Tai Chi? Expressive Arts? In Kentucky?

When I started looking for Tai Chi schools in Lexington, I really didn’t expect to find much. While there seems to be a burgeoning Tai Chi community the closer you get to Louisville, I was right, there wasn’t much in Lexington. I have put out a couple of feelers to teachers, but haven’t heard anything yet. But, coming back to the more peaceful me does involve doing things that have created peace, and Tai Chi is one of them. If I could just get someone to work one-on-one with me to refresh the moves, I’d be fine. I’m really revved up about this.

What was interesting about my search though is that I came across a website for a dance class similar to those I have taken or taught in the past. It was labeled as A New Dance Workout for the Body, Mind & Soul. IN LEXINGTON? Yes, in Lexington. Will wonders never cease. There might be hope for this city yet. Either the new age movement is making more headway in Lexington, or more new age people are moving in. Either one stuns me.

4 thoughts on “Tai Chi? Expressive Arts? In Kentucky?

  1. Although you posted this almost 17 months ago, I guess I’ll respond. I’m interested in taking a Tai Chi class. I have a DVD but there’s no substitute for in-person instruction.

    Let me know if Louisville offers such.


  2. I have been looking for a place to take Tai Chi on saturdays. I live in the red river gorge area and I am about an hour from Lexington. If you find out anymore information let me know.
    Tara Gilbert

  3. I have been teaching in Lexington with another person for nine years. Cindy Blood and I teach the Internal Arts Program at the Sin The’ Gym 282 Gold Rush Road just off stone road at the 90 degree curve. We practice Yang Tai Chi, Chen Tai Chi, Baqua, Hsing Ie, Breathing Meditation and other subjects. We try to conduct classes one on one. Groups are usually small about 4 people per subject. I also teach privately.

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