95 Things About Me (updated 8-6-14)

Everything you want to know about me and more.

  1. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois then moved to…
  2. Austin, Texas for 11 years
  3. Dumfries, Virginia (D.C. Area) for 7 months
  4. Baltimore, Maryland for a little over 1 year
  5. Highland Heights, Kentucky (Cinci Area) to train for new job overseas
  6. Brussels, Belgium to work far too long for sadistic and psychotic MD, PhD
  7. Back to the U.S.A. in 2000 to Lexington, Kentucky
  8. Finally on to Columbus, Ohio, where I reside now
  9. I call “Chicago” home
  10. I was married from 2000 – 2014
  11. I have two sons, named Ari (Aug. ’02) and Joshua (Sept. ’05)
  12. I have 2 dogs, Marinda & Loki II, South African Boerboels
  13. I speak passable Spanish, French and a tiny bit of Dutch, Hebrew & Norwegian
  14. I am 45 Years Old
  15. I had platinum blonde hair through most of my childhood
  16. I am a graduate student in counseling & substance use disorder (was pre-med)
  17. My favorite author is Henry David Thoreau
  18. My favorite book, currently, is The Gifts of Imperfection
  19. I don’t have a favorite color
  20. I adore coffee and seek a favorite cafe in every city
  21. I like board games but don’t go out of my way to play them
  22. Maple Walnut, my favorite ice cream, is very hard to find
  23. I worked as a volunteer emergency vet tech for nearly 2 years
  24. I’m a huge Jeremy Piven fan
  25. I get excited about thunderstorms
  26. I’ve dyed my hair fuschia pink (punk years)
  27. My high-school entrance exams were high enough to be admitted to college
  28. I have 3 half siblings named Wayne, James & Susan. They all live in Illinois
  29. I am colorblind which, for a woman, is rare
  30. It’s almost impossible for me to fall asleep in moving vehicles
  31. I facilitated dance classes, which use the work of Gabrielle Roth, in Austin
  32. I hung out with a car club when I was 16
  33. I converted to Judaism in 1999 after the process of almost 8 years
  34. I have been on fire and, obviously, survived
  35. I think that Vietnamese food rocks and I usually have Pho
  36. My favorite number is 13
  37. I used to be a licensed cosmetologist specializing in skin care
  38. I would never want to be left in a room with Dr. Evan Stein and a sharp object
  39. I wrote, casted and produced a play when I was 8 years old
  40. The two beers I like most are Kasteel & Heinekin Tawrebok
  41. My favorite red wine is Liberty School Cabernet
  42. My favorite white wine is Via Sattui’s Off-Dry Riesling
  43. I was the vice president of my high-school riding club
  44. I have Chinese food delivered once per week
  45. My first album was “The Grand Illusion” by Styx
  46. I have the tendency to be overtly arrogant and covertly proud
  47. The movie Sixteen Candles, happened to me (minus the hottie at the end)
  48. I am an HBO junkie
  49. I used to run about 25 miles per week
  50. I once despised Bill Maher, who is now a favorite after moving to HBO
  51. If given the choice of beach, city, country, or mountains, I would choose the beach
  52. The first concert I attended was a Sean Cassidy concert
  53. Autumn is my favorite season
  54. I have 7 piercings in my ears, though I usually only wear one set
  55. I am not intimidated by anyone
  56. My first love was Chris Simmons
  57. The human characteristic I value most is authenticity
  58. Gladiola is my favorite flower
  59. I don’t like diamonds
  60. My favorite precious stone is sapphire
  61. Playing blackjack in a casino is one of the biggest rushes for me
  62. I’ve been writing poetry since I was 7 years old
  63. I took violin lessons in grade school
  64. The fist rated R movie I saw was Caddyshack – I was 13
  65. I have met Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter
  66. I played the Grand Prize game on Bozo’s Circus
  67. My dream car is… (don’t know anymore, ha)
  68. I taught myself data analysis to the extent of earning $40k + benefits
  69. I was an art major in high-school
  70. One of my best features is my voice
  71. I find incredible peace using Tai Chi
  72. My favorite vacation was any time I was in the Netherlands
  73. My first car was an AMC Hornet otherwise known as “the piece of crap”
  74. I never thought I would get married, and was OK with that
  75. I was in a rock opera when I was 14
  76. I hate reading books, but am well read
  77. I’ve never met a cat that didn’t like me
  78. I have skinny dipped during a party
  79. I smoked for 10 years and quit 16 years ago
  80. I was gifted a pair of Minnie Mouse ears to wear when I’m taking myself too seriously
  81. I have made love in the Atlantic Ocean
  82. I collect Starbucks City Mugs
  83. I have no tattoos
  84. Born to Be Wild by Steppenwolf was released on the day I was born
  85. My biggest pet peeve is someone talking with their mouth full
  86. I am a control freak
  87. My favorite tree is a Weeping Willow
  88. I respect people who push the envelope and challenge normalcy
  89. I think every person could benefit from therapy
  90. I remember my family’s first color television
  91. I am the first in my family to graduate college
  92. I took the LSAT, but never went to law school
  93. I have enough college credits to have a Ph.D.
  94. I would love to own a house in Den Haag
  95. My favorite music is EDM

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