss and he tells me his boss is out for a week (HE WAS OUT 3 weeks AGO FOR a WEEK AND IS OUT AGAIN FOR ANOTHER WEEK!). I then asked Rick is their anyone higher ranking than you on the face of the planet that I can talk to and he said NO! At this point I said goodbye and hung up the phone.

    So we go to my customer service crusade. I call the Sears main line at 1-877-830-9177 which they sent me right back to Rick (after telling them that Rick is the problem).

    I then started searching for Sears Corporate phone number and all I could get was the phone number in Canada. So I called that number which they sent me to 1-800-927-7836 option 5. I called that phone number and a nice lady named Wanda tried to help me. I explained everything to her and when she tried to talk to Rick’s boss they sent her to Rick instead of to his boss. So Rick now has warnings that I am trying to reach Sears corporate because Wanda tells him. Wanda then gives me the phone number to Sears Corporate and tells me they can help me 1-847-286-2500. Wanda said that Rick told her that some person named Lesley would call me (who is suppose to be Rick’s boss but I never heard of her) after lunch but I never received that phone call.

    So I call Sears Corporate and get the operator who sends me right back to the option 5 (customer relations) phone number. Who then they try to send me right back to Rick (who is the problem). Just when he is about to send me to Rick I asked the guy if he had LISTENED to a word I had said. Rick is the problem so why are you sending me right back to the problem? He then decided to send me to some corporate partner (that’s how he put it). So the corporate partner gets on the phone and SHE TRIES TO SEND ME BACK TO RICK! She then gives me a phone number to the regional Sears Home Improvements manager (Larry Horner 1-800-332-7715) which I then call to find out the phone is disconnected.

    Just after I tried to call Larry Horner I get a phone call from Rick telling me that the sales guy is charging me to little so he is cancelling the installation (which was never scheduled the 4th time) and that they needed to charge me more money. At that point I told him that this is obvious bullshit and the reason you are doing this is because I decided to call Sears corporate to file a complaint against you. In edition I told him to never call me again. (This conversation took place 8/4/2006)

    So as you can see after two months of this crap from Sears and giving me the run around not only did I not get the $100 gift certificate I never got my Infinity 96 installed, I never could contact anyone at Sears to make a complaint, Rick’s boss is always out for weeks at a time and because I tried to complain they wanted to charge me more money.

    If anyone is thinking about buying anything from Sears I would advise against it as their customer service is complete crap!

  145. I just wanted to add that i used to work for Sears customer service and everything these people are posting about it is true. I quit the job because they are one of the most unethical companies i have ever worked for. The main goal is to scam as much money as possible and forget loyalty. Do you know that Sears has tech support but it is only offered to the people who have warranty policies. why you ask? Because if they can fix it over the phone they dont have to spend the money to send out a tech for someone who has already paid for the warranty to get a tech for free. They will try everything so they dont have to make good on a paid warranty. Now if you call them and you dont have a extended (these are jokes) warranty plan. then they will not give you any tech support whatsoever and lie and say they dont have any, but they will quickly offer you a service tech to come to your house (at $60.00 minimum ofcourse) to check it out. This is only the start. I once recived a write up for telling a 80 year old woman that all she had to do to fix her dryer was flip her breaker switch. Why did i get in trouble? because she didnt have a warrany policy paid for and i was supposed to only tell her she had to have a technition. they didnt care that she was on a fixed income and told me she couldnt afford for a service. Because i was nice and didnt scam her for a repair (and all the tech would have done was go to her house and flip her breaker and then charge her close to 100.00 bucks) I was taken to the supervisor and written up. This is just the tip of the iceberg there is so much more going on with this corrupt company it is unreal. TAKE MY ADVICE STAY AWAY FROM SEARS!!!!!

  146. Sears has over 11,000 techs and they repair an appliance every two seconds. There is going to be a percent of people who recieve bad sevice from time to time just like in any other company. If I was running a phone bank, I would not want my people throwing out things for people to do. It can be a huge liability. What if the old lady was injured or inavertanly turned her fridge off in the breaker box. Where you going to replace all of her food? Sears charges a trip fee to estimate a repair. That money can be put towards the repair or to new merchandise. And as you figured out I work for sears and have been for almost 15 years. I sell over a miillion dollars a year in appliances and about 60 percent of my business is repeat. Also customer surveys show customers who purchase Maintnance agremants are more satisfied. Why don’t you open up your own retail store and do every thing for free.

  147. Randell, it’s not supposed to be about how much you sell. It’s supposed to be about providing quality back-up support for machinery that needs quality back-up support.

    Oh, that quality service that you on the Sales Team are indoctrinated to indoctrinate. (That means: keep saying)

    Anything else is … well, A LOT LESS than what built Sears into the great company it once was – supporting many families and providing quality merchandise and QUALITY SERVICE FOR IT.

    Now as for you,, W.

    Are you the REAL W?

    Because your statement “it’s all a matter of opinion” has a real FLAIR to it that I think I recognize!

    It’s about statistical analysis, dear. But it depends on where your focus is.

  148. for Randall,
    Things were not being just thrown out for people to do. This was something i was instructed to do only if they did not have a service agreement. They dont care at all about a liability.If she would have had a matinence agreement then i would have been in trouble for sending a tech out to her home. Without telling her to flip the breaker. So you think that it is right to send a tech when i knew that this was all it was? I also knew that the tech would charge a base fee of 60.00 this is not a repair estimate and if that was all that needed to be done she would have gotten the 60.00 charge anyway because it puts money in Sears pocket. That was the whole point. You must work for the Sales department thye love to make the agreements sound that great but they are really not. I also know that you make a comission on all those you sell thats why you want them to sound great, just becarefull if you drop in your sales rate Sears will fire you…lol

  149. i use to work mpu but fortunatley i don’t work at Sears anymore. in mpu, there is a sign that says if the customer waits for more than 5 minutes they will get a $5 coupon. at our store, management decided not to follow this rule.
    if someone waited for more than 5 minutes we were told to tell them that the “coupon printer” was broken and that the voucher would mailed to them in 5-10 business days. we were forced to tell this lie everyday.

  150. true story out of a sears in upstate new york.

    NEW HARTFORD, N.Y. A Utica woman is charged with grand larceny for allegedly stealing around 70-thousand dollars from her employee.

    Police say 55-year-old Ernestine Puckey was making fraudulent returns on items purchased with cash and then crediting her personal accounts. Puckey allegedly did this over the course of four years while she worked at a Utica-area Sears department store.

    Puckey is being held in Oneida County jail on 10-thousand dollars bail. Along with grand larceny, she’s also charged with 47 counts of falsifying business records and 47 counts of forgery.

  151. Wow, I thought I was one of only a few to have as many problems with Sears. A year ago I went to return a gift I had recieved from a family member who provided me with the reciept and had paid in cash. I did not want to purchase anything in the store since I had learned better about buying things at Sears so I asked for the cash back. Well, the clerk stated they could only provide store credit. It was only after a hour of complaining that I was finally able to recieve cash back.
    Than, this past month we had recieved a home warrenty with the house we purchased. Never buy into one of those, but that is another story. Anyway, I got the whole thing were I sit there on the phone with the “master mechanic” who asked as to the problems with our Ken Mor fridge. Than a tech comes out and basicly spent a hour on the phone and barely looking at the fridge and than stated he needed to order parts. To schedule a appointment with the Sears service department it could only be Tuesday or Thursdays and was always told anytime between 9am and 5pm. On top of that we had to call the service department to confirm that the part arrived before they would schedule us for a day. So we go through this dance again and he comes back and says that it was not the correct parts that were sent and that he would need to reorder and come back another day. On top of that we were told that we had to position the fridge away from the back of the wall to allow him to work on the repair when he returned. At this point we said heck with the warrenty and decided to go with a repair place in town. We called to ask the service department to cancel the parts order and to follow through on the refund reciept the tech. had filled out at his second visit when he determined that the amount we had spent orginally on parts that were not needed. I was than told that the office I had called with the 1-800 number was not the one to arrange that with but that I had to call a toll number. Now calling the toll number I was told that she could not process the refund as the tech has written because we will be charge a service fee for having this guy over twice to do nothing. I explained to her that the service fee was not explained to us at any time when we had scheduled through Sears. The rep. said she did not know why I was not told when I scheduled but that the expense should have been implied as part of my service contract and that I would need to contact the warrenty company to complain. Being tired of this adventure I said that there was no way that I was going to have that tech come over again and take a day from work to be here. She said she would process are refund minus the charge. Of which I stated that we would complain in every way we could about the service. On top of that then ten days later we get a call back from the lady at the toll number asking us what we wanted to do about rescheduling the service call. So I had to call the toll number back again to refresh her as to are previous conversation in which her response was that she must have forgot to note the refund request. So any refund is held up for even longer now.
    Never again.

  152. Sears is a great company that actually cares for its Associates and Customers. Sears is always willing to take the customers word as the truth. Being a Manager for Sears I hardly every say no to a customer, and the same thing goes for other Managers I’ve worked with. Every company has problems, but Sears is always willing to fix the problem.
    Also, when I get a customer who has bought a Sears product 2 – 5 years ago and it breaks, I always ask ” Did you have a Protection Agreement,” ususally they say no. And when I tell them that there will be a charge to fix their product they get pissed. Well its not my fault you didn’t buy the protection agreement, and no I won’t give you a new one or fix it for free. Of course their are some circumstances that may convince me otherwise. But don’t be an idiot when you purchase a product, no matter how well we make it we can’t protect against everything and that’s why we offer the protction agreement.
    Sears has over 15,000 service techs and are on service calls every 2secs, I know everyone wants to be the most important customer and of course “your the only one that counts” but we have more than one customer and considering how many serive calls we have I say we do a damn well job at getting out to repair products.
    Everyone has a bad experience at one point in time with a lot of companies, I just want you to the next time you have a problem with Sears I recommend that you call a Sears store and speak to a Assistant Store Manager or the Store Manager and they will help you to the best of their ability. But I want you to remenber one thing when your complaining to us, cursing at us, and being arrogant with us you should know where saying “I’m sorry,” but where thinking “GO FUCK YOURSELF”

  153. For lou… Its not opinion its fact. Sears has over 10,000 trucks, eleven thousand techs, personal inventory of over 1.2 million parts, And surveys do show Product protection purchasers are happier. Also, if you take the number of repairs done in a year. They do repair an item every two seconds.

    I eat at outback at least 12 times a year. And from time to time I get bad service and/or bad food. Its going to happen.

    Not all customers are reached, but all customers who purchase an appliance are called to take a survey. And sears grades any thing less than a perfect as fail. 70 percent of those surveyed grade the store as a perfect 100%. Any consistant negative feed back is looked into and corrected. And as I understand it the same type thing is done in service.

    For all the x employees who were forced to lie and cheat. Every employee has access to a 1-800 number to report any ethic violations. The number is located on the employee web site home page.

    I’m not saying the company is perfect. There are a lot of things I would change if I could. But they do strive to give good customer service.

    food for thought: Its impossible to have someone sitting at a phone ready to answere and solve any sanario that is 5,000,000+ customers have. What may seem simple can be very dificult in a large company.

  154. Follow up on my super long HVAC story above

    Sears manager (Ray) finally (after 2 1/2 months of this fiasco) calls me (think mainly cause Carrier who makes the HVAC called them directly and asked them what the hell is going on cause I contacted them) and asks me my side of the story. I told him and he then has the gaul to ask me for more money as well. I told him there is no chance I will give sears $8500 when the orignal quote was $5500 and I have two other contracters with quotes of $5945 and $6200 for the same job and they have not given me any hard time about anything. He reminded me I had a signed contract with Sears and I told him to sue me. He was not happy by my reply but I rather be shot dead before I let Sears install such an expensive unit after their customer relations was completely horrible and circle turning.

    Waste of a company and explains why Kmart was able to buy them out after being so close to bankruptcy.

  155. OK I have read enough and here is my experience. I do remember Sears back in its hay ‎day, when it was all good and they actually cared. Oh but what happened? In December ‎of last year on the 17th and it cost $250.00 and I purchased it with my DISCOVER card. ‎I purchased a 3 year extended service agreement for my mother’s refrigerator because it ‎started making this crazy noise. Well within the month the fridge died. A 3-year-old ‎Frigidaire Gallery Fridge that cost me $1200 just stopped working, Oh yeah the same ‎fridge that had three previous Compressors as well, so this was not the first time. Now as ‎is seems this story is about the Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerators, but its not. I will have to ‎find the “I hate Frigidaire” complaint site for that. This is about the service agreement ‎that I purchased. Well a month passed after the purchase of the agreement as I said ‎earlier and the fridge died, I called 1-800-4 MY HOME number and they scheduled the ‎appoint came to the house, the tech stated your compressor is bad and ordered a new one. ‎A week later, the compressor arrived by UPS, Sears came to the house and repaired the ‎fridge. All without incident, the service agreement worked. Hold on no wait don’t leave ‎this is where it gets interesting, I called Sears Today, 23 Aug 06 to schedule, yet another ‎appointment and they tell me that I don’t have a Service agreement on that appliance, the ‎very appliance the service agreement fixed in January 06. Now this was a 3-year ‎agreement I purchased in December of last year and sears has no record of it. Therefore, ‎I called Discover to see if the charge was even made, they confirmed that they were ‎made. The people at the warranty center is unwilling to locate my agreement, what do ‎you do? All I can do right now is just laugh at how ridiculous this is.‎

    You know I purchased new appliances from Lowes for my new home, which were all ‎special order appliances. When it was time for me to close on my house the appliances, ‎had not arrived yet. Lowes called me at work, to explain that they did not receive them ‎and they know I needed them at a certain time to close. They delivered different ‎appliance just for my closing date and then delivered me my special order appliance the ‎next day. (By the way, someone from Lowes drove overnight to get my appliances from ‎some warehouse far away, just to make me a happy customer.) That sounds like ‎something Sears use to do. I am a die hard Lowes customer now. ‎

  156. wow, i am astounded at the many problems people are having with sears. i don’t particularly like the store except their tool department – it seems stuck in the 80’s.

    anyhoo, my kenmore fridge, bought jan. 2005 is on the fritz. i call customer no-service, get a stupid happy-sounding robot voice ‘how can i help you?’. you can transfer me to a human you piece of shit! after 15 minutes on hold, i get a live person, tell her i’ve had it with this fridge, it’s not working, and a $1200 fridge isn’t supposed to last a year and a half. she says, oops, sorry it’s out of warranty. i say ‘what about the 5-year warranty on the cooling system?’ oh yeah, it might be covered. ok, when can a service guy come out? 5 days from now??? yes. wow, does that make sense to you? she says ‘well, it does make sense to me’!!!!!

    i will ask for a replacement of this pos fridge, NEVER buy a thing at sears again, will complain to anyone i can regarding sears.

    btw, it’s been a troubled fridge since the get-go. the door at times creates such a strong vacuum that it’s almost impossible to open. the filter line has clogged, the icemaker has been replaced, and now this. it doesn’t cool.

    never again!

  157. In the many years that I have shopped at Sears, I really have had little to complain about. Recently, I purchased two rolling tool boxes and found that they did not fit under my work bench as I planned. When I took them back, I was charged a 15% restocking fee. This was the first restocking fee I ever received from Kmart…oh sorry…Sears and I was very suprised.

    A short time later, I had a change of address and did not receive my credit card bill. I always paid my balance in full and called Citibank Credit …oh sorry…Sears Criedit and asked for removal of the fees and interest. To my suprise, they did. I did not use the card for several months and kept receiving a statement for $1 in interest. Thie went on for 3 months and them I was charged a late fee on the interest. I called Customer service and was told that they would not refund the finance charges or fees. After going round and round for 10 minutes, I asked to close the account. That took about 10 seconds.

    In my dealings with Lowe’s, I have never had a restocking fee. After dealing with these petty finance charges and fees, Sears has lost me as a customer for the forseeable future.

    Going forward, Lowe’s has my business and as an added bonus, they are hiring former Home Depot employees!

  158. :oops:Talk about all the complaints about Sears repair top this one. I have bought extended warranties on all my appliances since 1992 I have lived at the same residents since 1991. Sears techs have been in my home repairing appliances more than I have ever visited my own parents.

    I had an appoint on Aug 29th 2006 for the tech to come look at my washer its making a grinding noise They had just replaced the ajetater about 2 weeks ago.. Anyway they always say the tech will be there between 8 and 5 .. I always wait paitintly. Buy 5 the tech hadn’t showed up. So I called customer service and this is what they said the tech tried calling your home phone to get directions to your house around 3p.m. and because the phone was busy he tried your cell phone (cell phone doesnt work out in this little hick town).. Anyway since my home phone was busy the tech decided to take me off the route because he couldn’t get ahold of me to find out how to get here.. Come On they have all been here at least 6 time a year in the last 16 years. Everyone in this little town knows me and where I live .. Why didn’t he ask or get a map quest.

    So anyway today Aug 30 a lady from the Sears rescheduling department called me and said the tech can only service this area on Tuesdays and Thursday and the next available appointment would be Sept 12. I told the lady tomorrow is Thursday and I think they should get the tech out here in the morning first thins. The Lady hung up on me.. I was furious. I called Customer service back and was telling the again that they called to reschedule with me I can’t keep taking off work to benefit you. Unless you want to pay my wages. She didn’t want to listen to me either so she connects me to a Sears Tech which he argued also that this area is only serviced on Tuesdays, and Thursday. But the next available day is next Thursday Sept 6. And I told him again I think someone should be out here first thing in the morning unless they want to pay my wages. And he said is there was a cancellaction he would be sure to put me on the schedule. I mean geeeeeze does Sears employees really not have a brain to use the internet to get directions from mapquest.

    I have purchased a refrigerator that after 8 years having it the inside panel was cracking they sent a tech out and said it couldn’t be fixed.. But I do give them a little bit of credit they did replace it. The refrigerator that is..

    They have been called out here time after time after time after time in the past 15 to fix my dishwasher and it is still very loud and still does not clean my dishes… they have replaced the motor at least 5 times I know of. the same with my washer and my dryer time after time after time waiting patiently for a tech .
    But this is the first time a tech needed directions after 15 years of servicing my appliances. Why :oops::cry: about it. I am the one that sets here from morning to evening waiting on someone from sears , someone that has been paid for their services and then not show up because my home phone was busy for 5 min during the one time they tried to get in touch with me.. Come on Sears you gotta have a better excuse to take someone off the route than the line was busy….

  159. I almost hate to put sucks in a blogbut I will make an exception for Sears. I purchased a washer/dryer and refrigerator from Sears, when I moved to North Carolina. My hell began instantly with a 5 week delay in receiving the washer/dryer. So much for a backorder. Had I not been stringed along I would have deleted the order and purchased elsewhere. It gets better… the purchases were interest free for a year. Not so, the interest free was somehow negated by a “multiple Purchase”. I did not find this out for many months as Sears did not have my correct address to send the bill to. Lets see they delivered the stuff and I updated my card at the store when I purchased the stuff. So began the phone calls- too late however, Sears turned it over to Citigroup collections. Not a big deal, they called and explained it to me and I promptly paid off the entire amount. That was the end of it. Not so fast, somehow the interest free for a year accrued a $70,40 finance charge. Believing this to be a simple mistake I called Sears who punted me to Citigroup who flailed around and managed to really muck it up. Back to Sears, then back to Citicorp or Citigroup. This $70.40 at 20.10% has grown to $120.00 and 30.40% despite biweekly calls. I’m reassuered every two weeks that it has been taken care of and kicked to another manager. I suspect that everyone is a managercall 1-800-733-1116 and see for yourself.
    So today I received a letter from the credit bureau- specifically TransUnion. Oh yeah baby now they have hosed my credit report. I am so pissed that I feel like parking my car infront of Sears with some signs on it. I was told to call back in two weeks that they would get to the bottom. That is their new chant- call in two weeks. The Sears Parrot speaks again. I have taled to these fools every two weeks since last May. I have written countless letters and expended valuable time over a $70 dollar BS charge that will soon reach $130.00. If my business ran like Sears I’d shoot myself. The dogs at Citi are just as clueless, not one single employee can make a decision over a meager $70.00. Perhaps they can stretch this out until next year and 40% interest. So I blog to you that Sears/Citi really sucks.

  160. I hope you will allow this post.I want to enlighten you.This is a post by RepairGuy from the Retail Workers site.I simply copied & pasted it here.It is from a publicly accessed form,but used without permission(free use permission is implied by the nature of the site).
    I was employed by Sears as an Electronics Tech(FT) for 19 years.I was laid off in July.RepairGuy captures my thoughts perfectly.Here RepairGuy gives advice on becoming a Sears Service Tech(after a 2nd attempt by the advisee).I’m glad to be gone;so with thanks to RepairGuy…
    My advice is run far and run fast from this company. If you take the service job you will be a truck driver who is expected to sell crap . Sell PA’s ,sell pm checkups ,sell water filters and whatever else they dream up. Oh and if you have the time while you’re at the custmer’s house maybe try to repair something. Don’t take too long because you’re expected at the next call because the computer allows you 20 minutes per call . The computer will alow you 11 minutes to drive 6 miles across town through rush hour traffic . Between calls you are expected to keep your truck up including putting away truck stock parts that have been shipped to your house. These parts will be waiting on your doorstep when you get home to put in the truck on your own time. You will have to provide a place in your home for the computer to be plugged into power along with printer charger and phone line for upload /downloads of service route. During your work day expect to receive messages over your computer badgering you to sell those PA’s,pm checks ,filter’s etc. Also your tech manager will phone you to remind you of same. During your work day expect to spend lots of time on the phone,especially on HOLD . Calls to Routing,National Parts Source,Stac(Sears technical assistence center) ,customer service,Protection Agreement office,Certegy for check approval,your tech manager,not to mention calling customers at several phone numbers before reaching them.(Be glad you’re not in refrigeration,there is a food loss number also). You better know your stuff because you won’t get much help from STAC . Don’t expect new product training either as they have closed all the training centers . To see a factory rep anymore comes once in a blue moon. They give some training on cd to take on your computer if you can stand the boredom. Don’t expect a stocked tool crib for supplies,you’ll have to scrounge around the city at supply houses. We just got word that Sears is no longer providing hand tools so expect to absorb that expense. Expect to work at least every other Saturday with a day off during the week. Don’t expect two days off together.Drop your bowling league, Scout leader duties , quality time with your children because you’ll be expected to work until your route is done.Make your doctor/dentist appointments as late as possible with the undestanding that you may have to call their office at the last minute to reschedule your appointment. Your route comes first. Forget about those supper meals with your family. Get used to the thought of nuking your meals in the microwave and eating alone as your kids will be in bed and your wife pissed off at you for getting home late again. You won’t be taking this job to build a future for yourself as there is no longer a pension or company assisted health insurance for retirees. Now,to answer your question,does anybody know anything ? Yes, but we’re too disgusted to talk about it.

    This post is shown in its entirety;no text has been added,deleted or changed.
    If you want to discover the near fraudulant nature of Sears extended warranties:roll:…the key search is Sears PA.

    Merci Beaucoup!…killjoy

  161. Killjoy. That’s a pretty good post there from the xsearstech. I find it amusing that the only techs and xtechs that have that kind of comment are the ones that floated by in years past due to very relaxed management. Once Sears got on the ball and realized what the company was doing to itself, they started MAKING these people work for their money. They either got with the program or got gone.

    How hard is it to plug in a laptop and phone line? Not very hard.
    It doesn’t matter what the “computer” gives you time for. You can change it. I change mine every day. It always has me getting to my first call right after 8am. I live out of town and most days my first stop is in town. I just change the times and no harm done. If I know I’m gonna be working late, I call my manager at noon and let him know. If I have something I must do that nite, I tell him and he removes calls.

    Being on hold all the time.. No. I call routing, get right thru. I call stac, get right thru. I call manager, get right thru. I know that techs will exaggerate their hold times greatly. When I worked at STAC, techs would say “I’ve been on hold for 20 GD mins.” I know that’s not so because I could see the time they were on hold. Usually less than 5 mins. I’ve never had to wait more than 10 mins on hold for STAC.

    Selling things. I am encouraged to sell pm’s and ra’s all the time. I rarely, if ever do, but because I actually go and do my job instead of pissing, moaning, and shucking calls, they leave me alone about my not selling the stuff.

    Taking care of truck stock. Yes, it’s waiting for me at home everyday. That sure beats having to go to the shop to pick it up. Which techs can do if they want to. Every morning I’ll punch in 20 mins early and deal with it. Or I punch out 20 mins and deal with it.

    I get every single sat. and sunday off. I’ve not worked a saturday or sunday all year. And I do lawn and garden. We are busy as hell from Feb-Oct.

    Sears hasnt supplied basic tools for a few years now. I bought my own from the start and deducted them from my taxes. Why is that so hard?

    I can shoot down every one of this guys arguements because he was obviously a sorry tech. Those of us that actually do our jobs are left alone to do our work and are compensated pretty good for it. I realize that not every tech is going to have as good of a tech manager as I have now. We had some crappy ones in the past. But all in all, I have very few complaints about Sears. My biggest is that they won’t stand up to the customer.

  162. …perhaps I should clarify something.To my knowledge RepairGuy is still employed with Sears.I am not.:grin:The electronics repair division(57)in ALL of Canada has been closed.Customers will be routed to appropriate warranty stores/shops.Many products(camcorders etc.)will be sent out of town for factory(?)repair.Non-warranty will get referred to local shops.Purchased extended warranties…well it’s no longer my problem…:wink:I never really had a problem doing my job…and I had great appraisals.But it was still just a job and it was changing for the worse.Some left earlier…I wanted the package.Plenty of warning was given along with a good severence package.This may have something to do with SHC wanting to buy SCC(I ain’t even gonna get into it).

    But my point being…constant cost cutting has hurt customers as well as employees.I can’t comment on your laid back work environment.But…the loss of part times ,then full times…then long term fill times…well alotta days left me exhasted and frustrated.Selling was a HUGE part of our work evaluation…and it became increasingly difficult.

    I am not here complaining…btw I have a much more interesting future now.:cool:

    I basically wanted this posted to show consumers what it really can be like being the Maytag repairman.
    In some less populated regions techs held these jobs ’till retirement.In my region this is very uncommon.Out of perhaps 20 techs in my unit,only 4 or so had 20+ years…leaving to start their own businesses.At this point 4 or 5 years is a long term employee.

    So, this post was made to enligten the civilian public…not you;a hardened(?) vet.:razz::roll:

    However…if you must espouse your love for your job(you didn’t say career)…and bring other Sears workers back into the happy fold…may I suggest the Retail Workers site.:lol:

    Good Day/Bonjour!…killjoy:mrgreen:

  163. Killjoy. It is a job and not a career. I have a beef farm with my father. That is what I always wanted to do and that’s what I do. The Sears thing is just to make sure I have healthcare and to “buy” into the family farm. I work on L/G because I can, no other reason than that.

    I know from working at STAC that not every tech has it like I do. I don’t know why it’s painless to work here now, other than my tech manager. The last 3 were terrible and the one before this one is why I left and went to STAC.
    I also realize that things are going to be different in each industry as well. L/G is generally very seasonal when you get out of the South.

    It’s great that you have something you like and interests you now. I think more people should do that kind of thing. If you’re unhappy at your job, no matter what it is, it WILL carry over into every other aspect of your life.

    Good luck.

  164. …and best of luck to you WB!
    I can’t help but to admire the very few(like yourself)that provide for the rest.Take Care!:grin:

  165. Yes its true – sears sucks – and as a employee of 6 and a half years i have come to know this very well. I have worked in tools,lawn and garden,fitness, and the auto center which is the biggest joke of all. I have made sears over 3 million dollars in sold goods, for which i am paid about $16,000 a year. Now for the best part – I had to take a family medical leave in May 06 for my son, while i was off – i received a letter threating to fire me – a notice my insurance was going to be cancelled – so i return to work to find my records and paperwork are all screwed up – they say i owe them money so i have not been paid in over a month. The funny thing is – now that the kmart- sears thing is done – and it is black owned and operated – their policy is to only have black managers in all departments. In our store the auto manager position has come open three times in the past year and qualified whites have applied – but they keep putting in blacks that don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground. Sears autos tire and labor prices are outragous – i don’t know why people come there. They ran off the good white sales people and mechanics – except me and i was off that day the black district asshole came thru firing people or i quess i would be gone too. So please spend your money any where but sears.

  166. :evil:I will spend the rest of my life trying to ruin sears. In Jan., 06, my husband and I bought a dishwasher. He went to pay with a Mastercard. The salesman asked if he had a sears card. He replied that he used to but hasn’t used it in a while. My husband then gave his SS# as asked, and the salesman said “you do have an account with us. You’ll save 10% if you put it on the sears account”. My husband agreed. A month later I opened my own account, and bought a refridgerator. Shortly after that, they notified my husband that they were investigating him for fraud, saying that he used someone slse’s card. I finally had to put the dishwasher on my card. Several months later, a saleswoman asked me if I wanted to “upgrade” my sears card to a sears mastercard. I asked her what was involved, and she told me it was good anywhere a mastercard is good. Never once did she tell me that it was a separate account. I went ahead and “upgraded” my account. I was only receiving one sears statement in the mail, and paying it online. I was always ahead with my payments. One day I got a call from citibank telling my I was 500 dollars behind in payments. That’s when I found out that I had, without my knowledge, opened a whole new account. I swore after that I would ruin sears whenever I could. I always tell people not to shop there, and I tell them why.

  167. Update on my HVAC system

    Sears manager finally called me. Said he wanted to raise the price by 2k despite all the problems his staff gave me and despite the fact that other contracters where around the same quote the initially gave me. I told him no and he reminded me that I had signed the contract already. I told him go fuck yourself and sue me and he said np he will terminate the contract (he went from being hard to being soft in 2 seconds).

    I then contactact Home Depot and had Chilltrol come to my house to give me an estimate on installing a Trane system. They where at my house when the Sears thing was going on and even though they did not sell Carrier they where still kind enough to give me an initial estimate. Well their service seems to be 10 times better than Sears and we have a scheduled install date of late next month.

    Definately Home Depot is the way to go

  168. I got fired for submitting this memo to my management. Have fun.


    Dear Management:

    Here are some ideas that I believe could help Sears presently and in the long run. Let’s start at the corporate level.

    The return policy right now is 90 days at Sears, providing the customer has their receipt (excluding electronics). 90 days is a long time. Most other stores only provide 30. Why would Sears do that? To show their service?
    I think the return policy should be 30 days if the customer pays in cash, check, a third party credit card and/or a gift card. And 90 days if they use their Sears card. This will prompt the customer to use their card and if they don’t have one, they will try to get one. If they are not approved, they will not receive a 90-day warrantee.
    The use of their Sears card will also waive a restocking fee if one applies. Just by having the return policy signs at the POS may be all that is needed for a customer to use their Sears card. I know I would use it or at least apply.
    Basically it comes down to this. If a customer uses a third party card (or other payment methods mentioned), they get third party results. If they use a Sears card, they get Sears results. And in turn, Sears makes more money per transaction because they don’t have to pay Third Party transaction fees.

    Next item, the credit apps. I personally think the whole Sears Card approach to the customer needs to be rethought and restructured at the corporate level. Here is a card that brings in so much revenue to Sears, when used, but right now all Sears has been able to come up with is a list of pre-determined replies to customer concerns. The Sears card should be a privilege to carry and yet, customers run from it. Personal friends of mine regret ever applying for it, what does that do for word of mouth about Sears and all their other cards.
    You may argue that people are still getting them, and or cashiers are still selling them. Yes, and cashiers are also giving the customers the number so they can cancel the card the next day and it’s many times a one time transaction. So Sears pays out 10-15 dollars on a one-time transaction and who knows the next time the customer will return. I would say this system of doing things almost violates Sears mission statement of creating long customer relationships.
    The truth is the card is only practical in certain scenarios. If the customer has good enough credit to get a Sears card, they can certainly get ten more cards that are far better and avoid paying 24% interest.
    The corporate level pressures the store level, which pressures the cashiers to pressure the customers, and in turn, you have cashiers creating long lines at the register and all those people on those long lines will visit Target next time. I have even seen a cashier tell an elderly lady that could barely stand up, “Okay, now give me your I.D. Okay, now give your social security,” continuing on of everything the cashier needed to sell a credit app. The old lady could barely hold herself up, much less deny or resist the cashier’s strong demeanor. I saw this with my own two eyes. What if that was your mother or grandmother, would you still feel so positive about the Sears approach. Sorry I won’t sell my soul for a two-dollar commission or any amount for that matter. Will I still ask if they want to use or apply for a Sears card? Yes, but I will treat the person the way I would like to be treated. And I probably won’t use Sears’ list of predetermined replies. I don’t think that’s selling, it’s bordering on manipulation. And from input from the customers, they see Sears as using trickery and bleeding their customers dry. Many customers say they already have a Sears card, hmmm….wonder why they aren’t using it.
    I don’t know whom the 86% or so of people they asked that said they would say yes if they were asked to apply for a card. Sorry, I would have to ask 1000 people myself to believe that figure.
    One more thing since I’m here. Do you know those people that sit in those kiosks all day in the mall and ask passerbys if they “can ask you a question?” Well, it appears that approach is coast to coast and most people are immune to it. The “May I put this on your Sears card” is almost that bad. Customers automatically say no. Is there anything wrong with suggesting? No, but the approach is not working anymore, regardless if they are complying with federal laws.
    I think if they restructured their card and all it’s facets, and advertise effectively, people will be running into Sears to get their card. But as of now, they don’t even advertise on all their hundreds of thousands plastic bags that leave their store yearly.

    I’ll finish with a store security issue. When a customer brings back let’s say a craftsman ratchet, which has a lifetime warrantee, they are quickly and happily issued a new one. But, this new one does not have a receipt, a paid sticker and sometimes not even a bag. So I’m asking you, what message is this sending would be thieves. “That Sears is not watching or doesn’t care?” Hmmm….
    I think special bags and/or receipts should be given to these customers to show the reason for their new tool and to tell of their business of walking around the store and or out of the store with a brand new item.

    This is all compiled insight that I hope can help management and maybe Sears as a whole.


    Associate #90373

    By the way, I got fired for giving this to my management. Actually, according to them, they said I didn’t sell enough and that I was an inadequate employee. (And no, I don’t want my job back, but I think my insight and ideas are good enough to share with the corporate office. They may appreciate them.)

  169. We are currently going through a major hassle with Sears over a defective elliptical trainer we bought nearly 2 months ago. The warranty is for one year, but big deal….it is a major pain in the butt to get anything fixed. Not to mention that the product is really not fixable since it is of such poor quality. The answer seemed to be to return the faulty product, but guess what….they are gonna charge us a 20% restocking fee for that….gee thanks, Sears. They should be recalling all their credit cards so they can remove that “satisfaction or money refunded” declaration that is on the back of each card!!!! I only wish I wouldn’t have bought our washer and dryer from Sears recently too….I am just dreading the day something happens to those! Guess what Sears–we are going to do all our major household purchases at Costco and elsewhere from now on. Sears really does SUCK!!!

  170. A little interesting story, following up on my previous post.

    As I said earlier, I work part-time selling electronics. Recently, I was there on a weekend looking at our numbers one day before month end when the store manager happened by. She’s been pretty good to me in the past, however she outright lied to me on this day.

    Our Protection Agreement (service plan) numbers were way in excess of the target for the month. I feel it’s worth stating again that I don’t have a problem with extended warranties when they are truly appropriate; big screens and other expensive LCD TVs come to mind. You don’t need one on a plain old picture tube TV, a home theater, a microwave, etc, etc, and I’d have to be convinced of their worth on an appliance. Anyway, I made a comment that it was a good month. She responded “But not good enough, we need to be at (I forget the exact percentage) higher.”

    I knew immediately why she said this. Our numbers were outstanding, but getting it up to that higher percentage meant some sort of bigger bonus for her; no other reason. I was truly disappointed that she lied to me. I lost some respect for her because of that; I would rather she have been honest with me about why she said what she did.

    A salesman was recently terminated after about 7 months. I think it was for 2 reasons. One was his attitude. The other was that he couldnt’ sell PAs.

    Sears needs to make some major changes. I’m glad I have a good full-time job, as I could not support myself or my family at Sears (or in any other retail job for that matter.)

  171. Where to begin…

    I have given my life to sears for the past 3 years. It will be 4 years in march 0f 2007. Ive worked in many departments, Starting in Jewlery, then In Store marketing, then Tools, and now I am a Cashier manager.

    This is a horrible buisness to work for. Management or not your still a peon. Associates are treated with lack of respect, shit apon, and paid poorly.

    For example ; Sears has an outside company that tends to the stores needs such as the restrooms, or floor spills. This company only tends the store in the morning unfortunately, leaving shit stained toilets for both customers and associates to enjoy throughout the day.

    It seems only salaried managers get the goods within the company. We recently gained a new store manager, who has informed us the “transferrs from one department to the other will cease now”. Bull shit. I have lost several cashiers within the past 3 weeks to many different departments leaving me short staffed on nights and weekends when the store has the most traffic.

    Not only does it piss off the customer when they have a cart of goods and are stuck in a line for 20 minutes, but I as the cashier manager get it from both ends. From the store manager bitching “Why dont you have coverage! why arent their people on the weekends!” gee… I wonder… Maybe its because the salaried managers get to pluck my associates I bust my ass to hire and get trained, right from beneath my own feet. To the customers such as yourselves sreaming “THIS IS RIDICULOUS!”.

    How am I to stand up and assist the company when I cant keep a new hire for more then 3 weeks befor someone decides; “Hey look this person knows what their doing! lets take them and put them in my department and screw the person doing all the work!”

    Im not saying to stop shopping at Sears. If you stop, many of us, who are mistreated, ‘peons’ will loose our jobs. Instead if you have a good expierance, please call the National Customer Relations center and praise the good, abused, associates, and leave your complaints for those salaried managers not doing their jobs. Dont bother calling the store manager to praise those good expierances you have… we get NOTHING for it.

    I greet every customer I see, I discount what is neccessairy to keep a customer, not for myself, but because of how I would like to be treated. I dont get treated that way, I have a family, I have the only job i could get, plus a second job just to pay my bills and Im reaching my breaking point. Just once would I like to see the little guys get the credit…

    Last night I was the only person in the store that knew how to mixx paint, Although I was preforming an interview, i paused the process and went out to assist the customer. She thanked me up and down and I helped her alter the color card to get the color she wanted. I carried out her gallons of paint for her and cut her ahead of the line to assist her as quickly as possible as she had already been waiting 20 minutes.

    This is how I feel a customer should be treated, but I dont think this is how the big guys in chicago feel. 😕

    In the end, yes.. Sears Sucks. 🙁

  172. 🙄 We bought a sears Kenmore 5 years a go with the extended warrenty. I tried twice to get the repair man out to replace the bearing. The parts and apointment have been scheduled for two weeks and they still keep blowing us off. We will never do business with Sears again. Their products and service aren’t worth the time!

  173. I hired on at sears when i first came to the town where i am attending class. I got an interview the day i turned my application in and was interviewing for MCA in Tools/Hardlines. The interview went well, and i was told that i would have a second interview the next day with the HR Lead. She takes everything from the day prior and throws it to the wind, and completely changes what i am interviewing, by using a similar job description for another Acronym Job, ISS. I worked under ISS for 2 weeks, getting promised 15-15 hours a week, but never getting more than 12 each week. I had a trip planned since march that i was going on, and had told them when i was interviewing i would be gone. When i came back, i wasn’t scheduled to work at all. I go to the manager to find out whats up, and she comes up with TRANSFERING me to a commission only pay job in HA. It seems that i am just getting the shaft here. I cant wait to be able to get a differant job(yes, i am looking) but nothing has opened up so far. Right now today, i look at my pay and only one week of the two is on my paycard…thats not right. Is it?

  174. :sad:Sears does suck,I was hired on after the hurricane in Louisiana and promised 30 hours,well it’s more like 12!!The managers do not train you!Not 1 minute! They pay us $9 an hour and say Sears will take that away and pay $6 in Jan.
    Also they make your schedule and change it without telling you days later,and if you can’t make the changes because of school,another job,kids,they fire you.
    Plus they will make you work 3 hours one day and 10 the next.
    They are sooo stupid,shoulden’t a manager know how to do a schedule??I hope they close down and a good store opens!!
    If you treat your employees good,they will work hard for you,and projuct a good image to your customers,it’s that simple!
    Sears is a joke,their clothes are awful also,and the managers look like fat alcoholic rejects in new orleans



  177. So, is there any relief from the anger that comes from being told that the $40 service agreement that I purchased for a $250.00 Dig. camera, to “repair or replace” is not honored because I am told that the camera was abused? What an insult!! I have a 30 year old camera (not from sears) that is in mint condition and I still use! I am not in the habit of abusing my stuff! Stupid me bought an $1800.00 refrigerator from sears that is a lemon! It was delivered dented on the side. The ice maker gears striped one week after the 1 warranty expired, repair cost $250.00. And now the sensor for the ice maker does not work estimate for the part is $400.00. This refirgerator is 17 months old. I haven’t talked to anyone with sears that cares about my business with them!!! I just want my money back and a sears truck to come and pick up this faulty piece of crap. I will not shop there anymore and want to close my account, but they will probably charge me to close the account.
    Usually when I quit patronizing a business they don’t last long. So, I have put the curse on Sears!!!

    Ex Sears Shopper Susan

  178. I don’t even know where to begin. I ordered a shed from Sears and paid to have it installed. First of all, it took 3 weeks to get all the parts in and then another week or so to get them out to install it. When they finally did come out, I left work for a bit to let them know where I wanted the shed. I came home that evening (8 Hours later!) and all they had done was the floor. To my surprise, they had the thing facing a freaking TREE! In other words, when I look out my bedroom (or any back room) window of my house, I see the side of this thing! It completely looks rediculous like that!

    I called and told them that they put it in the wrong postition and they argued with me for awhile and finally said they would move it but i would have to pay for a new floor and installation again! The other option that they gave me was that they would come take the shed down, then charge me a 15% restocking fee for a mistake that THEY made!

    Conclusion, DON’T SHOP AT SEARS! You will get burned everytime! They are not worth the headache and they SUCK at customer satisfaction…

  179. Sears, Roebuck and Co. was officially formed in 1893.

    2 out of every 3 homes in America owns a Sears appliance.

    Sears serves 48 million American households
    every year.

    Sears Holdings Corporation is the fourth largest retailer in the United States.

    Sears has been around for over a century now and there is a much greater percentage of customers that are over satisfied with Sears’ Customer Service.

    Also, only 2% of the appliances that are sold by Sears fail.

    I bet not any one of you can name a “perfect company” because there is none.

    So go ahead and purchase your next appliance at Lowes, Home Depot, Best Buy, etc. You’ll still be recieving Sears’ repair service when that item fails.

    So everyone with an Agreement, read your contract.

    Sears does offer troubleshooting over the phone (in warranty items) to try and fix the problem so you, the customer will not have to wait that 8-12 or 1-5 window for a tech and lose all you money for missing a day of work. This is why you buy an agreement. Sears does make money for avioding a tech to go out to your home, thats what every company’s goal is, TO MAKE MONEY.

    And for who complains about Sears not troubleshooting on an item without a warrenty or an agreement, we just can’t. Sears will not take the liability to do that. What if the customer get seriously injured, who will the be quick to blame? That is what the service contract is for.

    and when we tell you, “this is the soonest date available”. It means that this is the soonest day available, my manager doesnt have any hidden service dates for the ones that complain, its all based on a first come, first served basis.

    When your offered a “Service Smart Agreement”, take it. It’ll save you a lot of money and its better than paying the $60 service call plus parts and labor that comes with a 90 warranty.


  180. I am a current corporate customer service rep and I would just like to say that I do agree with what the other current employees are saying…customers dont realize they are expecting us to take their word over the phone for what ever they are complaining about and in the end majority of them have lied to us–the expectations of customers are high and they demand way more than they are entitled to in most situations–I have actually had a customer demand that we replace her dishes that were broken during the down time of dishwasher waiting for repairs–when asked how they were broken it turns out because she was too lazy to watch her young children and didnt do her dishes by hand in a timely fashion her children broke them and she wanted to hold sears responsible–I am sorry however I am a single mom of two young children who doesnt own a dishwasher and I do not allow my children to break them and then hold someone else responsible–if we send a tech, insurance or someother eyes for sears out a customers home and there is a valid complaint and can be verified and then yes we do handle it in a timely manner with a satifying resolution–however anyone who vents their frustrations at times is holding back all the truths and just wants for everyone to see a one sided story–whether its customers or employees when it comes to change no one likes it and it seems more and more these days no one adapts to well–the new return policies in effect I do agree with I feel that yes you should be able to tell within 90 days you like an item or not and after that point if it fails then yes repair should be the first response–lets look at a fact that Sears doesnt make the products and we sell the same manufacturer products all other retailers sell so if there is a problem with it when we sell it then there is going to be whoever sells–Sears does way more than any other retailer still even with the changes we are the only company that puts a life expectancy on a product and are willing to stand behind it and buyback the remainder of the life in the event that it is not repairable or parts or no longer available no other company does that–Sears customers have been spoiled in the past and do not like being told no and do not care to listen to the customer service rep on the phone when they are trying to explain the whys–customers would rather hear their own voice than anyone elses–these complaints are literally just one percent of the products sold through sears so that means that there 99% customer satisfaction–but no one takes the time to consider that–and I mean customers should realize that swearing and putting down the customer service rep and threatening them doesnt get them anywhere it just frustrating to all–I pride myself on the customer service level I give to all my customers and have extremely positive feed back—I honestly believe that there are people out there who would rather make a mountain out a molehill and no matter what you do they can never be satisfied–this is just my opinion

  181. 😥

    Hello. I am a current commissioned employee who works in electronics & occasionally works in security (AKA: Loss Prevention or Asset Protection or known to other employees as Number 21 – the number 21 is technically for the LP Mgr but all security personnel are called that so customers don’t know security is being paged). And here’s my story!

    I began working at Sears towards the end of 2005. I’ve been there over a year. I know what I’m doing. I’ve worked most of the departments within the store. Each time I was in a department, the managers of another dept liked me & asked me to transfer to their dept. I got a pay increase. Now, there’s nothing but problems. I am stuck in a love-hate relationship between my two depts. Security is not doing their job. They leave it all to electronics. Well guess what, I work in security & electronics. They make us do inventory. When I get stuck doing inventory, I literally lose sales from the commissions in electronics. My paycheck depends on those sales! But, here’s the kicker!!! When I don’t make those sales because I am doing a project for another manager, I get it reported negatively on my quarterly review!!! But, it’s not fair because I’m working for another dept manager. Sometimes I think management treats us worse than the customers. I’ve had customers throw coffee at me, spit ice from their drinks at me, etc. It’s unkind & unfair. It’s not my fault Corp. built computers that lose your protection or replacement agreement records! I don’t get paid enough – I promise – to endure the hassle. Our managers treat us poorly enough!

    Just so you know, when you go to purchase an item. They don’t want you to purchase a PA or RA for “peace of mind” or the other 29 reasons they have printed off to try to get you to buy a PA (in their books). They want you to buy a PA or RA because they make a profit as employees for each PA or RA they sell to you. If they don’t sell them, it’s reported negatively towards them. BTW: They say, “With this RA, we can easily track down your RA if you lose your receipt (HA!!! Dream on honey!!!!) All you have to do is bring in the item (oh yes, I forgot to mention in it’s original box & then you get a 15% restocking fee subtracted from your return which we can’t override anymore because it’s automatic thanks to corporate – even managers can’t override it). When you give us your phone number, we’ll get it fixed right up (yes, a few months later after they lose your item, have to order & reorder parts because the first parts ordered were incorrect) or we’ll replace it for free!! No, the way it works is this: YOU CAN’T JUST SEND IT BACK TO OUR STORE! BASICALLY THAT RA GETS IT OUT OF OUR HAIR! IT’S NOT OUR PROBLEM. WHEN YOU PURCHASE AN RA, YOU MUST GO THROUGH THE SERVICE CENTER WHO (ONLY WHEN THEY DETERMINE IT’S UNFIXABLE) CAN YOU BRING THE ITEM BACK AFTER THEY GIVE YOU AN AUTHORIZATION CODE. IF YOU DON’T WANT TO PAY FOR THE UNCOVERED PARTS, THAT’S YOUR PROBLEM. IT’S FIXABLE….NOT UNFIXABLE…..WE CAN’T JUST REPLACE IT WITH A NEW ONE. YOU HAVE TO HAVE IT FIXED WHETHER IT’S CHEAPER OR MORE EXPENSIVE THEN A NEW PURCHASE ALTOGETHER OR YOU’RE STUCK W/ TWO ITEMS. THEY FORGOT THAT PART, HUH???

    Also, when you try to return something without a receipt, it only allows you to return two items within a small time-frame. After that, you’re denied! No returns without a receipt. And when you do try to, it keeps track & it’s turned into security (corporate) & red flagged & you’re literally marked as a frequent returner so you’re thought of as a reason for profit loss & more or less treated as a thief (like a shoplifter).

    Someone did mention farther up in all these posts about the toilets. Don’t get me started on that one!!! Okay, it’s too late. I’m started. We have janitors (who don’t speak English at all). They say because it’s bodily fluids Loss Prevention has to clean it. LP won’t touch it with a ten-foot pole. They say to call Loss Prevention. There’s an argument. Of course, the wonderful cashier’s stuck in the middle. The customer complained to her so she called janitor who says to call LP. LP says call the janitor back & tell them to do it. Nobody touches it & says, “not my problem….” So, guess who gets to do it though it’s a “safety hazard.” The one who cleaned it is the wonderful cashier who only gets paid $6 an hour. Policy’s not followed. If you call & report it, they know who called because they know who cleaned it. You WILL lose your job!!!

    Now away from electronics & cashiering & onto security. When we see someone shoplifting & they are not caught (we couldn’t run fast enough or they had a get-away car or whatever), we get written up. We DO NOT sit behind a desk watching cameras all day I assure you. We’re putting safety cables up, installing lock pegs, answering calls about a register being $3 short or “is it the same to call you if the register’s $3 over instead of $3 under calls”, chasing shoplifters, transferring calls made meant for other departments, calling the police, detaining & questioning shoplifters, filing reports, looking for missing children & parents who left their children unattended for over an hour in kids while they browsed fine jewelry or tools, checking procedures with district LP managers, watching for dishonest employees on the registers, making sure honest employees are safe, working with the FBI because they help Sears catch guys who clone gift cards, use them & return originals so not to get caught & still get to buy stuff, reward employees who help catch bad guys, deactivate every alarm from jewelry, spiderwraps, MP3 display cases, navigational satellite display cases, tools alarms, fire alarms, door alarms, unlocking doors that are locked so an employee can do a stock check every flippin’ few minutes, browsing for spills or injuries, etc. We don’t sit around & do nothing all day….I promise. And no, we don’t get paid hardly more than a cashier!!!

    Of course, we do this because some of us do care about the customers first! But many, I assure you, are in it for the PA, RA, or to get the sales up because the managers daily announce when sales are down & we don’t want to be the first kicked off the “team.” Of course, many of us are in it for the customers because it’s NOT because of the benefits. They dropped the pension plan, cut a national holiday out, extend holiday hours (which means less time w/ our own families), dropped base pay on commission employees, & yet put on more responsibilities. So, please next time your cashier seems rude……remember, it may have nothing at all to do with you. Chances are, it’s corporate, regional, or district just riding our managers’ rears who really ride our rears! It’s not you. So don’t take offense & please be kind to us animals……might as well be since that’s how we’re treated anyway by our managers! I hate to say it, but I use to love my job & now I want to cry every time I wake up because I know I’m about to go to work another day as a “Sears slave” as we call ourselves.

  182. I forgot to mention not one, but two experiences a former friend had with Sears. She’s a Christian & believes in giving credit where it’s due & holding people accountable for their actions.

    Incident 1:

    A few months ago, my former friend I’ll call Susie bought an oven. She was told it would be delivered in a week because like most of the stories above, the deliveries to that city are only once a week. They brought the wrong item. She purchased an electrical oven & they brought a gas. So, they promised to make it right by sending her a $50 gift card for having to be without an oven for a week. She has several kids so ordering food for 7 days is expensive. When she called though & told them they delivered the wrong oven, they had her call parts for some crazy reason who made her call the store she purchased it at who made her call the store nearest her home to see if they had the delivery on file because that store didn’t have it on record for a delivery at all who had her call the service center thinking that service was because service to the lady from Sears is “because they’re servicing you by bringing in the correct item to your home” who then said, “No. I don’t know who told you that. You need to call delivery.” Delivery said it was a different delivery store & a week later finally got her stove, but when she got the $50 gift card it was never activated so it was useless & was told she had to call the store she got it from. She called delivery but since they didn’t have record of who sent it to her, they couldn’t do anything for her. She couldn’t even use the $50 gift card.

    Incident # 2

    Just shortly after the oven / gift card incident, Susie bought a microwave. This microwave isn’t the one that the vacuum dept sells that sits on a shelf or counter, but rather one built-in under the shelf that’s really nice. Well, she bought a microwave & they brought it up from Merchandise Pick-Up. The guy was bringing it out on a dolly when it fell off on it’s side & rolled. The guy didn’t apologize for dropping & rolling it or even offer to give a discount or even get a new one in case that one was damaged. He simply put it back onto the dolly, took it to her vehicle & helped her load it into her car. Then, that very same day when she plugged it in & tried to use it, the microwave started sparking so bad it was a fire hazard. So, the next day she had to make a trip back to Sears. They gave her a $50 gift card for her troubles. They gave her a new microwave that now works fine – thus far. But guess what. Just like the other gift card, the one they mailed her actually didn’t work. So, that’s $100 in gift cards she couldn’t use. When she tried to take the second gift card in, they actually asked her if maybe her daughter walked out of the store with it without paying for it or something like that. How heartless after being a faithful Sears customer despite the first incident & yet returning to make another large purchase. Needless to say, it’s Lowe’s gets her service. I work for Sears & I assure you, I have major issues with Sears! I’m honest with my customers. If they want to buy a $1200 item & I think the $1000 item is a better brand name, I tell them because I don’t want to have to risk the item being returned & losing the commission. I want a sale that stays. Plus, I want a happy, satisfied customer & want them to buy from me in my dept next time! It’s what a true “Customer Experience” should be about!

  183. I purchased a used sears wood shaper.
    In the instruction manual it recommended additional parts to operate this equipment . The local sears store did not carry the part so I got on the internet and found sears direct
    This is a sears craftsman tool that I am refering to. When I explained what I had the people at the tool section acted like they didn’t have a clue as to what I was talking about. This is not a nickel dime tool.
    I gave them the model no. and after some time they finally figured out what I needed.
    When the parts arrived [ 2 boxes] the one box looked like it had been through the war.The box was actually half torn in two and looked like it may have been a return.There were no instruction in this box for the part in that box. The part in the other box came with instructions that said to refer to the instructions for the part in the damaged box.
    I called the sears parts line and advised them of the missing intructions. The person on the line said that there were probably no instructions that came with the part or that they came with the origional machine. I explained that this was an accesory part that did not come with the origional mach. and that manual suggested the item be purchased seperatly to operate this equipment.
    After finnaly convincing her that there had to be a manual or instructions for this part she grudgingly suggested that I return the part and have a new one shipped and maybe the part and box would come intact with the instructions. I agreed to this .
    She said they would send UPS to pick up the package within the next 2 days.
    UPS never arrived. I called sears back and they had no record of my call.SUPRISE SUPRISE
    The people that I reached didn’t have a clue as to the part no. or model. I gave them all of the info on the shipping invoice, but they still had no clue. I asked them how they could bill me if the paper work didn’t indicate what the part or model was. the answer was DUHH. they refered me to another parts no. It was for ridged tools. They then refered me to another no. that had no clue. they in turn refered me to another no.
    . The lady at this no. said to call an individual at another no. that was not toll free.
    In the long run I have decided that I no longer will purchase ANY sears tools new or used.
    are partners they both provide poor service and they make a great team of loosers.
    Sit back and watch. This company will fail. Unless they miraculessly decide that the customer service is what make repeat and satisfied customers they will soon be another Montgomery Wards.

  184. Well, I have been having an ongoing problem with Sears since February about 2 Lifetime Warranted Sump Pumps. Well, after 9 months we did get one of the pumps replaced. Now remember, these two pumps are exactly alike, we bought one in 2003 and one in 2004. They had sent a serviceman out to check both pumps in October. He said both pumps were bad and needed to be replaced, well the next day they called up and said I could replace one pump the other is not covered. So here we go, I called the manufacturer and they said all their sump pumps with the lifetime warranty was after 2001 so both pumps should be covered. Well after numerous calls to Sears I finally sent a copy of the receipt a pic. of the box that said Lifetime Warranty and they said they had to send another serviceman out to check out the pump. I guess they don’t believe the servicemen. Well Friday the second serviceman arrived and said the pump is shot you need to get it replaced. He left me a slip of paper with numerous numbers on it. He said to call Sears and they will take care of it. WELL, you guessed it, I just got off the phone with Sears and they said It is NOT covered and they will not replace it. They said to call the manufacturer and they will replace it. So I called the manufacturer (Craftsman) and they said Sears has to replace it so he told me to just take the pump back to one of the Sears stores and tell them to replace it. Well tomorrow I will try that. This has been going on since February. By the way, it cost Sears, not me, $114 to send out the repairman on Friday. The pump only costs $159. I have never seen such a screwed up company. I think I was on the phone with them for 8.4 hrs. trying to get this problem solved. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER PRODUCT FROM SEARS.

  185. I ordered a camera over a week ago any my only question was would I get it by Christmas I was told it was in stock and would receive it within 3-5 days. I called 3 days ago to make sure it had shipped and was told yes I would have it by the end of the week. I called today and was told it was shipping today and I would have it in 7-10 days when I asked why it took over a week to ship I was than told I didn’t order it soon enough to meet the Chistmas deadline. When I asked what the date was for the deadline she said “oh you did order in time” I asked her to cancel the order and she said I can’t cancel the order you have to return it even though it hadn’t shipped yet. I get transfered to another nobody who tells me I will have the camera will ship today and take it back to a store next week if I don’t want it. When I asked her why does it take over a week to ship she says again take it back to the store if I don’t want it. Sears had no problem charging my credit card right away.

  186. I checked my bank statement monday morning and discoved $170 in charges to the sears auto center in here in Westminster md. I knew I hadn’t bought anything from the auto center for 6 months so I called and blocked my bank card. I went to work from 6am until 10:30 and then took a half day off to figure out if my checking account was compromised. At the bank I was told sears auto center had ‘accidentally’ reposted all the paid bills from the last year. Now I said, “you just cost me a half a days pay.” “Sorry,” said the account director.
    Sears has no business keeping my account information for longer than it takes the bill to be paid. It turns out if you pay a bill with your bank/credit card at sears, they hold onto the account info permanently so that they can ‘accidentally’ repost paid bills to the accounts. Don’t worry though, when you bounce a check because sears ILLEGALLY steals 400 dollars from you, when you call, they will say “Sorry”.

  187. Hello, I’m a Sears hardware associate. So, I sell tools for commission. I’m going to try to keep this as short as I can.

    1) Our parts and service does suck.
    2) You may think most of us are really bad at what we do, but as of lately, we are being locked down with more policies than we know what to do with.
    3) Sears is a BIG company, and we have more branches/phone numbers than we need. The fact of the matter is, if you call parts and service, they don’t really inform us of what’s going in, so that does make it harder.
    4) A lot of customers that I’ve had really do expect everything for nothing. They ask me to start knocking down prices by 10%, or take a $200 item, and sell it to them for $150. That is considered internal theft, and we can lose our jobs over it.

    Remember, the sales associates on the floor are (at least in my store) doing their best to help you, but we ARE locked into a policy and there are times that we can’t deviate from it.

  188. Hello all,

    I was just reading through several of the posts on this site, and in curiosity, checked out other forums claiming that home depot and lowe’s ‘suck’ also. Simply boycotting one and going to another seems easy enough, but you have to research the competition also.

    As for the delays in getting a service technician to your home quickly… many of the major appliance repair companies are simply shutting down. Whirlpool and Maytag merged, and now they are soon to (if not already) closed as well. Therefore alot more service calls are being sent to Sears appliance repair to be handled.

    When you add this call volume to an already busy routing of calls, it’s easy to fall behind a few days to even a week or 2. Sears knows this is very frustrating to consumers, and is trying to find a way to remedy this situation. throw in the fact that certain times of the year are busier than others, and you have a real problem to work through. This makes it harder to give each customer all the time and response they deserve as well.

    hang in there, and keep in mind the proverb, you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. In other words, instead of calling Sears and giving them ‘a piece of your mind’, try calling them courteously and calm as you would have someone call you, and give them the chance to help you. hope this helps…

    happy new years to all.

  189. My wife and I bought a BRAN NEW washer and dryer from Sears 6 months ago. 3 Weeks ago the washer broke. We called Sears Repair and they cheated there way out of the appointment to come out and fix it by calling us up and then hanging up on us to say taht we were not home when they called. A complete LIE. The guy finally came out and had to order the parts for the washer. Another week to 2 weeks. We have been without a washer for 3 weeks now. When I called Sears to tell them my story all they did was say, “Oh i’m sorry”. Sorry does not cut it for me either. We will never be buying anything from SEARS ever ever again. Hopefully this helps soneone else before they buy a large appliance from Sears.

    Alex Rodriguez…SLC,Utah

  190. Placed a service order on the internet; when my svc tech did not show, was on the phone with 7 different “” people; i finally gave up, called the store direct and “Harley” was way cool, called in the service order for me…….the only bummer is, i cannot believe we paid so much $$ for the kenmore elite frontloader and the dryer handle just broke off, it is only a year old!

    So beware of those out of control prices on the kenmore elite, i would never recommend purchasing one…….

    buh-bye, Sears and have a happy new year!! hope ya sink!

  191. Well, my story is so, so similar… My husband and I decided to replace our entire home with new windows and the sliding glass patio door (9 windows total and the patio door) We wanted a reputable company that would stand behind their product over future years to come. Well of course that would be SEARS!!! Long story made as short as possible, salseman came out (early April 2006), said their would be no problems with putting in new windows on a brick home (which was my major concern) HA! Boy did he lie to us. We have had nothing but problems with the bathroom windows. They cannot seem to measure them correctly and so the 3 times they have been out to replace said windows, alas, the newest window doesn’t fit. Imagine that. And after that failed installation, now there is no more mortar in between the bricks on that window ledge – the bricks are just shoved in there, with gaps. No one at the Lubbock office seems to care about courtesy, I have to do most of the calling and when they do call it is usually mid morning (they know I’m at work, and have my work #, but insist on calling me at home and leaving a brief message,”Hi, this is Vicki from Sears, please call me back at…”, and then leaves her #.) In the last 8 months I think Vicki has called me at work twice, and I have asked them to call me at work. Needless to say this morning I managed to get a telephone # to their Corporate Customer Service office somewhere in Florida (I live in New Mexico.) After going through a much more in-depth life story, which ‘Aaron’ confirmed was on their computer, his solution was that he will call the Lubbock office and Lubbock will contact me within the next 24 – 48 hours. I think I’ve come full circle. Can’t wait to get that message from Vicki, my buddy, to call her back. My all important question to everyone out there is, does anyone have a telephone # or email address to ‘Mr. or Mrs. Big’ in Illinois at the Headquarters Office? This morning, Aaron gave me a complaint address there, but I’m finding that this has built up so much inside me (I still tear up and have to bite my lip to keep it still when explaining over and over again) that I really feel a conversation is what is necessary more so than a paper letter that someone can ‘file 13’ (trash it) before anyone of authority would ever see it. Over 8 months later, I’m back to waiting to hear from the office that doesn’t give a rats*ss about me and my situation. Oh yes, and the salesman I have called twice during this disaster, (I truly expected to hear that he no longer works for the company) but, he his reply both times was for me to call him back on Tuesday or Wednesday of the next week if I don’t hear from anyone. Why am I suppose to call him, he is the salesman, and stupid me I feel he should help me by following up on the product he sold me. (Am I truly expecting too much from someone that has already been paid his commission?) Well thanks for letting me vent to others that have been ‘wronged’ by the same company. I’ve learned at least 2 things today, first, I’m not alone out there with Sears problems and second, Sears is no where near as reputable as I gave them credit for. This, if not my bricks, has been set in cement.

  192. First I would like to say this is about Sears Credit Card (Premier Card) I have had this card for approximately four years and on August 27, 2006 I had no choice but to have it cancel. The APR was killing me and the more I pay the higher the bill got. The minimum payment would be not less than $100.00 dollars and it was not affecting the bill. Nevertheless, I had it cancel and the remaining balance was $457.00. Since August of 2006 they had placed four late fees of $29.00 and I do believe that the reason why I am being charge a late fee is simple. I had the card cancel. 😈

  193. I am a service contractor for Sears in Canada and rarely EVER Sears Service being unfair with customers up here.
    Many times people forget, the warranty is now held by the manufacturers and not Sears. The customer has the option of buying a service contract and extending the no charge service.
    I deal with Sears regularly and find them to be the best retailer as far as customer service and call resolution.
    We have some real dandy retailers in this country that make your hair stand up straight…..maybe ya should experience them for awhile?
    It’s a British Columbia Canada experience.

  194. Doug wrote: “I am a service contractor for Sears in Canada and rarely EVER Sears Service being unfair with customers up here.”

    Sorry Doug, but I doubt that very much. I too am Canadian and I have been treated abysmally by Sears. So much so, in fact, that I am much too angry to even talk about it at the moment, but I WILL be calling a lawyer tomorrow morning. Trying to “reason” with companies like Sears is an absolute waste of time.


  196. cj knows shit.I run an apartment complex were we use sears kenmore appliances.They suck i have received wall ovens were the clock oven control(the digital keyboard)burns out on its first use.The oven vents heat right next to this sensitive equipment.When i called to complain they sent me a repair man which was not what we needed we knew how to fix it and wound up showing conclusion this is not your grandfathers sears the new sears blows ass and before long every one will know it including that ass clown cj.

  197. “CJ”

    …Did I mention that Im only 17
    …sorry, I am a writing major
    …Until you guys have circumstancial proof (which is probably NOT and phony sue-happy tactics), I choose not to believe you.

    Lets see, last time I checked HS kids did not have majors; also, circumstancial evidence is not what you would be looking for- as it is already here

    “Sears Appliance tech”

    Ladies and Gentlemen, nothing is made without flaws. That is why manufacturers give warranties. It is just not technically possible for someone to “make” a product and have it fail directly after the warranty expires. Parts get worn out, parts fail, parts are made with flaws. If you don’t like appliances, I suggest you become Amish.

    True & false. Parts do wear out & fail, and todays parts just wear out & fail faster because everyone wants to save a buck and will use components that are cheaper. As far as scheduling a failure, that is possible, especially with all of the electronic / computer integration now in use. Back in the 80s & early 90s Chrysler actually had a timer in their minivans that would light up the ‘Maintenance Required’ light at 82,500 miles


    That Kenmore is actually a Whirlpool.. or a Frigidaire….or a Maytag…
    …It’s the suppliers that decide how long the warranty is going to be

    The suppliers determine how long they warranty it. Sears is the end seller and on their Kenmore product line they can make the warranty whatever they want it to be.


    Finally they stacked the dryer on top and guess what! The entire side of the dryer was bashed in. I’m thinking that’s why they didn’t want to stack them because if they hadn’t, we wouldn’t have seen the side… the kicker is I accepted a dryer that has some dents on the side only because I have been so stressed out and it was just easier to take it then go through anymore. They did give us $200.00

    The management would rather give you $$ off than get it back. I am aware of a customer who has had the one side of her stove replaced 3 times- each time it was bent when it arrived. Each time they gave her $$ off


    I’ve worked for Sears for a total of 13 years as a technician (lawn and garden). In that time, I’ve seen the company change drastically.
    …What most of the complainers don’t seem to understand is that a lot of what has changed with Sears is directly because of ALL the people wanting something for nothing.

    That is a true statement; however, it is not always the customers that wants something for nothing- Corporate America; Sears included, does too.


    What you dont know is that kenmore is just a name thats slapped on an appliance that is made by either whirlpool ,lg, ge, bosch, frigidaire. so if your gonna blame poor quality applianes blame it on those manufacturers

    I know alot more about Appliances than you do. You speak the truth that Kenmore is made by other companies, and that these companies sell to the box stores also. What you fail to mention is that the manufacturers make these appliances to Sears’ or whatever big box stores’ specifications. This also helps out the price matching policies, as you won’t find a Best Buy spec’d appliance at Lowe’s or vice versa. If you want a true representation of a manufacturer’s product, you can either buy from a true appliance store.


    If you aint got a fu#@$g dryer hang your g&^#n clothes outside

    If my clotheslines weren’t buried in winter and soaked in spring, this might be a valid comment.


    HE is made by whirlpool not sears…. try whirlpool.

    HE is actually high efficiency, made by many manufacturers. The HE2 (3-5) are sourced from Whirlpool, but some of those are actually repackaged from others


    Also customer surveys show customers who purchase Maintnance agremants are more satisfied

    No, they are just buying into what they have been sold, else they look foolish. What’s the commission an MPA? 9.5%. Had the appliance repair guy at our store an afternoon, and he was amazed at what he actually was supposed to do on the ‘yearly maintenance’

    Happy Sears Employee

    Sears is a great company that actually cares for its Associates and Customers

    Seeings you are in management, you are actually a corporate employee who works in a store, as opposed to just being a store employee. I understand that all stores may have a rotten apple or two, but that is not the real issue. The problem is the corporate & other non-store employees who are supposed to support the customer and associate. The store employees are the first people contacted when there is a problem, but it is often out of their hands and the non-store personel don’t take over and fix the issue.
    Another thing is that associates also have less purchasing rights than the consumer. If you get overcharged for something and you used your discount, the overcharge poicy does not apply to you. I paid more money for 2 sets of tights for my kids than Joe Public would after the overcharge error was found


    For all the x employees who were forced to lie and cheat. Every employee has access to a 1-800 number to report any ethic violations. The number is located on the employee web site home page.

    It is hard to remain anonymous when corporate uses caller-id, and to use the HR website effectively you need to be logged into the corporate network; again, no anonymity.
    I can understand the need to that some of the documents are confidential, but authenticated users should be able to get at them outside of the store

    Sears Card, delivery, photo-studio, and all other non-Sears entities
    Even though they are not part of Sears, by contracting with these other companies that are doing work for Sears, they will reflect on the Sears name. If they are doing a crap job, then contract with someone else.

  198. sears has some very good technician, i remember a technician in the rockville area named jason. he was the best technician in this area. he worked on my 1986 kenmore washer about 9 years ago, & it still working fine. i called sears about the dryer that is 3 yrs. old, technicians been out six times & still does not dry. i will never call sears again due to no good technicians are there anymore.

  199. sends fliers once a week, and this week they advertised a 37″ Toshiba LCD TV. This was a one day sale to run all day Saturday, January 27, 2007. The price was set at $799 which would have made this TV a great deal at about $500 less than any other store. I wanted to buy this TV for my daughter who had just moved to the New York area after living through Katrina. First I went to a Sears store in my area and I was told that this sale was on the internet only and that other people were in that morning looking for that particular television. This saleman the tried to sell me a different television for $300 more. No. I went home and got on the computer. I went through the order process but ran into trouble it showed that the order was not going through because my credit card was refused. I knew that my credit was fine so I called and checked with the credit card company to see what the problem was. They told me that had indeed made an inquiry on my account and that they told sears that my credit was good and that they should re-submit the bill. Sears did not submit another bill. I started the order over. I tried at least three times more, each time my credit card was rejected so I called I was told by both the csr and the supervisor that they were having systems problems, that no TVs were being sold and that they were going to run the sale the next morning between 9 am and noon. Sunday I wake up early only to go through the same process and the same credit rejections. I called again and I was told that they were still having systems problems but that it was definitely being straightened out. They said the sale was off for the day and rescheduled for the next day Monday from 9 am-12noon (this time central time). Monday I tried to place my order, guess what, my credit card was rejected again. I called and another csr tried to place the order and as she was doing it the TV disappeared off the site. I asked for her supervisor. She referred me to’s national office. I spoke to a supervisor there, explained my problem and she referred me to another supervisor named Kelly. Kelly told me that the price was an error. She said “Sears would not be in business long if they sold goods at such a loss”, and “If ‘I’ read in the small print is not responsible for any errors in the ads”. I know there were a lot of people trying to buy this television, this was a great buy. I have gotten great buys in the past. Sales are put on for many reasons, promotion, holidays, to bring in customers etc. I’ve never experienced something put up for sale and that sale not being honored by the store.
    My question is does or Sears have any responsibility to make good on this sale?

  200. Charles,

    I ran into the same problem with ordering from K-Mart online, except every time I tried to order it claimed that there was a problem with my card. After 3 tries with two of my credit cards, I finally called my credit card issuers to check on the problem. And – you guessed! There was no problem. But everytime K-mart acquired about my card they put the hold on my account, over $400 each time! $2500 all together. It took 72 hours to remove it. Please keep in mind that Sears and K-Mart “are the one”, apparently both using same crappy card processing system.

    As to the price that Sears did not want to honor, next time take their ad to another store and ask for price match. Our local BestBuy and Circuit City will do that without any problems.

  201. Last NOV I made the mistake of buying all my kitchen appliances at Sears in ME. They were delivered Jan 24. Sears hired a delivery service, who in turn hired another delivery service. Two guys who didn’t speak english and didn’t know how to drive in ME snow show up. They tore up my front yard. Dropped all appliances off in kitchen, unwrapped and uninstalled then left. Tearing up the other side of my yard. All applicnce have some sort of damage. My yard is damaged beyond repair and so is my front door as they banged their way in. This is an upper class home. Our dream. We wanted the best. After saving for 33 years, we got f**ked! No one, not sears or delivery people want to take responsability. I blame it all on Sears. Never again. I call my lawyer on Monday morning.

  202. CW, are you on crack? You let them just leave it like that? Seriously I doubt your story because anyone with an IQ higher than 20 would not let anyone leave without doing the job. Don’t blame sears, blame your own dumb self.

  203. CJ where did you obtain that information on whirlpool not producing all the HE series washers? The HE series are made in Ohio, Mexico, and Germany depending on the make. But all are from whirlpool. The parts are from FSP which is a company owned by whirlpool. Whirlpool actually makes alot of products (their recent aquisition of another major company proves that)
    Sears makes nothing. They simply put a label on the front and call it something else.

  204. My husband and I read Consumer Reports and decided to buy a Kenmore Elite King Size dryer when we purcased a new home. After 1 year, the auto dry moisture sensor feature no longer works. I called Sears service line and they tell me I only had a 1 year warrantee (duh, I knew this) and they could send a rep out in 7-10 days, but I would have to pay for the service call and then any parts, and the labor hours OR I could purchase a maintenance agreement for $180. I just wanted him to trouble shoot over the phone with us so we could try to figure it out. Well, the rep was useless… I think this is a rip-off. They must build their products to fail after warranties run out so they can make easy money off of consumers. My washer is also Kenmore, Series 80, though. I have to continuously shift clothing around in it to keep it balanced on spin cycle. I have leveled the washer with a level about every 3 months, still does it. I had Maytag before and NEVER had any problems! I will NEVER buy a KENMORE again. Not any type of appliance from Sears will I buy. Sears is going downhill…fast. They used to be so reputable, what happened?

  205. I work for sears as an MCA, basically a stock boy who helps build displays and what not, but anyway all i have to say is that sears sucks in every way. From the managers to customer assistance. First of all the managers hate each other with a passion, everyday i get pulled apart from different managers who want somthing different from me. Eventually one of them gets mad and it turns into a huge drammatic scene and im so fucking sick and tired of it. and every once in a while ill see a department with nobody in it. They just wander off somewhere and leave the department empty, then the customers come to me who isnt trained for this gets yelled. I would say atleast once a day i see a customer storm out pissed off because nobody is in there department. The pay is horrible. 7.20 an hour, and yet they ask so much from you. Everyone talks shit and blames each other for sears problems but everyone is to blame. I mean im just ganna stop here because i can go on and on but its really not ganna do anything im just donig this to realise my anger and let people know the truth. All i can say is that as soon as i can get my hands on a better job im ganna be the hell out of sears.

  206. I think you are all right in most ways. The thing is that every Box store in my city has 100 web pages just like this one. That disheartens me as I’m sure it does you. I’ve read through all these posts and instead of posting my own complaint I wanna say something else. I just hate getting screwed on a deal. There, I said it. I know that shit breaks a lot more then it used to, and parts are 1000% more costly. Even so.. No matter what deal I seem to get from whichever company I buy from I know in my heart of hearts that I’m taking my chances. Companys like Maytag, Whirlpool, Hoover, Amana, Jenaire used to stand for quality. But that doesn’t help me any when they break down. I asked a family friend who makes parts for Kenmore/Whirlpool washers, “Why don’t you guys just build a good fucking product anymore?”. He told me that I couldn’t afford a product like that. Then he corrected himself and said that it was more like I would never buy a product like that. I got pissed but he seemed to have it all figured out, take a standard washer, $400 medium price should be good right? Not really. Mostly a few extra spots activated on the motherboard is all. He said that to make it with heavier materials. no electronics direct drive could be easily done but the retail price would be $1200 due to materials, skilled labor, testing so on. He smiled again and asked me if I would buy that sucker if I knew it would last 20 years. I am ashamed to tell you that I said NO that a cheap one should still last 10 years or so.
    Anyway, I still think Sears can do a lot better for all of us, shit, all retail places should do better. I guess I’m just as mad at the manufactures too though.

  207. W Feb 7

    CJ where did you obtain that information on whirlpool not producing all the HE series washers? The HE series are made in Ohio, Mexico, and Germany depending on the make. But all are from whirlpool.

    Well, the HE5 is produced by Whirlpool, and alot of the guts are sourced from another appliance manufacturer.

    Just because one manufacturer has there name on a product, it does not mean they are the actual manufacturer of the parts used, or the unit itself.
    The electronic controls for the newer Maytag Neptunes are made by Samsung
    Certain Subzero models are/were made by Maytag (before acquisition) and Whirlpool. You will also find some BSH models there also.

  208. Hey guys, just letting you know that you may want to keep an eye out on your Sears associates.

    Within the last month, a new policy was released that, in essence, encourages associates to steal sales from one another (albeit, additional training is required.)

    With that being said, keep an eye out for the associates you can trust in that department or else your problems will intensify.

  209. Hello Crying People. I’m Part-time asociate and i have a wage of $42,000.00 at year! I care about my customer and store. Go Wal*Mart and ask for a warranty? go and do it… they gone to give u a kick on your ass. You most read manual first… dont be redneck… if we aren a good company see our shares.. this is the simbol shld… We dont need baby cryes customer.. those are wal*Mart customers… And Give me a S, give me an E, give an A, give me a R, give a S… yeas.. SEARS SEARS SEARS…

  210. Yeah, paying an employee 42k/year (doubtful) who can’t spell worth a shit and calls all of the customers who have posted on this site rednecks…way to go, Sears. That’s quality with a capital K right there.

    Actually, you have the diction of someone who is not originally from this country. My guess is that has everything to do with your attitude.

  211. We used to buy everything from Sears automatically, and their maintenance contracts, too. We had so much Kenmore / Craftsman everywhere, we might as well have been a mini-warehouse. We had separate maintenance contracts on so many items, Sears actually suggested that to save money we swap over to one, flat-fee, maintenance contract that covered everything we already had . . . and anything else we might buy. We jumped at the offer and it did save us money . . . at first.

    Now, the only thing still under a Sears maintenance contract is the 20+-year-old 80-gallon water heater, the almost equally ancient BIG freezer in the garage, the lawn tractor, and the grill.

    And they’re all individual contracts, again.

    The grill because I didn’t buy it or the contract, the tractor isn’t due for renewal for quite a while . . . The water heater and freezer? I’m not superstitious, you understand, but I have a feeling after this long if I cancel their contracts they’ll croak from the shock.

    Sears service and the products they sold used to be tops. The products they now sell are still pretty danged good, I guess, not that I’ve bought any big-ticket items from them in a long time. A long time.

    Their appliances (and such) became too darned expensive, simply because they were being sold by Sears or under their label.

    I discovered more often than not, I could get the exact same item elsewhere for far less. The only difference between them was one had Kenmore stuck on it; the other, the manufacturer’s name.

    When it comes to the maintenance contracts Sears sells? Forget the word service.

    Sears did.

  212. Hey Linda I guess u work at MCDonalds! Right?. Go online a seek a job at sears… And u can see it by yourself. Anyways go any store and ask appliances asociate about they W2 form. Or… ask any manager about the W2…
    go to and see it by yourself… about our great company and see our qoute. are we the higher?????????? ask u why?

  213. I am a “associate” at sears and sometimes its not the employees faults its the people who are suppose to train you.They dont want to train you,most of the managers have a blocked brain and only care about themselves,they are snotty no good people and if you work there you wont stay long.They are unorganized and dont give a damn about customers or employees!

  214. ok guys I hear most of these complaints, and I work for sears going on two years now, and not all of what is said is true. Now as far as part’s and repair is comcerned, the service techs are for the most part under paid and over worked, and yes it does take two or three weeks for them to come out to fix things, and before you say it we done sell junk, well other than low grade GE, Galaxy, and very low end Kenmore, but that the product that are produced today are not like the products produced 20 years ago. I have had many customer come and tell me that there range or dishwasher lasted then ten, fithteen, or even twenty years and most of what is out there today wont last more than five! I hate it when I have a customer who wants the cheapest product (ie: a 199 dishwasher)” and he gets mad when it breaks, either four months out ( one month past the return policy), or thirthteen month (just past the warrenty)and we can do nothing for them, because they wanted cheap with no MPA’s (our service/exstended warrenties contract) and we wont fix it or return it. As far as credit goes, we (sears) do not own the card, citi group does. We have no control over it! For all of you out there, you want better products talk to the manufactures, and if you want better service talk to Sears holding corp offices and ask for a raise in pay and commission, oh by the way all of those sales associates you deal with are on commision so go see that associate! Thanks!

  215. Sears sucks plane and simple, customer service has gone down the toilet in the last ten years and there servicr tech’s are hacks at best. Shoddy products that fall apart within a couple months of warrantee lapsing. Sears what happened you used to be one of the greatest companies in the world, you stood for quality and service, its sad to see you become what you are becoming, theres still time to change back into the trusted name you once held, but times running out. He2 washer makes more noise than a demon in heat and 1 month after warrantee ran out the dryer is now nbot drying but theres some lovely blue sparks f;ying around.

  216. call serive something has shorted out the motor, and the he2’s are generally quite, i would have called a while back numb nuts! oh! by the way, whirlpool makes those not us, as a matter of fact the only front loaders they dont make now, is the ge profile, and the lg, which are both made by lg! whirlpool owns all other brands enjoy!

  217. I just want you to know that I have had one of the most stressful years of my life after we had a new AC/Heating unit installed by “SEARS.” The work was subcontracted, installed incorrectly by the company that, I’m sure, would work for the least amount of money. When that company was let go, the next company came to save the day for our next 4, 5, 6, etc. service calls. Mind you, this is all in the first year of installing the unit. It was installed in December, so we didn’t even use the AC until April or May. Anyway, they temporarily fixed it (this was December, before the warranty ran out), and we didn’t used the air until this month, when, guess what?! The same problem they fixed about 5 times occurred again. Why didn’t we just get the extended warranty? One service man wrote in and said that we are cheap for not paying for the extended warranty…I reply with this: Who in their right mind would EVER pay for more service from SEARS?! I emphatically turned it down when they called, and would do it a hundred times more. I also know that NOONE in my family, at least if they are under my roof, will buy ANYTHING from SEARS again. And if anyone brings up the name, they get the short version of my experience, which basically can be summed up with the opening statement on this site: SEARS SUCKS!
    P.S. My issues may have been resolved if anyone from Sears had EVER called back, from the customer service to the corporate headquarters. BUT–and I know you are surprised– noone did. Ever. And I would rather pay for another company to come now than to deal with them again, knowing that noone gives a rip what happens to me and my family–even if it is 120 degrees, and I do have two little ones at home. I guess I could always go hang out it WalMart with everyone that doesn’t have air conditioning, right?!

  218. I’d just LOVE to know how the part-time sales associate makes $42,000 a year. The full-time ones I personally know make about $25,000 and that’s before taxes. How on earth do you support yourself, yet alone a family, on that?

  219. you don’t but then I only one one part timer who makes even close to that, but thats what you get being in sales, if you dont preform you dont make money, and yes the company is cheap, but short of a walkout, there is little we as associates can do, and even then, it would acomplish very little.

  220. I bought a Sears Premium Bottled Water Franchise in 2005, through Watertowne International, thinking it would be a lucrative business given that Sears was involved and all their other licensed sideline business seem to do well. We were totally suckered in by Roy Lewis, the then President of Watertowne, who lied and cheated all of us!!! We are now going into legal action against Sears Canada because they let this man rip off people and investors all over Canada. Sears Canada knew there were problems with his man and his inability to run a franchise system, yet they continued to let him use their good name to sell franchises. They even advertise on their website! Watertowne has now gone into receivership, owing over $4 million to franchisees, investors, suppliers. etc. Sears Canada has refused to take any responsibility in this matter. I’ve lost over $150K as has most other franchise owners, which has forced us into bankruptcy and financial ruin.

  221. My 84 yr old widowed mother, lives alone in Beaumont Texas. She has as Sear’s refrigerator (which is on the fritz), she alos owns a Sear washer dryer & riding mower along with a new dishwasher. You would think that Sears might value her as a customer. Instead they refuse to repair the one yr old dishwasher which is still under a two yr warranty for electrical parts. A contract repairman came out, said a roach shorted it out and it would cost $300 to repair. As if! To make a long frustrating story short, after numerous promises by the local store and Sear national customer relations to repair it free, they sent the same cretin repairman who refused to repait it because he said the house was “roach infested”. Repeated insulting and infuriating my mother, he convinced the Sear’s service unit not to send another repairman out and not to repair the warrantied item. I WILL NEVER BUY A PIECE OF SHIT SEAR APPLIANCE FOR AS LONG AS I LIVE.

  222. Ok, so here’s the deal. Last year for Father’s Day, my wife and children bought me a Craftsman 19.2V kit that came with both a drill and a right-angle drill. She wanted to get me either a Dewalt or a Milwaukee, but didn’t have enough money so she went with Craftsman because everybody told her that if she couldn’t afford one of those two to

    get a Craftsman for the great warranty and service.

    So last month my drill stopped working, I believe it’s the bearings. After searching, we can’t find the receipt, so I stop by the Sears store where she purchased it to see if they could do anything for me. They checked the computer, but apparently didn’t enter her in the system because the purchase price wasn’t high enough and it was a cash sale.

    So at this point, they tell me I’ll have to pay to have it repaired. This isn’t really what I wanted to hear, but it was our fault that we didn’t have the receipt, so I understood why I needed to pay. Now here comes the real kicker; they tell me (without even seeing the drill) that repairs cost $70 – $80! The same exact drill kit my wife bought me is sitting on the shelf at that very moment for $100, and it comes with drills, 2 batteries and the charger; how can it cost almost the exact same price to repair one drill?

    I’ve contacted Sears’s customer service by email that sent me to customer service via telephone. Upon speaking to them, they told me they couldn’t do anything for me that I would need to go to the store where I purchased it concerning repair and left it at that.

    So I have a drill that is less than a year old, totally worthless, and not even worth repairing. You can bet I won’t be replacing it with another Craftsman, nor will I buy any other Craftsman or Sears’s products in the future.

  223. I cant agree with you guys/gals more! sears BLOWS CHUNKS … my 2 year old central air has once again failed me … including last years operation (or lack of), I can honesty say my sears central air has NEVER work without a call or two to sears and their robot customer service dept and a visit by a tech … it has been a nightmare since the day of installation and now on our 4th day of central air-less frustration, 4 days of calling their “customer service” to get an service appointment only to be told the earliest appointment is 3 weeks away … and when i balk at the idea that my family including my pregnant wife and 2 year old son should NOT be forced to suffer thru another day and night of heat and have to cancel our vacation plan because their next appointment falls on the day we are set to leave for a mini summer vacation … the “customer service” had the nerve to tell me she couldnt understand why iam refusing the first available appointment 3 weeks away … SEARS, ARE YOU GOING TO PAY FOR MY NON-REFUNDABLE AIRFARE AND HOTEL???? … why should i have to wait 3 weeks for service? what good is a warranty if you cant get service within a reasonable time???? the last straw was when the “customer service” manager told my wife there was nothing he could do and promptly hung up the phone … never again … i have called a local service provider who will be out tomorrow to see what is wrong with the unit …

    the kicker is sears told my family they dont consider our service call a emergency … then WHAT IS A EMERGENCY sears? the unit doesnt work … my son is soaked in sweat every day and night and crys because its so damn hot … URRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH thank you for listening …

  224. i just took my Kenmore A/C unit in May 30th and they told me it would be ready June 9th. It’s now June 15th and the part is on backorder, and they couldn’t even give me any timeframe as to when it would be in. They’re stuck in the 1970’s and it’s the last item I’ll ever buy from them. They’re more like a trailer park than a department store.

  225. Our store has gotten really pathetic lately. There is no business. I don’t know if it’s the fact that it’s summer and everyone wants to be outside or we had a Best Buy just open up nearby or what. I spend about 7 of my 8 hours just standing around doing nothing because there are no customers. Then the managers are crabby because there is no business and they take it out on the associates. We’re supposed to invent work when there’s nothing to do. I’m a grown adult damn it, I don’t need to be told to go stand somewhere else because I’m talking to other associates because there is literally nothing else to do. I truly pity the people who work in our store full time.

  226. My experience is almost identical to Linda…my garage looks like a Sears annex with all the Craftsman tools, electrical equipment, tool storage, etc.. But no more!!! I am fed up with the runaround from Sears on warranty repairs, the untrained and under equiped service repairmen and the inability of anyone at Sears to make a good customer service decision. My Trane air conditioner has needed several repair calls (all when the temperature is in the 90 – 100 degree range) that resulted in weeks without air conditioning because Sears would send repairmen out without the correct tools and parts to do the job in spite of my telling them what they should bring with them. I finally had to get another company to do their repair work and to pay for it myself rather than wait weeks for them. I won’t be waiting for Sears any longer…….My Guarantee Works!!!!

  227. I’ve worked for Sears service as a ref/ac tech. for over 35 years. You nice people say my Sears service sucks….Ha, I laugh! You have not a clue how bad it really SUCKS. Sears Mart is the pits! We can olny take one call at a time, and really feel for our customers. They over book us every day…..and we give them back calls….every day. They run techs like me into early retirement and are happy we go. A&E service is also Sears…it too sucks.
    Your best bet is to ask for a good old tech…..good luck getting one.

  228. To quote a line from the script of the movie entitled, Rainman- “Kmart sucks.” Well Sears sucks ass as well. This opinion is delivered up not from the perspective of a consumer but from a an employee . . . or I was for about two weeks. They hired me on the spot. I went through several interviews, a drug test and a two sessions of orientation, and a two week waiting period only to be told that my background didn’t ”check out.”
    Sears can kiss my Louisiana Ass, along with their corporate mentality. The only difference between me and most of the other clowns employed by Sears is that they didn’t get caught.
    Sincerely Against Sears-

    Melissa Camille Poisson

  229. I have had the worst customer experience in my life trying to have Sears fix my air conditioner that was purchased and installed by Sears. I have tried many times to contact a Manager to assist me with the poor service I have been given, but have had no response to repeated messages. Below is a summary of my experience.

    Tuesday, June 5th – Initial visit. Tech showed up at 5:30 PM for an 8:00 – 12:00 appointment. He said he had never worked on a water-source heat pump before. He told us the High Pressure Switch was broken and that he would order it as an emergency since my wife is pregnant. He said he would come back on Friday, 6/8, to complete the job.

    Saturday, June 9th – I had heard nothing from Sears. I called Customer Service to follow-up. They told there is no record of a part being ordered, that the service order is showing as completed, and they would have to send a new Tech out. Reluctantly, I scheduled a new Tech for Tuesday morning. I was told I would be the first customer visited that day. I asked to speak to a Manager and was told a message would be left for one to call me back. I never received a call back.

    Tuesday, June 12th – We were supposed to be the first scheduled appointment in the morning. My wife called Customer Service at 10:00 AM and was told we were going to be the last customer on the list for that day. Because my wife had to return to work, she cancelled the appointment. This is the second time Sears did not keep the appointment time. We rescheduled the appointment for later that week.

    Thursday, June 14th – My wife and I could not take another day off of work for the rescheduled appointment, so we had to cancel it. I asked to speak to a Manager of the Technician that came out (I wanted to have him follow-up with the Tech that came out). I was told by Customer Service that they would leave a message for Manager to call me back. I never heard back from a Manager.

    Friday, June 15th – I received a call from Customer Service asking to reschedule the cancelled service appointment. I asked about the Manager calling me back and was told they would leave another message for the Manager. I never heard back from a Manager. The Customer Service agent said if I wanted anything to happen, I needed another appointment. Reluctantly, I made yet another appointment. I was told it would be coded as an emergency since my wife is pregnant. I was told they would request a morning appointment. I requested a new Technician.

    Tuesday, June 19th – I received a call from the Technician. It was the same Tech from the initial visit. He said I was on his route and that he is not coming to the house. He was still searching for the part. I called Customer Service to ask about speaking to his Manager and was told they would leave a message for the Manager to call me back. I never received a call back from the Manager. I was transferred to the Recovery Team. They told me that an order was placed for the part that same day. Therefore, the Tech had not ordered the part in the previous two weeks. The Recovery Team could not explain why it was not previously ordered.

    Monday, June 25th – I received the part in the mail.

    Tuesday, June 26th – I received a call that the Tech would be late for the appointment I have scheduled from 8-12. I called the Recovery Team and spoke to a representative. I was left on hold for 20 minutes (not an exaggeration). I hung up and called the Recovery Team back. I requested the District Service Manager call me. They said they would leave message for him. I never received a call from the District Service Manager. I requested them to send a different Technician.

    Wednesday, June 27th – The same Technician came to my house to install the part. He damaged the part during the installation. He was going to order the part again and try to come back next week.

    Friday, June 29th – I called to follow-up. The Recovery Team checked on the status of the part and found out it had not been ordered. They told me it would be ordered and I would receive a call on Monday, 7/2/07 from the local service team to follow-up. I was also told that I would receive the part on Tuesday and would be scheduled for service on Tuesday. I again told them I wanted a different technician.

    Monday, July 2nd – I received a call that I would receive the part on Tuesday and the same technician would come out on Friday. This is 3 days later than what I was told last Friday and it is the same technician despite multiple requests for a new technician. I told them again that I wanted a different technician. I reminded them of the emergency status they supposedly coded my case as and the customer service agent said she would try to get me an appointment for Thursday. Then she hung up.

    It has been 4 weeks since the time of the initial service call and my AC is not fixed. I have spoken to Customer Service and the National Recovery Team. I have submitted a letter on-line. I have left multiple messages for Management and have not received a response. There is no vehicle for me to contact anyone except for a Customer Service agent. I think this is a horrible business model. I am thoroughly frustrated that Sears Management does not want to hear from a troubled customer, nor do they respond to a troubled customer.


  230. From Janet…

    Wasn’t sure how to post to the Sears Sucks blog, or if it’s possible. I bought a front load washer ‘Elite’ from Sears and I hate it. Not because it came from Sears but because it’s a piece of trash. Whoever designed these things sure wasn’t thinking. If it is at all possible to post this info, please contact me. My daugher and her husband do think Sears sucks and will not shop there again. Their problem involved a gas weed trimmer that had to be returned. They couldn’t find the instruction booklet (thought they threw it away)so Sears gave them a hard time about a return. Sears deducted money from the return because of this. But anyway, if this info can be posted let me know. Thanks for having this blog, consumers need this info

  231. Well Janet the 15% restocking fee is charged becasue we lose money on every return, even if it it resold, and if there is nothing wrong with the unit and it was open and returned incomplete, you will be charged a restocking fee. For the record Sears is not the only company to do this, in fact we were one of the last to start it! Even Walmart will charge this fee!

  232. My story’s the same. Kenmore HE purchased 18 months ago was repaired once under warranty (faulty timer with stalled cycle progression), and again this week for the same thing. This is a $600 machine and ONE PART costs $150? Plus of course the labor, another $130. What makes it worse are the hoops I had to jump through to get the initial (free) service call; the CSR’s must be trained to stall, stall, stall. I was told I used too much soap, loaded it wrong, loaded it too full… None of which were true. At that time a CSR told me the part was guaranteed for a year. So this time around I reiterated that to the new CSR, who agreed and told me I would need only pay for labor. When the service tech said it was not covered, I called the 800 number and got some brain dead woman who said “I’m sorry that you were given the wrong information.”
    When I’m offered the extended warranty, I always explain that if Sears can’t guarantee their products without extorting more money from the consumer, I should go elsewhere. I’m finally going to heed my own advice. I know that products fail; what has been so disheartening is the fact that this product likely will continue to fail for the same damn reason, and the fact that I haven’t talked to anyone at Sears who cares that I’m upset (I have been kind and not a raving lunatic, but still am treated poorly and without any concern whatsoever).
    I can’t tell if reading your posts makes me feel better or worse, but I’m glad to know that contacting Sears further won’t do a damn bit of good– I can avoid raising my blood pressure further…

  233. I really just need to get this off of my chest. I’ve been a sales associate for my sears for 2 years. I TRY to make work when there aren’t customers, and I honestly sympathize with you guys. However…
    It’s nearly impossible for associates to get parts anymore, especially with the vague descriptions MOST customers give us.
    With that being said, we’re more or less locked into our policies. If we could, we’d cut deals with everyone…but…understand that calling us “Dumb motherf-ckers.” “A–holes.” and the like because we are, quite literally, unable to do what you WANT us to do isn’t going to help.

    If you bring in your drill with your receipt, and it’s been within a YEAR (for the warranty), I’ll exchange it. If you bring in your drill, and I can FIND the transaction, I’ll exchange it. If you come into the store and say “I think I bought it 8 months ago.” I CANNOT return it…I will be asked for an approval that I won’t be able to get.

    Also…getting angry at us and yelling is not going to help your situation. I always go the extra mile for the pleasant customers. I’ll make the phone calls to parts for you, figure out any information you’re going to need. However, the customers that yell at me like I’m not a human will get the “Should’ve bought the warranty” talk or I’ll just hand them a card and tell them to call a number.

    We will help you if you try to help us.

  234. After reading some of the 250+ negative comments here, I have to laugh in astonishment. I inwardly felt that my trivial situation involving a Hamilton-Beach Brewmaster coffee maker incidene was an isolated situation. I clearly understand that what I experienced in dealing with the absurditiy of Sears’ Service Center is in fact the NORM!
    I purchased this $60 coffee maker to replace its predicessor which lasted a very long time and worked faithfully throughout is useful life. In a hoousehold mishap, the “bucket” to the new coffee maker fell off the counter, and was damaged. Not to a point which rendered it unusable, but enough to which I felt that it should be replaced.
    I went to the Sears Service Center near our home, and asked one of the people in the “store” about buying another bucket for this coffee maker. Talk about an “I don’t give a shit” attitude!
    First this guy tells me that I can’t buy just the bucket. I have to go to the store and purchase another coffee maker. When I questioned him as to Sears’ “Replacement ‘warranty'” he choked and after checking on it with a “manager”, decided that in fact I could purchase the replacement bucket I wanted. But I would have to jump through hoops to do it.
    He couldn’t look up the part number, he sais because he needed the model number off the original. Come on, Hamilton-Beach makes thousands of these coffee makers, and I am positive that the same “bucket” fits more that just ONE damn coffee pot.
    I had to go home and get the appropriate numbers for these people, and return to the “service centeer”. Once this was accomplished the person I spoke with, ( this time a different one) attempted to look up the part, and after nearly thirty mnutes, figured out that i would have to contact Hamilton-Beach, because Sears does not stock “EXTRA PARTS” for small appliances like coffee makers. They would have to order it from Hamilton-Beach anyway. He told me that it would take two to four weeks to get the replacement part, and with the shipping and hadling fees, I could afford to buy another NEW Hamilton-beach brewmaster.

    You are absolutely correct………..SEARS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!

  235. My husband and I purchased a side-by-side refrigerator in February of 2007. In November of 2007 (9 months later) I noticed several cracks forming along the inside panel of my refrigerator side. These cracks are from the front to the back! My husband called the service and repair department and they scheduled a maintenance call for Wednesday, December 19th. Since I just started a new job, my husband had to take off work. The repair man came, looked at the refrigerator, and sat down at my kitchen table with his laptop and preceded to type, “NON-REPAIRABLE PROBLEM FOUND; MULTIPLE CRACKS OCCURING IN FF LINER. IMPOSSIBLE TO STOP FURTHER DAMAGE.” He advised my husband to contact Sears and schedule a time and date for a new refrigerator to be delivered. When I heard the news I was ecstatic! But that good news didn’t last long. The very next day when my husband called, a Sears’s employee told him the service rep. that inspected our refrigerator did not follow proper procedures. Now another rep. will have to come and inspect our refrigerator. This means yet another day off work for my husband who only had 2 vacation days left for the year! On December 24 the second rep. arrived and inspected our refrigerator. He called the service department from my kitchen and told them there were multiple cracks forming and there was no way to repair the problem. He was told to putty the cracks! He explained to them that applying epoxy would not stop the cracks from multiplying. They didn’t seem to care. The service rep. apologized and ordered the epoxy in which he will have to come out AGAIN to apply and my husband will AGAIN have to take off work!!!! We need to have the appliance turned off for a 24 hour period prior to his arrival so that the epoxy will work. NICE!!!! So now where do I store my food? When I called and complained I was told that for my inconvenience they tacked on an additional 6 months warranty with no charge. When I told them I didn’t want the warranty, I wanted a refrigerator WITHOUT cracks; they told me that Sears does not carry a warranty that covers unsightly damage to an appliance as long as the damage does not hindrance the appliance from working 100%. I am livid! I spent a lot of money on what I thought was a reputable appliance – Kenmore. When in fact I could have spent ½ the amount at a scratch-n-dent and would have come away with the same product!

    Bottom line – we got screwed out of three days pay and a new refrigerator!!!!!

    I’m ashamed of you Sears and will NEVER shop there again!!!!!!

    Lynn from Lebanon, Ohio.

  236. Lauri, I had a Lady Kenmore washer and dryer purchased in 1969 that were still working in 1987 when I sold them with the house. However, I purchased a top of-the-line Kenmore Elite front-loading pair in 2005 (to replace the 21-year-old basic Maytags that came with this house, because the dryer had quit.) The Elite dryer broke down in Feb. 2006. This cost me $137 for parts and service from Sears. It has been working ever since, although poorly. No matter what type of load I have, I have to use at least medium heat and 1 hour drying time. Most clothing should be dried on “low” heat setting, but if I use the low setting, I can never get them dry.

    To make a long story short, I recently noticed that there was a huge amount of dryer lint around the side of the dryer. The W/D are in a closet with bi-fold doors, and the opening is just barely wide enough for the W&D to fit in, and for the doors to open. I had a workman here for another job, and before he left I asked him to pull the dryer out and check to see if the vent was loose or clogged up or something.

    To our shock, we found that the vent was lying on the floor and not even connected to the dryer! I have been using an unvented electric (thank goodness, not gas) dryer for nearly 2 years. Now I know the cause of numerous problems, including allergies I developed about 18 months ago, mold on the ceiling of my garage (which is directly under the dryer), problems with my AC, and of course, the poor performance of the dryer itself. But most important, my house could have burned down!

    This is the kind of negligent, totally incompetent service that I would have never expected in the past from Sears. Like others here, I used to buy everything from Sears because of their outstanding service, and the fact that they stood behind every sale. I purchased every single appliance for my first home from Sears, as well as central heat and air conditioning and wall-to-wall carpet.
    I also bought my televisions from Sears back then.
    I used their “authorized” services for carpet cleaning and termite protection, and probably a few things I have forgotten. I took my car there for tuneups and bought tires there. The Sears store was my home away from home, not because they had the lowest prices, but because they had such exceptional service. However, in the “olden days” Kenmore also made top notch appliances.

    I purchased the new Kenmore laundry pair based on a memory of what Sears used to be, and not on accurate research, I’m sorry to say.

    I did call the Repair Center to inform them of what I had discovered. I was transferred to several people and finally talked to someone in Customer Relations. What I wanted was the name of whomever was in charge so I could tell him or her what had happened. I was promised a call back “in 10 minutes.” That was yesterday. I don’t really think anyone will call me. Now I’m thinking of a lawsuit. Maybe that will get their attention.

  237. ok here is my store i got a over the range microwave on 12/23/2006 after about 3 month it stopped wprking and i call lg who then told me to call sears for it i called and was told how to repair it over the phone
    it was something in the computer that a power outage caused so another 3 months and the same thing now in november of 2007 it stopped again i called and what they said to do didn’t work now on 1/9/2008 after 4 techs and many parts i was told the wrong parts can in then i got another part about a hour after the teck left
    i called and was told he would be back at 3:30 at 4 i called and was told he left the area and didn’t want to deal with me anyway because i was mad now i have to call tomorrow to make a new appointment
    sears service really sucks

  238. You think Sears service sucks? I have over 35 years with Sears. You “think” they suck….I KNOW they suck. The way they treat customers makes me sick. The way they treat service men makes me even sicker. I, like many other long time techs will be moving on. There is NO training for new techs. Good luck calling Sears or A&E service…which IS Sears also. Both run by the very same idiots

  239. I’m so glad I found this site. I’ve been working for Sears for the past 6 months, and on the verge of being fired because the amount of credit applications i’ve got is not meeting their standards and will lead to termination if I dont improve in 2 weeks. I work 3 days a week, mostly Fridays Saturdays and Sundays because im a FULL TIME student at college, and they’ve cut hours so badly, im working 12 hours this week…they struggle just giving the full timers their hours, even suggesting to “take a vacation”. This is ridiculous. I laugh reading CJ’s comment about “Oh Sears cut the hourly rate because of the economy…it will improve soon”. I suppose soon is 3+ years. Sears makes too much money not to give us at least $8 hour. Bastards…

  240. I worked at a Sears for a little over a year, and I personally know some of the horrors. Please don’t take your anger out on the cashiers, we do the best with what we’re given. We aren’t given any power to deal with a customer’s needs. The whole system is computerized. And when a manager can do something, they never show up. I’ve had managers a few years older than me with less education who will go out back to smoke or across the street for 45 minutes for a break. And they purposely turn off their phones. I also had a friend, who worked at sears, with a sears card and the account care they offered. When she became pregnant they would do absolutely nothing to help her. They refused to freeze her account.
    So I’ve noticed how sears doesn’t care about their employees. A few months ago I was fired for using a gift card that I hadn’t purchased. They wouldn’t listen to a word I had to say about it, instead I was told I was stealing from the company. I had been one of the best employees; I came in whenever people called off, I did many of my manager’s tasks. Thank god they fired me the day after black friday when I had worked a 16 hour day for them! I was done.

  241. Lol, great, I am scared to go to my Sears interview tomorrow after hearing all the complaints from 07. I hope they don’t sound this bad as you guys have put them. Most companies do have their bad areas and their good areas. It’s in the South Carolina area which I’ve just recently moved here and a few days ago was my first visit there. Everyone seemed nice and it seemed very clean so hopefully, it all works out. Does anyone know the dress code btw?

  242. Look out people! Rumor has it that any sales associate putting floor models together in-store at Sears will be responsible for anything going wrong with them later when sold as floor models. Months later, after who knows how they’ve been abused on the floor. The people least able to afford a lawsuit are the ones that are going to take the loss of a house, a car, while the company that is rolling in the dough is going to be free from liability. I hope this is just a rumor. I really do.

  243. I’m an employee, and not a happy one. Now, in some respects I am responsible for my own discontent, but for the most part, the failure lies with the ones above me.

    Constantly, we employees are pushed to “meet the mesurables”. For the non-employees out there, that translates into three things: replacement agreements (MRA), protection agreements (PA), and credit applications. The constant pressure to meet these requirements is really annoying. Meet them and be a hero. Don’t meet them and be a zero. What the management does not want to hear is what the sensible folk already know: that the system used to measure these “measurables” has failure built right into it. Here is an example:

    There are two employees, A and B, working on a Saturday afternoon. Before they leave, their manager looks over their numbers…

    A had $10,000 in sales with $750 in PA. Percentage: 7.5%
    B had $ 5,000 in sales with $500 in PA. Percentage: 10%

    In the stores, the number needed to “meet the measurables” in regards to protection agreements (PA) is 8.5%.

    Answer the following questions:

    1. Who brought in more sales revenue?
    2. Who brought in more PA revenue?
    3. Who is going to be held up to ridicule at the weekly PA meeting next Saturday?
    4. Who is going to be pounded, threatened, and told they’re a lousy employee?
    5. Who is going to be pointed out as the shining example for employee A to emulate from now on?

    How will employee A emulate employee B? Well, he could of course sell more protection agreements but that isn’t too likely given the current prices and that most associates are pushing that envelope now. Any other choices? Sure. He can sell less merchandise without a protection agreements. In other words, the best way for employee A to meet the “measurables” is to not sell the product.

    The managers are too brainwashed to realize that the important number is the sales revenue, and that the protection agreement revenue should be secondary, along with credit revenue. If Sears really wanted to get itself out of the hole it was in, it would focus on the merchandise in store (and focus in getting more of it in store). Instead, the merchandise in most cases is not in stock, and those of you who are customers end up either ordering your merchandise to be brought to the store or end up having it delivered. Both scenarios tend to end up with damaged goods and annoyed customers. I don’t blame any of you one damn bit. Besides, with Home Depot, Lowes, Kohl’s, and Best Buy within a ten minute drive (at best), why would anyone want to shop at Sears, especially when you customers can find whatever you need at those places, and at less expensive prices than what Sears can offer.

    Now, as an aside, I believe in protection agreements and I don’t believe in soliciting debt. My past experience with protection agreements has generally been positive. However, that’s my experience. I am well aware of many other people who have been dissatisfied. In fact, the local news outlets here have televised exposés on Sears’ service problems. Problems that Sears attributes to lack of service technicians. That may be, but the loss of experienced service technicians, the slipshod phone support, the “passing the buck” shenanigans among other things have left Sears in a position where it will not recover from.

    All of this would be trying enough for any employee to have to deal with in the course of a day, but for me, there are two other things that have soured me on this company: absence policies and promotions.

    To those not familiar with how Sears works, they have an absence policy in place. You’re given twelve “points” for absences of any kind. It doesn’t matter how serious the absence is, you get penalized for it and I believe Sears does it to make its employees feel guilty and devote their entire lives to Sears. Heck, the management in my store penalized me for attending my brother’s funeral. Recently my grandmother died, and I just know they gave me points for that. Now I have car trouble, and I’ll get points for that. I’m one of those that doesn’t call out unless I absolutely have to, and yet I wonder whether I’ll get that dreaded write up for having burned through points for legitimate reasons. I wonder what will happen when I go on vacation. *rolls eyes*

    As to the promotions, I discovered that any chance of a promotion for me (and yes I have thought of it despite the discontent) will never come to pass because I do not kiss ass. In short, promotions are not given based upon merit (i.e. whether you’d be suited for the job you sought) but upon who you know and how effectively you kiss their ass. This is despite the fact that it is acknowledged by management that I am a far better merchandiser than the hardlines (Home Electronics/Tools) MCA (an overglorified stock boy) lead in my store. Even better, most of the promotions are now from outside the store. Recently, our store hired as the new softlines (clothing) MCA lead a guy from a Sears Hardware store. Tell me where that makes sense. How long will this guy last with the inadequate training Sears provides? How long will the hardlines MCA lead last without me doing his planograms for him and making him look good?

    Thankfully, it’s only a few more months until I find a place of my own to live and put Sears out of my life for good. I’ll take a tech support job next, which while putting me in the line of fire again from upset customers, might actually permit me avenues to provide the superior customer service that Sears no longer provides.

  244. Got a coupon for 20% off Craftsman merchandise with my Sears Gold Card Bill. Tried to use it at Sears when I bought Craftsman tools however, although not indicated on the coupon the store employee and department manager stated that “applied to lawn and garden equipment and grills.” Really they plainly said that the portion of the coupon that said “including” “lawn and garden, grills, outdoor furniture and storage” meant “only.” When I asked to speak to the store manager, she didn’t even come out. I had to go find her and show her the coupon and she said that “the coupon didn’t say craftsman tool.” I took my Gold Card and tore it up in front of her. When I called the National Relations Hotline they sounded sincere and said the same manager would contact me to resolve the matter. Well, I never received a call, and had to call the number back and they told me that I needed to contact Bruce Johnson the CEO via mail. I sent him a complaint letter, and also provided copies to the Better Business Bureau and the California Department of Consumer Affairs. I have told numerous friends about my story and like me the have chosen not to shop at Sears anymore. Please avoid the rude and poor customer service and stop shopping there!

  245. HATE SEARS!!
    Wish I had read all this before I ordered. I’m stuck in limbo right now, wondering if the product I’ve ordered 2 weeks ago will ever arrive. acts like I’m an idiot because I don’t know the ‘order number’ which was in an email that never came. Sears store where it should be arriving wants another kind of number, which has never heard of.
    I’ve been charged 3 times for the same product, but they can’t take it off my bill for 2 billing cycles (WHAT??!!)
    And the rudeness is unbelievable! I had one guy tell me “you know what?… click dial tone” and told me the best thing to do would be cancel and reorder. (resulting in multiple billing.) Now nobody knows anything, nobodies telling me anything, etc.

    I can’t believe after reading these comments here, and the experience I’ve just had that this company is SEARS, I guess nothing’s like the good old days.


  247. It isn’t safe for customers or employees to even be inside a Sears store. Not with flammable cleaners being put on everything in the store to clean it. No gloves, masks or safety equipment. OSHA needs to get inspection teams to all the store immediately. This is called Operation Fresh Start – but it is putting the stores out of business. I would like to actually wait on customers and provide sales service – but instead – this is what Sears wants their employees to do – Clean with harmful chemicals that are not supposed to be used for cleaning. Customers call the home office of Hoffman Estates and complain about the smell and danger of the chemicals being used to clean.

  248. I cannot even fathom buying anything else at Sears. We spent thousands of dollars buying a 50″ zero turn lawnmower to mow our 2 acres in Spetember of “07. It is now June of ’08 and the lawnmower will not start and we replaced the battery. We have replaced the battery and not only will the mower not start, but the blades will not engage. We bought a Craftsman brand, and we should have known better. When we called the 800-4my-home they informed us that our lawnmower is only under a manufactuer’s warranty since we didn’t purhchase their agreement….Side note…last time we purchased their agreement wsa on our 60” Phillip’s TV and after they stood me up 4 TIMES (remenber I had to take off work each time to meet them and THEY set the date, not me) I finally threw enough of a fit that they came on a Saturday. Also, one time when I purchased the agreement on my vaccuum, it took them 8 weeks to get it back to me. I had to buy another vaccuum to use while mine was being fixed. I figure that $50 agreement cost me about $350 by the time I replaced the vacuumm and paid for the part….Side note ended…Well since we didn’t purchase the agreement, we are stuck with a service date 2 weeks out and I SERIOUSLY doubt that they will have the parts to fix it, this will probably add another 2 weeks onto the time. Basically what I am saying is this: Buying at SEARS will cost you dearly in the long run. Please join me in boycotting Sears until they offer the service and reliability they did 20 years ago.

  249. All the said problems above are not caused by either the management or the associates, but rather by the corporate owner, and HQ divisions. I am now going on 3 yrs, and I know what it’s like to be both a customer and to work for SEARS, now thank god I am leaving them. Most managers and associates try there best to help all customers, and most problems are easy fixes, but those out of warranty your screwed and its your own damn fault! I know that a SEARS associate tried to sell you and MPA (service war) or an MRA (replacement war), and if you decline it you are a fool. Most products made today are designed to fail within a certain period. That sucks, I know, but that is how it is, and it does not matter where you by them. You get what you pay for! Now service does suck, but its the only one of its kind, hell Lowes uses us for its repairs, and Home Depot uses the cheapest (read worst) guys it can get its hands around. For all those associates past, present, and future, just hang on and do you best. All you customers out there listen to you sells associates, they are trying to help you, not talk you out of your money. Yes, we are on commission, strait commission for the appliances (so don’t come in and ask us questions and waist our time), but we want to avoid any future problems with you, so we will try and put you with the best product for y our money. Remember, by the MPA’s!

  250. Interesting reading here. I just spent hours on the phone with Sears. I bought a side-by-side refrigerator yesterday and it was an expensive one, one of the top three or four models. Today they showed up with a busted-up, bent and scratched piece of crap. I refused it on the spot, and the delivery guys (good kids) couldn’t understand it, said that they knew it was bent this morning and that they asked the supervisor here in San Antonio to call me and check with me to make sure it was right. He told them shortly after that he had called and to send it out. Of course, that manager piece-of-crap had not called me at all, he just wanted them on the road. Now I get to pay the price, because they won’t bring me another one today, and this was the only day I could get off.

    They said they’ll bring me another one tomorrow, I told them they’ll have to leave it one the porch and it better damn well be picture perfect. They can’t make any guarantees about that, they said, since I won’t be there to sign for the condition. So I told them that I want my money back and they said they’ll give me immediate credit, and I said that means that my money will be put back in my account, right? they said no, store credit. If I want my Visa card credited then they can’t guarantee when the money will be put back on the card, it can take as long as 45 days. And of course that means that it WILL take that long.

    So, that’s my horror story, it is still playing out, and they are making it crystal clear that the ending won’t be a happy one.


  251. A follow-up on my story. I spent a couple MORE hours trying to get them to go ahead and credit my card, and they wouldn’t do it, everybody keeps passing me off to somebody else. So, I’ll be calling my credit card company tomorrow and telling them all about this fiasco, and since the account is through USAA I’ll have my money back in my account right away. Sears is doing everything they can to try and stop me from getting that credit, but they won’t have a leg to stand on with USAA. At least, here’s hoping!


  252. To the unhappy customers- You have so many options these days.
    Appliances are sold in many other venues besides Sears. Check them out.
    To the satisfied customers- Really? I admire both of you and hope you have a safe journey back to the assited living center in your Delta 88.
    To the unhappy employees- make the leap of faith and leave already. It ain’t going to get any better by sitting on your ass bitching about it.
    To the happy employees- Rev. Jim Jones would have been proud of you.

  253. I was hired as a sales consultant for Sears Home Improvement Products, specifically to sell remodel/reface kitchens. After going through Sears’ ridiculously training, I believed with conviction in my new employer and the representations made to me by Sears. I believed in the product, service and quality, etc. I was with Sears Home Improvement Products for approx. 4-5 months. It wasn’t until the last few months that I began to realize that just about everything they trained me to do, say, and/or represent to the customer was in one way or another false, inaccurate and/or untrue. It was like a 3-ring circus. Sears had me driving all over the state of Oklahoma to do 3-4 hour in-home presentations to customers interested in remodeling/refacing their kitchens.

    Sears deceptive practices makes me sick. Much worse I represented Sears, believed in Sears, and played a part in it. I unknowingly made misrepresentations, gave false hope and displayed product samples which apparently ended up not being the same product installed in these customers kitchens.

    Sears sends out ‘sales consultants’ who know very little about the product to deliver a presentation of misrepresentations of customer service, high quality product and a false sense of security with their so called warranty and ‘money back guarantee,’ like you see over the door of Sears’ Department Stores.

    Wow, the job they did on me and all unsuspecting customers. I’ve filed a claim against Sears with the Dept. of Labor for commissions Sears has decided I am not owed. The state found in my favor and entered an Administrative Order of Determination against Sears in the amount of $12,000 for commissions due to me. To think I only requested $4,051 and by refusing, the state has ordered that Sears pay me 4 times that amount. Instead of just doing the right thing and paying me for earned income, Sears appealed the Order and it will be 6-8 months before we appear for an Administrative Hearing. I hope to see my case to the end and prevail based upon principle alone. Too many of us give up and have no choice but to walk away for lack of time, money and energy, allowing dishonest companies such as Sears to continue to scam and take advantage of their customers.

    Ive heard so many people tell horror stories like how Sears tried to force an acquaintance of mine to buy a second tire for his truck or he could not drive off their premises. I want consumers to know that Sears has no ones interest in mind other than its own. PERIOD. The money customers spent to have new beautiful kitchens installed is sickening when I think about what they really got.

    I did advise one customer who had contacted me long after I had resigned to continue contacting Sears about her botched kitchen, request that they work on it until it is done to her satisfaction and if it is not she should refuse to sign the back of the contract indicating that the installation is to her satisfaction. I also advised her to put a hold on her credit card and any other sources Sears used as payment of the kitchen until 1) it was completed to her satisfaction and 2) the 1 year No Interest/No Payments had expired. Sears should make NO attempts to collect funds from customers who were provided the NO PAYMENTS NO INTEREST FOR 12 MONTHS, a time of which does not begin until after the installation is complete.


  254. I find these posts fascinating but unfortunately not unique to the American experience these days. The experiences shared here reflect the underlying problem of inflation, which had so far been hidden in diplomatic and trade relations in the previous decades. Of the last decade America has made strong concessions in our trade relations to continue to off-shore excess dollars. The domestic inflationary environment of the past decades has not been a positive one for American exports, particularly in manufacturing which relies heavily on the world price of commodities. To offset the rising costs of manufacture, manufacturers have first cheapened the product by reducing commodity content and next off-shored production for cheaper labor and thirdly cut support functions especially post-sales support. They have further splintered off operations to such an extent that literally dozens of companies across the world are involved in what used to be departmental in one company and so now not one can give the same answer about any one thing.

    Increasingly, over the decades, we’ve had little choice but to settle for more plastic and less metal in our appliances since the double-digit inflation of the late 70’s and we’ve also settled for greater self-service as a result of cost cuts. Increasingly since the late 70’s and early 80’s, we’ve seen products that are over-engineered to compensate for lack of durable materials. Compare your vacuum cleaner’s construction to the one your grandmother had. I could point to practically any kind of appliance. To find support, we’re increasingly told by various manufacturers to seek out their online forums and somehow through the frustrated experiences of others we may finally arrive at solutions.

    Is anyone witnessing the breakdown as I do?

    One comment here had figuratively cited the true cost of real quality using arbitrary figures; $1200 as being less than appealing to the average consumer whose budget or preference was $400.
    These days $1200 will still get you the same ratio of plastic to metal, the added value we are told are the added “features”.
    But what if I wanted to pay $1200 for a featureless appliance constructed of durable materials? What if it made better sense to me to pay $1200 now for an appliance that is sure to provide 30 years service? $1200 now, for what is sure to cost $2000 later?
    What if it made sense to me to forego other purchases so that I could invest in such an appliance? It’s uncommon to think that way I know. Uncommon because American’s disposable income, in light of the real economy, has been shrinking. Few can focus on the purchase of one thing absent so many others.

    If we remember the $400 model of the 70’s and 80’s then we might wonder how it is that appliance prices have not changed that much in 3 decades. They’ve taken it out of the product, out of labor, and out of support and out of the very operations that used to make a brand name a symbol of pride.

    I think it’s safe to say that the problems are systemic and not isolated to Sears alone, it’s just that it’s showing up sooner with Sears who at first could no longer compete with warehouse self-serve retailers like Wal-Mart.

    Sears had to relinquish an important part of its financial control to CitiBank, for the sake of survival. Since the CitiBank acquisition of Sears customer accounts the emphasis in the stores has been numbers and less the store we knew before. At first the arrangement seemed promising; Citibank would maximize the value of these customer accounts by its alteration of terms and aggressive approach and Sears would receive a portion of that operation’s revenue. When things began to sputter for CitiGroup, the corporate parent of CitiBank, due to its over extension of $26 billion in a variety of acquisitions across the world since 2002, its inexperience in many of these businesses, its failure to consolidate its myriad businesses into one manageable entity, and its further failure to foresee the global slowing of economy, it has pressed strongly into Sears’ MPA’s, PA’s and credit card prospects as a means to draw much needed revenue. Citigroup has muscled each of its acquisitions in much the same fashion. It knows its own desperation, as the future seems clearer now to Citigroup.

    What can we expect as consumers?

    It’s very very sad to Sears now as nothing more than a hull of a ship whose valuable parts have been stripped out. But that’s essentially what we have now. We have the heads of Sears milking it for whatever remains of its worth. Sears should have already died, because fundamentally the market it once served, the one that expected superior products and service and could afford it has shrunk to a fraction of what it was (parallel to the shrinking of Americans’ disposable income). Sears still had its good name however and it was this that was exploited. You see…

    We all wonder in amazement, –why is Sears not focusing on sales? Or customer satisfaction? Why are they shooting themselves in the foot? Because that is not the meat and potatoes of Sears now, it’s only the garnish. As consumers we’re appalled and as employees we’re stunned. We’re left shaking our heads in bewilderment because it’s not what we’ve come to expect. Employees are fired for functioning in the old way. Good is bad, bad is good. There’s little room for pride.
    I think we’ll find this more and more common because the problems are systemic, beyond the microcosm of Sears. We’re in an era of decreasing accountability, –literally. Not just in products and service, but a lack of accountability in the volatility of the economic environment itself, –and not just here but in the world as well.

    I have a washer and a dryer. They’re not pretty. They do not match. I bought it from an appliance repairman who I would guess to be about 60 years of age. He opened up his used appliance store 30 years ago. He had his own views about the very things we’re talking about here. When I asked for a “good” washer and dryer he knew exactly what I meant and he pointed me to a 1970’s Maytag washer and an early 80’s Maytag dryer. As long as that man is alive and in business I know I’ll have service, and from his decades of operation I know I’ll have parts.

    What I mean to say in this post is that we may have to redefine for ourselves what quality is exactly. To beat inflation we may have to view our purchases more as investments and judge durable goods as just that, –durable. We may have to sacrifice style for functionality and long service. We may want to avoid appliances that have built in components whose internal parts alone are not easily replaced. We may have to avoid superfluous electronics in place of trusty mechanical and electrical parts, even if it were only for the sake of having some control over serviceability. If it can be machined at a machine shop, if the motor can be rewound and the brushes replaced, if it can be re-spliced with common electrical knowledge, if the design of the buttons, dials, and switches are not so proprietary but common beneath its cover then much is to be had locally in most cases.
    I’m describing true repairmen who have workbenches, and they’re dying out or closing shop.

    It all depends upon what we buy into and what we’re willing to believe. Will it be smoke and mirrors, or tried and true?

  255. I have read SO MANY stories today of lost money and extreme frustration – I want to organize an anti-sears demonstration and picket them they are so awful!! Their customer service sucks so bad… they don’t have ANY!!

    My front load washer stopped spinning. I called Sears repair – BIG MISTAKE. 1st they told me on the phone it would cost $65 to have them come out. The guy comes, goes down into my basement for 10-15 mins., comes up and tells me “the motor is all rusted out – it’s shot.” Tells me it’ll cost $400 to put in a new motor but that I can just buy a new machine for $400. Then he bills me for $75 not $65. I go online to see what is involved with replacing the motor, maybe my boyfriend and I can do it ourselves and save money, right? I found MULTIPLE appliance repair websites that said the same symptoms my machine had (filling and draining but only humming when it should spin) could be as simple as a clogged coin trap. In less time than the guy was in my house we cleaned the trap and I have since done 3 loads with my “rusted out and shot” motor!!! So you have to ask yourself; was he totally incompetent or was he malicious? If you look you can see NO RUST on the motor. I am voting malicious! And you have to know – had I run out and bought a new machine they would have taken away my old one – like they are so nice to take it off my hands right? But then I bet they would clean the coin trap and sell it as “refurbished” for another $250 profit for them! And to add insult to injury they refused to refund the $75 it cost me to have their guy do NOTHING (and no offense, but, he was about 5′ 9″ yet weighed like 400lbs., not sure he could even really get down low enough to actually see under my machine) and then try to rip me off! 🙁 Plus, the attitude I have run into again and again with them on this makes me believe this is SOP for Sears repair; do nothing, lie to people, get them to buy new and then resell their old appliance. what ever happened to making money by selling a good product and giving a crap about the people who spend their hard earned money on your stuff? Guess that ALL went down the damn drain at Sears….

  256. I read some SCARY stories here… now… what tha hell am I doing in here? Well boys and girls… I mean… Ladies and Gentlemen. I work for Sears… no, no wait. I don’t work for Sears, I’m just in “training”. Training for what? Well… to pick up your phonecalls and your complaints and your appointments.

    How does the system work? Easy… The SSA (Service Smart Agreement) is basically a Ripoff… FROM MY POINT OF VIEW (of course). We tell you to buy this SSA to get your Refrigerator/Dryer/Washer (top load only)/Dishwasher covered by this thing, with a small cost (like $250 or something depending on the case). Now you are covered for all the parts, labor and extra expenses that may rise up to $500… Pretty neat, right?

    Here comes the Ripoff: We are “supposed” to fix the item, but, when the item is properly fixed… how many times are we supposed to arrive again for any more problems with your appliance? I would say: NONE!… If you have your washer broke, we fix it for $250, but the washer is never gonna get broken again for an entire year… so, bye bye to the $250 and to the many other repairs your appliance needs.

    Now… it’s not all bad… it’s not to deffend the people on the Call Center (where I’m gonna be) but, we understand how frustrated you might get with the appliance not working (tha hell with it, I would never buy at Sears if I were you XD). The problem I think comes from the technitians… These guys are gonna get payed for that FIRST VISIT they make to your homes (they charge you “supposedly” $65 for this visit) and the others are considered to be a “loss”. Why? because, the guy is not gonna get more money from you, if you are covered with the SSA. UNLESS: the work order exceeds $500.

    I don’t know if I’m clear or not… but I can say this: I understand how mad you get. Don’t yell at the guys from the Call Center, they get calls 24/7 and honestly, they try to hook you up with the right guy the easiest way possible. The problem comes with the techs… when they have to order THEY SUCK BIG TIME!!!

    And remember: Thank you for choosing Sears, we appreciate your bussiness!


  257. I am a former Sears / A&E Tech Manager and I understand everyone’s pain dealing with repairs with Sears and A&E Factory Service, which many of you know, are in fact one in the same company. And that’s why you receive the same service, or lack of service, whether you purchased your product at Sears or some other appliance dealer.

    Many of us have trusted Sears and their products for many years. One thing we must remember about Sears is that “SEARS MAKES NOTHING” Sears sources their products from other manufacturers and places the Kenmore or Craftsman brand name on them. Consumers trusted the products they purchased from Sears, mainly because in years past, the products were quality products and although Sears didn’t manufacturer them, Sears stood behind the product, the service and most of all, were dedicated to ‘Customer Satisfaction’.

    But companies in order to make shareholder’s money have cut costs on product components. Parts are manufactured overseas and that increases availability time and cost. Now, I have nothing against overseas manufacturing, many quality goods are manufactured overseas and it certainly enables the US consumer to live the American Dream, but we are not seeing the quality and longevity of products that we are accustomed to having in the past. Let’s face it, I don’t expect my DVD player to last as long as my refrigerator, but I do expect my refrigerator to last many years, or at least longer than my DVD player.

    During my experience as a tech manager, I have seen many brand new $1,500 – $1,800 refrigerators stop cooling within a week after being delivered at the customer’s home. Most of the time it’s the ‘Compressor’, the heart of the cooling system, which has stopped working. Now the consumer can complain to the retail store until they are blue in the face, but Sears will not replace the unit, they will send out a technician, who most likely will not have this particular compressor in his truck stock. The technician will have to order the compressor and come back in about 7 – 8 days to evacuate the sealed Freon system, braze in a new compressor, test for leaks and replace with new Freon. Nor Sears or any other retail store wants this refrigerator back, why?? Because they can’t resell it as new.

    In part, the lack of quality on major appliances is due to the consumer. Consumers want stylish appliances with 20 wash cycles or an in-door water and ice dispenser that enable us to have either ice cubes or crushed ice, water or juice, a clock and a cute illuminated night light. Very convenient, but we want all this convenience for a very affordable price. Manufacturers don’t want your refrigerator to last 20 years, as it did years ago. Sears just monopolizes on poor manufacturing. By the way, that electronic control board is about $500.00, + Labor. And if you’re fortunate, you’ll be within the warranty period or have paid for a Sears Protection Agreement.

    As I said, I am a former Sears / A&E Tech Manager; I have heard many customers complain about the products and the service. So, possibly I can enlighten the consumer on the Sears / A&E In-Home Product Repair business.

    Let’s start from the beginning. Mrs. Consumer has a problem with her appliance and calls
    1-800-4-MY-HOME. This call is connected to a Call Center in Round Rock, Texas, where you will be greeted by a representative. If you are a first time caller, the Rep will need to create a new account for you. If you are a repeat caller, your account will be on their computer system. Your account will have the usual customer name, address, telephone number(s) and a list of all your appliances with purchase dates, model/serial numbers and whether you have a Protection Agreement on that appliance.

    You cannot ask any technical questions to the Rep, because they only make appointments. You cannot be transferred to anyone for Technical Assistance. Your only option is to set up a service call on a mutually agreed date, either an AM or PM appointment. The Rep does one other very important part of their job description; they will “push the sale of a Protection Agreement (PA)”.

    Protection Agreements are the life blood of Sears. Protection Agreement pricing structures vary greatly from product to product. They are historically and statistically priced by the cost and frequency of component failures. One important fact to remember when being solicited to purchase a Protection Agreement; once you purchase it… you are locked into Sears / A&E as your repair company. And once your locked in, you, as the consumer are locked in to missed appointments, late running technicians, waiting at least a 7 – 10 days for a part and the ultimate frustration, after waiting a week or so for the part, either the part arrives broken or once the part is installed, the appliance still does not work and another part needs to be ordered. And YES!! This happens daily in the life of as Sears / A&E technician.

    Getting back to your service appointment date. Your service date is directly connected to ‘CAPACITY’. Capacity relates to the number of Technicians (that work on your appliance) and the geographic area in which you live. Capacity is fed into a computer by the Regional Routing Center. Daily capacity is built by the number of technicians scheduled to work in any given day by location and industry. Capacity is built like airline companies sell seats………… they overbook!!

    Sears has the ability and does overbook technicians, why?? Because they know there is always the possibility that on the day of the scheduled appointment, either the customer has forgotten about the appointment and went out, or the customer has cancelled because of any number of reasons. But a customer, who has waited a week for a scheduled appointment for a refrigerator that is not cooling, will not forget about the appointment. Also, there is a process in place, which automatically telephones the customer the night before the scheduled appointment to remind them of the service call. The District Management also has the authority to force overtime capacity into the technician’s schedule, which they have done.

    Everyone in the Sears Product Repair business is rated on PRODUCTIVITY. From the District Service General Manager, the District Technical Manager, the Technical Managers and the Technicians. Productivity within Sears / A&E is rated on the number of jobs (Service Calls) per day. When a customer is ‘not home’ or ‘cancels’ their scheduled appointment that reduces the number of service calls the technician has on his route that day. Sears will do everything in their power to insure a technician does not complete his route early.

    There are many reasons why a Technician is late for their scheduled AM or PM appointment. I have already touched on the practice of overbooking. When a technician has a full route and there are no cancellations or not at home’s, most likely, the technician will run late on his/her AM appointments, which has a domino affect on their remaining route. Worst case scenario, the technician may not complete his/her route that day and service calls will need to be rescheduled.

    Another reason why technicians run late is because frankly, the appliance refuses to cooperate and it takes longer than normal to complete the diagnosis and/or repair. One of the biggest complaints technicians have is that there in not enough time allotted for the repairs. Each repair is allotted a certain amount of time which equates to the number of parts to be replaced. I have seen the auto-routing software schedule 5 AM appointments for a technician, with considerable drive time to each customer.

    Additionally, Tech Managers have been known to add emergency service calls to technician’s daily routes. Emergency service calls are added because of irate customers, who may have been rescheduled the day before, or a multi-attempt repair that has stopped working, once again.

    When you call the 1-800-4-MY-HOME number to inquire the whereabouts of your scheduled technician, just ask to be transferred to the local district’s Customer Service Reps. The 800 number is a national call center, they don’t have access to the technician’s route. Ask the 800 number Service Rep to transfer you to the local district’s customer service Reps. It’s the local Customer Service reps that will be able to find where your technician is and when he should be at your home. It’s the local district customer service reps that will be able to get all the answers you need about your schedule, appliance replacements, parts status, and the Tech Manager responsible for your service and repair.

    Another big frustration by customers are Reschedules. Reschedules at Sears are a way of life. Customers take off from work, wait all day for the technician to arrive and they never show. Why?? Well, overbooking can play a role in reschedules, adding an emergency service call to a technician’s route can also contribute to a reschedule. Some common reasons are sickness and truck breakdowns. When a technician calls out sick in the morning, there may be 10 -12 service calls on their route that day. Now, given the fact that technicians’ routes are overbooked by design, doesn’t provide an avenue to redistribute 10 – 12 service calls to other technicians. Also, technicians do get sick during the day and elect to go home prior to completing their route. And of course truck breakdowns, their mechanical and are subject to breakdowns. This also contributes to reschedules.

    The last reschedule problem I want to touch on are two man, helper calls. Many service calls require a HELPER to assist in moving appliances or completing the repair. I have seen the Sears automated scheduling system schedule the primary technician as his first call of the day and schedule the helper as his 3rd or 4th call of the day. This frustrates the technicians and at times both the primary and helper never get together and the service call is rescheduled. It is the responsibility of the primary technician to contact the Regional Routing Center to find out who his helper is, than he must call the helper to see when they will be available to meet. Helper calls can be ugly to both technicians and customers.

    Now, customers may or may not get a telephone call notifying them their scheduled appointment, the one they have been waiting for all day, will need to be rescheduled. Technicians will not make that dreaded phone call to the customer and frankly, it’s not their responsibility. The responsibility to notify the customer that the technician is running late or their service call must be rescheduled, falls on the ‘Router’ at the Regional Routing Center. And frankly these Routers get beat up by angry customers, who Sears once again disappointed.

    Each Regional Routing Center has a Router, this person is assigned a group of technicians and monitors their route throughout the day. Technicians can contact their Router when they need to notify them of potential problems with their route, if they get sick and are going home or when their truck breakdowns. The Router also contacts the Tech Manager with technician issues and problems. Technicians will also contact their Tech Manager directly throughout the day with problems and issues.

    Another problem that frustrates customers are product replacements. As I stated earlier, even a brand new appliance in the customer’s home will not be replaced, if it can be repaired. Sears and A&E are in the ‘Repair’ business, not the replacement business.

    I have spoken to angry customers who have a Protection Agreement on their appliance who will argue to have the appliance replaced, because the price of the repair is more than the replacement cost. Customers must remember, Sears is in this business to make money. Technicians are paid by the hour and installed parts cost about half of what a customer is charged for the parts.

    An In-Warranty replacement of a product is charged back to the manufacturer, a product replacement under a Protection Agreement is charged back to the District. Each District maintains a monthly product replacement budget, but will do everything in their power to repair the product and not replace the product. For this reason I have seen customers wait many weeks for a part that was on back-order to arrive, rather than replace the product. The only sure way to obtain a product replacement is, if it needs a part which is ‘NLA’ – No Longer Available.

    It is the responsibility of the Tech Manager to forward all replacements for approval. Replacement approvals are generally reviewed by the District’s Operations Manager. The operations manager has responsibility for the districts budget as it relates to product replacements, technician’s tools, supplies, safety equipment etc. Once the operations manager approves the replacement, the retail store is sent a replacement authorization, generally by e-mail and the customer is notified to come to the store.

    Another complaint customers have are that the technician wasn’t familiar or knowledgeable with the product they were supposed to diagnose and repair. I have already touched on the fact that some technicians cross train in another industry and do not possess the same product knowledge or experience as the technician who work on these products exclusively.

    Years ago, manufacturers had technical representatives who would visit regional training centers and train technicians on new products. Manufacturers have stopped this practice of providing field training. Sears now has employed the practice of providing Computer Based Training (CBT’S) disks. Technicians don’t like the CBT’s as it doesn’t provide the same level of training by hands-on instructor training. Also, the time a Tech Manager can allot to training is minimal, at best.

    Tech Managers generally have “Ready Meetings” with their techs. Ready Meetings are designed to give the Tech Manager the opportunity to get his/her technicians together to disseminate information, procedures, handouts, or update their SST’s. Many Ready meetings can only be scheduled for 1 hour, because remember, everything revolves around ‘Productivity’ and a technician cannot be productive if he’s attending a meeting.

    Many Ready Meetings are held for mandatory procedural education by Sears. Procedural education has absolutely nothing to do with product troubleshooting and repair. I can safely say many of the technicians get their training while under fire at the customer’s home. Many new appliances technicians are sent to repair, they have never even seen before. I have been told by technicians they were embarrassed in front of customers, because they didn’t even know how to open up an appliance. At the very best, possibly the technician was given a training CD, but he was never given the adequate time to view it.

    HAVC technicians at Sears are specialized. They had to go through formal training and have a certification in Freon handling. Again, Sears does try to hire experienced technicians, but experienced HVAC Techs are very hard to find. Sears will hire an HVAC tech right out of Technical School. Some technical schools are very good, some just teach enough to pass the certification test. Many HVAC technicians do not possess the troubleshooting skills to adequately diagnose and repair a problem the first time or the second or third time. That’s why there are so many repeat service calls for the same problem. And this is not just HAVC, this practice runs all industries. Sears will send a new technician out on the road with an experienced tech for maybe, 2 – 4 weeks of training.

    This training focuses mainly on how to operate as a Sears tech on a daily basis, learning how troubleshoot and repair are weak at best. The tech must learn how to operate his SST (Sears Smart Toolbox), this is the metal laptop that each technician uses to order parts, reschedule follow up service calls and oh yes, to determine your service bill if this was a collect service call. The SST also has product diagrams which show the technician a schematic of product components, which the tech uses constantly.

    The technician also has another alternative HELP Hotline, ‘STACK’. STACK (Sears Technical Assistance Center). Also located in Round Rock, Texas is a technical call center, providing additional technical assistance. They have diagrams and microfiche
    diagrams to assist technicians in the field. But STACK is only as good as the technician is able to clearly communicate the problem. I have myself spoken to STACK and some of the complaints were that the technician wasn’t able to clearly articulate the problem.

    Parts, lets talk a little about parts. I have been told by technicians and angry customers that when they called the 1-800-4-My-Home, they were told by the call center agent that the technician would have the part on their truck. In fact, there are many parts, hundreds of parts on each service vehicle. But the vehicle cannot carry every part for every model and manufacturer, it’s just impossible. Now there are two possibilities the customer was told the technician would bring the part, either the agent was new and shouldn’t have committed that the technician would have the part on the truck or the customer was angry and demanded the technician bring the part with him and the agent agreed, just to end the call. Yes I have heard about both scenarios.

    You may wonder why the technician schedules his return service call 10 days out in the future. This is done because of the US Postal Service. Sears knows it takes at least this long to process the order and ship it out. Yes, the part will most likely arrive days prior to your scheduled service date, but to be sure the part does arrive, Sears uses a 10 day lead time, to insure the part arrives. Sears does not want to cancel a scheduled service call because the part did not arrive. (It’s a PRODUCTIVITY ISSUE). And yes, parts can be Emergency ordered, but technicians generally need to obtain permission from their tech manager before emergency ordering a part, why?? Because it is very expensive to emergency ship replacement parts. So who suffers ??. The consumer suffers.

    Why does it take so long to get someone out to look at my appliance? Well, if it’s your refrigerator that’s not cooling during your home areas’ hottest months; good luck getting a service technician to diagnose your problem. These are the peak periods for ‘No Cooling’ and the technicians are normally swamped with calls. I have seen some customers wait for two weeks for a service call. And on the day of the service call, the tech called out sick and the customer had to be rescheduled.

    The period of time, when you call for service and when you can obtain a service date is known by Sears as “State of Service”. State of service can be all over the calendar. If you call for service and you are not happy with your appointment, call the retail store and complain. The retail stores have a relationship with the District Service & Repair managers. Often the relationship is strained due to poor service, unhappy and often angry customers. But the retail store’s Brand Central or Operations managers can place some pressure on the district to satisfy the customer.

    I think you can now understand, why at times, technicians have such a hard time diagnosing and fixing your appliance the first time and why it takes so long to receive replacement parts. Sears sends inexperienced technicians out in the field and they leave the local Customer Service departments and Tech Managers to do ‘Damage Control’, when they don’t or can’t fix the product. Believe me, there are way too many ’Better Business Bureau’ and ‘Attorney General’ complaints reaching Hoffman Estates, then funneling down the respective District Offices.

    Let’s talk about Technician Productivity a little. Technician Productivity is rated on the number of ‘COMPLETES PER DAY’, not ‘CALLS HANDLED’. There is a distinct difference between the two categories. Completes per day simply means the technician diagnosed and fixed the problem on the same day of the appointment. Calls handled means the technician diagnosed the problem and a part needed to be ordered and a future follow up date needed to be scheduled.

    Industry is a term used by Sears to designate the type of work performed by a technician. Sears service multiple industries; IE ‘Laundry’ for Washers and Dryers, ‘HVAC’ for gas and oil boilers and furnaces, Central Air & Window air conditioners, Dehumidifiers, Water Softeners, Reverse Osmosis water filtering systems, Hot Water Heaters, ‘Home Electronics’ for tabletop and wall mounted TV’s, ‘Lawn & Garden’ garden tractors, snow throwers, power washers etc and
    ‘Refrigeration’ for Refrigerators and Freezers and ‘Cooking’ for stoves, ranges, microwaves, dishwashers.

    It is worthy to note, many Sears Technicians cross industries, as many industries are seasonal. A Technician could face a layoff if he didn’t expand his skills and cross train in another industry. This is one reason why some technicians aren’t as comfortable diagnosing and repairing appliances because they don’t repair these appliances on a regular basis.

    Sears brags about being certified as an ISO 9001 company. For a manufacturing company, being ISO certified means constantly reviewing the manufacturing process, to cut down on waste and defects. Manufacturing companies strive for ZERO defects. And, if a manufacturing company consistently uses quality materials and processes, that they themselves set forth as the standard, hypothetically, a quality product will be manufactured the same way; day and day and week after week.

    But Sears does not have ISO standards for troubleshooting and diagnosing problems, technicians don’t have ISO standards for fixing the appliance, right, the first time. Sears does have an ISO Standard which states: the Technician will be in his/her service vehicle and punch in on their SST at 7:25AM each and every day they are scheduled to work.

    Sears does have a standard that states the technician leaves from his driveway at 7:25AM and drives to his first call of the day, period!!. The standard goes on to say that the technician cannot stop on the way to his first call to get a cup of coffee, he can’t stop for gas. The technician is not even allowed to call his first call of the day to be sure the customer is home.
    Plenty of technicians have arrived at their first call to find an empty house. The same standard applies to the technician’s last call of the day. The technician can only drive from his last call back to his/her driveway, no stops, not even for gas.

    Sears Tech Manager’s are just as overworked as the Technicians they manage. The Sears Tech Manager who manages his team is part ‘Manager’ and a big part ‘Detective’ and ‘Enforcer’.

    Sears mandates compliancy from its Technicians and the Tech Manager is the instrument of Enforcement. Sears places more rules and regulations on its technicians than our current day military. Under the umbrella of being “ISO Compliant”, Sears mandates their technicians to follow many, many, rules and frankly, the technician does not have a ‘Rule Book’ to refer to, all the rules must be set in his /her memory. Tech managers spend too many hours trying to smooth over angry customers and trying to catch technicians doing something they shouldn’t be doing.

    Many Technicians strive to get away with doing less. If a Tech wants to reach his Tech Manager and can’t reach them, he will contact another tech manager to forward a message. But if a technician doesn’t want to be contacted, he will not answer his cell phone. Then the tech manager has no alternative, but to call him at the customer’s home telephone number. Some Tech’s will do anything and everything to get out of work and they know how to do it while in the field. Especially at the end of the day, when you need to add an extra call to their route. They will not do it.

    One last note, there are many knowledgeable and friendly Sears Technicians and many that are not. Think twice about your past experiences with Sears before you purchase another Sears Protection Agreement.

    I hope I have been able to bring to you some consumer education about the Sears / A&E repair business. And provide you some insight into making an educated decision with your purchasing power.

  258. I wouldn’t buy a screw driver from Sears, that is how much I hate them. This post is a couple of years old, but still completely relevant. We bought a refrigerator and reported problems we were having with it to Sears within two weeks of it being delivered. They sent someone back out (we thought the guy was a technician, but apparently he was just another delivery person). He fiddled with the adjustments and said it was “fine.” Fast forward about 11 months later and the thing dies. We spend $221 fixing the issue that the Sears technician said was the problem, but it still didn’t resolve the issue. Over the course of several months, the fridge starts getting warmer and warmer. Finally, we realize there is a serious problem, call Sears again, and they send someone else out. Again, another problem is diagnosed (within the sealed system that falls under the full warranty). This new technician that comes out to fix the problem says is was the issue since it was delivered. The only reason it worked a little better after the first repair was because the technician refilled the freon that had been leaking out. This second technician spends 5 hours fixing it and it works for about a week. Slowly, over a couple of weeks, all the freon leaks back out (you could actually hear a hissing sound) and we now have a refrigerator that is room temperature. A new technician was supposed to come out today between 1 and 5 PM, but it is currently 5:30 and NO ONE has arrived as of yet. Sears is still telling us that they will try and fix whatever the problem is. So, bottom line is not only do they provide a VERY cheap product, but they also don’t honor their own warranty. We asked for the fridge to be replaced within two weeks of it being delivered and Sears refused. Now they claim to have no record of that request. Folks, just stay away from Sears. We have lost about $300 worth of food and got sick after eating spoiled food (because the freezer was incrementally getting warmer, it was not initially apparent that food wasn’t being frozen properly…we learned our lesson!). We lost an additional $221 on the initial repair which Sears so far has refused to reimburse us for (although they are looking into it). We spent about $560 on the fridge itself, but may have to get another one. We’ve lost 5 days of annual leave (and counting) sitting at home waiting for service people to come. STAY AWAY FROM SEARS!!!!

  259. I don`t know if this fits in this forum or not. I guess it really doesn`t matter . This way I know someone will read it. I started at sears in april of 1990. I just put in my retirement papers for nov. 2,2008.This is due to medical reasons and the fact that I turn 60 on nov 2. I have had some medical problems this year and haven`t worked since mid june. NOW the complaints start. Does HR have any training at all? I have worked at 3 sears stores in 18 years and never had anyone screw up a paycheck as bad as unit 2382. I finally gave up complaining and retired.It will be fixed before 11-2. To continue; Not once in 4 months has anyone called to see how I was doing.I could not count the number of cards and the amount of money that I have sent to people over the years. What did I get? NOTHING! When I told them I was retiring ,the SGM ask if I would like to work 10 or 15 hrs. a week.The store is a 40 mile round trip comute. I said no. I have been a full time 40 since the summer of 1990. I really loved working at sears. You have to love it, you sure dont do it for the money. Thanks for listening.

  260. I absolutely FUCKING hate my Kenmore Elite washmachine. It makes my life just that much more stressful. It has sucked these horrible tiny holes into my DELICATE cycled clothing that I have line dried since the late eighties and therefore destroyed them! AND this fucking piece of shit is totally overpriced when there are people out there loosing their homes and jobs. HOW does it feel when you sort the clothes and push the limit to wash the clothes, late after a regular 10 hour day and you go to bed thinking you can depend on the machine to get the job done at night and I wake up to some bullshit code “F1” or “Fwhatever” and 99 mins left to go just because I wanted to WASH my clothing for my husbands or childrens????? Kenmore is a maggot to homelife.

  261. I am a retired employee. My husband & I were both service techs. I don’t want to write a book but with all of the terrible things Sears did I could. I worked there for 23 years & my husband worked there for 28 years so we were there in good time & bad. The bad started just a year or two after we started working there. Being a female tech was extra hard. They fired the nice boss & a devil came. He immediately pulled me out of repair & told me I would be installing antennas & by the way you will do it without help. It was previously a 2 man job. I did it for about 3 months & then told the devil that I proved I could do it & I wanted back into repair. He told me if I didn’t have a higher than average completion rate I would be out the door. It is true that the techs are rated by completions but what that is saying is that Sears doesn’t care about quality service, just quantity. My husband & I retired in ’97. The pressure was so bad on us that my husband still has nightmares about it. All of the bad things that you read & more is true about them. You can blame the technicians but the real blame should be on management because of the pressure they put on their employees. The reason that they tell you that someone will be out the next day is because it looks good on the managers books that they are taking next day calls. Even though they know that most of them will be called & rescheduled. I’m thankful we got out when we did because the next year they quit providing life insurance. Later we found out that they were charging more than it cost them for our medical insurance. They also quit providing retiree life insurance for future retirees. What they don’t know is that was in they’re favor. We finally dropped their medical insurance. My husband & I bought our freedom from Sears because we managed to get out at age 55. My husband told me later that the stress would have killed him if we hadn’t gotten out when we did. Most of the techs in our area never make it to retirement. They either die before they reach it or they wind up on disability. It is truly that bad. That is how we knew we had to get out as early as possible. Thank God we did & after 11 years of retirement we are still alive.

  262. I have many,many problems with sears junk. Camera that you can buy covers,straps,any part you want EXCEPT FILM!! Stapler that you cant buy staples (craftsman),electric screwdriver that wont hold the bit since new. Clerk said they are all like that! Flashlight that is supposed to charge that doesnt! Now a 300.00 Galaxy range,I had to special order,1 year old that is the biggest piece of crap I ever bought! I am actually afraid it will start a fire. Surface element went bad,oven element went one of the top burners wont even turn off with the switch. Sears will NEVER get another of my dollars!!!! I will bad mouth them as long as I live.

  263. I work for Sears and sadly have to agree with all the disgruntled “customers.”

    It is awful to have to come to work and tell someone that their order was cancelled but we still are holding their money. Or that yes, I understand the item arrived damaged but they don’t just send a new one, we will place an order for a new one and arrange to have the damaged item picked up. So in essence we take your money twice and you still don’t have what you ordered. Good times!

    There is no accountablity and Sears does not want to hear what us peons go through day in and day out…so in the end you rant to one of us drones that has gone from I cared to could care less as you rant.

    It’s now holiday time and the amount of people that are moved by the fact that Sears will supplement a service man/womans pay if they are called to duty is great for publicty. What they don’t know is that whatever they order will not get their in time, may be damaged and once we get their money we dont’ care!

  264. For those that would like to know who some of the managers were that made the techs so miserable in the Oklahoma area in the 1980’s & ’90’s they are Clancy Gadd, Rich Braun, Veronica Martinez & Diane Bouton. They are the scum of the earth. They literally threatened, framed & did everything they could to get money from customers & blood from the techs working there & tried to force into quitting those that had been there for enough years that they were drawing more salary. If you were on disability & got well, they would wait til you came back & then fire you.
    That’s Sears for you.

  265. I have a Kenmore Elite he and got it 22 months ago. Now it just all of sudden started to beep and spin. I didn’t even turn it on and the lid was open. I turned it off and shut the lid. Now it keeps beeping and will not let me start a load. All the lights keep flashing and the timer is going up and down. I cannot make it quit unless I unplug it. Now I have a TON of laundry to do and cannot have tech come for 4 days! This is a bunch of BS!


  267. I came home one day to water leaking from my almost 5 year old Kenmore frig. I thought it was the water line for the dispenser so I shut it off to deal with it another day. Later that night I went to my freezer to find everything was defrosting. Turns out it was not the water line but the condensation leaking because my frig stopped working.

    Believing it may be the compressor which was still under warranty, I called Sears friday morning. To my horror, they said they cant come out until monday! What the heck am I supposed to do in the mean time? What about my $200 in food that will rot without a frig? They didnt care. I even spoke to a supervisor who was even less concerned.

    Monday the tech shows up and says its not the compressor, but the relay instead. The estimate came to $257 parts and labor. Parts $30, the rest was labor! It took him less than a minute to install the relay. He was at my house for about 20 minutes. What a rip off!

    Then they declined my check because the company they use to approve checks determined I was a “bad risk” based on their “profiling”! WTF!? This has NEVER happened to me before and I was appalled. I paid with a debit card, same account as the check I tried to pay with. Stupid people.

    I will never ever ever by anything from Sears again, and I am telling everyone I know to boycott Sears.

  268. I think I just dodged a bullet. I called 1-800-4-my-home to get some information(warranty info) and possibly arrange for service on my Kenmore refrigerator. I bought it in June of 2001, and I believe the compressor just burned out this evening. Before this Kenmore, I owned a Hotpoint, and the compressor was covered for 10 years. The customer service guy needed my phone number so he could look up my account. Fortunately, I was able to remember what my phone number was back in 2001 (we’ve moved twice since then) and from that, he could see my account and was able to see where I did in fact purchase the refrigerator. He told me the warranty had expired in 2006 (5 years) but he could schedule a service call for the next day between the hours of 1-5PM. I had not inquired about setting up a service call at this point-I was just wanting information. Everytime I asked a question, I did not get a clear answer to my question (what is the cost of a compressor out of warranty?), but more information about how I could purchase a “ServiceSmart Agreement” that would cover parts and labor on the service call he would schedule for the next day, AND this is a one-time offer. I asked if he could send me information about the plan via e-mail, because I want it in writing. He said they can’t send e-mails, but I could cancel the service plan within 60 days, or even the next day if the repair doesn’t add up to the cost of the service agreement, and they would credit me back the difference. Red flags are now waving vigorously, and my gut was telling me something is not right. I told him I could not find my wallet and that I would have to call back in the morning. I immediately went online, googled “Kenmore ServiceSmart Agreement” and found this website. I’ve been reading through the postings, and WOW! All I can say is over the past 40+ years, my parents and myself, have always had the belief that Sears and Kenmore is good stuff. And, I think they are good stuff, because I have NEVER had one instance of being dissatisfied with a Sears product or Kenmore product. I and my family have been very pleased with this Kenmore refrigerator. I have a Kenmore freezer in my garage that’s been running faithfully for over 12 years now. My mother still uses a Kenmore canister-style vacuum that she bought over 30 years ago. She just replaces the bags when they’re full and the damn thing just keeps on going and going. Apparently, customer experience and product quality has changed at Sears. Even though my frig is almost 8 years old, it still looks good as new, so, what the hell, I am going to get a repair estimate from a little guy in town that repairs refrigerators. I think the repair guy even buys them non-working so he can fix them up for re-sell. I am also going to check other retailers and see what they have. I will also thoroughly research each brand for complaints and problems. What a shame that Sears has this kind of reputation now.

  269. I’ve worked for SEARS 6 years as a cashier/floor support/stockman/ and I did the work that ISM who were all getting $8+ didn’t finish for a sale or takedown report. All at once of course, as we are forced to do stock, customer service, clean fitting rooms, in store marketing, and janitorial work in Shoes and in Mens! After not being given a support belt and being made to do stock; lifting a box of 12 pairs of work boots many times a day I ended up straining the cartilage between my ribs and they let me go after I went to the clinic not their doctor, claiming that I did so against policy. After I was let go I learned that I was let go for poor performance! After a few months I tried to reapply, and learned that I was unable to be re-employed by SEARS because of the reasons of why I was terminated. That’s not the worst of it! Every job I’ve applied for since has been turned down, even if the interview was great! I count 26 jobs that have said no… Is this a coincidence I think it’s BLACKLISTING! It’s illegal, but SEARS must be saying some pretty bad and fake stuff about me that no-one will employ me! I may have to start my own business, or move to find a job!

  270. I worked for Sears for 3 ½ years as a consultant and here is what my investigations revealed.

    Sears has many appliances on their sales floors that are on government recall list for safety and defect problems but they sell them anyway and have the customer sign a paper with print on it so small an electron microscope would have problems seeing it that waivers the customers right for a new appliance if the one they buy fails the first day it is installed.

    It states all they have to do is make the repair to the defective appliance within a reasonable time and of course reasonable time is never defined.

    You can even find the recall list in very small print on their web site then find the appliances on the list and compare the models to the exact same appliances being sold on the Sears sales floor at any Sears store. When you ask them about that they will of course give you the fake line that they stand behind all of their appliances and that particular one has already been fixed.

    Of course if you ask them if they can prove that one does not have the defect as described in the government recall they would not be able to do that at all as no one working in any Sears store has much experience with much of anything at all including how to fix appliances.

    They have an obvious employee drug problem and a high up manager even told me, “If they fired everyone on drugs at Sears then they would lose 75% of their workforce”

    The other problem they have is hiring illegal aliens and treating them like slaves by always putting the, “You can be deported just as easy as we imported you to work here” Such as when one of those illegal aliens ask if it is possible to get paid for the 16 hours a day they have him working while only paying him for 8 hours a day at $5.15 an hour.

    The answer will always be, “If you do not like it we can sure deport you back to Mexico today”!

    Reason being of course because the CEO likes to exploit illegal aliens as much as he can to increase profits that are falling thru the roof.

    By about 1998-1999 the CEO dumped a bunch of his con artist type gains back into the Sears stocks to make them appear to be good and suckers bought those stocks for as much as $65 a share at which time the CEO sold all of the stock he had bought at a huge profit which in turn drove Sears stock down to $8 a share leaving other investors holding a bag full of toilet paper for a million dollars in stocks.

    As for me I already knew what was going on and sold my stocks warned others to sell theirs but of course morons never listen to someone that knows the real truth which is how a non citizen radical Muslim got elected president of this country.

    So I’ll warn you all again.

    If you buy from Sears expect the worst in service and appliances because Sears does not make a single one of their Kenmore appliances as they buy them all from Whirlpool, Frigidaire, and GE then they just stick a Kenmore sticker on them.

    They also set the standards at which they are built by those manufactures and use the lowest standards that just barely meets government standards which is a standard on a scale from 1-10 with a 1 equaling the government standard Sears barely equals a 1 rating compared to the original manufactures that make the appliances having a standard of a 6 which of course has much more quality and will work the first time you turn it on unlike what they say is 33% of all Sears appliances sold do not even work when first plugged in and will need repairs.

    The reason they have to use the much lower standards is because otherwise they could not compete with the manufactures that sell much better appliances with better quality who also just happen to make all of the lower standard Sears appliances also.

    Of course if they bought the higher quality appliances their prices would end up much higher than Lowes, Home Depot or other appliance dealers who actually still sell the name brand appliances with the better quality built into them at still a lower price than Sears sells its lower standard junk appliance for.

    So if you think because it cost more at Sears it must be better think again because the quality at Sears is a good 5-6 times lower than any name brand appliance company that sells higher quality appliances and also makes and sells those junky would have normally been discarded in a dumpster for scrap appliances to Sears.

    Buying an appliance from Sears would be the exact same thing as walking into a car dealership that sold Cadillac’s then having them sell you a beat up 10 year old Geo with a Cadillac sticker on the back of it also telling you it is the same thing as a brand new Cadillac.

    Needless to say after my investigation from 1998-2002 I sure do not buy a single thing from Sears and never will.

    If you still buy something after reading this all I can do is feel sorry for how your just a sucker and Sears just loves suckers because they are the only people that buy anything from them anymore.

    By the way searsuckz, They paid me $17.50 an hours and I was one of the guys that took the 50-60 calls a day from all of their ignorant technicians working in the field throughout the entire US some of which had to call the tech line to find out how to check if a light bulb was bad or not.

    I heard your story from technicians every day about how they were treated. Basically if you do not use drugs do not sell drugs or you were not one of the managers children or friends of his families children also on drugs they did not want you working there long to find out that is how that company operates.

    I knew managers children working there that always smelled like pot and they did not do one single thing all day yet they got paid $20 hr just to act as if they were doing something.

    You are correct about the black listing and you should contact a private investigator that can build a case on what they are saying to your perspective employers.

    Libel brings in a pretty good sum in a lawsuit that any lawyer will take for free if you have good evidence of it.

  271. By the way they paid me $25,000 when they tried the little libel thing on me which of course did not teach them much of a lesson I don’t think.

    Maybe you should try for 25 million searssuckz and see if that gets their attention to that problem this time around.

  272. sears asset protection irvine mike steven and attorney group oc partners will have the corporation and LLc meeting in july

  273. I Hate SEARS
    They are the biggest grittiest of all.
    They service sucks their merchandise suck and you have to buy warranty in most of their products they offer that of course but, because what. Their merchandise is CHEAP!

    I was a customer for about 20 plus years good customer pay on time etc. And one day two days late bum the interest on CC sky rocket, they have no policies in decreasing interest rate in economic difficult time like TODAY, they will not help you.

    SO I strongly recommend that if do not have a CC with sears DO NOT GET one. IS not worth it.

    And I make a call to all spanic, LATINOS! public NO Adquieran una tarjeta de crédito en SEARS los robaran sin piedad!

    I think SEARS need to change policies or pass away…


  274. Sears en USA apesta!
    Digo en USA porque no están conectados sears MEXico y SEARS USA.
    Aparentemente SEARS MEXICO tiene otras políticas.

    Aquí en USA Seattle, WA.
    Son los mas despiadados y abaros no contemplan la actual situación económica que se esta viviendo.
    Sus tarjetas de crédito son muy peligrosas deberás hasta la ropa interior JAMAS obtengas una tarjeta con SEARS los intereses son estratosferas y no los bajaran…
    Además todos los productos vendidos en SEARS no están garantizados, te ofrecen el comprar garantía pero la verdad de las cosa es que es un fraude. Son productos sumamente baratos en el sentido de la cualidad no vale la pena comprar algo que se descompone en unos meses o que tengas muchos dolores de cabeza tratando de convencer a los representantes de como hiciste tu pago inicial etc.
    No vale la pena pasa la voz o SEARS cambia o que desaparezca.

  275. I do not shop at Sears but I can’t believe the hassle they give you. I had someone to still my credit card information and they made three purchases on My bank gave me a telephone number supplied by Sears to contact. I contact the telephone number and it is a recording about if you have unauthorized charges on your account to email them or mail a letter with certain criteria for them to look into. That was not good enough for me, so I called the customer service information listed on its website. These people are the worst in handling situations such as this. They basically told me there was nothing they could do and I would have to dispute this with my bank. I was not only trying to get my money back but I was trying to save them from sending out products that will not be paid for once I get my money back. They didn’t even want to give me the corporate office number, even though it is listed on their webiste. ASSHOLES! Sears SUCK and I will never buy from them.

  276. I actually work for sears and have for about 9 years. We have been in such scrutiny about selling their MPA’s lately that one person was actually fired last week for not selling enough of them even though his sales were more than most of the whole sales floor. Management makes you go to weekly meetings and never pays you for them (against policy and in some states against the law). I would have to say that with the 60% profit that the store makes on these MPA’s, they do not even want us to sell the merchandise; just the MPA’s themselves. We were even told that if a customer does not want the MPA then management does not even care if it breaks in the first 30 days. They will only take care of the MPA buying public to an extent. There is no such thing as customer service anymore and this is where I am on the edge with my management team. They don’t care and I do. They were such a good customer friendly company not too long ago but greed has taken over companywide and here to stay unless someone steps up and kicks some ***. Stay away from this company if you can.

  277. I usd to be a Sears AE Factory Tech. I could write 6-7 pages on what goes on and why I quit. Don’t trust the technician until he shows obvious confidence on what he is doing. Since the turnover rate is high, experience has gone to the gutter. The techs gain 95% of their training on YOUR 1000 dollar appliances. You have to mislead customers if you want to get off before 7 or 8PM each day. Since you get below standard training, you don’t have time to diagnose problems correctly or the routing schedule does not allow ample time. The tech managers are mostly inadequate to lead a repair facility. To them its about metrics, spreadsheets and targets. I can say I agree that Sears leadership is not only out of touch with customers but with its own employees. My tech managers, yes all three in a 17 month period, knew nothing about appliance repair. On paper Sears sounds like they have it together by their fancy words and ads. But the fruit on the tree is rotten.

  278. In my opinion , several HE front-load washers suffer from a design flaw that leaks liquid onto the bearings if HE detergent is not used. In earlier versions, of the Sears Elite HE washers (as well as possibly other HE washers), it was not mentioned that HE detergent was required.

    I understand from the Sears technician, that non-HE detergent results in excessive suds which leak onto the bearings (as a result of the design flaw). As anyone familiar with bearing grease will tell you, liquid on the bearings will wash off the bearing lubricant thereby causing complete failure of your washing machine.

    If you have had this problem, please contact me at

  279. I got my financial matters solved and reduced the balance of my credit. my initial contact for all the legal representation was with stephen sears attorney in irvine ca 92620. 949-262-1100. before that I had to deal with the collection department. It’s a great help to have a professional cpa attorney fix the problem.

  280. I work at sears MPU (merchandise pick up). You have no idea what kind of crap I have to put up with.

    Here are some fun facts:

    I estimate 10% of the items sold in store are DEFECTIVE, as in improperly assembled before shipping, dangerous to use, or fail within a few uses. (I get all the returns)

    Another 10% is damaged in transit, usually from shipping. I unload the trucks and we are very careful. In the spring we get trucks overflowing up to the roof (which is a violation) and boxes are LITERALLY thrown up on top because you cannot reach that high and they are a mess. In the winter some loads had inches of ice all over the goods, including TV’s, clothes, everything. We took pictures and filed complaints with the appropriate people, of course. One time someone actually had the balls to label a microwave that was completely demolished “fell from top shelf” and sent it anyways. My favorite is when they nail something with a forklift like a tool chest.

    Our computer software and hardware is absolutely ancient. The systems glitch all the time. At pickup you come in and scan your receipt and I get your item in 5 minutes or less or I get yelled at. If 5 people come in at once, and all scan, I get no extra time. I call for help but noone else knows anything about mpu except rarely one or two guys who never work when I do. All I can do is my best and thats what I do. But now lets factor in what really happens… the MPU kiosk freezes up ALL THE FUCKING TIME like 2-5 times a day and takes 20 minutes to reboot. The SNC (ancient PDA thing) is terrible. It tells me when someone needs a pickup or to get an item ready. It has no low battery alarm and can die off whenever it wants and I get behind. Also while you are sprinting around if you manage to hit the exit button on your leg there is no confirm option, and you are screwed. It turns off, and when someone scans not only do you not know about it, you have to reset the whole damn system to get it working again usually. To use the SNC you have to scan the item, then the receipt. Sounds easy enough, right? No. Half the time, the customer does not have the receipt. Which is ok, they ordered online or I can confirm with ID or otherwise. However if I do that 5 minutes later a manager comes out screaming at me like I killed their firstborn about it (ironically, the only people to do this are people who have 0 idea about mpu or how to do it). The set up a second snc to record when I manual out items or override the receipt. 25% of the time on items, the barcode is trashed, scratched up, invalid, or there is no barcode because it was sold as a returned item. I have no choice but to manual it out, and the same thing happens. Managers come out and act like this has never happened before even though we get a 25% margin of manuals and like 10% on receipts.

    If they don’t like you for some reason, you will be fire with no remorse whatsoever and no consideration for the problems it might create when we are already shorthanded. A few months ago we hired a nice guy (black, just for reference.. I’m not a racist..) who was a hard worker. We still needed 2-3 more guys as we FINALLY fired one guy with 2-3 dui’s, called in all the time from hangovers, was drunk or high on pills at work all the time, ect. So anyway, a few weeks go by and they fire the nice guy for no reason besides “we have a lack of scheduling hours”. I went in and asked why he was let go and they said the same thing. A day goes by and they say they are looking to hire more people to fill in the massive gaps we have and I once again ask why he was fired… and if he really was fired for lack of hours and by chance we got more just now why not call him back and I could not get a straight answer. It is my opinion he was let go because he was black and “could not be trusted”. I remember now one other associate friend of mine was actually asked to spy on him and see if he was stealing.. he had never been asked to spy on someone before and hes been here for 10 years. The guy had 5 kids and was really nice.

    As for our security we have 3 things here. Mall cops, which cruise around outside the mall we are next to which help watch for troublemakers or something. LP, our loss prevention whose job is to watch the store and employees for theft, secure items, ect. And then we have the managers who carry keys for lockup items.. TV’s, cameras, tractors, the trash compactor(cant have someone get in that my god the threat!!!), and lawn mowers that are out of box. As the person who has to get the items, especially tvs and cameras 5-10 times a day it gets annoying to get them to come. Half the time they forget, and leave you waiting for 10 min. The best part is the person you call never has the keys, they have to go track down someone else with the keys, then meet you, then you have to manually sign the stupid item out on a notepad, then you have to scan everything out, assuming the computer works, and the snc, and the barcode, and the customer has the receipt, and it fits in their vehicle fast enough for you to help the next person. SURE WOULD BE NICE IF I COULD BE TRUSTED TO HAVE A KEY TO THROW AWAY TRASH, GET NECESSARY ITEMS FOR THE CUSTOMERS FASTER, AND GEE I DONT KNOW DO MY JOB.

    And by the way, I have never stolen anything in my life, and you have to be stupid to steal. The reason people steal is because they thought they would get away with it. I will never steal but I will tell you this.. if I wanted to there are fool proof ways to do it here with no paper trail or chance to get caught. I say this because they are all about security to make my life harder, but its all just a sham to make it seem like they know what they are doing. If you can’t trust me to load out tv’s don’t hire me for the fucking job.

    The repair center is a damn joke. The phone system in general is a joke. The pay rate is a joke. The yearly raises of 11 cents is a joke. The job expectations of MPU in general are the worst in the store as far as things to do. When I was hired, I was told all I had to do was unload trucks and stockroom maintenance, and there would be nothing to stop me from accomplishing time goals.

    Here is what I actually have to do:

    Unload trucks in 90-100 degree temps at a pace that is completely unrealistic. (i can see my breath in the winter because it gets so cold on the dock, and they dont let you wear a winter coat, however i DO NOT GIVE A FUCK and I wear it, someone cronie manager from some irrelevant department came back and bitched at me I told him to raise the goddamn temperature above freezing or pay my fucking hospital bills and cover my sick day shifts when i cant work from hypothermia and he shut up immediately.)<– long sentence, lol

    After the truck is unloaded as fast as you can unbox and seperate everthing. Take all the big shit to the floor or put it in the stockroom where it goes. Unbox every box of clothes (500-1000 a truck) and hang them up. Then you have to pull the plastic off them. Then you have to tag the ones that need tagging, and get bitched at because you “did it wrong” when there is nothing that says to tag such and such brand on our “up to date” sheets.

    Dump everyones trash, garbage, clean up messes, anything people can think of. Im fine with weekly boxes from the truck, but when I have to take 20 trips to clean up someones mess from assembling some floor items its not exactly my fucking job detail.

    Debox refridgerators, washers, dryers, microwaves, all that kind of stuff usually 5-10 at a time and take them out to the floor down aisles with 1 inch clearance on each side with a fridge. This isnt all that terrible but throw that in during a truck day and dont expect this to get done.

    Take customer returns, pickups, repair pickups, repair drop offs. Mandatory for anyone at MPU, i just wish someone would have told me when I asked what im supposed to do for my job. By the way, for the returns noone does anything about defective product. For example we have this piece of shit pressure washer that is selling for cheap. We sell like 2 a day, and get returned 2 a day. We send them off to service, and I saw ten come back, every single one, scored engine was the problem. I told management and they didn’t give a shit and we keep selling them.

    Do any kind of oddjob any other manager can think of. This includes ANYTHING even remotely physical, as we are big apes that sit in the back on our ass with nothing to possibly do but wait for their calls to come out and carry 50 fucking fixtures into the back that they loaded into a 500 lbs max weight rolling garbage can with 800 pounds of stuff that goes flying the second you touch it, or they load it all onto a flat cart that becomes 5 feet wide with all the shit on it and the aisles are only 4 feet wide. I like when they do this like 20 minutes after close! yay!

    Maintain the stockroom.. ok thats fine. sweep, move stuff, build stuff, that makes sense. But we had to in the last few months:
    -rearrange lots of items weighing 250lbs+ each 10 times for no reason AFTER A TRUCK WAS UNLOADED and put away… guess they want to fucking work us to death?

    -clean off thirty year old gunk on shelves that noone sees with harmful chemicals, THREE TIMES because it was so stuck on

    -redo all the tape on the floor that outlines areas, with cheap shitty tape with no sealant that comes up after a month (doesnt sound so bad until you have to do it trust me)

    Im out of time right now, im at work while typing this but dont worry, its a monday there isn’t anything to do right now. Ill post more when i can.

    By the way, im all for the customer, even if im having the worst day ever, the second I walk out to you you will not know it. I get tips all the time (shh dont tell)
    boss is here ill be back tommorow lol

  281. Another rotten thing Sears does is false advertising. They advertise ‘Clearance–60% Off!’ Don’t believe it–at the point of purchase, they charge the 40% amount. If you paid by credit card, they will send you a bill for the amount they lost (60% in this case). Sears is run by a bunch of corporate criminals!

  282. Why do none of these stories surprise me in the least bit?

    Oh yeah I remember now I worked at Sears one time as a HVAC consultant.

    Way I figure it is that if your going to buy anything from Sears or do business with them in anyway you will save much more money by just giving your money to one of those Nigerian money order scam artist

    As far as I could tell you would get the same service either way except you would save a lot more money in the Nigerian scam artist thing than you would by buying anything from Sears

    By the way Sears does not manufacture any of its appliances or anything it sells and they are all made by their competitors in the real appliance and HVAC manufacturing businesses which of course explains why Sears stuff is junk and why the competitors have stuff ten times better

    These are some of the model codes for the manufactures that make those appliances that you will see on those appliances you bought thinking Kenmore had made them

    106 = Whirlpool
    253 = Frigidaire
    363 = General Electric
    464 = Maytag
    596 = Amana

    Of course they all say Kenmore on the appliance but they are just extra cheap products made with extra cheap parts by those manufactures and sold to Sears

    They even had a saying at Sears which was “Sears does not make a single thing but money”

    By the way

    That technician they sent to your house that you suspected was an illegal alien because he could barely speak any English

    He was and most Sears technicians are now days and they only make minimum wage along with being threatened with deportation if they ever leave and go to work someplace else.

    If they ever had drug testing and an INS raid at the same time Sears would be completely out of business that same day

  283. The guy who is MPU – is so right about Sears – until you work for this horrible company – you have no idea how bad it is – Sears finds a way to get rid of anyone who acts like they have a brain and KNOW how to work with customers. They reward employees who call off – goof off – have their friends hanging around and steal. Those who show up to work – they find a way to get rid of. LP exists to get rid of employees who work. Managers NEVER see those who are working and doing their jobs – they like to hang out with the teenagers and smoke and talk nasty outside the door the customers enter. They also practice age discrimination in scheduling of employees hours.

  284. Sears, and other companies, have a credit card insurance to help pay the monthly bill if one becomes ill, loses job, or catastrophic weather, and etc.. Well, just try using the so called insurance when needed. I called the account-care insurance to file a claim and haven’t heard a word back. This was almost two years ago. When I received the claim form, filled it out and returned it to proper place I at least expected to get a letter saying my monthly payments would be covered. Never a word from anyone regarding the claim. I could have filed a disability claim or out of work claim because of Katrina. I told the rep that took my call my story and told him to send the forms that he considered befitting my case. He sent the disability forms. Still no word from the insurance company or Sears. If Sears is going to allow this type of insurance to be placed on their customer’s account (being the customer pays each month according to the amount owed on the card plus paying for the insurance),seems that Sears would be interested in knowing how many are turned down on a claim. Sears is not responsible for the insurance company’s treatment or denial of claims, but when a customer stops paying due to lack of income and denial of claims, then I should think Sears would be at least curious enough to look into the matter and find out why that customer is not able to pay any longer. I agree with most of the above comments made regarding ‘treatment of customers’. I cannot agree or disagree with the employees point of view as I have never worked for Sears. As for the young person with comments regarding working for Sears and loving it…I suggest you wait until after you have worked for a really ‘GREAT’ company and then compare notes. This way you will have something to compare your ‘NOW’ job with your next one. Oh, yes…you will have other jobs with which to compare your present one. Been there done that. I do wish you luck though. To each poster: “Good luck with your complaints”. PS: The insurance I spoke of is very expensive each month. I paid from $69.00 to over $100.00 each month for years to no avail.

  285. For any appliance whether sears or not has a 1yr manufacture warranty. After that warranty companies offer extended warranties. Sears doesnt manufacture these products they just carry them like lowes or home depot. But just a bit of advise, sears does service for these companies. Furthermore, Read your warranty before you bitch about anything,keeps you from looking stupid. When you call for service with no warranty.And FYI sites like this make no difference no one cares.


  286. I finally found a place to put my 2cents in when it comes to sears and its consumers. I’m a auto service tech for Sears and see first hand how things really go down in the place. First and foremost I’d like to say that Sears employee’s especially their techs are very underpaid and under trained. The only half decent wages they give out are to the paper pushing district and regional managers. Sales and Service employee’s are shadily categorized under a tips wage agreement where they can pay their employee’s under minimum wage and give a “what they call percentage of the sale “or otherwise “commission” and in the service side of it.. they set their own price for labor and we the service techs get only a slight % of that. So say you go in for 4 tires, you pay about $120.00 per tire. Your paying $480.00 and then they charge a labor fee which is about $12.00 and lets not forget their disposal fee of about $1.00 per tire. So a total of $496.00. We as techs only get $5.00 to “$7.00 for special removal” as our commission for the job and our hourly pay which is $5.50. NOTE the majority of the work we get during the day is “Warranty Work” and guess what we get for that…$0.00. Sears tells you they will cover warranty work..Of COURSE THEY WILL.. because they have us screwed into doing their warranty work for free! Here’s some fast facts for ya about Sears consumers, There are three types of customers that shop or service with Sears, the first are Seniors who have been with them since it was the only place you could go for service or appliances 50+ years ago “a time perhaps when Sears cared about its employees and customers” these also the same Seniors who don’t or cant access the Internet to know that Sears has a 300%+ markup on things people could get for 1/4 of the price. Second kind is the cheap and-or ignorant wealthy class..people that come in with a $70,000 Mercedes to get it serviced because they refuse to pay for their expensive professionally trained Mercedes service techs at the dealership, a rich persons deal indeed. Oh thanks for that tip you didn’t leave me BTW. With the exception of the occasional immigrant who thinks Sears is the coolest thing since rice & beans the last kind are..yes their employee’s. All the ignorant people that work for them are glad they can pay 20% off a 300+% marked up item. “Possibly the same people who can’t get off the lazy chair to shop around?” The people who are at fault are the people that run the district and company, and the people that shop there. You could be spending your money at the small business shops “ya know the ones not trying to screw you big time on prices and labor!” these same businesses that are struggling to keep food on their plate! When you shop at Sears not only can you expect to get terrible service and prices you are also making the already filthy rich richer and the poor ALOT poorer.. Thanks for taking time to read this. You shop at sears and we all lose.
    An unfortunate Sears Employee that couldn’t keep his business going because of people that do buisness with Sears and companies like it.

  287. We had a problem with a hot water heater tank springing a leak while we were on vacation. When we got home to find our floors and carpet all wet we called Sears warranty department to get the hot water heater tank replaced because the hole in the bottom of the tank that could not be repaired.

    I give them all the information about the problem and they said that we were cover under the 10 year warranty but an inspector will have to come out to inspect the tank and advise them of it’s condition before they could arrange for a repair or replacement of the water heater. They may only have to repair the leak and not replace the tank. However, it they could not get an inspector to come out to do the inspection for a “full 7 days”. So, for 7 days we had to go without HOT WATER, 7 days, sunday to monday of the next week.

    In talking to the inspector when he arrived, I was told that the inspectors had to take days without pay each pay period to save SEARS money. He had been off without pay for days in the week before he came to my house and was surprised that it had taken 7 days to get someone out. He looked to confirm what I had told SEARS and recommended a tank replacement. The contract water heater installer told me that they were only given 1 day to have the installation completed. At least the installation was completed that say day.

    It was not easy going 7 days without hot water. We were so very angry but SEARS did not care. They even told us that they were hiring more inspectors to shorten the response when we asked why it was going to take 7 days. They knew that they were keeping inspectors off work to save money.

    I had a problem with a lawn mower last summer, as well. I will never depend on a SEARS major appliance warranty again. There warranty customer service is so very bad.

    I will never buy another major appliance from SEARS.

  288. I too, hate Sears and recently quit a full commission sales position there (mainly because they force their full commission people into hours of free labor every week and give people better deals through the website so that they don’t have to pay commissions). One thing I hate even more, though, is the shocking number of people who came to Sears on a daily basis to try to get things for free. Yes, I feel bad that your $2000 fridge needs a repair after only having it for two years but, after screaming at me for an hour, Sears still won’t pay for the repair. That is, unfortunately, the point of a warranty. And thing are, unfortunately, going to break once in a while, a week after whenever that warranty is up. And that’s true no matter where you shop. Screaming will not help anything and no other store is going to: rush out that day with every single possible part for the fridge, repair it for free outside of the warranty, deliver you a brand new fridge to replace yours or talk you through the repair on the phone (and magically teleport you the necessary part?). You know who can be out the next day cheaply? A REPAIR MAN. That’s what they do. They can figure out what’s wrong, order the part and be over the day it arrives to put it in at a quarter of Sears’ cost. Many are insured as well (and will still be much lower in price). I, personally, shop for appliances online.

  289. First of all, as a FORMER Sears employee I would like to sincerely apologize to all those who posted here with issues dealing with Sears. I empathize with you and hope your issues get resolved at some point.

    I worked for Sears for two months (Oct.-Dec. 2010). I have a degree in education and lost my teaching position last June so I looked for other employment to hold me over until I could get another teaching position. I applied to Sears online for a full-time position and was called for an interview a few weeks later at the local Sears store. After a series of three interviews I was hired as a cashier. I was told at the time that I would work 20-25 hours per week at $7.25 per hour. I never had more than 15 hours, most weeks were 10-12 hours. I wasn’t happy about working part time at minimum wage but I needed the money at that point so I agreed to work for them. I was told that one of the cashiers made enough extra money selling the protections plans to cover her monthly car payment, so I thought that was a plus. Found out later that was a lie.

    I was told that I would go through a week of online training. There was a whole series of online classes to take, but after my first day of training, I was taken out to the registers the second day to work with an experienced cashier and learn the ropes. After two hours I was left alone to handle the registers all by myself. I had no clue what I was doing, but managed to get through the rest of my shift. I never did get to go back and finish training. That is complaint number one. Sears does not offer adequate training for its employees. Then when you make a mistake on something you get yelled at.

    One thing they don’t tell you when they hire you is that you will never make it to full-time. That way they don’t have to pay benefits. Every single sales associate and cashier at my store was part-time. Employees are pushed to sign people up for Sears credit cards and to push customers into those Sears Protection Plans which are nothing more than extended warranties which are mostly profit for the company. Management says they are not extended warranties, but they can call them what they like, they still are. Employees earn a dollar or two from each protection plan they sell. I checked with the other cashiers I worked with and never did find the one who made enough from selling those things to cover her car payment. I had customers that complained about Sears not honoring those protection plans, and I felt bad for them, so I stopped pushing them.

    The overall atmosphere in the store was negative, due to the negative attitude by most of the managers. They were constantly threatening to write somebody up or terminate someone. That doesn’t create a positive work environment. I don’t think there was one single person I worked with who actually said they liked working there. The entire store was run by a group of 20-30 year old women. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with women being in managerial positions, but this group was especially negative toward everyone. The head honcho was a young girl who I would say was in her mid thirties with absolutely no people skills.

    I could go on and on. I quit just before Christmas of 2010. I felt such a sense of relief when I walked out of that store on my last day. You know, Sears claims to be 100% customer focused. I kinda have to laugh at that statement. It’s true they are customer focused…focused on getting their money. They definitely are not service oriented or employee friendly. I will NEVER enter another Sears store knowing what I now know and after seeing how it works from the inside.

  290. This company is now cheating employees out of their pension funds. If you are close to being vested for your pension – they will take you off the schedule. Also they are changing hire dates to make it look like you are not vested in the system for pension.

    At one time I loved this company – now I would not recommend them to anyone – to work at or shop at.

    I cannot understand why our government hasn’t gotten involved in the illegal activities that go on within this company.

  291. I agree, Sears is a terrible place to work, I have been there. However, the prices demand service, which Sears does not want to pay people to give. I recently bought a mattress, box spring and bed. This was not cheap!!! The poor delivery people were running around with about 22 deliveries that day. Do you think Sears would have told me I was the last delivery and it would be closer to 6pm than 8am?? Not at all, all day window!!! Then I got the stuff and there was a hole which was not drilled. They fixed that the next day, I will not give details to protect the kindness shown by the awesome repair person!!! The mattress looked like it had been opened before and possibly used, ripped tag, open blue part of the bag, odd smell from the mattress, ripped threads all over and I am itching when I sleep on it. It was delivered Friday, this is Sunday and they will not check the mattress until they have slept at home until Tuesday morning. Then what, do I have to wait another week to get it fixed?? All of the employees do not get paid very much, so what does Sears do with all the money they get their grubby hands on???

  292. Just wanted to update my situation. I had a bed frame delivered and hole was missing, but they fixed it quickly. However, my head was itching and I was unable to sleep. After a little while, I can now use the bed. I am not sure if it had to off gas, but I liked what I bought, so I am glad I can use it. I got what I wanted, so I am satisfied, but I was not easy to deal with either!!!

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